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AR FF-Ten Ways to Get Him Back-Ch1 to Ch9 (Page 73)

LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kash4ARrocks

eee so nice
great comeback update
loved it
hope you update soon
Originally posted by kash4ARrocks

eee so nice
great comeback update
loved it
hope you update soon
Originally posted by Audiwalia

Nice ff
Hey thanks so so mcuh!! Hope you all enjoy the next parts as well!

LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ankitajain94

Thank you!!
Originally posted by azy123

Thanks so much
Originally posted by ADITI.SHARMA_AR

hey alisha... Hug
u made my day girlBig smile...i seriously luv u for this...we waited like freaks for the update and the wait was worth it...the update was amazing...Clap
the way rahul and muskaan are helping her out made me go aaw...Embarrassed the best of friends u can find...but gosh!!! armaan is so stubbornAngry ...he didn't even kiss her even once except at the end...that was armaan only right???Shocked and i luved that u added ian's part in it...i'm a big fan of him,he's sooo hotBlushing ...ok i'll control myselfLOL ...back to the part..u know in the book an offer u can't refuse the only thing that disappointed me was that lola's and doug's interactions were quite few..or so i felt, i'm just glad u decided to write u'r own version of it and armaan and riddhima are just perfect for it..just curious is ian in for the part of EJ????
now don't make us wait more and update soon.the preview already have me at the edge of my sea
thanx for the pm...
bye,take care

Hey! Thanks so so much and truly sorry for the wait! yeah, muskaan and rahul are amazing! and Armaan is stubborn, but he'll  come bacl to his sense. We all still love him! I had to add Ian! Way in love with him lol!
I know, the book was sort about all of them, than just lola and doug. I thinks thats why I wanted to write my won version. not really EJ, that guy had a thing for Lola, but Ian will help her, she reminds him od someone, he will like her but not love her.
Hope you enjoy the next parts!
fanAR Goldie

Joined: 03 November 2011
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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
yes update soon
i am waiting
LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lekshmic7

Awesome part. Mind blowing. Continue super soon ds time plsss...waiting eagerly. Thank u so much 4 d pm.
Originally posted by fri42911

superb part!!!!!!!!!
please continue soon.
Originally posted by -Mandy-

Loved the update I can't wait for the NEXT Update!
Originally posted by prinzylvsKaSh

i love d update its muskan she is so gud friend..
nd thx for d pm...Smile
Originally posted by vidu87

nice part
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont soon
Hey thanks so so much!! I am truly sorry for the long wait! Hope you all enjoy the netx part!
LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by salinashah

DAmn cool part girlll
My god armaan is such tough nurt
i cant believ...damn he is giving hard time to ridz lol
Well love th enew character howp e his presence bring two souls together again
after seent th epromo tel me
Did she really forgivennn?
Love u
and yeah do pm me
Hey Salina! Thanks so so mcuh for the lovely comments. Lol he is giving her a hard time, later on he will be diferent.
You'll have to read to see if she really is!
Originally posted by hotKaJen

hey superb part!
the part was worth the wait
Muskaan is so sweet! she's constantly trying 2 bring AR closer
Armaan is so stubborn! he didn't seemed 2 b budging at all...he didn't kissed Ridz even though there were many oppurtunities...felt so so bad 4 Ridz! her efforts r going all in vain
wow! u've even included IAN! i just love him! he's so hott!!!
just loved the flashback scene!
nd Precap was awesome! can't wait 4 it 2 happen...
cont soon
thnx 4 pm
Hey thanks so so much! Muskaan is lovevable! I love that girl! I know Ian is way too hot, Hope you enjoy the next parts as much!
Originally posted by sjain

OMG OMG u updated ..WOWW..and that to such long part I was soo eagerly waiting to read ahead and so surprised wen saw update here:D

FANTASTIC is the word for this chapter u write really well..I luved how many chances ridhima got to make arm kiss her but SIGHH can arm b so rude to her felt bad for ridhima infact sumthing I missed in this update was ridhima's reaction to arm's rude behavior...she didn't say anything to...luved how muski rahul trying to helo her such sweet friends aww..felt happy seeing arm still getting afected by seeing ridz with sum one else <333...

