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Mayur FF - Magical Complications. (Page 101)

Zehnaseeb IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Best part yet! Completely agreeDay Dreaming love the entire conversation, be it mayank getting concerned for the paper cut or nupur worrying about his job. Embarrassed im glad he told her everything, now she can truly move away from her past. As usual I was blushingLOL so Many parts reminded me of MayUr. Like nupur staring at him while sleeping and asking him about his girlfriendsDay Dreaming bought back really beautiful memories of the only couple I'll cherish foreverCry
as usual fab update thanks a ton for the pmHug

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-Symphony- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 3:26am | IP Logged
to say that it was a lovely update would be an understatementSmile

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
thank u soo much sweets..Hug..this is my first FF to cross 100 pages..Embarrassed Hug

and today is my baby's happy birthday jaee.. u lots!
 @mulan..mehaku u were looking beautiful today, just like a doll! <3

 20. Life is beautiful..

Life was getting beautiful indeed, both of them were filling in the voids they had in their lives. They had learnt how to live with each other's faults and how to cherish each other's qualities, love and companionship.

Nupur had  taken over  over the cooking, with mayank being her teacher, well most of the teaching sessions were converted into romantic closeness, but still she managed to learn.

Mayank's legal status case in court was progressing well, as his wife was a Canadian passport holder.

"I am sooo happy k kahin tu main tumhain help kar rahi hon", she frequently used to repeat this sentence and mayank just used to nod.

Nupur really didn't know what to do with her salary now?,

"main soch rahi hon mayank k apne paison k jahaz bana k uraon, what say?, she said , "hmm..go ahead, then let me know about their flight routes", he said turning to the other side, "very funny!, mayank main apni salary ka kia karon?"

"mujhe kia pata, it's your money, kuch bhi karo"

"mayank tum mujhe ghr ki installemnts dene do..

He sighed turning to her side again, "no thank you,"

"mayank kia problem hai! sab log kaam karte hain, just for the reason k burden thora kam ho, aur main fazool kam karti hon, u don't let me help anywhere, kia faida itni exertion ka, main ghr beth jati hon, I am leaving my job", she said all of this in one breath,, turning to the other side, she was totally convinced that mayank won't let her help anywhere, "ok fine, installments tum de dena", and his voice was so unexpected, as always!, "really mayank, I mean tum ne sach main mujhe..

"ik aur baar confirm kiya tu decision reverse kar don ga!', he strictly said and closed his eyes, while nupur kissed his check, "thank you, ab tu tum ziyada jaldi debts finish kar ..

And mayank opened his eyes giving her an angry glare, "ok ok sorry, nahi baat karti, so jao", she placed her hand over his eyes and mayank just couldn't help his heart flow over her innocence.

Mayank was the same quiet types, but nupur did speak of his part, she was now getting used to his ways, and she loved the way he was. She never did demand anything from him, because she knew that was not his nature.

Maynak was lying with his head in nupur's lap, and nupur was stroking his hair and simultaneously reading a novel, she had the novel in one hand and her other hand was  stroking mayank's hair. Mayank was sensing that her concentration was more towards the novel, initially he decided to ignore, but compromising had always been difficult for him, he opened his eyes as her hand movements completely stopped and her eyes were glued to the book.

 Nupur was totally engrossed in the novel, it was going through an interesting turn, she was feeling her pulse rise with every word, the protagonist was about to find out the killers of her husband.

She ran through the names on the list, each and every name was unfamiliar, except for that name, she couldn't believe he could be the one who killed her husband, she read the name aloud.. it was..

And the book closed


She was left dumbfounded when mayank took the book form her hands and closed it, he looked at her, with his head still in her lap,"what?", his tone was normal, "you very well know I hate when your attention is diverted", he said and closed his eyes again and nupur was just staring him in disbelief, "mayank plz, just two lines more, wo .."

