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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 91)

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Sorry I did not have time to edit! Hope there are not too many mistakes.

Chapter 15: Moving On


The sunlight was shining on Geet's face so she turned her back to Maan and he hugged her tightly from the back. She felt so good being in his arms again. It felt like heaven, lying there with him. They did not have to be physically intimate to feel as one soul. Just each others presence was enough for them. The previous night had helped them re-kindle the lost flame of the past few weeks. They talked, hugged, cuddled, kissed, and talked about their future together.


She opened her eyes for a second and then shut them. She felt as if someone was standing there.Was someone really standing there? She opened her eyes again and rubbed them. It was none other than Pinky! ??


Geet jumped out of Maan's arms, causing him to wake up as well. "Pinky?" she questioned. "When did you get here?" she asked innocently, trying to avoid the inevitable. ??


Pinky put her hands on her hips, "Geet whats going on? Maan Veer ji, what the hell is this?"


Maan looked over at Geet and knew she was embarrassed of this situation. He knew that he had to do the explaining, "Listen Pinky I think its time we tell you. Geet is it okay if I tell her?"


Geet just nodded and Maan put his arm around her.?Maan told Pinky the whole story of how they met and fell in love.  He also informed her that Geet was pregnant with his child. And how Geet wants to separate from Dev because she does not love him and he does not care for her. At the end of the story Pinky sat down next to Geet, who was in tears. She hugged her and both friends cried out of happiness.


"Geet do not cry please. You did not do anything wrong. You deserve to be loved and I always knew that one day you would find it. Dev was never good for you and I am so so so happy that you are leaving him." She smiled at Geet, wiping her tears and then looked towards Maan, "Maan Veer ji is a great person and I know that you two will be happy together and raise your baby well."


Maan and Geet smiled, at each other, at the thought of the baby and living together.


Pinky's question broke their staring session, "Veer ji have you told Savitri Chachi yet?"


Maan rubbed his forehead thinking of how many people they needed to talk to still and convince, "No not yet."?


"Can we tell her later on today? I want to go home and pack my belongings and then maybe tell my parents first?" Geet asked him. ??


"Yes for sure. But if you want to tell my mom first, she can come with us to your parent's house?" ??


"No, I do not want you to get yelled at by my dad in front of your mom. It will just worsen matters," Geet said. ??


"Come Geet I will take you home."


Maan helped Geet up and then turned to Pinky, "Thanks Pinky and please stay with her."?


Geet cut in, "No it is okay. He should not be home at this time so I will be okay." ??


Maan looked at her and once she gave him an assuring look and smiled, he agreed. "Alright then, I will come and pick you up in two hours and then we are going to the doctor." ??


Geet got confused, "Why? I'm perfectly fine." ??


Maan went close to her and held her face in his hands, "Its not for you, its for my baby!"


Pinky giggled, "You guys are way too cute together. I cannot believe I never noticed it before."


Maan hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. Pinky giggled some more and covered her eyes and turned around. Geet blushed and moved away from him. She was about to leave with Pinky when she looked down at what she was wearing. Geet was still in Maan's kurta.


Pinky noticed this and said, "Do not worry, no one is at home right now so you can walk to the car in this. I will be downstairs. Don't take too long." She winked and left them alone.


Once she was out of the room, Geet turned to Maan and he picked her up in his arms. "Maan put me down!"


"No," he said while nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck.


She could not help but giggle and squeal, "Maan, please!"


"Hmm are you wanting to get down or the baby?" he questioned.




He gently put her down on her feet and smirked at her, "Okay this is only for the baby then."

Geet could still not believe that she was back with Maan. That everything was going to be alright again. She would be Maan's. They were going to have a baby together. She hugged him tightly and rested her head on his chest, "I love you so much Maan."


He rested his chin on her head and caressed her long tresses, "I love you too. And this time you are mine and only mine." He leaned down and kissed her passionately before walking hand in hand downstairs, where Pinky was waiting for them. After one final goodbye kiss, Geet got in the car and left with Pinky.


Maan quickly got ready and decided to go to the office and finish his work in the next two hours. Today was a big day and he could not let his office work or deals distract him. Today was an important day that would determine his future, his life, and possibly even his wife. He chuckled at the thought of calling Geet his wife because he knew one day she would be.


Pinky and Geet pulled up outside Geet's apartment building. "Thanks Pinky."


