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Dill Mill Gaye
Dill Mill Gaye

*HappyBirthdayReemz* CelebritiesJustLOVEyou -p.8 !

Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged


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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 January 2007
Posts: 36374

Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:52pm | IP Logged

Wishes from Hannah, Anku, Siddhi, Divz, Kashu & Kavii....


JANAM DIWAS NI BAU SHUBH KAMNAY REEMA KEEMA LEEMA <3 Emotional quotient time, bring out the kleenex ;) Jokes hehe <3 I remember when we first interacted twas via a VM thread I remember created by someone called 'Reema' written in a bright purple font <3 I was fairly new to IF at this time and the DMG forum, I opened the thread and instantly fell in love with your VMs, they were the first VM's I ever watched and I remember I used to have a few of them downloaded on my iPOD hehe! I remember the KUCH KUCH HOTA HAIN one hehe and the ShukaranAllah one. They were fabulaso, I STILL STAND BY WHAT I SAID, the day KaJen make their debut back on TV as KaJen I expect a VM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also so very very glad I made fb, because we spoke more and became closer friends <3 I thank my lucky starts I was able to make such a sweet not to forget special friend like you, who quotes Akbar and Birbal teehehe and have brilliant conversations on MSN with. So now I am learning more about Cricket and expanding my limited Gujjy, but I am getting there and will continue to do so teacher <3

I hope you get all the presents you ask for (INCLUDING A BIG MUSHROOM CAKE from ME :D), Here's wishing you beautiful, beautiful birthday and an even lovelier year ahead filled with happiness, prosperity and joy.

Thank you for being so sweet and so lovely. Love and Luck always, Hugs and Kisses xoxo

Spanner Wink

Happyy Birthday Reemu <3
I dont actually remember when we really hit it off ROFL but I do remember that I just started to come on the AT and Ms Reemz would come there leave one comment and go away ,so even if I did reply to you or say a hi I'd get a like and Reemu would have been gone by then LOL ,I had always felt that you were the most loved and respected there on the AT ROFLL .I only got to know you better here on FB ,through all the threads and now our wall posts tehe ? and then I came to know how adorable,sweet ,caring and such an amazing friend you are :D Its been such a pleasure ,alwayss !! You have always been there cheering me up ,making me laugh .AND I have loved all the crazy ,sad ,happy times we have all spent together.
I dont really get to talk to you on MSN ..TCH :( AND I miss it a lot but we cover up chattering otherwise and I shall continue <3
You have always been someone who makes everyone smile and hope you stay like that always !!

Have a nicee dayy ,and amazing year ahead,wish you all the best with everything (even the roti :P ) LOL .Party hard !!!!

Loads of lovee
Ant <3

Mushroooooooommmmm Heart
Happpy Shapppy Birthday hai jiiiii <3 <3
I love u soo much my mushroom...nd I miss ya loadsss tooo...
U r so gayab from msn...atleast on my time pshhhh but i cant even complain cause i hardly go on myself lol
I absolutely love love love ur Siggies nd this is the time imma request u to start making them frequently pshhhhh
U r an amazing friend nd i hope our Frandssssshippp stays Phorever...
see i incorporate 2 of our all time favourite words together...lol
But seriously I love ur randomness and i absoultely lub chatting with u...aur usse zyada I love wen we kinda talk crap things on someone else's wallpost lmao...like we recently did :P
I love it wen my newsfeed is filled with urs nd preeti Bollywood pyaar nd yaadein or wen u go CRAZY bout Indian Cricket match :D tehe
But seriously reema pajji tussi great chey...nd HU TANE PREM KARU CHU hu(See i incorporated lil bit gujju just for u my gujarati mem)
On your birthday I wish that
U wish to TALK to me more often
U wish to Show me ur Pic atleast 1(I'm so sure u look sexy :$)
U wish to lemme listen to ur sexy voice once(tht bday msg for amby dsnt count it ended as soon as it strted -___-)
But seriously I hope on your Birthday u have an Amazing day and Amazing year :D
Have a blast nd eat Cakes nd Mushrooms ;)
I hope u get all tht u wish for nd all ur dreams come true...

I Lovvve U Heart

Reemaaaaaaaa Jeeeeeeeeeee
Wish u a very very Happy Burdayyyy!!! Smile

Its always been fun talking with u...I love the way u have given me the most unique name hehe Wink lolll Though i miss chatting with u a lot!!! You r so sweet, fun loving, very random, adorable, funny n tooooo cute!!! Big smile I love ur extreme passion about a particular thing..When u start on it..u never take rest :D :)

May God Bless You!
Hope u all dreams come true and u get ur wishfull life!
Have blast on ur day!
Eat lot of cake (dnt worry u won't put on Wink) And Lots of water LOL

May this year be your best ever.
Not just a year older, but a year better.

Loads of Love n Hugs
Divya Heart

Happppppy Birthdayyyy reeeeeema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Okay..how am i supposed to start?do i have to be sweeet nd all or can i just be how i am with you and vice versa?:p
You know,honestly speaking..we r always mean to each other :|
When i first saw u around on I-F,and i remember telling u this lmfao i did really like u (erm dun take it otherwise) but then wen i started getting to know u..i thgt..wat the hell was i thinking?
ROFL but seriously..ur so COOL man..its so much fun to talk to uu..u try to sound too mature nd serious nd all haan on I-F but u arent like that waise :p Your witty comments nd statuses crack me up though..and not to forget all ur weird display pics..tu kaafi cuute bhi hai <3
Im glad i know youu though..our convos have always been unique. all we do is taunt each other LOLL.though there hasnt beeen any lately.and i kind off..miss youuuuuuu :|
Buuut anyways,On this special special day..hope all UR dreams. come trueeeee, including kajen's comeback on tv..and another century by sachin :D..and i hope this bday turns out to be the best so FAAR <3
Party karrr..eat LOADSS of cakee and leave some for the others as wellll :|.:D
Lots of loooweeeee ,
Kashvinderrrrr =D


Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday and even greater year ahead filled with all that you wish for!

