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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 6)

punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Recap: Geet hears her husband and she yells Dev and runs out to see him.


Chapter 1: The Thorns of Life 


It had been a while since they had talked properly, and this while felt like forever to her.

"Dev, your home" she said as she ran out of her room and down the hall to the entrance of their flat. It was their one-year wedding anniversary. One year. A whole year that was a total roller coaster. Starting out as a beautiful bliss full of love, passion, togetherness, fun, and laughter and now' it was nothing but a duty. A fulfillment. An obligation. 


But today was their one-year anniversary and putting aside any grudges, Geet decided to forget everything today and just celebrate with her husband. She just wanted to re-live and re-kindle the lost flame of their love, fix their breaking marriage. And she knew that even though they had drifted apart, they were bound together and nothing could separate them.. or was this just her illusion? 


As she approached the entrance, she saw him standing at the door. He had his usual briefcase and suitcase that he took on business trips. It felt strange and a bit odd seeing him after so long. It was like she hadn't seen him in years but had only been a week.


After observing him from afar, Geet knew that she had to make the first move. Didn't she always in the past year? She ran towards him ready to hug him. As she got closer and closer, her heartbeat increased. But it was not the thumping or the heart sinking feel a girl would her lover. It was the feeling arising from the coldness and the distance that had been a created between them.


When she finally approached him and stood infront of him, a glow of happiness was arising within her. She had always been the peacemaker amongst her sibling and friends, never fighting with anyone. And today she was going to make things right. The way they should be.


Gathering more courage from her Baba Ji, she looked up at him, smiled and greeted him "Hi Dev." He looked at her with a straight face and let out a casual "Hey." His eyes had dark circles around them, totally taking away the boyish charm that she was once mesmerized by. His hair, which was once always freshly, neatly cut and gelled perfectly, was now a shaggy, over-grown mop on his head. His shirt was wrinkly with his sleeves rolled up and a few of his top buttons open. Hanging out from his pant pockets was his tie, that was probably once tied precisely around his neck.


Her chain of thoughts of his appearance broke when he bent down to pick up his briefcase and stood still infront of her again. Not knowing what to do, she reflected on meetings of their past where she would jump to be engulfed in his arms. Even though that seemed utterly ridiculous at this stage of their marriage, she lifted her arms and reached out towards his shoulders'


A gust of wind past her as she saw him walk right past her and into the flat. This hurt her severely, not her ego as she did not have much of one but those emotions and care that she had built up for him. Again trying to be the peacemaker, she thought "It's been ages since we've touched or properly talked in so long. He might expect me to be mad at him. But it will just take time. I'll make it right. All right.


Dev was standing in the kitchen drinking water when Geet entered. She stood at the edge of the counter just watching him and secretly waiting for him to break the ice and talk to her. Or even better wish her Happy Anniversary. "So, umm how was the flight?" Geet was trying to make some conversation with him so she could eventually bring up the fact that it was their anniversary today. He looked at her, with one eyebrow lifted up, "Your talking to me?" She simply nodded, afraid at what he might say next. He shrugged, "I guess it was okay." Geet looked at him intently with a pleading look on her face "Please don't be like that today. Please Dev."


The emotions on Dev's face went through confused, angry, annoyed and then all of a sudden: a smile. A smile appeared on his face. "Okay fine. I'm sorry." Geet smiled back. She couldn't believe her eyes or her ears. Dev looked so cute and happy after so many days. After all the times he.. Forget the past now Geet, she thought. Think only happy thoughts.


"You go freshen up and in the mean time I'll make you something to eat." He thanked her and turned around towards their bedroom. After picking his suitcase up, he turned towards Geet again. "Jaan" Her heart dropped when she heard him call her that. It had been ages. She felt happy, warm, and content. The urge to run towards him and hug him was driving her crazy but she stayed calm and listened to what he had to say next.


"Make a lot of food. Umm I'm really hungry. And its been ages since.. just make sure there is a lot." With that he smiled again and headed to their bedroom to shower and take a quick nap. Geet got busy in cooking right away. Now that she though of it, it had been ages since she cooked in her kitchen. She had just been eating frozen food or take out and very rarely cooked a small dish for herself. But no today was different. She was cooking for Dev today. For her husband. Italian was his favourite and that's what she would make. Pizza, pasta, ceaser salad, and garlic bread. Then it occurred to her that he was really hungry and may want a variety of food. Not wanting to disappoint him, she decided to make chicken wings and roasted potatoes as well.


Since it was their first anniversary, she had baked a cake and was decorating it when the door bell rang. Who could that be, she thought as she turned off the stove and walked to the door. Geet was surprised that someone came because lately she had no one visit her.


She opened the door and was shocked to see the people there ?It was no one other than Dev's friends. There were five guys and two girls. Geet really hated them and felt like killing them when they came over to her place. Tonight was suppose to be their special night. Just Geet and Dev's. These people are going to ruin it and he'll be really mad too! 


