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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 80)

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This caught Maan's attention and he turned to the doctor, "Why, is everything okay?"


"Oh yes Mr. Khurana everything is fine. And Congratulations to everyone. Geet is Pregnant!"


Chapter 14: The Truth


The word pregnant echoed through the room, as three shocked figures let reality soak in. Geet looked straight at Maan and as their eyes met they gazed at each other. Both had mixed feelings about what the doctor had just said. Pinky, on the other hand looked upset and confused. She knew that things between Geet and Dev were not okay so how the hell could Geet be pregnant?


The only happy person in the room was Savitri, as she rushed over to sit by Geet, "Congrats beta! This is such good news. You have to take care of yourself now because your not alone, there is a little life growing inside of you. Where is your husband?"


Geet was lost in her zone now, thinking about what Maan's mother had just said. There was a life growing inside of her. Her baby. Her own baby. What she had yearned for and prayed for months, Baba ji had finally blessed her with her.


Pinky touched Geets shoulder, bringing her out of her thoughts. She spoke in a very neutral tone, which was unusual for Pinky, "Congrats Geet. This is umm really good news..I guess. Savitri Chachi her husband is downstairs. I think we should go get him."


The doctor, Savitri, and Pinky left from the room. Maan stood still in a trance, thinking deeply about what the doctor, his mother, and Pinky just said. Each word was slowly absorbing in his brain, which usually analyzed information really fast but today had stopped functioning.


Geet had not said a word. A range of emotions was running through her. She wanted to smile, laugh, cry, and even hit something at this moment. She looked up and saw Maan zoned out and slowly turning around to leave the room. He could not leave now. Never. "Maan," she called out to him.


He stopped and slowly turned around. He was looking down by gradually looked up to meet her eyes.


Once she knew she had his full attention she spoke, "Congrats to you."


He was confused, "why?"


"Because your going to be a father!" she said as her eyes teared up and a smile spread over her mouth. She sat there nodding at him and assuring him that this was the truth.


His eyes lit up when her heard her say that. Him, Maan Singh Khurana, a father? He had never thought that one day he would have a little baby of his own. His own child. A small little human being that he helped create and he would need to love, support, and take care of. These thoughts brought tears to his eyes. He walked over to Geet and as the happiness splurged through his body, he leaned towards her and hugged her tight.


He forgot everything that had happened in the past few weeks and only had this good news ringing through his ears. "Geet I cannot tell you how happy I am today! I, Maan Singh Khurana, am going to be a father. Wow! Me, MSK, a dad!" He cupped her cheeks and gazed deeply into her eyes, which were also moist like his.


She reciprocated by holding his cheeks as well, "I know Maan and I am going to be a mom, a mother. This is our child, a token and sign of our love for each other."


All of a sudden Maan let go and backed off, "Sorry Geet I should not have." He moved a bit away from her, "Listen it is best if you just tell everyone that this is Dev's child."


"What the hell? No Maan, this is your child, our child," she said, while grabbing his arm and trying to pull him closer to her.


He moved her hands off of his arms and held them, "Geet that is the best thing we can do. I will hate seeing him with my child but I cannot ruin your marriage because of this."


Geet was about to retaliate but was stopped by the knock on the door. Maan got up off the bed and wiped his moist eyes as he opened the door. Standing there leaning against the door frame was Dev.  


"Hi Geet," he said as he walked in. It was evident from his posture, eyes, walk, smell, and even ruffled clothes that he was heavily drunk. He was barely able to walk to bed. Geet looked away from him, embarrassed that she had ever loved or cared for that man.


Maan went to Dev and led him back to the door, "Listen dude, I think you should go home now." Dev was dazed out and could not really comprehend what Maan was saying. He just obeyed and leaned on the waiter that Maan called. Maan instructed the waiter to take Dev to the driver and get him to drop him home.


Once they were out of sight, he ran a hand out of frustration through his hair. That is when he realized that Geet was still there. In his house. In his room. On his bed. He quickly looked away and said, "I will get the driver to take you home."


Savitri walked in with juice for Geet, "No Maan, let her rest here for tonight. Anyways I do not think her husband would be of any help to her tonight." She walked to Geet and caressed her face, "Geet if you need anything just ask Maan, the rest of us are still downstairs."


She kissed Geet on the forehead and told her to rest and left to go back down.


Maan was about to turn around and leave as well, but was stopped by Geets soft, yet determined voice, "Maan I want to tell you something today."




"I want to tell you the truth I have been hiding for many weeks from you. Please just listen to me once. I promise once you know the truth, your opinion will change."