Your birthday is a perfect time to tell you, that I am so glad we met thru IF and DMG and you are one person who I really admire a lot!
Its really wonderful knowing you and so, here is wishing you LIFE'S BEST!




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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 January 2007
Posts: 36374

Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:53pm | IP Logged

Wishes from Ishi, Sani, Samiyah, Dharu & Noruu....

Happy B'day Reemu <3
May you be blessed with tons and tons of good luck,a beau modelled on Armaan , a bag of burgers everyday and pretty hair like JW all your life :P Ok sorry I am bad at wishing stuff for people on their B'days as you can make out :P
Especially for peeps who have it all- wit, charm, a funny bone , lots of brains and that much needed pinch of evil Muhuhaaha :) Thats the stuff I've always admired about you and its been so much fun ! Pata hai one gets to be so much more inventive with naughty and witty one liners after getting to know you :P Where dyu get all that Leaves-u-stumped logic from? Oh right our lawyer in wings a real pro :P
So with all those feather's in your cap there's nothing much to add onto your 'Basket" dear Reemu- just be the same witty and fun kickass babe you are and live life to the fullest;)

Happy Bday girl and go party hard !


Happy Birthday <3
Aaj Reema Ji Ka B;day Hai
[^ i remmember once calling you out like that on the AT and u liked it tehe]

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyyy Reemuuu <3
I Hope you have an Amazing dayy <3 And usse bhi zyaada Amazing Year ahead and lots to comee <3
Eat lots of Chocolates and Cakes <3
Muaaaaah <3
May God Bless you with Happiness and Success! <3
And Fulfil all your Wishes <3

Oh and i'd Like To have my Share of Cakeee :P
Reeemuuu Tame Bau Cute Cho <3
I met you on the KaJen AT. then we used to talk on MSN conferences and then came FB
I guess on FB we could talk moreee <3

And i'm so so so GLAD to know youu <3
You make me Smileee Alwayss <3
And You Crack me up at most of the times <3 Be it on my wall or on your wall or on anyone's wall at FB <3
Tame toh baujj cute choo <3 tamari cuteness mane bau ghame <3
^^ ROFL i know u are a gujjuuu so ainvayiii ;)
All the Cricket talks and lots more talks are saved in my memories phoreverr <3


Happy Birthdayyyy Phirsee <3
Havee Phunnn...Partyyyy harddd
here's something i made for youu

^ i hope aapko pasand aayee <3

And i might be writing my first ecjam when you read thiss.. toh i hope your birthday proves me luckyy psssh! :P

Be Happy Hamesha Phorever

Happy Birthday Reema!!!

I hope you have an amazing birthdayyyy!!! You are the mosttt sweetestttt and awesome friend to have! I'm extremely glad that you're my friend! I lovee talking to you, you're soo funny and fun to talk to. It's always a pleasure interacting with you, I lovee your display pics! They always bring a smile to my face and I love how both of us like the same movies!
You are one of my closest friends and I'm extremely fortunate to have a friend like you by my side! Reading your messages and posts always bring a smile to my face!

I love how I met you on KaJen AT and I remember that I loved your name Ms. Reemz because it was in purple on I-F and I think I told you that once or twice too!!
I hope you get everything you wished for, and all your dreams and desires get fulfilled. Enjoy your birthday and eat tons of cake! I'll be waiting to get my share of the cake lol
Lovee you tonss,

Dear Reema,

Happy Birthday girl i hope you have a great time on your birthday! my gujju buddy you're very sweet & funny. I love the fact how much you adore Jen/KaJen & friends.Your wonderful topics on forum are always fun to read. hope we always remain good friends. on this day i wish you get all the happiness & success, & may all your wishes comes true. muah<3

Lots of Love <3

Yanna Rascala <3 Happy Burrrdayy to you! God bless you with much happiness, love, and success - you truly deserve it all! I hope every single one of your dreams and wishes come true! :) I loooove you Reemu! I remember we met in the KaJen thread and from then I've known you're such a sweet, funny, and a very smart girl! I'm so glad we're friends man =)) And how can I forget our love for OSO ROFL esp the Mind it scene :) I love watching it over and over again and just laughing our butts off LMFAOO <3 It's always a pleasuree to talk to youu! You're a very fun girl <3 I LOOVE your love for KaJen.. seriously, you're one of the biggest fans I've seeen! <3 I haven't got to talk to you much lately psht but I hope we can catch up really soon! <3 Happy Burrdaay once again meri Yanna Rascalaaa! Hope its an amazing one for you and I hope you get the best of the best! Party, enjoy, eaat cakee and send mee some ofcourseee! Love youuuu, muaah! <3 <3

Love, Thaigerrr <3

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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 January 2007
Posts: 36374

Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged

Wishes from Wafah, Mandy, Angie, Bhoomika, Nabihah, Therusha, Surabhi, Meera, Lima, Roshni & NB

Its been a while since we've really talked but I still remember our conversations and the fun time we had on Dulhann Forum. Always loved reading you insightful posts and your thoughts. I wish you a very happy birthday and lots more to come.
Love always and best wishes,

My Reemuuuu Sheemuuu dii :D
Heee Bhagwan! It's Birthday-Time again!
I'm wishing you a veriiiii veriiiii Happy happy happy Birthday!
With lots of fun and gifts and love ... mastiii mastiii!
I luv tht I could get to know you cuz of Dulhann. You seriously are one of the craziest and loveliest persons I know!
Always stay like that! ! !
May all your gooood^^ wishes come true!
Lots of loveee to ya, and lots of huggies coming ur way! ?
Your LittleFoot-Mandy Candy :P

Hey Reema,
Here wishing you a fabulous day and a terrific year ahead! Enjoy it and spoil yourself silly......its your day make it BIG!!
Love, Angie

Happy Birthday Reema!! :)
We haven't really talked much, but from the few times that we have talked I think you're really cool!! :D I always love your statuses cause they make me laugh and you have some of the best profile pictures!! ? Hope that we get to talk more (:
Havee and awesome day!!! :] Eat some cake for me!! ^_^
Love, Bhoomika

Happy Birthday Reemz!!!

