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||MaanEet FF: Vivah||Chapter 5: Pg 45.July 15 (Page 33)

Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Woohoo me w8ing......Smile
Update soon Xx..

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how much more time?

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank you all so much for the comments. Sorry for being this Chapter is Dedicated to Ms. Chudail Pooja  aka MaanEetLover! She is just so irritating lolz..Jk Love ya Poo..

Recap:  Meera asks Geet to look up. When she did she saw Maan. She felt a breeze blowing. It created a different feeling in her heart. She didn't know why but her heart was asking her to keep staring at him.

They were just staring at each other.

 Chapter 4

Meera notices that.

Meera: Ahem ahem Meera coughs naughtily which makes Maan Geet come back to their senses.

Geet gets shy and looks away.

Rajesh: Mohinder ji we all met Geet , if we can have your permission it will be good if Maan Geet can talk to each other and know about each other.

Hearing this Geet gets nervous. But maan was looking for a chance to be with her and talk to her.

Mohinder: Yes Yes, why not.

Rajesh tells Meera to take Maaneet to terrace. Rajji follows.

All of them are walking up to the terrace.

Maan was walking with dia with Geet walking in the front with Meera.

Hi I am Rajji says Rajji excitingly.
You can call me chutki.
Maan: Hi (Smiling)
Rajji: I am Geet cousin so uss hisab se if you guys get married.. i will be your saali.
Maan: yaa.
They come up to the Terrace.

Meera: So I think we should leave.Meera says it with a smirk on her face and gives a wink at Maan.

She leaves with Rajji leaving Maaneet alone.

Maaneet take their seats on the sofa.
For 2 minutes there is complete silence. No one is saying anything.

Finally Maan speaks out.
Maan: I don't know what we should be talking right now. We have met to take decision about our future. But before we talk about our future I feel we should share our past with each other. I did my schooling in Delhi. Then I went to US for my college. I studied about Journalism and then literature for sometime. I had many girlfriends before but I was not too serious about them. I started learning about relationship and how they work. I once tried smoking too with my friends but once bhabhi came to know about it, I stopped and promised never to do it again.
I never shared this with anyone else, But I don't know why I knew I had to share it with you.
Maan says this with a little affection.

As Geet hears the last line she got some kind of feeling, she was really touched.

Maan continues the conversation

Maan: So Bhabhi told me you like to read books. What kind of books do you like?

Geet: Parineeta, samapthi, Atthiti

Maan: wow..all in Hindi right?

Geet: You can find the English translation as well.

Maan smiles.

Maan: So do you believe in god and prayer? I mean that he'll give whatever you seek?
Geet: There are somethings which one has total faith in

Maan: So do you have anything else you want to ask?

Geet just nodes her head saying no.

Maan: If you want we can meet one more time? I will ask babhi.

Geet : Ji nahi

Maan was a little sad. He thought Geet did not like him so she's not asking any questions.
Geet: Ji woh

Maan excitingly: Ji kahiye na

Geet: Aap ki chai thandi ho rahi hai.. Dusra cup...

Maan: Ohh no thanks..
and gulps down the tea.

Maan: Do you have any questions about my past? You can ask!

Geet: Nahi..saare jawab milgaye

Geet gets shy and they get up to leave when Meera and Rajji come smiling.

Rajji takes Geet away.

Maan was just looking at her smiling but was also kind of sad thinking what if she says no.

Meera: Hmm toh Devarji..kaisi lagi Geet? Is it a yes?

Maan [shy]: hm woh.. I think..

Meera: It's written in your face Devarji that its a yes says meera and runs down giggling.

Maan just smiles and gets embarrassed.

In Geet's room.

Rajji: Di bolo na kaise lage jiju?

Geet just is shy!

Rajji: Is it a Yes?

Geet just nodes

Rajji: OMG Di am so happy for you and hugs her.

Meera comes running and says to rajesh

Meera: Papa..It's a Yes.

Rajesh: Really? He gets very happy.

Maan comes downstairs

Yash just goes and congrats him and hugs him.

Rajesh also goes to him and hugs him happily

Maan: Maan am so happy for you.

But Maan was kind of tensed of Geet's answer. He was hoping she would say Yes.

Rajji comes outside and starts shouting her bauji's name

Rajji: Bauji.. Bauji ..

Mohinder: Aree chutki kya hua? kyun chilla rahi ho

Rajji: Bauji di ne Ha kehdiya.

Mohinder: Sachi?

Rajji : ha

Mohinder goes to Geet's room happily.

Mohinder: Geet..beta

Geet is just buy the windowing facing down..and is shy

Mohinder: Geet Jo puchna tha pucha beta?

Geet just nodes bending down

Mohinder: Ek baar phir milna chahegi

Geet nodes no.

Mohinder is just so happy and hugs her.

