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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 26)

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Note: I've have sent PM's to everyone. However, some of you have not accepted the friend request yet, so I was not able to send you one. Please check under your Buddy-Pending list and accept it so I can PM you. Enjoy the next chapter!

Recap: Maan and Geet are both on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Maan switches his seat with an elder lady and Geet does not see him again. 

Chapter 4: Romeo, oh Romeo

Geet held on tight to the arm rests of her chair, shut her eyes, and prayed to Baba Ji that the plane would land safely. Within minutes she felt the plane touch the ground and she let out a huge sigh of relief. She remembered the last time she was on a plane. It was with Dev.


Less than a year ago they had gone on their honeymoon to Goa. He was so sweet, tender, and loving then. Everything had been like a dream. And now that dream had just gone wrong. She often wondered what really triggered the distance between them. Was it her fault as well?


She always blamed him. Blamed him for how he mistreated her and disrespected her. But from inside she knew it was both of them. They both just gave up at the marriage. She found it hard and unnecessary to put up a fake front when the feelings were no longer real.

Now she remembered what a lot of people said to her a year ago. And they were all right. Her family, neighbours, even some of her friends has said that Dev and her were too young to get married. They believed that after university one should find a job and settle their career before settling down in marriage. 


Geet had always thought she was mature and could handle it, handle everything and anything that came her way. But the was not the truth. Reality was that she was still a kid at heart and mind. And Dev, he acted all mature in front of people but he was even worse than her. He was quite immature and never realized his responsibility after marriage towards her and their house.


Her thoughts were broken by some sudden whispers and laughs. She looked over at the Aunty next to her, who was whispering something to her husband across the aisle and  both were laughing. 


Getting teary eyed, she thought how badly she wished for someone like that in her life. What if her relationship with Dev just worsened and never got better? No! I will not let that happen and I will make sure we are in love like before. Or atleast make the marriage work some how, she thought.


Shortly later, all passengers boarded off the plane and collected their luggage. As she exited the terminal and waited at the taxi stand, she decided to call Dev. He answered on the fourth ring, "Hello"


All of a sudden her throat went dry from being so nervous and she let out a weak, "Hi"


"Who is this?" he asked, confusion evident in his voice.


"Its me. Geet"


"Oh you. What is it?"


Now regretting this call totally, she continued, "I reached Mumbai. My plane just landed."


"Geet. Sweetheart, when a plane takes off it must land somewhere. And yes yours has landed too. In Mumbai," he said in a sarcastic and mocking tone.


He started laughing and she could hear the laughter erupt in the back, which made it evident that he was not alone but with his good-for-nothing friends.


Brushing aside those thoughts and the fact that all those people were laughing at her, she said, "Dev listen. I'm not sure when I will be back because I was just informed that we have a conference here as well."


He does not answer and silence prevailed the conversation, until she spoke again.


"?So, umm do you need anything from Mumbai?"


Instead of paying attention to her and answering her, he was talking to the people with him, "Yeah the foods in there' no' okay' get that.. forget it man.. lets just go out and eat' sounds good."


He finally came back to her on the phone, "Why the hell do you not even do the grocery? You are such an imbecile, good for nothing b****! Now because of you I am so embarrassed in front of my friends." And with that he hangs up on her.


Standing there outside the airport terminal, Geet had never felt so alone and miserable in her life. Her eyes were all watery and her knees were trembling. She looked around but everything was just blurry. In the distance she finally located a bench and dragged her suitcase there and sat down.


She could no longer hold back her tears and let the dam break open as her pain and hurt spilled through her eyes. Finally pulling herself together after ten minutes, she realized and decided that she cannot carry on like this. If she becomes weak at any moment she will never, now or in the future, be able to fix things with Dev.


Wiping her tears, she re-enters the airport and heads towards the washroom to wash her face. When she came back out the airport terminal was empty. "Oh shoot, all the taxi's must have come and gone by now! I will not be able to find anything to get to the hotel." Dragging her suitcase outside again, she sees her prediction was right and there are no taxi's left.