He opened his eyes and nupur felt as if she lost all her words because his eyes had such a strict expression, "you prefer to read?", his voice was stiff, strict and commanding. She slightly shook her head in disapproval, 'good", he closed his eyes again and nupur's lips broke into a smile, she slowly started  stroking his hair again. She could sense the contentment on his face, she loved when he was authoritative with her, she loved when he commanded with the assurance that he had full right over her, she loved when he behaved like a typical demanding husband. She never got angry on all of this, because his commanding showed his love, his affection and the feeling of assurance that his wife will never back off from showering affection on him. Soon he slept, but nupur didn't read the book again, she kept on stroking his hair until she fell  asleep herself.

Life was getting beautiful, with destiny playing its part in their relation as always, they both were there for each other, nupur announcing this fact and mayank's silent assurances, but whenever they fell short, it was destiny there for them.

Mayank returned home at about 11, "aj jaldi kaise a gaye?", nupur asked while they were having dinner, "the subway was to close after 12, repair hona tha, so I came early",.

 They finished dinner and nupur got busy in the kitchen, mayank came in the room. Nupur's files scattered on the table, he pushed them all away to place his watch and wallet, when an envelope fell down, he was about to place it back but he read the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUPUR on it. He was stunned, he opened the card immediately and it was from her colleague, he took out her id card from the drawer, reading her birth date, it was today!! 3rd January!!.. he glanced at the clock and it was 11.45, he still had 15 minutes. He smiled with disbelief, destiny at its work!

Nupur was in the lounge and just placing some bills in the shelf when she was hugged from back, "happy birthday", her hands stopped midway in placing papers, she turned in his arms, seeing him in disbelief, "kia?", mayank started giggling seeing the shock in her eyes, so he kissed her cheek, "happy birthday!", the shock was still evident, "tumhain pata tha??', but her voice was jubilant and eyes started sparkling and at that time mayank cursed himself for not knowing it, "nahi, I read your card", he said, and suddenly nupur's excitement faded a bit and mayank felt guilty, "I am sorry for it, btw tum ne ku nahi bataya?, the whole day u  talk non-stop!", he tried to cheer her up, "aisey hi, I was..

"shy?", he chuckled and nupur hugged him blushing, "yes and thank you, and u don't need to be sorry," nupur expected him to say something more but he left her and went to his drawer in the lounge, "that was rude", she spoke in rage as she didn't expect him to leave her like this, that too on her birthday, she turned to the shelf  when  he again hugged her, this time grabbing her hand, "choro mera hath," she was still angry but was amazed when he slipped a ring in her finger, "happy birthday nupur, I cherish the day u came in this world, just to make my life beautiful," he said and kissed the finger with the ring, nupur was just speechless to react to what he said, , "ye ring maa ki hai, I don't have anything precious than this", he said brushing his thumb over the ring and nupur was just trying to adjust words , "Mayank! Tum..!", she spoke in a voice broken due to tears of joy and hugged him tightly, she didn't know what to say more, she just hugged him and seeing the ring with teary eyes, " btw if u allow me than I need to give some other gifts also", she pulled herself back and  saw the typical twinkle in his eyes and understood his other gifts, "no thank you, waise bhi its 12, my birthday is over," she said looking at the time piece on the shelf, "as if I care", mayank said and placed the clock upside down, and before nupur could say anything she was picked up in his arms.

Nupur never gave up; she still always pushed him to speak about his past. It was not that mayank wanted to hide something, it was just he didn't want to talk. He didn't want to transfer his painful past to his sensitive and emotional wife, but not knowing that his wife could make his rough decisions reverse just by her one imploring look.

"mayank, coffee", she quietly placed the cup on the table and adjusted herself near him, placing her head on his shoulder, "do u mind giving me some privacy?", mayank said closing his book.

"yes I do", she cuddled more close to him, "nupur you are being a kid now", he said again but nupur took no notice, he lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. Nupur opened them wide.

Mayank was working on his accounts and whenever he used to do it, nupur used to silently come near him.

Today she saw the same strict expression in his eyes and she moved away, but what mayank saw today was different. Everytime before, her eyes used to show anger but today he saw her getting disheartened.

Nupur was really disheartened, she couldn't understand why wasn't she allowed to look in his affairs, she slipped in the covers  and closed her eyes firmly, with a tiny tear coming out, but soon she felt a kiss on her check, "parh lo, but don't question", he placed the book in front of her and turned to other side. Nupur got up immediately, she was shocked, but at the same time happy, she was not curious , she was concerned.