She stood infront of the door, blocking them from entering inside the flat. "Hey Geet! Move out of the way man. Let us in!" Geet did not move an inch. She was not going to let these hooligans ruin the last chance at saving her marriage. "Oh umm what are you guys doing here?" "Shit! Don't tell me Dev's not back yet? F*** man!" Geet: "No, no he is. Just taking a shower." ?Now one of the girls spoke up, "That's fine hunny. We'll get settled in then." What the hell was going on? Who were they to invade and destroy her plans for tonight. "Wait but what are you guys doing here?"


A voice came from behind her, "Hey why are you guys still outside? Come on in." The loud, obnoxious guy in the front spoke again, "Your MISSUS isn't moving out of our way!" That caused them all to erupt into laughter and jump around like animals, which they all were. "Geet move out of the way, NOW! Come in guys. I was waiting for you." Everyone entered one by one and gave Geet an annoyed look or rolled their eyes at her. They made their way into the main sitting room, as Dev made his way to Geet.


"What the hell is your problem? Why were you standing there blocking their way?" Tears had slowly emerged in her eyes as she slowly looked up at him, "Dev I thought tonight was mine and your night." His face angered further as he spat out the next few words, "Your such an idiot. Me and you? Anyways bring the food I told you to make." Confused as ever, she asked "What? oh that's why you wanted me to make so much food. I am an idiot for falling for your stupidness." She imitates him, "Geet make lots of food. I'm so hungry!" Your hungry my foot! Serve your stupid friends yourself!"


With that she tried to walk away but he grabbed her. "Don't you ever talk to me in that tone again" Wincing in pain, she looked at him through her blurred eye sight from her tears, "Let go your hurting me." He pushed her away hard so she went banging into the wall. Geet ran to the bathroom and cried for a bit. This was not how she planned tonight at all. This was not how things were suppose to be. But did she really want to be romantic with him? She pushed those thoughts out of her mind, washed her face and headed out to the kitchen. 


When she got to the kitchen all the food was gone already. The only thing left was her cake. All the Cake said on it was "Happy.." because she didn't get a chance to finish decorating it. She realized she has to remove the Happy from the cake before anyone sees it. She quickly took a knife and wiped the icing off. She did it just in time because one of the girls came and just grabbed the cake and took it in. They shut the door so Geet couldn't hear or see what was going on. They were all just laughing really loud and drinking. 


Not wanting to stand there and torment herself further, Geet ran upstairs to her room. She looked in the mirror and saw the marks on her arm that she just got right now from Dev grabbing her. She touched it and it still hurt. She cried and cried, until she felt very suffocated in the room and went out to the balcony.


It was a full moon tonight. She remembered her mom always saying that if you wish on a full moon, your wish will always be fulfilled. ?Geet closed her eyes and wiped her tears. She stood strong and breathed the fresh air in deeply. Then she looked up at the moon, and with a her heavy heart she poured out her only desires left in life, "I know I've made many stupid mistakes and I've hurt many people in the process. But I've realized my mistake now and I need someone to fix my life. I'm lonely and have no one. Please God, send someone for me to love. Please send me a saviour, to get me out of this hell." She closed her eyes and wished again and again for love. 


The next minute her cell phone rang and she went inside to pick it up. It was her PA Pinky, "Hi Geet. Pack your bags babes! We got the deal and we're leaving tomorrow!" Wiping her tears and walking back into her room, she asked which deal. "The one with the Khuranas!" she exclaimed, evident that she was excited about her first deal with a large corporation since she became Geet's PA.


After she got off the phone she decided that she has to fix her life herself and she will go as a new person on this trip. With a new attitude. And totally forget her past. The past that was suppose to give her happiness on a bed of roses but she was pricked with nothing but thorns. But no things were going to change, and she was going to change them.  


Chapter 2- New Beginnings


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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome update..
hate dev..poor geet.
cant wait for the nxt update n maaneet meeting.
do continue plz

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Thank you for the update...

Okay i need to say this...Dev is a egotistic, good for nothing, annoying, stupid, and many bad more bad words man. AngryAngryAngry
And his friends fall into the same category...esp. the girl who took the cake awayThumbs DownAngry...

And than Geet. She planned all this out for their anniversary and he didnt remember, Well it was kind of expected. 
And Dev manhandled her. So she is also getting abused..And make a big dinner...HATE that man. 
But meeting at the Khurana's has made me hopeful..cause that means my munda Maan is coming to the rescue...hopefully, sometime in the future. 
And thank goodness that Geet has Pinky. She isnt completely alone with that atrocious man. 

You are an amazing writer. Thank you for the PM and such a fabulous update. 

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fabulous update

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
I loved the update.
Thanks so much.
Geet wants to keep the boat from sinking and all Deve is doing is he wants to sink the boat.AngryAngry
I cannot believe he treated her like a doormat, not good at all.Cry
I loved it how Pinky said - Pack ur bags.LOL
Cannot wait for next update.

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--Ratna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update.......poor Geet......all that effort was wasted.....that idiot Dev Angry......hope she gets out of this marriage soon......waiting for her to meet Maan ......plz continue......thanks for the PM.......TC.......Ratna Smile

Thank You Myspace Comments

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awesome part.loved it.
 feel sad for geet.
update soon.

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awww poor geet :(  
hope everything gets fixed 
maan and geet :)

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