Wait she sees one approaching and pulling to the side of the curb. Praying to Baba Ji in her head, she walks over to the rather young looking taxi driver.


"Excuse me, please put my luggage in," she smiles as she says that.


"Yes Mam," he runs over to pick her suitcase up.


She glances at his name tag, Romeo. The name makes her slightly giggle. "Romeo, what a weird name to have," she thinks.   


Walking back from the trunk of the taxi, he asks her, "Did you say something?"


Geet smiles simply,  "No nothing at all. Let just get going now. Marriot Hotel please."


She is about to open the door of the taxi, when someone's hand appears and prevents her from opening the door.


"Excuse me, Mr. Romeo! Trying to be smart? You already have my suitcase in the back and now your taking someone else?"


Fumbling and words barely being able to exit his mouth, Romeo says, "Oh Sir, I am sorry I forgot about you."


"Yeah right, you see a girl and totally forget about me! I am going to kill my staff for not sending my car. Anyways, excuse me Miss."


Geet looks up at him and it no one other than Maan!


"Oh so we meet again," he smirks remembering their last encounter in the plane. "Listen I do not have time to fight and argue about this taxi, as I really need to leave. Come on Romeo, Marriot Hotel now!"


Very excited that everything may just work out, Romeo enthusiastically says, "That is where Madam is going too. Come Mam, we can drop you as well."


"No its okay. I will just wait," Geet says not daring to look at Maan in the eye, as she can feel his gaze on her.


"Arey Mam, no taxi is going to come here for a while. Just sit in the taxi already. Plus your suitcase is already in the back."


"No I said its okay. Please take my bags out."


Maan finally speaks up, "Yeah its really okay. Come on Romeo lets go."


Romeo sensing the tension between the two, figures out that they must know each other from before and are avoiding each other. With that, he slightly nudges and pushes Geet into the taxi. "Come on Sir, get in. We are getting late."


Maan not being able to do anything, walks towards the other side of the car to enter from the other door, while mumbling, "These taxi drivers are too much these days."


He sits down in the back next to Geet, which makes her shift closer to her side of the seat. "I am really sorry about sharing the taxi. It is just that taxi driver, he was so stubborn."


"Don't worry about it, its okay. That is quite a coincidence that we are at the same hotel."


"No Sir it is not a coincidence because it is one of the biggest and most lavish hotels in Mumbai," Romeo adds in from the front of the taxi.


"Oye Romeo kay bache! Look ahead and drive. And stop listening to our conversation," Maan barks back at him.


Geet giggles at his sudden outburst and at Romeo, who sinks into his seat and concentrates on driving. She then looks out the window at all the buildings, shops, cars, and people. She had not been to Mumbai in so long that so many things had changed. Geet than glanced over at Maan, who was busy talking on the phone. Wait not talking, more like yelling.


"No, I said that had to be done for today'you guys can't do anything right'. No I will be there soon'you idiots forgot to send a car so I am in a taxi with'," he looks over at Geet and she realizes she is just staring at him and fully eavesdropping on his conversation. She quickly turns her face the other way. "I will be there soon. Bye."


"I don't bite."


Turning to face him, a bit shocked from his remark, she says, "excuse me?"


 "I mean you do not have to sit so far."


Geet smiles at him, "So you are here for business?"


"No, I am here to get married."


Geet face drops at bit, but she quickly recovers not wanting to show him any emotion, "Oh really, well I will just have to meet the lucky girl and warn her what she is getting herself into," shortly erupting into laughter.


"Yeah yeah, laugh all you want. By the way I was just joking about getting married. I'm here strictly for business."


Getting more comfortable in her seat, she turns more towards him to observe him, "You know you are like two totally different people. Sometimes the biggest flirt and super sweet. And then the other side is the way you were just on the phone."