She read the book, it was his accounts of the last five years. It was really huge amount, it was not only debts, but he also had to support his home, the money he spent here. So much of his money was on interest, and the first 3 years he was just paying interests, his real debt money was started 2 years back, and he was right, it was really about to finish. Her tears started flowing and she closed the book, and obeying to his command, she didn't say a word, just hugged him.

Although mayank was silent all the time, but he knew when and how to make nupur happy, and he knew what mattered the most for her.

Mayank entered home and held nupur's hand, "I need to show you something,"

"kahan mayank?', she dropped the spoon, "bus chalo," they were about to step out of home, "mayank let me change atleast,", she stopped staring him in disbelief,

"jaldi karo, just 5 minutes"

"mayank lekin.."

"jaldi karo nupur"

"you are just impossible", she went inside stamping her feet and retuned in about 5 minutes, dressed in a jeans and sweater, "jaldi karo", mayank held her hand and they stepped out of house, the weather was very chilly, "mayank itni sardi main kahan le k ja rahe ho?, but mayank was quiet and as nupur was quite used to his shocks till now, she kept on walking silently.

Mayank stopped in between a road and nupur looked at him in a puzzled way , "kia hia?"

Mayank stood behind her and slightly lifted her chin and she saw something which stunned her. She was speechless and ecstatic.


 the white cloth gushed down the hoarding and it was the banner of HER add!. She had just approved these designs the last week, and she knew they were to be put up around the city, but this was the exact time, it was being put up!. "I wanted you to witness your work first", he slowly said and nupur came out of her banner and looked at mayank who smiled lightly, "I don't believe this mayank ", she hugged him, " thank u soo much".

After a couple of minutes he broke from the hug, "chalen ghr?", mayank asked and she looked at the banner again, trying to capture it in her eyes, it looked gorgeous in the moonlight and dark, "hmm", she nodded and they started walking back to their home, nupur slipped her arm in his arm, holding his hand tightly, "tumhain kaisey pata chala mayank k ye display ho raha  hai?'

'Jab ghr a raha that u I heard these people talking about putting up the Stevenson's adds for display"

"oh! Ummm..tumhain kaisa laga mayank?', she asked

"I told you I like everything about you", he said normally and nupur smiled contently, she was used to his silence and she vowed to herself that she will never let his silence come in between their relation, he was just the perfect person for her and his one fault won't affect their relation, she vowed increasing her grip over his hand, not knowing that she will have to prove all this soon.

Pyar kiya tu nibhana..

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Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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edited---lovely part Kinza...loved each and evry bit of it....i love dis mayank soooo much....he alws use 2 steal her heart by some way or the other...Embarrassed Embarrassed n nupur is so understanding....dis shows her love 4 mayank...indeed mayank is the luckiest guy....
u know i had a day off from college 2day. so i was sitting on net since 2pm refreshing dis page....n finally u updated after making me wait 4 sooooooo longLOLLOL...
m scared 4 future now...wt wud happen n wat nupur have 2 prove....hope dat evrything remains same btn dem....dont want any misunderstanding now...Ouch
n i have read ur update evn b4 u have done i hve 1 new pm in my inbox n m sure it must b urs..EmbarrassedBig thanks 4 the pm in advance...Embarrassed
waiting 4 the next pm,oh sorry updateEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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mulan. IF-Dazzler

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SPECIALLY THE *LAP SCENE*!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming
HAYE! KINZU YAR! U ROCK BS!!!!!!!! ClapClapClap

P.S.AWW... THANKU KINZU!!!!! Smile NOW U R EMBARRASSING ME!!!! Embarrassed

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thanxxx 4 d pm

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Alisha2887 Goldie

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Hi Mehak Smile
Sorry for not commenting for so long - I was really busy.
Just read the last few parts - they were all amazing!! I'm loving this FF!!
Can't wait for the next part
Thanks a lot for the pm Smile

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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it was sooooo beautifulDay Dreaming

thnx for de pm kinza

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