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3idtz fight bw tom jerry, Dev intns time to worry (Page 33)

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
P.s- Hope you get a good bundle of Cash for that late night baby-sitting!!! LOL

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Whos' there???? 
Knock, Knock ? 
Who dat ?? 
Who dat say who dat ?? 
Now, who dat say who dat, when I said who dat ??

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Originally posted by lovetheserial

DH,  my response in  deep red:

Complaint number 1:

Romantic scene was very cute, par saala saara dekha hua tha!!! There was nothing added in there that was more than the promo... Not done CVs... Agar aisa hi karna hai to hopes kyun badate ho???? Except the HUG was very cute!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW (This one's for you Shiv) But no romance!!! Okay Shivani darling - I'll wait for Monday.. But no paani on my hopes Monday... or else I go back to drowning in my pool!!!

Other than what we expect from articles, promos, etc. we cant be sure whats hot for CVs is hot for us.  We are highly experienced and the CVs seem virgins !!  Anyways, hope and faith.... the greatest light for survival for an expectant Monday......

Still continuing with my patience!!

 Complaint number 2:

 No Aadi, Pinki today :((( ua ua ua  but nakul presence compensated for it hehe:)

 I'm not so bothered, because Adi and Pinki, they are the survivors of the serial,  while AA are to be made redundant soon enough, so they would try to finish of their takes and complete their scenes to merge into the storyline.

God hope they finish AA soon and flourish Adi pinki romance. cant wait

 Blooper number 1:

Maan can't find his own clothes? I gotta check my pregnancy countdown and figure out how long it's been since they got married.. 2 weeks at most??? What in the world??? The Mr. self sufficient became Geet dependent in 2 weeks? Yaa phir Geet itni unorganized hai ki sab ulta pulta kar ke rakh diya???

Baad mein - agar kapdo ke liye Geet ki zaroorat thi, jiske liye Nakul ke samne itna naatak kiya tha, to by the time Geet aayi aap janaab taiyaar kaise ho gaye? Kapde kahan se mile???

Perhaps Maan meant that she is far more organized than he would ever have thought.  Perhaps he has different days marked on his office attire, that he could not find the one for Saturday .  But found one that was for Monday, huh!

Remember how he could not find a file in his cupboard, and that Geet had to tell him "Mr. Maan" look for it on the work table, where it is supposed to be placed !!

 Brain ticks topsy turvy when Geet is around.

Love it... love how he fumbles when Geet is around... she is the biggest distraction in his life.. AWWWWWWWW sho cute

Blooper number 2:

Geet in the kitchen: 9 baj gaye aur maan abhi tak nahi uthe?

Geet to Daadi: 8 baj gaye aur maan abhi tak so rahe hai?

What time is it then bhai????

The 8 am take was directed first and then the 9 am one.  But when it came to the editing table, it misfired.  The 8 am scene should hv been shown prior to the 9 am one. 

haha didn't the editing team notice???????

Irritation number 1:

Nitya's coniving face!!! What is she up to???

Poor girl.  FIrst job.  Already fallen in love with her boss.  And Arjun is no less.  Leading her on.  Overriding Annies decisions to make room for Nitty girls... 

Stupido Arjun.... but nitty is not dudh ki dhuli... she is doing everything in her power to annoy annie

Irritation number 2:

Maharshree Devaaanandaacharya - what is his problem trying to pataao daadi to no end!!!

Dadima loves to be pampered by Dev and Maan.  This triangular story would be worth watching as it creates the right tension also.

yeah it's just Dev's manipulation that's very gripping ... wondering where it will take the story next

 Irritation number 3:

Even though tolerable track --- still TOO MUCH AAN today!!

Right.  The CVs seem to revert too and fro, between time and space for AA track.  Get it done with, CVs.

I forgive them... it was saturday Maneet need a break every now and then.

 Question number 1:

 Why doesn't nitya or anyone in the office call Arjun sir???? Nitya Arjun boss kam dost zyada hai??? Arjun friendship agency khol ke betha hai ki wedding? Act like a Boss you dimwit!!! She almost ruined your company's reputation with her stupid ideas!!!

Arjun does not run it autocratic as Maan Singh Khurana.  As long as everybodys taxed to work hard to make the millions, 'boss' is no big deal.  Modern tren

cool. no issues with that!!!

 Question number 2:

Dev had told his hotel in Shimla that he will be back in a month. Why doesn't he go back to Shimla if he is feeling better enough to go job searching in delhi?

Afraid of the goondas who would net him, hound him and kill him.!!

hmmm good justification i guess... so go hide in some other city.... in ke hi ghar kyun aa gaya marne!!!

 Question number 3:

Why is daadi telling Dev maaneet need a judge????? What is her purpose in doing that? Why is dev interfering in Maan and geet's life? Why does he care to know??? LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!!

 She is loose tongued where her pothas are concerend.  Like any woman, she would like to tell tales, and who better than confiding in her own sons.  Thank God she is not gossiping to the servants.!!  She is the advisor and the cupid,  she is the trouble maker and the gracious woman.  Choose and pick which Daadi you want.



Question number 4:

All of a sudden itne saare naukars???

1 nakul
1 kitchen mein alag
1 outhouse mein alag

 waah waah 400 cr ki deal thukrake maan aur rich ban gaya? haha!!

Proves they are rich enough to change naukars and buy them.

 Remember Maan tells Geet after the HP deal came through,  that he is rich and powerful enough to buy 2 other hotels with his green cash.  Perhaps 4 cr. deal is really not a big deal for him.  But a future plot can rest on that 4 crore.

yaar not 4 crore 400 crore.... kis angle se ye big deal nahi hai????

