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FF:Kuch to Hua Hai- Chapter 20-pg 122 (Page 114)

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got posted twice...sorry

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Thanks for the comments!

Update tonight.. plus important note

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Awe that was so nice and ergh that jerk dev thinking if he plead and begged geet would come back to him and kidnapping geet is not an option as her maan is always there to protect her and Woop he signed the divorce papers and maans mum has accepted her mistakes and geet and loved that line my Dulhan how dreamy anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Sorry for the delay!

Will try to update tonight forsure..Sorry its Easter long weekend in Canada and have friends and family over.

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dont worry
take ur time
i'll be waiting

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Originally posted by sharmake11

dont worry
take ur time
i'll be waiting

Will be up soon! 
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He stood up and reached his hand to her, "Come Geet, my dulhan, lets go home now."


He picked her up and took her to the car and drove her to the Khurana mansion.


Chapter 19: Window Thief


The drive to Maan's house was about twenty minutes but it was quiet. None of them said a word but instead enjoyed the silence. Maan held onto one of her hands and she rested her head on his shoulder. Geet still could not believe that she was now officially separated from Dev and he could never interfere in her life again.


Maan gently caressed her hair, breaking her from her happy thoughts, "Geet, sweety we are here."


She lifted her head and saw the huge Khurana mansion. She smiled at the thought of her and Maan living there with everyone.


He went around to her door, opened it and offered his hand to her, "Come lets go in."


Hand in hand they walked into the house to be greeted by everyone. Savitri, Dadi ma, Adi, Pinky, and the rest of the family were all there. Savitri approached them first and apologized to Geet and Maan for not accepting their relationship at first.


Geet held the hands of the weeping lady, "No Aunty it is okay. We made a mistake and you had every reason to be mad at us."


She looked up at Geet and thought what an angel and how could she have been so rude to her. This girl had finally changed her son and made him responsible and want to marry. Geet would be the perfect Bahu for her and she knew that deep down inside. She put her hand on Geet's cheek and smiled, "Call my Mom, beti."


Geet smiled and nodded while her eyes were blurry with tears, "Yes mom."


She hugged her and then touched her feet. She then did the same to Dadi Ma and some of Maan's other Aunts and Uncles. She then went and hugged Pinky who was so happy. They were now going to best friends and sister-in-laws.


Geet loved the whole atmosphere of the house. The day had passed by just sitting and talking to everyone in the family. Maan was lost in his own world just staring at Geet. He had not seen her so happy in so long. Her face was glowing and she looked gorgeous in a red sari. He decided that after this day Geet would always wear sari's and he would buy her the prettiest ones.


Around the evening, Savitri invited the Handa's over to dinner. This would give them a chance to meet each other and also discuss the wedding, which was to take place in a few days.


Geet was over joyed now, as both her families were together. Once everyone was busy talking and mingling with one another, Geet found Maan and took him upstairs to the library, where they once fell asleep together.


She instantly hugged him tight and he smiled, "Geet are you happy?"


She looked up at him and stared at him through her large doe-like eyes, "Are you kidding me? I am so happy. It is like Baba Ji has become very happy with me and is showering me every joy in the world. Within a few weeks I have gained so much, so much that sometimes I think it is a dream."


"Snap out of it jaan, because this is no dream. You deserve the whole worlds happiness. And in the future I promise to keep you this happy. I will give you everything and anything you want."


She puts her arms around his shoulders and leaned on his chest.


"All I want is you. Nothing else. You are the one that taught me to live again after I had broken down and become like a robot. I love you so much and my world is incomplete without you."


"Not only me. Our world is incomplete until our little one comes."


He touched her bare stomach and felt his child. They both stared into each others eyes and smiled. Having him touch her, Geet felt so safe and warm. She now leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. He pulled her closer and closer. He wanted her so badly but had to be careful because she was pregnant.


They were kissing in each others embrace when they were interrupted by Pinky.


"Ahem ahem. Okay I am sorry for interrupting you guys, but everyone is waiting for you downstairs. So come now."


She turned to walk away but then turned around and caught them just staring into each others eyes again.


"Ahem, they want you now!" She left the room laughing and they followed behind her. Geet was blushing from being caught by Pinky.


When they reached downstairs they saw everyone sitting around and talking. Rano extended her hand out and Geet went and sat with her mom. Maan was about to follow her but was stopped by Adi.


"Maan Veer ji, trust me do not already become your wife's slave. Otherwise you will end up like me. Look what has happened to me in a few weeks."


Everyone laughed at Adi, whereas Pinky walked over and whacked his arm while whining. Everyone laughed at them and Maan used this moment to go sit next to his mom. Right across from Geet.


Everyone got busy talking again about the wedding. The date was now set for three days later.


As the evening came to an end, Rano said, "Savitri Ji, thank you for everything and we should go now. We have so much to prepare for in three days."


"Yes I understand. We have so much to do too. But remember we only want our Bahu and lots of love and a simple wedding."


 Rano smiled at how lucky her daughter was to get in-laws like this, "Yes of course. Come on Geet beta, lets go."


Geet looked up confused, "Wait, what?"


"Geet lets go home," said Rano again.  


"But'I'umm'Maan?" She looked over at him for help, as she was too shy to say that she wanted to stay with him.


Maan was confused as well. He did not want Geet to leave him. "Mummy Ji, I think Geet should stay with me. What if she needs something? I really think she should just stay with me."


Everyone laughed at Maan's plights. Dadi Ma got up and patted him on the back, "Oye, Maan puttar she cannot stay with you yet. Just wait three more days. And it is not like she is going to some strangers home, she is going to her own."