He saw the genuine look in her eyes and could not deny her. He shut the door and walked over and sat down on the bed in front of her.  


They sat in silence for a minute, until Maan knew what he had to say, "It is okay Geet you do not have to explain yourself. I know what you did was a mistake and I will forget everything that ever happened between us. You can keep this child to yourself and say it is his. Just send me pictures once in a while." He paused and turned around to control the water that was threatening to fall out of his eyes, "I think I will move to Canada."


Geet grabbed his hand, "No Maan just listen to me today!"


He sat quietly by her side and listened to what she had to say. She told him how she first met Dev and fell in love with him. Her family disapproved of him so they ran away and got married. She also told him how her marriage went downhill from that point. Dev lost his job, she got a high paying job, and how they just stopped talking. Their marriage was no longer a marriage, it was a formality, a compromise that they both hated.


"And then I met you. I was attracted to you right away. But I tried to distance myself from you. And that did not work because I really started falling in love with you. A type of love that I never felt towards anyone before. I hope you understand that I still really love you and want to be with you."


Maan held her hand tighter, "Yes I do as well. But why did you not just tell your dad the truth and leave Dev? I was with you the whole time and could have helped you."


"I could not because Dev.."


She was cut short by the knock on the door. Maan got up and dashed to the door to open it. He did not want to make it seem like him and Geet were doing anything behind the closed doors.


It was Pinky at the door and she looked confused to see Maan still in the room with Geet, with the door shut. "Maan Veer ji, what are you doing in here?"


Maan, who had never been scared or nervous before, did not know what to say. He could feel sweat begin to form on his forehead, as he thought of an excuse. He quickly returned into full MSK form and raised his eyebrow at Pinky, "It is my room."


Pinky still looked confused, "Is Geet not in here then?"


Maan moved aside from the door, so Pinky could see Geet on the bed, "Yes she is in here. I just came to get some stuff."


He looked back at Geet but then left because Pinky went and sat down next to Geet.


Geet smiled at her friend, "How was the party?"


Pinky was in no mood for small talk, as she only had one thing in mind. "It was good. How are you feeling now?"


"Okay, just a little weak. Savitri Aunty told me to stay here for the night."


She patted Geets hair, "Yeah that is a good idea." Pinky then rolled her eyes, "Anyways there is no point going home to that Dev!"


Geet looked down because she knew what her next question would be.


"Geet, just tell me the truth. What is going on with this baby? This pregnancy?"


"What do you mean?"


"I mean that I know this is not Dev's child or is it? Because if it is I am going to kill you!"


Geet smiled at possessive but caring friend and leaned over to hold her hand, "No it is not."


Pinky hugged Geet, as she was so happy and relieved at the same time. "Thank God. I want you to stay away from that lunatic."


Geet smiled, "I will try."  


Pinky looked down because she did not know how to ask the next question, "So who is the father?"


Geet really did not want to tell her yet but Pinky was her best friend. But she was also going to be Maan's sister-in-law and a Khurana. "Pinky I want to tell you but I do not know if this is the right time. Please I will tell you soon, promise."


Right then Adi walked in and inquired about Geet's health. Once she assured that she was fine, he turned to his fianc, "Pinky come down your parents are leaving now."


Pinky turned back and hugged Geet, "Take care and I will come back here in the morning."


They both left and Geet was left alone in the room. She was still in her outfit from the party and felt really uncomfortable. "I need to change out of this. I cannot breath in it!" she thought.


Geet got up and looked around the room. She could not believe she was in Maan's room! She went around and touched everything. It made her smile because everything was exactly like him.


She found one of his long kurta tops and put it on. It was like a long nighty on her. She had to see Maan now but wondered where he might be sleeping? She felt bad for taking over his room.


She quietly tiptoed out of the room. The house was dead quiet and all the lights had been turned off, evident that the party was over. She walked by a few rooms but she heard voices inside that were not Maan's.


The last room at the end of that hallway was a library/ study room. She walked in and started looking at the some books on the shelf. The room was really warm because of the fireplace at the back.


But there was something in front of the fireplace. Wait it was not something it was someone. It was Maan!


She slowly walked to the back and he was lying on a mattress infront of the fireplace and staring up at the ceiling. She stood there quietly for two minutes staring at him and observing him. He looked so cute lying there, just like a small child. But he seemed to be in a really deep thought


Geet finally coughed a little to get his attention.


He glanced up and when he realized he was not dreaming and Geet was really there, he jumped up into sitting postion. "Geet! What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Do you need something?"


She bent down and sat infront of him smiling.


"Its almost 2 in the morning, what if someone saw you coming here?"