Irritation number 4:

Annie ka lashback stupid tha - even though it was better than pathetic annie... working separately on separate projects, what would that accomplish? I wanted her to say, I am 51% partner so I can come in any office I please to at any time, I am the boss, and what I say has to be done!!! that would have ROCKED!!!!

 Absolutely right.   Stupido Annie.  As this is stolen money from MSK, perhaps she has no guts to bring it up, since fishy trouble maker Arjun would say "I am gonna tell Maan ji".


 let's hope she starts thinking straight

Hey Thanks Al for such lovely responses: my responses in this color :)

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TongueDH,  You there??
Its so funny, how my morning was so busy.  By the time I came to the thread, our friends were already well into chat.  2 replies into chat, I had guests and have been checking out if anyones out there.  Here u are and now I have to go out to dinner !  I had mentioned to mystery yesterday, that we need to get this thread up till 50 pages or so.  They succeeded till 33 and now, just as I saw ur chat, I need to go !Cry

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Originally posted by Mk.Gh

Hellooo Shelloooo Idiotssssss // Hug
If I would go back to watch the episode .. I would only to see the scenes with Daadi/Maan/Geet and their nautanki. The entire scene with them was tres adorable. Loved how Geet kept pulling Daadi back (she did it thrice! LOL!) and trying to convince her to go check up on Maan. Laughed real hard at how Geet kept puttar-puttar-ing like Maan says .. and Daadi acknowledges that her kaan pakk jaate hain when Geet goes into non-stop chatterbox mode. ROFL Daadima bhi na! LMAOOO @ Geet: "Kya baat hai Daadima .. aapne itni badi baat itne se jumle mein kehdi!" LOL Geet ... yes it's called paraphrasing. LOL Maan under his blanket .. chuppa chuppi glancing at Geet is always a cutie-pie look. Felt like pinching his cheeks! Embarrassed Whata cute Baby! I swear him and Baby Singh Khurana have competition as to who looks cuter while sleeping! Well as I said .. Maan is a Baby! My Baby! Embarrassed LOL 
Best Moment of the Day:
Maaneet's lightly fading in smile, then turning to laughter, then turning to an adooooooooorable hug! Embarrassed Day Dreaming Hayeeee mein marjawan it was shoooo cute.
Funniest Moment of the Day:
Maan and Daadi high-fiving each other. I laughed so hard at the way Maan juuuuust brought out his palm from under the blanket .. it looked so cute the way he was hiding under it.
Nakul and his "Sonee Do" LOL Yayyy Ma Nakul is back! Daadi went on Diet and he came running back to take her in his arms! ROFL
Geet's "Mein aapse baat kar rahi hoon!"
Dislike of the Day:
The fact that I couldn't drool enough on Maan Singh Khurana in his black/white attire. Haila sirf bistar pe lete lete dikha diya! Aur bhi dikhate .. khare hokar wagaira wagaira .. hmph. Disapprove
Sur Peeth Moment of the Day:
Chiknarjun&Bobble-Head Annie&Naagin-Nitya overflooding our screens. Lekin maaf because it was a Saturday epi!
Alright, it was a cute episode minus NAA NAA torture. I only bare them for the fraction of a minute we get to see Romeo & Manisha. They are wasting their talents by making them involved in this STUPID NAA track. Bring them back to KC .. PRONTO! I could care less if NAA were having problems with each other. I heard Annie "gave it back" to Arjun by yelling at him. Chalooo ... koi tau kaam aye! I always fast forward them so I have to read your takes to find out what went down with them.
Alrighty, aaj ke liye itni bak-bak kaafi!
Comment karo na Big smile

Kya baat hai ZZZZZZZZZ cute cute take!!! Yes Dadi in makul ki baahon mein YEESSS!!!!

AAN as you said are a torture to bare but .... that's life in Geet world...

 Am still cathing up to 33 pages of posts so I'll write more later :)

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Yup, sorry 400 crore.
Sometimes the CVs continue the story as if the 400 crore deal was negligible.  And they pick on other plots to continue the story.  Hopefully, MSK will get down to seeking that deal now that the homefront is clear of any MUs.
Just like MSK not bothered about Annie having literally stolen his money and bought the shares in the event management co., and annie and arjun using MSK's staff, etc.  So I wouldnt be surprised if the 400 crore is pushed to the back burner !!
I would like to continue the chat after my dinner if you are still hanging on grimly ! LOL

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Yes i tooo loved the episode....finally some people who will not complain over no passion lolz

who are you trying to hint at mischievous girl?????????
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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mk.Gh

By the way .. I couldn't stop cackle-ing at the way Maan was faking fever in front of Geet and Daadi. His half-tired/half-cracky voice was so fake.. goes to show that Maan Singh Khurana can't act sick! ROFL It was so darn obvious that he was faking it .. I'm like how is Geet not catching up to his bahana? LOL 
I laughed even harder the way he said: "Koi daba deta .. tau aaram mil jaata" ... LMAO .. as if to say *cough* Geet *cough* daba deti tau aaram mil jaata! ROFL Poor kudi ... still didn't catch on! ROFL 
But hayeeeee that tug and pull was Ufff .. maar dala! And his bedroom eyes returned!!!!!!!

ZZZZZZZZZZ mere maan ki acting ke baare mein kuch mat kaho okay...

But yeah LOVED his one look at Geet - uska to pata nahi hum flat ho gaye!!!

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