Phew... I just went down memory lane and was re-living all our Dulhann memories together, and I felt so happy, but also sad because I know it has been so long since we have talked... I really miss you :( I am so sorry for not keeping in touch well, I hope we can catch up reaaaaaaaaaaally soon because there is so much to say and I can't wait to talk to you! I hope you have the most amazing birthday, you are one of the sweetest and most fun friends I have found thru Dulhann, and I will never forget how much we have shared... I hope we continue to share many more memories together ;)
loads of love yaar and hope to talk to you soon!!

? ? ? ?, Ammu (remember my japli smile? ^.^)

Happy Birthday to one of the most wonderful people I met on IF! I hope you have the best day ever and may all your wishes and dreams come true ? I love you so much!! Thanks for being so awesome :)
p.s. i haven't talked to you in so long, so I really miss you, but always please keep in touch :) !!
- Nabihah

Dearest Reema
Happy Birthday, hope you make it to a hundred and two, because we always want to have the special pleasure of knowing you and I hope you enjoy your birthday, with all the pleasures it has in store, and because I appreciate you, I hope you have many more! So happy birthday to you. Have lots of birthday fun! May your birthday wishes all come true, even if you have a ton...
Lots of Love

pyaari pyaari reema,
Wish you a great happy birthday and wish all your wishes come true. Have a great one dear!!

Happy Birthday Reemz!

So we've been friends for QUITE awhile and I don't know if I told you, but the first time I had seen your posts in the Sindoor forum I was very very intimidated by you but keep in mind I was like 15 so that's my excuse. Hahaha anyways I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope all your crazy dreams and even crazier wishes come true ?
Meera <3

Happy Birthday Dreemy!! ?
Hope you have an amazing day, and may God bless you with a healthy and successful life! ^_^
Its been a pleasure (most of the time) knowing yu, for like the past lots of years...lol
Try not to get any more obsession :P
And Have fun watching India beat the crap outta Ireland tmmrw!! hehe
Happy Birthday once again Pasta!! :P *hug*
Lots ah love,


"Reema"... Everytime I hear this name... I see it shining somewhere... High in the sky... Somewhere people dream to reach but can't get anywhere near to it... Since the time I have known you closely, I have always told you this that you're gonna shine and today I am repeating it again but there's something more I'd like to say today... No matter how high you reach, no matter where your work takes you... I will always have the love, respect and pride in you for the person you are :)

If my wish was a flight, I would have been there with you right now to celebrate this special day :) Thanks to your parents for giving birth to you :P LOL!

I have a very few special people who are really close to my heart and I'd go to crazy heights for them... Sorry, you're not one of them...LOL! I'm kidding :P You are REALLY REALLY REALLY SPECIAL to me :D And you shall always be :D

If not here... I am gonna meet you in India... Yesss! You're coming there to meet me someday... We just have to meet :D

Happy Birthday once again!!! Have a SUPER DUPER day Reema! :D

Love ya loads and loads...God Bless Ya,
Roshni xxxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RB!!! I hope you have an AWESOME day :) I hope all of your dreemy dreams come true Tongue You're really one of the first people who I really gelled with on here. Like I told you before, one of my first IF memories was reading your FF. After that I became active here. You're the oldest friend I have on IF who really keeps in touch. (though the effort is on sided Sleepy.... loll jk LOL ) As you know I really look up to you and love you a lot Big smile I hope you have many many more happy birthdays to come. I hope you're memory gets better with age, unlike with other people. LOL
Lots of love and hugs,
Your NB

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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

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Posts: 36374

Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged

Wishes from Kiran, Aliya, Rabia, Rabia, Amby, Phatty & Miruu....

Reeeeemmmmmmm <3

Happyyy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday To You :)
I love it how you have the same cricket craze as me :$ so pray to god that he gifts us the Worldcup on your Birthday ROFL.
Jokes apart, I reallyy hopee god gifts you a lot of happiness luck and loveeee :)
I am not good in these birthday wishes stuff, so I will just sayyy;;
Jeeyon tum hazaaron saal dear ! =))

oh oh and not to forgetttttt:
Partyyy Hardddd
x Kiran

Reemzzzzzzzzzzzz Happy Birthday
I just want to say i hope you have the best birthday ever and all your dreams come true because that's what such a sweet person like you deserves.
I still remember the time i met you on the At and i looked forward to you coming so i could read some sensible stuff and mostly i loved the purple username of yours since ours pretty much sucks. So thats when we got started and then Fb Chat convos where u always went offline and me wanting news Roffl. But we got to know each other better and that was it u were really sweet always. I just have to say it's always fun to talk to you because you are seriously amazing and i just am grateful to God to have given me friends like you.
Now we have cricket talks where i want India to win and u want same for Pak Roffl
Its fun.
Anyways have a great birthday and always remain the way you are because i have to say you are really really sweet and i just hope we stay friends like this always :D
Take care
Love aliya