PREVIEW of 7th chapter is soo PASSIONATEEE :|||||||||..can't wait to read moreee ..don't disappear this time LOLLL..and update soonnn

PS do read my first comment on this FIC on page 40 :D

PPS : plss write page number along with part number in title wen ever u update :)))...its more convenient Tongue
Hey thnks so so much! sorry for the long wait! True, ridz didnt stand up to him much but she will later one, for sure. I don't want my female protagonist to be weak! Woman! that chapter overall is going to be a passionate one! Point noted! I will add the number! thanks!
Originally posted by Nori.KaShian

OMG i cant believe it u update
i cant tell u how much i have waited 4 u to update
now dont u leave us ever again CryLOL
it was an amamgzing part
poor riddhima always had to face rejection
hoping for armaan heart to mealt
Im sorry, i left again, but I will try and bribe you with two partsWinkThanks so so mcuh and I hope you enjoy the next parts as well!
Originally posted by Theking21

Finally u r back with an awesome part. Loved it, and poor riddhima didn't get the kiss when she wanted, but she did get one in the end. Love ur ff, thanks for the pm, I was literally jumping and screaming when i saw ur pm, waited so long, but it was worth the wait. Do continue soon!
Thanks soo much! hope you enjoy the next parts as well. I hope you jump this time too when I pm you!Big smile

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LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Preet.

OMG! What a great superb fantastic out of the world update!!! Dancing
I absolutely loved the fact that the update was SO LONG but still after reading chapter 5 i was like i wish it could have been a little more longer UnhappyLOL 
Awhhh ridhima is trying so hard to get armaan to kiss her but he is just so STUBBORN!! he left her humiliated all those times Unhappy that was really heart-breaking...
but i loved it when armaan gets jealous because of the fact that ridhima is going out with the salvadore guy WinkROFL  AND at the end the soon-to-be kiss Day Dreaming
mind blowing updatee!!!
and i love the way you write Day Dreaming
Hey thanks so so much!! Truly happy that you enjoyed it! Yeah, armaan is quite stubborn but we still love him! He will be more than jealous later on!
Hope you enjoy the next parts
Originally posted by ParaDiseMb

The preview :O

"I love you Armaan, and I'm really sorry"

"Well you should've thought about it before saying anything" He grabbed a towel, rolled it and tossed it around his neck. He was about to leave, but Riddhima jumped in front of him, blocking his way out. "Riddhima move out of the way"

"No" She was determined to be forgiven right there, right now! "I'm not moving until you forgive me."

"Riddhima, I don't have any time for some silly games, please move" He was giving her one last chance.


Armaan was about to grab her shoulders to push her aside, but Riddhima acted faster than he could. She pulled the towel around his neck towards and smashed her lips to his. Armaan was taken aback by her action; he did not expect that at all. Riddhima snaked her arms around him, his soft hair curling around her fingers, never breaking the kiss. Armaan tried to resist, but she was driving him crazy. She bit his lip, begging him to forgive her, to kiss her back with equal passion and fervour. He finally gave in, and put both arms around her and pulled her closer. She smiled through her kiss, feeling his arms around her waist, his lips responding to hers. They finally broke apart. He looked at her with so much love; finally, she was forgiven.

Oh My God...Alisha...Ermm are you sure, your not planning on giving us all a Heart attack or something :| OMG OMG They Kiss!! They Finally Kiss! I want you to post the next update now! lol. But i know that is not happening...BUT i so deslike you for posting this up - It makes me sad that i have to wait till another few weeks to read the next update! lol. Waiting Eagerly! .x.
Lol! Yes they kiss, a real kiss! Overall, that chapter has alot of AR, and a lot of passion, and kisses and what not lol. Its a steamy part!Wink
Originally posted by angullgrl91

ahhh i missed this fan fic!! great part! muskaan is so determined hahah hope that jealousy bit with ian helps :) and im super excited for that preview that you gave us!! please continue soon!! can't wait!!
Heyya! thanks so so much! Really sorry for the long wait!
Originally posted by RheaKSG4eva

ALISHA..!!! :D :D
I read this FF in one go!!
I'm in LOVE wid it!!!
It actually made me cry... Very few FF's make me cry u knw...even though i'm the emotional kind of a girl... :P

The masked ball:
Ian! Ian! Ian!
Is he hot or what?

