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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 20)

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Originally posted by puth

The man is non other than Mr.Maan Singh Khurana....
please add me to your pm list..

Thanks! you've been added to the list Smile

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Originally posted by -shamima-

Ergh dev is a jerk he'll soon realise what geets importance was when she is in this trip and ooh I think the man is maan and loving their encounters their cute and funny and ooh maan checking her out and not impressed hmm but geet seems to get lost in his eyes which he doesn't understand at all anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

Thanks Shamima!
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Thanks Hun for this lovely update..Hug
I just started reading this...plz do pm me whenever u update Smile
I have one teeni tiny complain if u don't  mind..plz could u increase the font size in ur updates... nahi to jab tak yeh FF khatam hoga main half blind ho jaaungi...Disapprove
Sorry if I offended u....

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Originally posted by -jia-

Thanks Hun for this lovely update..Hug
I just started reading this...plz do pm me whenever u update Smile
I have one teeni tiny complain if u don't  mind..plz could u increase the font size in ur updates... nahi to jab tak yeh FF khatam hoga main half blind ho jaaungi...Disapprove
Sorry if I offended u....

Hey Thanks Jia! I will add you to the pm list.

I've changed the font on the updates now. For some reason it would not increase, I tried a lot of times before but when i pasted it from WORD it would go back to that small size. But no worries now Big smile
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Note: I've have sent PM's to everyone. However, some of you have not accepted the friend request yet, so I was not able to send you one. Please check under your Buddy-Pending list and accept it so I can PM you. 

Recap: Geet meets Maan on the plane, where they have a bit of nok-jhok. Maan changes seats with someone.

Chapter 3: Hello Stranger


Finally comfortable in her seat and her head resting back, she felt relieved being on the plane. Usually people felt excitement for going on a new journey or saddened for leaving loved ones or a vacation behind, but she felt none of the two. Just relief. She needed this to forget her life and all the pain she has been through in the past year. Her gaze wanders over to the guy next to her and a small smile appears on her mouth. Remembering their two encounters and how they were always fighting and arguing for something or the other.


Geet thought, "He is actually not that bad looking. What am I saying? He is really cute. Only if I had waited and not rushed into marriage. I could have met someone like him, for example, fell in love and got married when we were both settled in our careers and life. Wait, what am I saying again? He just seems like some arrogant jerk, who is his dad's only heir and has loads of money, a well-established business, and tons of property to live off of. But then his eyes'she sighs (She was always attracted to people eyes. Even Dev's at a time).


That small sigh of hers was enough to get his attention. He turned towards her and imitates her by sighing as well, followed by his killer smirk and then laughs. "So are you all cooled down and calm now? Or are you still ready to attack me with your anger?" He usually would never talk this much with anyone but he realized that he may have bothered this one girl too much. Or was it something else about her. Pushing away those thoughts, he made a sad face and apologized, "I'm sorry."


This brought an instant smile to her face. She was surprised this arrogant jerk could actually look innocent and apologize. I guess the saying is right, Never judge a book by its cover. Smiling and with a new positive vibe through her, she turns to him and says, "Its okay. I was a little harsh as well and could have been more patient. Its just that flying usually makes me a bit anxious. Anyways, I'm Geet." She sticks her hand out so he could shake it.


He looks at her with one eyebrow up, "And I'm not interested."


Geet's jaw drops open and her eyes are popping out with rage. She can't believe that after she forgave him, accepted it was her fault as well, and then had the courtesy to introduce herself, he was being an moron again. What did he think? That she was hitting on him.


Seeing her emotions go from shock to confusion and then to anger, he realized he has gone a bit far. And before she can pull her hand back, he quickly says, "Just joking. Hi I'm Maan." He shakes her hand politely and smiles.


But what he does not know is that one touch from him has sent a current down her body, causing her heart to feel like it is sinking. A feeling that she has not felt in a while. It was a mixture of happiness, pleasure, passion, but guilt as well. It was like her heart was melting and her brain was losing control. She felt like a grade nine student again in high school. Where attention from any good looking guy makes you go crazy.


Her thoughts were broken with his husky yet playful voice, "So are you always angry like that or does that beautiful smile of yours come out more."


She smiles at that and can feel her cheeks starting to heat up. She hated this about herself. Any attention or compliment from a guy and her cheeks would blush up right away, turning a deep pink or even red sometimes.


"Oh I'm sorry, I was not trying to flirt. But I can see I'm definitely having an affect on you (he points to her cheeks) Don't worry I have that affect on a lot of women." He winks at her and turns back around to look straight ahead at the screen infront of him.


"Excuse me, I'm not that type of girl."


"Oh really then. What type of girl are you?" he smirked.