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Reginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy Happy Birthday Dude! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may all your hopes and dreams in life come true (including KaJen coming back together and India..no wait more importantly Sachin winning the World Cup! LOL) Ameen! You are such a sweet and awesome girl! You have this certain quality that's hard to describe but you are one of those rare kind of people who give the "you won't regret to be my friend" vibe. LOL You know I'll tell you a little raaz today. Even when I didn't know you as well as I do today, I had this 'chaah' to get to know you. You know how much I loved reading your daily posts when DMG was on. Your analysis of the episode was the first thing I used to read even before watching it. That's the second thing I miss the most about DMG ending ' No more posts by Reemz! Anyways, so what I am trying to say here is that I always looked forward to reading those posts because I always identified with them and enjoyed them. You are such a talented writer and that's the reason I wanted to get to know you more. Little did I know that one day we'd find out that we are both not only KaJen fanatics but we share so much in common! From DMG to DDLJ'from FRIENDS to HUM TUM and CRICKET!!! More than anything I am so glad I have found a Cricket buddy! LOL it's so much fun sharing and venting our emotions during the match on FB! Well Regina darling, all I am trying to say here is that I am lucky to have found a friend in you! You are a fun girl and I love our MSN chats where you are always eager to share your most favorite activity with me (should I share it here ya samajh aa gayi?) ROFL I love your bindaas attitude and your KaJen and JJ craziness (Confession ' I am no longer jealous that JJ knows you by name b/c now I have a B'day msg from her too! LOL). Well, have a super birthday and even a better year ahead. Always be the way that you are because you are FABULOUS! I have grown such fondness for you and I just hope and pray that ye dosti keeps getting stronger! Smile

Keep Smiling''Always! Smile

Here is a little gift from my end. Hope you like it!

P.S Can you please pass on your B'Day luck on Sunday please? LOL

Love you loads baby!
Fabiaaaaa LOL

Happyyyy Birthdayyyyy to U! Happyyyy Birthdayyy to U! Happyy Birthday to Chandu's lover Happyyy Birthday to U!
Hayeee tu aaj na hoti toh yeh chandu bhi nahin hota!
Tu hai toh mein hoon aur tu nahin toh mein kuch bhi nahin Heart
Vahh vahh vahh :D give it up to Chandu /whoo
Mein toh ainvayi ainvayi lut gayi tere pyaar mein :)
Hayeee okies chandu is gonna stop her nonsensical blabbering and get to the point!
I wishhhh u a veryyyyyy veryyyyy Happyy Birthdayyy! May u have an amazing day and may the next full year also be amazing because lovers like u deserve it tehee!
Although I just met u not too long ago you are a very kind-hearted and lovelyyy person! :D
I am glad to have met someone like you and I hope we get to know each other moreee through the coming year!
I've always come across your random KaJen posts on IF and although I don't always comment on them I always read them and admire them tehee do keep up your fantastical writing :)
Have a dandyyyyyy dayyy!!! partyyyy hard!!
Teri Chandu (Rabuu) Heart

happy birthday reemz
many many happy returns of the day
may all ur dreams cum true and may whtever u want it may be granted to u
have a great day and a great year ahead
i am so glad to have meet u i remember when we used to pm each other abt the news thing
i hope we stay friends forever and may u keep smilling and laughing as u do nw
thank u for always being there for me and helping me feel better.

happy birthday once again
luv ya loads
Amby...! muah

DODIAAAAAAAA! Janam Divas Mubarak tane, marou jaan! Heart

I love you lots and lots, let's get that much super straight and clear. You're an amazing person with so many talents, and so many traits, you honestly are so inspiring! I love talking to you, I love discussing random shit with you, and I adore every moment we spend together! You're so amazing, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart! No matter what the situation is, love, you're always super supportive, ad amazingly encouraging! I know for a fact that I can come to you no matter what circumstance I'm facing, no matter what obstacle I need to overcome - and you're one of those people who stand by my side and encourage me to do even more amazing!

I honestly cannot believe how long we've known each other for, it's been about 7 months? 8 months? I can't even remember. All I remember is that when I was a total newbie on DMG Forum, if there was anyone who agreed and encouraged my posts, it was YOU! I don't even think you know it, but it's always been you! You've always been that support and push I've needed to get to know more people, and talk to them even more. I came to the KaJen AT and was welcomed with open arms with such amazing people - and you were definitely one of them! I love you so much, and I need you to know that. I love you so much, thank you for standing by my side, even if it was unintentionally!

Whether it be our random gujju convos, our insanely hilarious commentary's while watching random clips, no matter what it be - it's always a pleasure talking to you! I know when I first entered the MSN group, I always wondered WHO "REGINA PHILANGE" was! LMAOO. It took me so many months to build up the courage to ask you, and you answered it in simple seconds, "It was one of Pheobe's names on Friends" LOLOL. I love you! AND HOW CAN WE FORGET THE EVER SO MEMORABLE DODIA VS. PATEL FIGHT :):):):) I can't believe you're a fake Patel ): You had me so excited, I was all "OMG, I'M PART PATEL TOOOOOOOOOOO!" And then you burst the bubble ): Oh man. But it's okay, I don't think I can refer to you as Patel anymore, you'll forever remain in my heart as my absolutely beautiful Dodia ?

CAN I JUST TELL YOU SOMETHING? Can you please go be a model? Seriously, please? You're so stunning, mashAllah, so so so soooooooooo beautiful! I honestly remember that whole convo I had with Miru and Sahar where I was TOTALLY spazzing over how gorgeous you are, and how much we all agreed upon it! You NEED to model. FOR ME. FOR YOU. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF HUMANITY! Do us all a favour, and be a model. Please? I love you. You know, if you don't become a model, I might just end up striking an emotion like PZ did here:

I LOVE YOU DODIA. I really really really do. If you ever leave me... I can't even think about that right now. Don't leave me, or our MSN crew, EVER. You're too amazing for us. OMG, Remember when I told you to leave the internet, and go model?! I NOW REALIZE WHO RIDICULOUS THAT SOUNDED :| If you ever left us, I don't think I would have anyone to call me FATSO :| You know when you were gone to India? I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, AND I MEAN IT. I initially HATED the name FATSO, but didn't had the guts to tell you - but it grew on me, and ever since I love IT! DON'T STOP CALLING MEEEEEEEEEE THAT! I love you for the creativity, tehehehe HeartDON'T STOP, BABY! If you leave me, I might just look like this, virtually hugging you to never let me go :$

Happy birthday Dodia. I love you with all my heart, and much more. I know I'm super sappy, and cheesy - but that's the only skill I have, you know? So let me use it right now, and get workin' while I finish this message. I love you. And I have said it countless times, and I know you're tired of reading my cheesiness, but I DO, HEHEHEHEHE. I hope you enjoyed your BIRTHDAY WEEK :D It was so much fun leaving messages on your wall everyday! Tehe.


