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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 96)

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Loved the Maneet and parents interaction loads..!! Great update dear..!! Clap

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thanx loved it can't wait for the next one

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amaizg update...

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JayaR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
that was Pinky indeed.....good.....

Geet's parents have agreed......pinky has given her acceptance......
and Maan has decided to marry all is well
but.....what about Dev......there is something wrong in his silence......surely something is cooking up in his mind.......

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syedah Groupbie

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
just read ur FF...

please add me to you PM...

Thanks and Keep writing...:)

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Originally posted by syedah

just read ur FF...

please add me to you PM...

Thanks and Keep writing...:)

Thank You! I've added you to the list. Will update today!
punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Geet turned her fathers face towards her, "I am sorry papa I hurt you so much. But I really love Maan and cannot live without him." ??


"Please forgive Geet. She has suffered a lot already," Maan pleaded. 


Finally Mohinder gave in and accepted both Geet and Maan. Geet finally felt that everything was alright and that there would be no more problems.


But Maan from inside knew that next big problem they had to face...his mom! 


Part 16: You and Me


They stayed at the Handa house for a bit longer, as the rest of the family wanted to meet Maan. Both Mohinder and Rano understood that Geet had made a mistake the first time but this time her choice was not wrong. They noticed how every now and then Maan would look over at Geet and stare at her immensely in love. He kept offering her food to eat and juice to drink that Rano had placed on the coffee table for them. Maan was just elated and happy to see that smile on Geets face.


On the other hand, Rajji and Brij were also happy to see their sister Geet smiling and glowing. Even though the family had made up and talked to her for the past few weeks, there was always something missing. They did not know Maan that well and not for long, but they also noticed his caring nature towards Geet. The Handa's had read about Maan Singh Khurana in the paper and how he is very business-minded, arrogant, and shrewd; but they were glad that their Geet's love had changed him and brought out the soft-side in him.


They soon left the Handa house, saying that they needed to go meet his mother and finish off some other official work. Maan promised Rano that he would not leave Geet and would support her through this. Geet hugged her family but she was not sad at all. She was excited and pleased that she had her families support. Maan and Geet said they would come back later and inform them on what they would be doing next.


Hand in hand they walked towards his car, as he seated her in the passenger seat before moving to the driver seat himself. The Handa's waved goodbye to them, with all of them being slightly blinded by the tears that were forming in their eyes.


Maan and Geet finally felt blissful because soon they would be married and everything will be okay.


"Maan where are we going now?"


Maan looked straight ahead and in a very flat voice said, "Geet we have to go talk to my mom." He did not want to hurt Geet but he knew the tough obstacle they had to face.


She understood from his tone and was afraid to meet Savitri again. "No Maan, she will hate me. She will think I am ruining your life."


"No your not Geet," he said while turning to look at her and holding her hand. "And I love you so she has to accept that. She will, trust me."


He drove her back to the Khurana Mansion and he held her hand to lead her inside. He was aware that she was a little hesitant but he squeezed her hand and smiled to reassure her that he was with her and everything would be alright. They sat in the main room and he told a servant to go get his mom from upstairs. She came down soon.


"Geet beta, how are you feeling now?" she asked as she sat down.


Geet slightly looked up and answered, "I am fine. Thank you Aunty for everything yesterday."  


Savitri smiled, "That is good beta. You do not need to thank me. Any stranger would have helped someone out in your situation and I am your best friends mother-in-law." She then turned her attention to her son, "Maan you are still home?"


"No I just got back now." He said while sitting still and with a straight expression.


"Oh okay." She noticed that they were both looking down and sometimes they would look up at each other. Something was not right and Savitri could sense it, "What is going on?"


Maan thought for a moment and then spoke up, "Mom we have to tell you something."


Savitri put her hand up to stop him from speaking further, "Listen beta, all business talk happens in the office. Not at home."


"But mom."


He was cut again by his mother, "Maan you know Geet is pregnant, she needs to atleast rest for a few days. What will her family think?"