Raising his eyebrow at her, "Eaves dropping on peoples conversations is a bad habit."


Geet quickly answers back, "But its hard to ignore the conversation when your only a few inches away from me and yelling like your about to kill the poor person on the other line."


"Listen Miss. Whatever your name is. Ganga, Yes Ganga. Mind your own business." And with that he turned his back to her and got busy on his phone again. But this time he was more quiet and calm.  


Maan was not able to concentrate on his phone call. He quickly ended it and pretended he was sending an email, but he was really thinking, "What is happening to me? Why is this girl having such a great affect on me? Why do I even care what she says and why do I feel the need to impress her? Snap out of it Maan! You are here strictly for business. Pure business. And I better stay away from these stupid girls. Just remember what happened last time."


On the other hand, Geet was busy with her own thoughts, "Why do I feel so hurt that he forgot my name? Anyways who am I to him that he should even remember. I am just a stranger. Well at least I know he's not here getting married." For some odd reason, she felt slightly happier and at ease knowing this. She smiles and sits back in her seat.


Romeo is observing this all from the rear view mirror. Not being able to stay quiet any more, he takes the risk again to converse with them. "So do you guys know each other?"


Maan breaks out of his thoughts and is ready to kick this nosy taxi drivers a**. Since he is really irritated, he decided to mess around with this driver.


"Excuse me, Romeo, please do not look at my wife like that."


Geets head shoots up and she is surprised he called her his wife! She looks at him with questioning eyes. He turns around and winks at her and she understands that he is doing this to annoy Romeo. 

He moves over towards Geet and puts his arm tightly around her. She stiffens at this close physical contact between the two. Now Romeo is even more interested to see what is going on. His eyes are more on them than the road.


Another idea pops into Maans devious brain, pulling her closer, "Hey jaan, give me a kiss."


He slowly turns Geet's face towards his. She is now fully frozen and cannot move, think, or even breath. What was he doing? And why was she not pushing him away. Was he actually going to kiss her with his perfect M shaped lips that looked so luscious and pink.  


He was going closer and closer to her. His grip around her arm is getting tighter and tighter. Her heart beat going faster and faster, totally out of control. Her eyes slowly closing, expecting the soft touch of his lips on hers soon.


Romeo's mouth dropped open seeing them so close. ?All of a sudden Romeo looks up and slams on the breaks! "We are here!" he exclaims with a sense of relief and a huge smile plastered on his face.


Geet opens her eyes and Maan is just staring at her. Due to the wind that is coming through the window, her hair is blowing on to her face. He gently raises his hand and moves the strands of hair behind her hair. He comes real close again and passes her face and goes to her ear, softly whispering, "It was nice meeting you again Ms. Geet."


And with that he got out of the taxi, went to the trunk, got his suitcase, paid Romeo and disappeared through the revolving doors of the hotel. Geet was still sitting in the exact same position. As if some spirit had taken over her body and she could not move. He did actually remember her name. This thought made her body fill with warmth and affection. 


"Hey Miss, he's gone now. You should leave too," Romeo said as?Geet snapped out of it and got out of the taxi.


"Why did your husband just leave you?" he asked as he got her bags out from the back.


Geet simply smiled at him, "He was not my husband. Bye!"


Romeo just stood there and watched her for a while, as she disappeared through the revolving doors of the hotel. "There is definitely going to be something happening between those two. I can guarantee anyone that." He smirks and gets back into his taxi and drives away.   


Chapter 5- I am Single

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Thank u for the long update and was god that Dev is such a jerk Angry...felt so sad when Geet cried ......and she is still thinking of fixing things with him Confused......plzzzz nooooo.........get her out of that marriage.......Maaneet fighting for the Taxi and the ride to the hotel was superb......even i thought hawwww he forgot her name......glad he did not Embarrassed.....loved Romeo's part LOL.......plz continue......TC Smile

Thank You Flower

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