Your one and only,
Fatso Heart

PS. Remember, if you leave me, I'll stand in the rain crying for you.
Thank you for being in my life, I appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Pheobeeeeeee err Reemli/Reema! I can never decide what I want to call you! My fellow Patel, how old are you turning? 30 something right <<. I"m kidding, okay what should I say. I feel like I haven't gotten to talk to you in forever one, second your Guju pride, especially one of being a Patel makes me smile and even laugh sometimes! I love teasing you, saying I'm going to post something on Preeti's wall first haha, you get so worked up tehee! <3 Your love for JW, and Anushka, and KaJen makes me smilee! I'm sure that any of them would get turned on by you (maybe I shouldn't say that in a public space but oh well:P). I think SAHAR has screen printed one too many moments of us talking good about you behind your back, so you already know how we all, including moi thinks your absolutely gorgeous! Maybe you should go and try out for acting, and that way I can say that Reema Patel is related to me :D And at the same time meet all my favorites, starting with my K'uperman ;) Okay, so on a more serious note...I hope that on this special day that God blesses you with everything that you ever wanted, and much much more. Keeping being the way you are, because baby you're amazing just the way you are ;) <3 And I know that I don't have your VM ready either, sorry :( I have a whole list of people I need to VM for, but yeah you know my reasons, so I promise you're getting one! haha.

Love youu,
Mira <3

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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

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Wishes from Mehki, Sary, Anu, Giu & Myself aka your Chalk !

Main suniya tera birthday che? << Inni jaldi paida hone di ki lod thi tenu? :D Thoda ruk ni sakdi si?
Okay I kid I kid -_- Bura naa maan,aaj tera birthday che :D and erm..teri best friend told me to be nice to you & since I like her alot,I have no other choice,you see :P Okay noes! I am blabbering alot today -__- Ily re tehe pssshhh Alright,main point par aati hun ab LOL
H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. P.A.T.E.L. a.k.a. M.E.R.I. M.R.S. W.I.N.G.E.T. Heart

Tere liye ekdum saaru che poem meri taraf se tehe

Smile inside,
Glow outside,
Happiness won't hide,
Cause God will be your guide.

So forget the past,
Cause the pain won't last,
Another year is cast,
Enjoy it as you must.

Joy is what I wish for you,
Success in everything you do,
Hope all your dreams come true,
And luck may not leave you.

Be happy on this day,
And may you find love someday,
But on this very special day,
Happy Birthday! Is all wanna say'

Tu kaafi special che << Kyun? Kyunki tu Preeti ki bestie che..Okay I kid -___- Hamara rishta is very very puraana! I still remember you as the Kajol & Preity Zinta fan who used to fight with me & Preeti and bash Rani.We used to dislike you,atleast I did << Then I realised tu itni bhi buri nahi che! And phir we became cordial because of the 'Kajol' factor! I still remember your dabba at FF where all your favourite actresses were mentioned including Kajol,Preity,Ayesha and Amrita R.I was like Chokrii kaafi phangurlish che << LOL! And then you went MIA from FF & I re-discovered you at the DMG topic & then at IF & I always used to envy your purplish colour username psshh -___- I still do lekin ab tu inna post nahi karti,toh chalta hai! :D Your topics,your phangurlish side,your defensive comments,your comments in the AT during update times & your "other" side,I got exposed to them all & I loved it! I still remember that you were the first one to notice me on DMG forum at IF & told me to post more & I instantly liked you(See,tu kinni special che :D ).
You've been one of my oldest friends over here & I feel proud of that fact.I loveeee how you used to vent out in the AT's or Thread's & I always used to crack up! I loveeee how you always keep fighting with Manpreet on MSN & curse her!! I loveeee when you curse,it makes me feel SOO GOOOD!! haha!! And ofcourse I love how you love KaJen and moreso Jenny & I LOVEEEEEE calling you Mrs.Winget tehe OHHH And teri gujarati saaru che...punjaabi changi haggi aur hindi toh lajawaab hai!! :D Tu kaafiii cutee che Heart
You've actually been a very close friend of mine & i love you loads Patel! You have always been there for me whenever I needed you and helped me out! You've always been a pillar of strength & a great support system! There are very few people who actually care about other's & you are undoubtedly one of them & that's what makes you AMAZING!!! Heart Always,Always,Always stay the way you are-Lively,Loving,Caring,Chirpy & Bubbly! That's what makes you My Patel tehe Heart
Wish you an EXTREMELY WONDERFUL & A BALLISTIC BIRTHDAY just like Baby wishes for his JJ or JJ for her Baby! tehe Heart May you get lotsaaa & lotsaaa success & happiness in life & may all your wishes,dreams & desires come true!! May this birthday & year bring lots of good luck to you & I pray and hope that you have a beautifully bright future! Forever stay happy shappy & keep spreading loveee as you always do Heart
Thank you for being such a sweetheart & bearing me and my lame talks! :P You are WONDERFUL Patel & I truly mean it.And main promise karu che,Imma sleep on time from now tehe.Only for juuu!! < 3 Stay as amazing and wonderful as you are & always remember me! Tere paas aur koi choice nahi che << Main itni jaldi peecha chodne waalon mein se nahi hoon :D
Soooo enjoyyy yourr dayyy & have lotsaaaaaaaa funnn...parttyy hardddd...eat lotsaa cake & courier all your presents to me! tehe I am serious btw,just in case you were wondering -__- << LOL!! Ily.
God Bless You!
I love you.