"Yeah I know but.."


Savitri cut Maan again and looked at Geet, "And you Geet, I know this is your first child but this is the most important phase. The first few and last few weeks are always very critical."


"I know Aunty but I think you should listen to Maan first.. "


Savitri rolled her eyes because she knew her son would have some stress-related business talk, "No I do not have time for his MSK attitude right now."


"Mom it is about Geet!"


Savitri ignored Maan, as another thought popped into her head, "Oh yes Geet, I called your husband to Congratulate him. I thought he should know he is having a baby." Savitri smiled at her.


Geet froze again. She hated when Dev was mentioned.


Maan stood up and lost control, "Mom please just listen! Geet is not pregnant with Dev's child. It is mine! It is Geet and my child. Our love. I love her mom. And she loves me. We love each other. And soon our own baby will be here."


All this shocked Savitri. It took her a few minutes to take all this in. There was way too much information thrown her way all at once. "What the hell are you saying Maan?"


Maan's voice calmed down, "Yes mom that is the truth."


He went and sat down by his mom and narrated the whole story to her. About how Geet made a wrong decision by marrying Dev and leaving her family and how she met Maan and both fell in love, "And Mom I have never been in love like this before. It is real. I know it."


"But Maan, she is pregnant and married to another man. What will everyone else think?"


"What do you mean?"


He looked over at Geet who was in tears. She felt horrible about her life and just wanted to run out of the room But looking at Maan made her feel assured that he is there for her.


Savitri was clearly upset, evident by her attitude and the tone she spoke in. "What I mean is that, everyone in our society will think that this is her child from her first marriage and not our families."


"So we can tell everyone it is my child," Maan said, thinking he thought of a simple and truthful explanation.  


"So then everyone will know that she was pregnant before your marriage! Maan there is no right way. Either way our family's reputation will be hurt and so will you. It is better if she goes back to her husband and if she wants she can keep the child or abort it."


"Mom what the hell is wrong with you? This is your grandchild and your soon-to-be Bahu. If you cannot accept them, then I am sorry but I will have to leave with them." He turned away from his mother and walked to Geet.


Geet stopped him and he looked up at her, "Maan do not say that."


Savitri ran towards her son and attempted to stop him as well, "Maan please beta. Listen I do not have time for this but we can sit and talk this out tomorrow. I have an important meeting and the foreign delegates have arrived."


Maan understood that no matter what happens in your personal life, it should not affect your professional life. The deal his mother was working on was not only important to their company but also to their hearts. It would complete his late fathers dream deal in London.


Savitri turned to Geet, "I do not even know what to say to you. You cheated on your husband, so how can I trust you to be with my son?"


Geet looked down while she answered, as she did not have the courage to look Savitri in the eye. "I know I have made many mistakes but I feel that if I am with Maan everything will be alright."


Maan came and held Geet's hand and they stood infront of her.


"Mom I really love her and trust me she is the perfect bahu for you. And in a few months we will have a little baby in the house as well. Please Mom."


This softened Savitri a bit. The thought of having a Bahu and grandchild made her ecstatic from inside. She never imagined her son, Maan, would ever marry. He never agreed to the marriage proposals she had for him before and was never serious or committed with any women before. Savitri saw the change in her son, as he talked about his love and his child.


She took Geets other hand and held it. Geet looked up at Savitri, as she spoke, "I am sorry beta. I should not have said all that."


"No it is okay aunty. Your anger is justified."


Savitri wiped the few tears that had formed in her eyes, "But we still have to think about this whole situation."


At that moment her phone rang and she had to leave, "Maan I will see you in the office soon."


She left and Geet's tears started rolling out of her eyes again. Maan wiped them away, "Geet please do not cry."


"But she hates me," Geet sobbed.


"No she does not," Maan said as he tried to pacify her.


Geet continued to sob, "Yes she does. She really does think I am ruining your life."


Maan could not stand to see her tears and cupped her face, trying to silence her. "Please do not take her seriously. She is just really stressed about this meeting and that is why she did not think about what she was saying."