"Yes beta, your Dadi Ma is right." Rano said.  


Geet looked at Maan and they were both really sad about this short separation. None of them want to leave each other, but they had no option. Geet left with her family, but before she went she gave Maan one last kiss alone.


"I will see you in three days," she whispered.


"Damn, these three days better pass by fast!"




The wedding preparations were in full swing at both houses. Geet was told to rest by her family and she spent most of the time on the phone with Maan. They talked about everything but mainly about the baby that would come in a few months. Geet told him about all the dancing and singing going on at her house and he told her that his family was quite annoying and always forcing him to sit amongst them. He loved his family but that meant he could not be on the phone with Geet. The two days flew by fast with both having their haldi ceremonies and Geet also having her mehndi.



Right before Geet's haldi ceremony, she was in her room getting ready. She was wearing a plain yellow salwar kameez. She was now counting down the hours until she would officially be Maan's forever. She remembered how she had talked to Maan earlier on in the day and he said that he heard some Aunty saying that in her family it is tradition that the husband is the first to put haldi on his wife. With this the love increases between a husband and wife.


So now Maan was adamant on coming over to the Handa residence and being the first one to put haldi on his soon-to-be bride. Geet was against this because she knew that all the elders had restricted them from meeting before the wedding. But Maan was Maan and once Maan Singh Khurana had his mind set on something he did it.


As the afternoon carried on, Geet was standing in her room, muttering to herself. She prayed to Baba Ji to give Maan some sense and make sure he not show up at her house. Every time someone walked past her room, her heart beat stopped. But it was never Maan.


She looked at the clock and she would be called down shortly for the haldi ceremony to start. Maybe he would not come. Maybe his family had forbid him from leaving his house the day before the wedding. She smiled but at the same time she wanted to see him.


Her door opened and she turned swiftly to the door. It was just Rajji. She informed Geet that she was to come down in ten minutes.


As soon as she left, Geet heard a slight knock again. She waited but no one entered her door. She heard the knock again and realized it was not from her door, but her window. Automatically she thought it was a thief trying to enter her room. This was the perfect opportunity for a thief. A wedding house full of guests and everyone busy downstairs. The brides room would be the perfect room to enter and clear out first. But what kind of thief knocked first? She picked up a vase, ready to hit and opened the window.



As the person entered her room, she hit his head with a vase. He looked up and it was Maan!



"Maan aap?" she questioned.


"Ahh!" He shrieked, with one hand on his head and the other stuck out to gain balance. "Who else were you expecting?"


"Oh Baba Ji, I am so sorry. I thought it was a thief." She put the vase down and helped him to sit on her bed.



After numerous apologizes and applying ice to his head, Maan finally calmed down.




However, Geet noticed him smirking. "Hai Baba Ji, is he faking that he is hurt?" she thought.



She put the ice bowl away and scowled at him. "Maan what are you doing here? You are not allowed to be here? And on top of that you are faking your injury to get sympathy from me! Wait where's my vase? Let me really hurt you know!"



"Chup. Bilkul Chup," he grabbed her hand to stop her. "Let me just look at you, these past two days have been like hell."





She smiled as he stared at her but then remembered that they were not allowed to meet and her whole family was downstairs. "But Maan, why are you here?"


"Why? Can I not come see you and my baby?"


"Maan you know we were not allowed to meet and now we're going to get in trouble. It is all your fault."



He took out a small packet from his pocket, which contained haldi and put some on her face. "This is why I came. I wanted to be the first one to put it on you."






She then took some of the haldi and applied it on him as well. Both were lost in each others eyes, totally unaware of their surroundings.





However, their moment was short lived as their was a knock on the door. Geet could hear her sister, cousins, and friends yelling for Geet to open the door.



"Maan please leave. Now!"


He was standing still, gazing at her. However, she was panicking and had to get him out. She back him up to the window and once his back touched it he realized what she was doing.


"I am not leaving without a gift for risking my life and coming here."


"Okay okay what do you want?"


He crossed his arms over his chest and stood there, pouting his lips a little.


She looked at him in disbelief. How could she kiss him now? He has to leave this instant. But Maan being Maan would never back down. So she hesitantly leaned in and pecked him on the lips.


"Happy? Now go!"


"Hmm that was not even a proper kiss, give me a real one or I'll go and sit on your bed and wait for you to give me one."


She turned back and looked at the door. The girls had calmed down a little but they were still outside her door waiting for her.


She turned around to Maan and with a naughty look in her eyes, she slipped her arms around his back and brought him closer. Then she gave him one of the wettest and most passionate kissed ever.


Maan did not expect her to be so bold. He was shocked and not able to respond immediately. After the fact that Geet, his Geet, was giving him such a passionate kiss clicked, he began to respond.


But by then Geet pulled back and looked at Maan, who for the first time had a slight colour of pink on his cheeks!


She smiled at him and kissed both his cheeks and then rested her forehead against his.


"I cannot wait for tomorrow. I do not want to send you but I have to right now. Please understand."


He kissed her on her forehead one last time and then bent down and gave her a ticklish kiss on her stomach, before leaving through her window again.


After waving at him once he reached the ground, she turned back around to her door and went and opened it for the girls.


Even though they were busy chatting and questioning why she took so long, Geet was lost in her own thoughts.


Her dream of being Maan's wife would finally be fulfilled tomorrow. One more night and then pure happiness and bliss is what would accompany her life.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please Like and Comment!





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