Suriji Heart

HMMMM here we go; let me write another mushy msg in which I will probably write half the things I don't mean and other half that I would rather not admit on a forum :S Oh not to mention you birthday girl will follow the tradition that I started of not replying to msgs and basically waste gaya re mera msg :( I gotta stop starting trends man -___- Pehle ppl ripped off my leaving MSN without letting anyone say bye *HINT HINT PHATTY* Now this :) Just letting you know kameeni you better reply to moi I am too special /tehe So where do I start acha at first I didn't feel that you were someone I could be close to :S cost u dor dor si lagti thi unreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeachable too special for me :( It's like I was Armaan and you were kameeni Riddhima OK I joke and before I go overboard LOL I always thought you were cool before I really knew you LOL and it's not just cos your color is all different on IF :P Though I feel blessed when my post is liked by that cute purple Day Dreaming Seriously though teri topics were berry heart touching ji =)) OH and how can I not mention that you pmed me info back in the day about KSG's comeback though you ALWAYS added this note - "PLEASE don't share with your _ _ _ _ fans" :O It's like you didn't trust me or something /fine WELL actually I should thank you cos you trusted me enough to add me in that FB group LOL despite knowing I wasn't the most loyal and true KaJenian at that time :$ Hota hai mishtake sabse hota hai LOL SO come to time of it tu na hoti toh hum sab na hote :| All this time I thought I was the link but NO YOU ARE :| Don't you feel special LOL Acha aur tareef karoon ya itna bohut che? Ok fine I am sure you are loving this so here it goes - As I always tell you that you are one of those RARE ppl who have yet to piss me off :S I don't know why it is but no matter what you do I somehow can't get myself to say "FFS STFU and GTFO of this convo" to you EVER trust me I have said it to everyone else well at least in my head /0.0 I am sure ab toh tu HAWAYOON mein udh rahi hogi re :| Ok I gots more tehe Reemz tujh mein RAB nahin dikhta tehe Meemu tujhe mujhe main dikhti hoon and if you know me you know that that is the HUGEST comment you can get from me I KID! But it's nice to know there is someone equally as screwed up as me in this wonderful world of net =)) I love our group convos but I love even more is the heart to heart convos, that if I say so myself FKING COME OUT OF NOWHERE when everyone leaves, are always endearing to moi <3 I have to say the more I get to know you I have realized you are a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry caring person and you might not EVER say I LOVE you to anyone but I think you love your near and dear ones in the TRUEST sense of the word and that's what matter =)) Thoda senti hogaya I know /0.0 It feels weird before I make myself even MORE vulnerable and give you the false idea that I like you or something I mma cut it short but I would like to post a song that I am listening to constantly *I am listening to it cos I am pmsing :( but it reminds me of ju and I can picture you singing for some reason LMFAOO* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deiCf05XpNM OK now that's done with I finally say - HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY Birthday Love <333 I hope you get everything that you wish for this year and may God bless you with love, success, happiness and KaJen :P Party HARD but not too hard please I know you are single and have needs but drunk, birthday _ _ _ with a random guy is not the way to go! EVEN though you have seen this already KAMEENI here is a vm for youuuuuuuz I am pretty sure it's nothing compared to the AHEM special Birthday wishes you got from Mr. Grover and Ms. Winget :P But still here you goooooos -

God Bless You, Love!
Muaaaaaaaaah =))
Sary Khan

Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
You look like a monkey,
You smell like one too :O ( You really do, TU GANDHI CHOKRI CHE!)

Janam Divas Mubarak Chokri! Happy Birthday Riddhima, oops REEMA :D!! Tari janam din na hatee, dihanth na pahe awti che D:Don't be scared. A wise person has said that statistics show that people who have the most birthdays live longer :D BTW You should appreciate that I'm wishing a 'Reema'! LOL, cause I don't wish my dushmans! Okay cheesy bits coming so please excuse me. I really really hope you get everything you wish for Reema, and I pray you achieve everything you want to in life and touch the heights of success. Its nearly a year and a half since I've known you, and I have to say, without you in it, my world would be adhura :| MSN would be adhura, 'taru vagar maru jeevan akelu laagse'seriously. I remember Preeti used to tell GiNu about this girl who refuses to watch DMG and we used to be like pagal chokri che..she's dumb she don't know what shes missing out on. And then ek din, she told us you're watching scenes. Next thing I know you are deeply in love with KaJen and come to KaJen AT!! BTW I can't believe you used to shun KSG, tsk tsk, Kinni vaadi kaameni thi tu! -_- Okay putting all that aside, I honestly hope and pray that this year and your birthday unfold the best surprises for you!

I love how we've gotten so close in this past year or so! Imma admit this -_- but you know I really badly wanted to be your friend when I saw you in KaJen AT, you seemed cool and not to mention you were Preeti's friend, or her better half if I may say so! I love your sarcastic self, I love how you write your feelings regarding something cause it's honest, I love your love for KaJen, I love how we both love to obsess over Jenny that sometimes people of our MSN convos think we should be gay. LOL. Not to mention, I love how we both get along so well! I love how I try to pick up Gujju from you, I love how when Preeti-Gia attack us, we team up against them.. I love how you always motivate me to do well on my exams and think im Einstein when I'm not, but that's really nice and encouraging Reema really! I LOVE YOU! OH OH and I forgot the most IMP thing, I love our PISCES ' TAURUS connection baby! You live in a dreamy world, while I live in a more practical world apparently LOL, which is true now that I think about it. "The zodiac match of Taurus Pisces is very likely to result in a long-term association. Both are born-romantics."---That we are baby! ;) Tera mera janmon janam ka rishta hai!