Mohinder comes outside with Rajji and Geet

Rajesh: Mohinder ji humari taraf se Ha hai!

Mohinder[very happy] Ji hamare taraf se bhi Ha hai

As Maan hears this he gets so happy..He felt like he was flying on the moon.

Rajesh: toh gale milye samdhi ji...

Rajesh and Mohinder hug and greet each other.

Meera goes and hugs geet.

Rajji goes to her hone wala JIJA ji and congrats him

Maan looks up to Geet and is staring at her while she is talking to Meera.

She suddenly looks up and finds Maan staring at her..

Maan looks away.

Geet gets shy.

All are very Happy and they greet and hug each other.

They all were just sitting up and chatting!

Suddenly Mohinder notices that Rano wasn't there.

He excuses him self and goes to his room. He sees rano sitting in the bed.

Mohinder: Rano aap ne suna? Unn logo ko yeh rishta manjoor hai says Mohinder happily.

Rano gets angry,

Mohinder: Why are u sitting here? Come and join us downstairs.

Rano: I am not interested in all this [rudely].

Mohinder: What happened? Why are u doing this?

Rano: I am not happy with this marriage! Have you seen, they are so rich, what are we compared to them? Nothing!! Have you ever thought what will happen to our daughter? No all you think is about Geet like you don't see you have a daughter!

Mohinder: Ranoo !!You should clearly know that I have 2 daughters. And Geet is
the older one.

Rano: But before committing an alliance with such a rich family talk about other things first. I wont let you squander all the things. We have our daughter who is yet to be married.

Mohinder: Really Rano! Some times you are just too much.

Suddenly someone knocks at the door and Mohinder opens it.

Mohinder: Ji aap?

Rajesh: Ji main aapse kuch baat karna chahta ho. I know i shouldn't interfere in all this but I just want to say that just give me my daughter. I dont want anything else like dowry or anything. I just want Geet.

Mohinder gets very happy hearing this and has tears in his eyes. He is very happy that his daughter will go to  family where there are such good people.

Rajesh: Samdhi ji I want the engagement to happen soon. How about next week?
Mohinder: Next...Next week? But that's too fast.

Rajesh: Its okay Rajesh ji, we'll handle it. I just want the engagement to happen soon, the marriage can be bit later.

They come outside!

Meera goes to Rajesh and asks him

Meera: Papa so when is the engagement?

Rajesh: It will be next week!

Rajji: Wow next week? yay bohot maja aayega!

All are very happy
Maan was the happiest. He looks over to Geet and same does Geet.
They smile at each other!

Precap: Engagement!Embarrassed

Hope ya all Liked it. I gave a pretty long update because I didn't update for so long!
Sorry if there was any mistakes!

Love ya all

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Chudail , saale ..
FINALLY you took out your precious time for nachizz like us ? LOL
I m very irritating amn't I ? BUT did you see how many people got happy coz you lazy gurl finally update ? Cool

Now I will come to your update ..

LMFAOOOO! He said he had many girlfriends in collge I wonder what a gurl will feel when someone says that to her LOL But Cutie pie is so honest I love him for that Embarrassed
I love the Talk .. Finally Engagement .. Phew Yeh kahani kab SR pe pahuchega ?ROFL
I m getting really Despo now LOLThats why I always irritate you by saying to update LOL
I love Maan's bhabi she is so cute & Geet sis Choo adorable Embarrassed Her & Maan talk LOL

Overall , I love the Update ..
*Phew* After waiting for a year you bless me with the update D'ohBahoot bahoot sukriya Embarrassed'

Love you kukurni Hug

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.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

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Edited: Shreya jaani It's awesomeHug!! You are so good in writing !! Keep it up!! It' just amazing!! Loved maan&geet talk !! Hate that Rano!! && not to forget I lOve maan's bhabhi meera! All over it was amazing.....keep up the good work! && Do update soon!! Can't wait for their engagement!Dun forget to PM me!! lOve ya....................once again Superb update!

Edited by mrs.MSK_GurTi - 06 April 2011 at 4:25pm

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cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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after long time.

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome update.
cant wait.

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mrs.MSK_GurTi

Edited: Shreya jaani It's awesomeHug!! You are so good in writing !! Keep it up!! It' just amazing!! Loved maan&geet talk !! Hate that Rano!! && not to forget I lOve maan's bhabhi meera! All over it was amazing.....keep up the good work! && Do update soon!! Can't wait for their engagement!Dun forget to PM me!! lOve ya....................once again Superb update!

Oye Kamini Kiran tu yaha?ShockedLOL hehe OMG Its been soo longCry Missed ya lots..kaha thi?
and u chorni..u have the same DP as meAngryLOLawhh Thank you so much Jaan..Love youuu! Sab tumhari meherbani haiLOLwill try to..lolz jk love ya ..Thanks

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