And Armaan?
Well what he did was HORRIBLE...

But the halloween thing,
And the preview,
I really need u to update like real SOON...

And hey, add me to ur PM list please.. :)

Hey Rhea! Yeah Ian is wayyy Hot! Armaan is just being stubborn but hell find his ways! Thanks so so much and sorry ofr the long long wait! Hiope you enjoy the next parts!
Originally posted by -RabiaKSGKaJen-

Hey!! Yeah muskaan is brilliant and armaan stubborn. Quite the opposite fro sibblings! The kiss isnt really passionate, but the next one will beWink
LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Riddss

nice part
continue soon

Originally posted by Riddss

nice part
continue soon
Originally posted by Wish_Al

Hey Alisha
Read You Ff Yesterday In One Go My Friend Suggested It To Me & Said I'll Love It & Boy Was She Right 'm In Love With It Big smile
You're Writing Style Is So Different Looking Forward To This FF Now
Add Me In You're PM List If you Have One.

Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

finally u updated..

simply amazing part...

loved it to the core..

aww...ridz planned failed...

n armi...he rejected her...but loved Ian...awww...sooo cute...

n he asked for a date...

RM were also awsum...

n is she really forgiven..

continue soon..

n update the other fic also..

thnx for the pm...

Originally posted by Harry93

I love this FF. The whole Concept is Very Different and Intresting! I like how you have portrayed AR's Characters. I am already hooked on. lol. Show's what a Brilliant Writer you are. Keep up the Good work and Update Soon! :P

Harry <3
Originally posted by ksg_lovargal

OMG !! that was an amazing part !!
Armaan pulled her into a kiss even though she refused !! :O
That's a shocker !
Thanks o much all of you! hope you enjoy the next parts as well!
LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2010
Posts: 932

Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Preeti_285

It felt so good to see this FF updated. Thank youuu! I cant wait to read what happens next. LOVED the update... will try comment properly on it soon <3
Hey thank you soo so much! hope you enjoy the the next parts too
Originally posted by ADITI.SHARMA_AR

UPDATE!!!!!!!!Day Dreaming
pleash...Embarrassed *pouts cutely*

according to the rules and regulations we should be spamming the thread for updateS LOL [compensation for vanishing for such a LONG period of time Evil Smile] but don't worry i won't do it...mainly because my exams are on Wink...but i can't promise to be an angel Cool so UPDATE SOON...Approve

LOLLL!! Reading this brought a huge smile to my lips!
Originally posted by bary

just got around to read this ff
really amazing,though i did felt bad for seeing riddhima rejected again n again,so used to see armaan being
thnx for pm you sent,hope u update soon
Hey swetha!! Thank you so so much! hope you ejoy the enxt parts too!
Originally posted by shonadesire

hey dear
awesome partClapStar
loved it so much
i loved muskaan n rahul plan
satrt mein want to kiss him
in the last armaan kissed ridz
promo was awesome
thanks for pm
plz continue soon
Hey thnk you so so much! Me too love Muski! and hope you enjoy the next parts too!
Originally posted by shreyshrey

hey! i'm a new reader and i want to say that the ff is reeeaaalllyyy good!...please pm me next time!!!
i'll add you on my buddy list!
please update soon...
Hey and welcome! thnks so so much! hope you enjoy the next partsa as well
Originally posted by divkashfull

awesome part
continue soon
Thank you so much!
Originally posted by RheaKSG4eva

U knw Alisha i've already read this ff like 5 times...

I really really really LOVE it!!
PLEASE update soon... :)
Hey thanks!! Horrible person for not updating!

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