Reema, I know you have the potential to do anything you want in life, so im going to keep motivating you always like a Taurean would do! So please always believe you can achieve everything you want, cause I know you have it in you and I'm going to be right there showing you that you have the power! Imma sing you a couple of lines from Gaga's song, YOURE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR WAY, Cause GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES, you're on the RIGHT TRACK BABY, you were born this way! :DI LOVE YOU and I hope this birthday brings you immense happiness and I hope all your dreams come true Reema! <3

PS: I love your cricket phangurlness too LMFAO, i love how my feed on fb is full of you on cricket days!

Lots of love, Anu

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates. The fact that you were able to make the trip around the sun * HAWWWW * And the whole plan gathers round and gifts and laughter do abound. WE LET OUT A JOYFUL SOUND AND SING THAT STOOOOPID SONG!
Happy Birthday! Now you're one year older!
Happy Birthday! Your life still isn't over!
Happy Birthday! You did not accomplish much .. But you didn't die this year I guess that's good enough!
Happy Birthday! What have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday! You're starting to get fatter!
Happy Birthday! Its downhill from now on
Try not to remind yourself your best years are all GONE :P
Happy Birthday! You wish you had more money!
Happy Birthday! Your life's so sad it's funny!
Happy Birthday! How much more can you take?
Ohh man I m such a kameeni am I not? Even on your birthday when everyone is confessing their LOVE and THEIR TRUE FEELINGS for you!! And your all SMILEYYY SMILEYYY going all AWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWW ' until you get to my wish and go OH SH*T this is the sachai :( :( it's the truth jise tu kabhi nahi bhaag sakti babe :(. And you know I bet my wish is the only one that is going to MOTIVATE YOU!! I did this all for your bhala psssht! In sab mein sey kisi ko bhi teri parwa nahi! BUT MEREKO HAI!! Meri wish parne ke baadh tu at least koshish to karegi KUCH KARNE KI life main nahi? :D! and I bet right now your nodding your head smiling and thinking how you can THANK ME for showing you the LIGHT Heart don't worry Wink you can thank THE GREAT GIA KHAN after your successful and something in life =) (which I am sure you will be ONE DAY!.. It might take a while.. Okay fine it might take FOREVER but I believe you can touch the sky if you wants.. so keep trying tehe)

Okay now that the easy part of my wish is done! Lets get to the HARD part of my message! Yes here comes the sweet part of your message :( it's going to hurt my ego to say all to you but I might as well just go ahead with it because it is YOUR DAY so I will just have to risk it all and just say it all hoping it wont haunt me later :(! LMFAO! Okay I kid! Honestly reemu I might not say this enough or SAY IT ALL to you lmfao but I do LOVERS YOU(L). you might not be the SWEETEST person I have ever come across online but that's what makes me love you I guess :S I know weird hai but my hate is my love for you (L). You might be a cranky biatch to me and you might say a lot of things I DO NOT APPRECIATE! And there might be days when you get on my LAST NERVE and i just wanna do nothing but sit on your head and make you ganji =) BUT BUT BUT there is more to it *yes put down your chapal! No need to beat me black and blue YET! I m getting there getting to the sweet part tehe* so where was I yes! But there are also days when you make me smile when no one else can tbh <<! *ONLY SOMETIMES DON'T GET SOO HAPPY /fine* .. there are days when you are there to support me and motivate me and tell me YES I CAN DO IT when I have lost hope myself :(! You have done a lot for me and I might not show it but It means A LOT pssht! I love you reemu! You're an amazing girl and a great friend and I know you will always be there for us when your needed (L)! thanks for everything that you have done and do for me (L)! I hope you have a GREAT DAY and you get everything that you have wished for on this special day tehe!! Yes including your DULHA since I know your getting old and you have NEEDS too.. so I do wish for you to get a good rishta and find a guy who is NOT only rich but can also make your bollywood chessy dreams come true tehe! I hope for nothing but the best for you cause that's what you deserve and yeye w.e I know your going awwww but I do mean this! You deserve better than the best =)!! I love you for what you are! Even if it means you being the biggest biatch to me! I know behind all that bi*ching you do love me lots and yeaa your not very good at hiding it tehe! I know this cause WE ARE DEFINITELY not ALIKE (ewww please I rather commit suicide then say WE ARE QUITE ALIKE /0.0) but I gotta admit in this matter I can relate to you =) what you feels for me I feels for you too (L) tehe! We both know this but we refuse to say it OUT LOUD cause of our HUGE EGO =) ' so today dil pe pathar rak ke aaj main kehti hoon ' I LOVE YOU =) and care about yous (L) I might have a different way of showing it but I do really Heart. Muah!! Its been like a year and a half since we have known eachother and its funny but like I still remember our first convo lmfao! I remember I told preeti to ADD YOU IN THE CONVO and she did! Its funny cause our first convo was not such a friendly one now was it :S lmfao! Ahhh I guess we were born to be MEAN AND NASTY to eachother tehe! Its all good as long as both of us KNOW what is the real meaning behind our hate tehe! I love our LOVE AND HATE wali relationship Heart Heart Heart

Okay now bohaut senti and lovey dovery ho gaya hai message! SO NOT ME psssht!! But anyways wishing you all the happiness love and success in life reemu (L). Duniya chahe lakh badal jaye par tu na badal na =) =)! Love you! Happy Birthday Again tehe (L)

Oh oh how can I forget the religious side of me would like to wish you in a very different way here you go tehe

May God soften the pillow you rest your head on at night
May He make smooth the path you walk by day
Not just today but everyday =)=) (L)

oh and remember to give your mommy a bigggggg HUGG on your birthday tehe! YOUR MOTHER =) WHO NEXT YOUR MOTHER Heart

p.s I still cant believe you HATED srk and ksg before :S ' how do you live with yourself kameeni :D! yea w.e I know your cursing me for telling everyone your secret on I-F! but I couldn't help it! I needed to expose you somehow and somewhere! I M SO HAPPY I SAVED YOUR BIRTHDAY TO TELL EVERYONE =)=)=) this was all a CHAAL I did this so people get super doper mad at you and bash you instead of CELEBRATING YOU AND YOUR BIRTHDAY MUHAHAHAHHAHA =) I don't like it when YOU'RE THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION TOO LONG =)

p.s.s I LOVE YOUUU =) (L)

With lots lots lots n lots of LOVE

Gia Khan Heart ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REEMA! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever. May all your dreams & wishes come true... may this be the most satisfying year of your life and may you achieve all the amazing the beautiful things the world has to offer!