She thought for a second, because she had a to give a perfect reply back. "Well I am a nice, hardworking, sincere girl that. . .wait, why am I telling you?"


"Yeah why are you telling me? Not like I am interested." This time when he smirked, Geet noticed that small dimple that appeared in his left cheek when he smirked. Maan then put his headphones on and closed his eyes while resting on back on his seat.


While staring at him, Geet thought, "Wow. What a complete jerk. I have been so busy in my own life for the past year that I totally forgot about guys like him." She takes a deep breath and remembers that she is not going to be seeing him again after this flight. She puts her headphones back on and closes her eyes as well.


As she is always anxious while flying, she could not rest for long and opened her eyes to check on what Maan was up to. He was sitting straight up in his seat doing something, but it was not visible to her. This made her really curious. She could not get up and lean over and look at what he was doing. That will make him think I am interested in him, which I am so not. But what magazine is her reading? It was evident to her that he was laughing or something. All she could see was his shoulder, which was blocking the rest of his body from her sight. She tries again but this time moves her head a little bit. Geet still could not see anything.


Eventually, she gives up and just leans back into her seat and rests. After ten minutes she hears him laughing a little and she's dying inside to know what he's doing. Trying to be smart and slick about it, she slowly opens only one eye to get a peak and is shocked to see what she sees! ?


It was him, Maan. He was so close to her and looking straight into her eyes. His chocolaty brown eyes were so deep that she could just drown in them. The way he was staring at her so intensely and close made Geet flutter her eyes like a butterfly.


Then she realized what she was doing and quickly just shut her eyes.


"Oh please Baba Ji, let that have just been a dream. I feel like such an idiot. I cannot believe I fluttered my eyes like that. But damn he was just do close to me and staring at me with such intensity," she thought.  


She kept her eyes closed for another ten minutes and pretended to be asleep


"Excuse me Mam, would you like something to drink?" The airhostess asked her. She was actually really thirsty but did not have the courage to open her eyes.


"I think she is asleep. Let me check," Maan replied. He took his hand and put it on top of hers and kind of just shook it.


Geet felt an electric bolt just go through her and her eyes shot open from the shock. She did not expect him to do that, especially the touch.


"Yeah she is awake alright," he laughed. "So what do you want to drink, Geet?"


Coming out of the shock, she quickly replied, "Apple juice would be fine."


"And I'll just have the same as well," He said sweetly to the airhostess.


After they got there drinks, Geet sat there stiffly and very uncomfortable. Had he seen her? Even if he did, why does she care? But she did care, didn't she?


Her thoughts were broken by his deep voice, "So Miss Geet, tell me about yourself."


"What?" she was totally surprised with this sudden question.   


"I said tell. Me. a little bit. About. Yourself," which he said in slow motion.


Not knowing what to say, she decided its better to reply back, "Like what? I do not share personal information with strangers."


"oh really. I see."


"Yes, really.


"Well then, would you like to tell me why you secretly stare at strangers?"


Geet felt her face turn beet red, as she looked up into his eyes. He looked at her and fluttered his eyes like she did before and he burst out laughing.


Geet could feel her face getting hotter and hotter until she could not take it anymore and just turned to stare out the window. She was totally embarrassed. He had actually seen her! But why could he not be a gentleman and let it go. Egotistical. Moron. Bigheaded.


"Wow, so much attitude. Tsk tsk."


Geet turned around, ready to retaliate and shut him up once and for all. However, before she was able to say something, an older woman approached them and was standing in the aisle next to Maan's seat.  


"Excuse me beta, can I sit in your seat? My husband is sitting in the seat right next to you on the other side of the aisle."


Maan glanced over at Geet and then looked back, "Yeah sure Aunty."


He got his briefcase and just wandered off behind the curtains to his new seat.


Geet thought,  "Phew he's gone. Now I have to get back into business mode. Why the hell was I acting like a teenager and going crazy over a guy? Anyways I need to concentrate on this deal with the Khurana's and prepare for the conference."


Their was announcement from the airplane Captain, "Fasten your seatbelts passengers. We will be landing in Mumbai shortly. The weather is great outside. About 30 degrees Celsius with sunshine and no clouds."


Geet smiled, "Wow a perfect start to my new life. Beautiful weather is really what I needed."


There was a bit of turbulence that shook the plane. "I hate that turbulence! Ruins the whole plane ride and that stupid guy who said I had attitude. I hope I never see him again!" With that the plane finally landed in Mumbai. The land of dreams. The city she had come to start afresh again, with the hope that everything would be alright.



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Chapter 4- Romeo, oh Romeo


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awesome updates
pls add me in ur pm list

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beautiful partClapClapClapClap
need some more nok jhok WinkLOLLOL
loved this partEmbarrassed

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awesome update..........

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