She looked up at him and she could not imagine her life without him. In this short amount of time, he meant everything to her. "But still Maan, I have to work hard and win her heart."


"I am sure that will not be a problem. You are just so sweet."


He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She closed her eyes and just hugged him. Hugged him really tight, never wanting to let go.


"I love you Maan."


"I love you too Geet."


After hugging him for a few moments, she pulled away and asked, "So umm should I go back to my parents house now?"


"No," he answered simply.


"But I really do not think your Mom would appreciate me living in your house."


"I know she would not and I know my other family members would just listen to her right now."


Geet was confused now, "So where are you going to keep me?"


"Here come with me."


He took her out to the car and they began to drive somewhere. Geet slowly closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. They drove for about 25 minutes and when she opened her eyes she was not able to recognize the place at all.


"Where are we?" She questioned sitting up straight in her seat now.  


"Well this is my family's farm house and I decided we are going to stay here until we get married."


"But what about your family?"


"Well you are my family now too and you need me the most."


She smiled as he got out of the car and came to her side. He opened the door and picked her up. He carried her through the beautiful front lawn that was full with flowers and had a gorgeous fountain as well.





He took her inside and straight up to a room and put her down on the bed. He then walked over to the window and opened the curtains so the light shone in.


"Wow this place is so beautiful, so relaxing. I love it," she said looking around.


Maan smiled at her, "I knew you would. That is why I brought you here."


She got up and went over to him and hugged him. "Sometimes I wish time could just freeze and I could be in your arms forever."


"Yeah me too Geet. But this is how it will be forever. Me and You together."


They lay out on the sofa's on the balcony for a few hours just talking and holding hands and kissing. In the evening, around 6pm, Adi called Maan and asked him to come to the office as it was urgent.


Geet did not want him to leave but did not want to be an interference in his work, "Come back soon."


"Do not worry I will." He kissed her forehead gently. He really did not feel like leaving her but had no choice as he was needed in the office.


"Drive carefully," she said as they walked to the front door.


"I will and you please also take care. Eat something and just stay in the house. There is no one around here but I do not want you to feel sick and be outside."


"Okay okay doctor saab. Now go fast and come back even faster!"


He pulled her close and kissed her on the lips gently. She kissed him back and it turned into a more passionate kiss. He started to kiss her neck and go down but she stopped him


"Stop it Maan. Go now."


"Okay fine but one last one."


She went close to him and kissed him lightly on the lips and then ran inside the house and locked the door. She watched from the window as he smiled and got into his car. He looked up at her and waved and winked. She blew a few kisses to him and then he left.


She sat alone in the balcony for a while, just staring out at the beautiful surroundings. She could imagine her and Maan sitting by the flowers and going on long walks in the forests beyond the house. She saw a swing and could see Maan pushing their baby on it. She just smiled and lay there for a while.


Around 9pm she went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. They house was really big, quiet and dark. But she tried not to be scared and just smiled at the thought of Maan coming home soon. She heard a car outside and jumped with joy that Maan must be home now.


She ran to the window and did not see him coming up the drive way yet.


"Oh so he is trying to scare me! Hmm but where could he be?"


She went to the main room and looked out the window. It was a huge window and more like a big glass door. She could see a car but its lights were off. It was really dark out and she could not exactly tell if that was Maan's car.


She walked back to the kitchen and she felt some wind blowing. It was coming from the window that she had opened before so she went back to close it. But she had a weird feeling.


"Maan," she called out. "Maan I swear if you try and scare me I will kill you. Please come out! Maan I am serious please do not do this."


She walked up to the window and closed it. But then opened it again. There was something shiny on the ledge. She reached out and picked it up


When she saw what it was she dropped it into the sink.


It was Dev's watch!


The lights began to flicker in the huge Khurana Farmhouse..


Chapter 17: The Proposal


Hope You liked this update! A bit of everything in this from love, to romance, to family drama and a bit of a thrill at the end! Lol Do not forget to Comment, LIKE and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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