First off (yes this is probably going to be an essay), I'd like to welcome you to my age tehe..just remember that now when you call me a buddhi, you'll be calling yourself it too =)) Muwaha! Now... Where do I start? I'm talking to you on MSN as I'm writing this (seee...I was not being slow on purpose!) and thinking...dude I've said everything I can possibly say to anyone, to you. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that you know more about me and my life than anyone else in the world. So THANK YOU for always being there, always listening and always advising me (though very well knowing that I wont follow the advice :$)... You honestly mean a LOT to me, way more than words can convey... Whatever I write in this message wont express just how much I wish and want for you. Haila, this is getting deep :|

You know two of the first things I think of when I think of you are MYSELF, of course, and HUM TUM! I was googling Hum Tum and came across all those frikkin adoraaable cartoons they published in newspapers before the film released lol and this one reminded me of you & I :| You being Tum and I being Hum *Duh!* Dekh.......

So moving on... 7 saal pehle hum mile the. Tu bahut badi kameeni thi aur main bahut achi thi. Nothing much has changed there. I wanted to punch you then, I still want to punch you today (yo, I mean birthday beats!) The only small detail I can think of that hasn't remained the same (besides our age..yikes!) is that I hated you then and I love you now, I wanted you off the forums then and I can't imagine my life without you now Embarrassed The typical hate-to-nokjok-to-love kahaaaani but I wouldn't trade it for anything else =))
As you, my Einstein, only recently figured... Manpreet without the R.E.E.M.A would be left only with NPT which sounds exactly as the word that I'd be left feeling without my worst half aka youuz - empty! teehe! Through all the ups and downs in our e-lives and real lives LOL we've been there for each other and I think that's why you really are family to me and forever will be. I hate hate hate going a day without talking to you, it gives me that ugly unsettling feeling :( You're the only aadat I would never get rid off, no matter what!

We're no longer those 16 year olds who cried about our GCSE's and A Levels to each other, but in my eyes you're still jawaan Reema Ji...and I think, the way things are going, teri jawaani mere haath hi aani ;-) LMFAO I know we both get nostalgic and emosaanal remembering the old days.. how we hated each other pre-VeerZaara or those pre-KANK/NnN/Fanaa/Saawariya days when we had so much fun ROFL and ofcourse how can I not mention DMG (God only knows how happy I am that you ended up joining me in this obsession LOL coz I KNOW I wouldn't have survived without you there with me!)....anyway my point is, I know we end up getting all sentii over the old days but you know what? It's time to put all that behind once and for all... The future has a lot in store for youuuu because you're bloodyy amazingggg...so get out there and make all those dreams come true because if anyone can do it - you can! I believe in you with all my heart, kidneys, lungs et al so make ME PROUUUD! :D

I hope you enjoy your day to the max (coz I sure will..I plan on going to Nandos and ordering peri peri chips and a portobello MUSHROOM & halloumi cheese burger speciallly to celebrate your janammmm dinnn!!!!)..... Party hard, eat lots of cake and Millie's cookies, drink lots of OJ, enjoy your fugly mushrooms, have a slice of cheese from my side...and yeah, just have the most funnn you've ever had becase you truly do deserve it and because you ARE my one and only Disco Dancerrr! Hu thunay prem karu chu babyy and loook I found a gujju wish for youu teeeehe

OHHH...btw..You look like a mushroom and you smell like cheese. Teehe, I know you couldn't have asked for a better compliment on your birthdayy! I hope you did put an order in for a Mushroom CAKE woman..if not, no worries, jab hum milenge..toh main khud apne haathon se  banaongi aur tujhe khilaungi!

I know birthday tera hai not mera but I'ma ask for a gift...and that is to always see you smile, always see you happy, vent when you need to -stop keeping things inside, and most importantly BELIEVE in yourself!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIIIIIIN REEEMU! Always stay the way youu are <3

God bless you!
Lots of love & Best wishes, always,
your MANO! xoxo

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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:57pm | IP Logged

Once again a very very very very very Happy Birthday Reeeemuu!

~ We all love you so much and hope your day is as special as you are ~

Here's hoping all your dreams come true & God blesses you with lots of love, happiness, good health and success.

A special thanks to noodles for helping me collect messages. And Mehak & Gia for their recommendations/ for hearing me stress LOL!

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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 Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!

HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYYY AGAINNN REEEMU!! wow your getting OLD :| i dont even know why we are celebrating this :S shouldnt we like try and hide your age :S i swear its nothing to be proud of! psssht why are you getting all this attention ANYWAYS :s! lmfao I JOKEEEEEEEEEEE!! you know that psssht! i lovers you! i hope you have an amazing dayyyyy! and i hope atleast today your mom treats you like a princess and lets you sleep in till late! brings your breakfast in bed and all that tehee <3 ! Muahhh have a BLAST babe!! and on this special day tehe! i would like to dedicate this song to you =)



ek din teri bhi love story in dono jaisi hogi inshallah tehe! and you can prove us wrong and show us that BOLLYWOOD ROMANCE DOES EXIST IN REAL LIFE TOO tehe=)=)=) (L) 

p.s LOVEEE THE THREADDD PREETI <3 ! IT LOOKS SO HOT .tehe!! muahhh love youuuuuuuuuu <3 and tehee ALL THE MESSAGES YOU GOT FOR HER ARE <3 ! ESPECIALLY JJ tehe 

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