Pinky hugged her, "Are you sure you do not want me to come up with you?" ??


"Yes sweety I will be fine. Anyways his car is not there so he's not home and I will be out of the house in less than two hours. I am just going to pack my suitcase in that time and then Maan is coming." She smiled at the mention of his name. ??


"Call me if you need anything. I will be in the area."


"Okay thanks again. Bye." Geet got out and made her way towards her building. She walked into the elevator with a big smile on. She thought, "Everything is finally going right in my life. I will be with the man I love and we will have a baby soon and I will be out of the hell marriage. And my parents will love Maan. Thank you Baba ji! This is all because of you."


Once she reached her flat, she unlocked the door and entered in. The flat seemed normal and everything was like how she left it. Nothing wrong but for some reason she felt a shiver go down her back and hesitantly tip toed in. She walked past the kitchen and headed towards her bedroom. She almost reached there when she saw something that made her heart drop and gut flip upside down. Dev. ???


She stopped, as he got up and came towards her, "Dev, tum yahaan?"??


"It's my house. I will be where ever I want to be." ??


Geet was terrified but decided to act normal, pack her bags, and leave immediately. "Excuse me I need to go in the room."


He blocked her way, "Wait do you not you want to tell me something?" ??


Geet froze and she could feel her forehead and palms starting to sweat, " Umm no." ??


"No I think you have something to tell me, maybe some good news?" ??


He took her hand and dragged her into the family room. "Dev I do not know what you are talking about. Please let me go!" ??


"No! This morning your Aunty called."


"My Aunty?" she asked. ??


He pulled her closer, "Savitri'Savitri Khurana. She wanted to know if you were home yet and Congratulated me."


Geet turned around and closed her eyes. She was so scared for the next moment, his reaction and his questions.?


He continued speaking through gritted teeth, "So do you want to tell me the good news now?" ??


She said nothing, so he turned her around and said, "You are pregnant Geet! We are having a baby!" She looked at him and he was smiling. But soon his grip around her began to tighten and his face became red and aggressive, "But I do not get how you can be pregnant when we have not done anything in so long Geet?"


Geet stood frozen, not knowing what to say or how to escape his wrath.


"So tell me who's is it?" He waited for her to answer but she did not utter a word so he continued, "You won't say anything like this, will you?" He lifted his hand and aimed to hit her across her face. Geet closed her eyes, waiting for his heavy hand to smack her face. But she did not feel it. Instead she felt the atmosphere change to being warm and safe. She slowly opened her eyes and she saw Maan. Her Maan. He was holding on to Dev's arm and then pushed him away from Geet.


Dev was furious, "What the hell are you doing here in my house?"


Maan was equally furious and was charging towards Dev, "Don't you dare touch her again!"


Dev smirked, "Oh I get it." He points to Maan, "So Geet, this is your job? You say you go for office work but it is really for your own pleasure, or more for his! That is why I was wondering how YOU got to work with the Khurana's but now I know. He just uses you. He bloody sleeps with you!" He turned around to Maan, "How dare you sleep with my wife?"


Maan stepped back as Dev approached him with his questioning finger pointed at him, "Listen, it is not what you think. Geet and I truly love each other and it is best if you just accept it. I know that your and Geet's marriage is already over." He paused for a second as Dev listened intently to him. Maan was surprised that he was actually taking this quite well. Maybe he old-side, the man Geet had originally loved was coming out again. He continued, "We are leaving now and I will send the divorce papers after I consult with my lawyer. Please, just let Geet be happy and free. Maybe you will feel better once this marriage that is dead is officially over. You can move on as well." He turned towards Geet, "Come on Geet, lets go."


He took Geet to her room and they packed her clothes and other important belongings in silence. When they went back out to the hall, Dev was standing in the same position, still taking in what Maan said to him.


As Maan and Geet walked past him, he grabbed Geet, "Please Geet, do not leave me. I need you," he pleaded.


Geet stayed calmed and slipped his hands off herself, "Dev it is too late. I tried so hard to make things work but now I love Maan. Just be happy for me. Just be a friend." ??


Dev looked at Geet and she finally had that glow to her face after so many months. She was holding Maans hand and they looked good together, happy and in love. ??


He let go Geets hand and his facial expressions softened, "Go Geet. Go be with him and be happy."