"Shh," she whispered so that he would lower his volume. "Do not worry everyone is in their rooms and almost a sleep."

"Oh okay." He then looked at what she was wearing and smiled. "Where did you find that?"


Geet got a little shy and conscious of what she was wearing, "It was in your room so I put it on. I hope you do not mind."


"No not at all," he smiled as he thought how cute she looked in it.


It was as if Geet had heard his though and looked down shyly. Her smile melted his heart and he wanted her so badly in his arms. Near him. He wanted to touch her, kiss her, love her, and keep her safe in his arms.  


"Are you not tired?" he asked her because she yawned.


She said she was and he asked her to lie down for a bit on the mattress. She obliged, making herself comfortable. She then looked at him and gestured, with her eyes, for him to lie down next to her. He was tired and lay down next to her.


Geet closed her eyes for a bit to take and remember this moment forever. The warmth from the fire and from his presence that she missed for so many weeks, was finally there again.


She then felt his hand touching her. But it was not on her face, arm, or shoulder. It was on her stomach. She opened her eyes and he was just feeling her stomach.


"What are you doing?" she questioned him curiously.


Without moving his gaze from her stomach, he answered, "Letting my baby know that I am here."


"He knows. He can feel your presence through me. When I am happy it will know that you are here and when I am sad it will know that I am missing you."


"Wait why are you calling it a him?"


"Because I have a feeling it is a boy."


"And what if it is a girl?"


"Then I will be super happy as well, but it feels like a boy."


"I have a feeling it will be a girl, just like you. She will be beautiful, with big almond shaped eyes and long tresses."


Geet laughed at his thought, "That is why I wanted a boy, so he could be like you!"


Geet also put her hand on her stomach and locked it with his, entangling their fingers together. They lay like that for another hour just talking about the baby and sharing stories from their childhood.


But then something came up about marriage and it went quiet. Maan broke the silence, "So you need to finish telling me the'"


"Yeah I really do." So she told him how her Papa ji is doing business with Dev and how Dev is blackmailing her with her families love. She could not lose her family after gaining their love after a long miserable year of their hatred. She decided not to tell Maan about Dev's violent behaviour with her.


But Maan was fuming with anger with how much she had revealed. How could Dev do this? Threaten Geet for his own benefits? But then seeing Geet scared he comforted her by pulling her into his embrace.


"So what are you planning on doing now?"


"I do not know but I cannot live without you," she said, while hugging him tighter. He could feel her tears beginning to soak his shirt.


He cuddled her to control her tears and make her feel safe in his arms. Once she stopped crying, in a whisper he asked her, "Do you want to leave Dev then?"


Geet thought for a bit and then said, "Yes Maan I do."


He let go her and cupped her face and brought it closer to his, "Okay then I am with you in every step. But I need you to promise me that you will be strong. We will talk to your parents and family. Explain everything to them and then we will deal with Dev."


Geet thought she was dreaming, could her miserable life really have a chance to recover? "Will you really do that with me?"


"Yes I will Geet. Because I love you and I cannot live without you. The past few weeks without you have been hell! I need you, I want you, I love you so much."


He saw the need and desire in her eyes for him and could no longer hold back. He slowly leaned in and kissed her gently. She responded back and pulling him closer, she deepend the kiss by giving him entry into her mouth.


That night they ended up sleeping in each others arms, in front of the fire. Geet finally felt safe and Maan finally felt complete.


The next morning was a beautiful one. The sun was out and its warm rays were shining through the library windows onto Maan and Geet. His hand was still on her stomach while the other arm was around her. She was resting her head on his chest and hugging him tightly, never wanting to let go.


Around 10 am someone is shown walking around the house looking for Geet. Where could she be? The person decides to check the library because that was the only room left


The person walked in and does not see anyone there and was about to leave. But then through the bookshelves they saw something. They walked to the back and were shocked to see the sight present.


Chapter 15: Moving On

Who is the person? What will they say? And will Geet and Maan ever be together? 

Comment, LIKE, and Predict what will happen next!!

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supreb update.
wow..geet told maan truth.
love it.
i think it was dadi or many be pinky..
could be wrong.
do continue plz.

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thank god maan knows about dev now..............lovely update
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lovely update
thanks for updating
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That was an awesome update....
happy that maan and geet cleared misunderstandings but scary precap....pls update soon

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i think it was pinky n maan's mom

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nice update...
finally maan came to know about dev...Smile
I think it is pinky who saw them together....

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 hooray hooray
maan finally find out
the truth i hope she live him
wow love pinky possessiveness
of her friend love every parts
fascinating update
maybe pinky who saw them
pls cont soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
thank yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
thanks pm

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