Geet could not believe what he said. She smiled at him, " Thanks Dev. Good Bye."


And with that she turned around to Maan and hugged him tightly. Maan picked up her luggage and they exited the flat. Geet finally felt free and felt like she was out of a cage. They were smiling, holding hands, but missed the narrowing eyes of Dev, as he watched them depart.





They went to his car and made their first stop to the doctor for a check up. Once the check up was done they went back to his car and sat there in silence. ??


"So where next?" Geet asked. ??


"Geet I think it is time we go to your parents," Maan said as he held her hand in his. ??


"No Maan, I am really scared," she said, coming closer to him. ??


He cupped her face in his palms, "Come on Geet we have to do it. Please. For us and for your baby."??


She hesitated but agreed, "Okay fine. But only because you are with me." ??


He leaned in to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "Do not be scared and tell them everything truthfully. They will be mad but I know our true love will melt their anger." ?


When they arrived at the Handa residence, Geet was hesitant to get out but Maan made her. He rang the doorbell and she hid behind him. Mohinder and Rano both came to open the door. ??


"Maan Khurana?" Mohinder questioned.


"Yes actually.." Maan began.??


"Who is this?" Rano asked. ??


"Oh Rano this is Maan Khurana. The owner of the Khurana Company. But what are you doing here? If you needed to talk to me you could have called me. I would have come."??


Maan was a bit nervous but he knew he had to do this, "Actually no uncle I umm, I mean Mr. Handa I needed to talk to you'actually we did."


He was cut in between by both Mohinder and Rano, "we?"


Maan replied, "Yes, we." ??


He moved a bit to the side and Geet came out infront of her parents.


"Geet beta, come inside." Rano said. They both followed Mohinder and Rano inside.


Mohinder was a bit suspicious now, "Is everything okay? I hope my daughter did not harm your business or anything." ??


"No uncle. This has nothing to do with work. It is about our personal lives." ?


Both of her parents immediately turned towards her, "Geet! Whats going on?" ??


She was looking down and fidgeting around with her hands, "Papa ji, actually the thing is'I don't love Dev. I love him. I love Maan'I don't know how'I'm sorry." Maan held her hand and gave her an assuring smile. She wiped her tears and looked at her parents who were really confused at this point.


Geet told them the whole story of how her and Dev's marriage fell apart, how she met Maan and fell in love, and then how Dev blackmailed her to stay with him for her families love. "And now I cannot stay with Dev anymore. I want to be with Maan and'and our soon to be born child." ??


"What?" Rano yelled. ?


"Yes mom. I am having a baby." Rano's eyes filled with tears and she came and kissed her daughter. "Do not worry beta everything will be fine." ??She looked back at Mohinder who was sitting there still, taking in everything he heard. Geet and Maan got up and went and sat next to him. ??


"I promise you I will never hurt Geet and will love her and our child forever." ??


Geet turned her fathers face towards her, "I am sorry papa I hurt you so much. But I really love Maan and cannot live without him." ??


"Please forgive Geet. She has suffered a lot already," Maan pleaded. ??


Finally Mohinder gave in and accepted both Geet and Maan. Geet finally felt that everything was alright and that there would be no more problems.


But Maan from inside knew that next big problem they had to face...his mom! ?

Chapter 16: You and Me

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OMG !!! am the 1st 1 to comment today Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing Dancing
Finally Dev knows the truth ; I only hope he still does not hatch upon some wicked plan now Ermm& accept the truth . Geet , Maan & her parents interaction was good ; am glad they accepted it Thumbs Up

Well , now they will have to divulge it to his mom . I think they would be really happy to have Geet as their DIL . Big smile
Loved the update & thanks for the pm .....Smile

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thanks for the update i hope his mom agrees easily :)

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amaizg update.
hope dev wont create any problem between them.

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Wov....loved how maan came to geet's rescue just on timeSmile
hope Dev wont trouble them any moreAngry

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Wow!!! What an explosive update...I'm really glad that Geet's parents accepted the truth gracefully... and Dev,that Jerk..I wonder what's cooking in his wicked mind!!!

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part 15
oh everything went smooth? i dont think Dev will be silent....................he will create many problems...............nice part.................cont soon.......................

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nice Pinky and Geet's parents know and accepted their remains Maan's family..... but then Dev is not the one to remain silent....I hope he can't do much damage....

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