Random Musings: March 4, 2011

BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Welcome to the Random Musings thread!

Please jump in with  your views on the 
episode or the characters by posting analysis, poems,Riddles, vm's siggies, OS's or anything else you feel like!

Index of Analysis, or other items
Page 1:

Page 2:

Some simple rules: 

1. Follow the IF code of conduct 
2. No bashing of members or the actors 
3. First page will typically be for analysis, poems or anything about the reserve if you want to do that!
4. If you don't want to analyze, you can still reserve your space for your views 
5. Have fun LOL

Thread openers for this week:
-Monday: Jaya
-Tuesday: Jaya
-Wednesday: Jaya
-Thursday: Amna
-Friday: Jaya

[NOTE: if you want to open the thread on any of the days, let us know Hug]

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 October 2005
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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Well well well...much better episode today. Not much to discuss so I will keep it brief.

Priya - Taara: Thumbs Down

What a mind-bogglingly innovative and unpredictable outcome that was! Stern Smile Truly nail biting scene! Stern Smile Writers...this was predictable even without watching the precap yesterday. D'ohWhy could this have not been shown without the underlying Vidya "inferiority complex building" dynamic? Would have made it way more watchable.

Brahma - Priya and the rest of the Jhaakars: Thumbs Up

Loved this scene. I enjoy watching smart characters and Brahma being his good old villainous self without restraint is awesome to watch.

Devyani - Uttara: Thumbs Up

I enjoyed this scene even though I disliked the whole Imli instigation of Vidya sub-track. Imli pointing out what Vidya did was nice...somebody needed to do that.

Vidya - Imli: Thumbs Up

Although I am always criticizing Imli's characterization, I like the friendship between these two characters. Something about Vidya's background makes it easy for Imli to see her as a peer. From Vidya's perspective it is reassuring to be liked by Imli just as she is. Imli's dialog about the tortoise and the rabbit was also nicely placed. I just wish the whole "Ghaziabad-waali" dynamic had been avoided. Imli could be shown being a good friend without comparing Vidya to Priya. Clearly, the writers are painting Vidya in to the lowest of lows to then show her her groW*H as a complete contrast. What will make Vidya want to change herself to fit in better with Gaurav and the Jhaakars? One option is that the locker contains a "hot" looking picture of Gaurav's girlfriend. That could light a fire under Vidya to transform herself. Geek

Jaggi - Imli: Thumbs Down

While I like all the characters being given room in the screenplay, this was one was a wasted scene. Would have been so much better if the writers had weaved a mention of their kids or Imli's pregnancy to make it more relevant.

Priya - Brahma: Thumbs Down

Another wasted scene. I wish Priya were shown being "smart" about how she would get justice than constantly goading Brahma emotionally. Vishwajeet was spectacular in this scene...Clap.

Overall: Above average episode. Its a 3 from me today.

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Bhul jaon?Kaise bhul jaon?Kya bhul jaon mein?

Priya-taara: Predictable sceneConfused We all knew that she will give the reference of her mother to make her understand that she has also lost someone close to her. And telling taara to eat for her dadwho is dad know, gosssh this was the last thing i wanted to seeAngry I mean writers what's happening to the dialogues??!! Such a weak and repetitive way to console, i know the current track is a bit difficult to handle, But i strongly feel that there could have been a better way to make tara understand. The story of priya and her mum's death was the highlight for me in this particular scene.
Priya-Aditya-Brahma-devyani-vidya-sweety-chinu-imli: After she came out of the room, the random rain of question's was a short scene but it was very good..!Clap Then everyone jhakofying from the door into the room checking on tara's activities, It was a funny scene for me(don't know whyTongue) The finally the little devil eats my pakoora's(Oh nooooooooo, what will i drool on now??Cry) All praising priya made me feel really sad for vidya, every event is making the poor girl feel that she is not a good D-I-L and she is dumb or not able to do anything. Quite depressing not only for her but for me too, she should start acting on her skills too. Entrance of devyani, brahma and aditya, What's going on in brahma's mind? he is playing a big game! He is being more and more good to priya in front of everyone, so the people doesn't believe her at all and Adi forcing priya to call sasurpig dadAngry UrgggghAngry Adi how can you do this??!! You don't even know what you just did!! Your wife is suffering hell lot of pain staying in the same house with that creep and now you also forcing her.Ouch The mentioning of documents was a great continue by the CV's, it represents that the CV's have continuity in there work, it indicates that they haven't forget things happened earlier.
Devyani-uttara: As usual the sister scene was Bang on..! I love the duo..! Kamya's acting was fantastic today..Clap She finally eats too, now we wont get to see this dragging of making the mother-daughter eat food anymoreD'ohImli mentioning vidya's idea was appreciating for vidya but sweety had to jump in with priya's devotion to tara. It was again a depressing scene for vidya.
Vidya-Imli: Imli can be good too, i mean the Cv's can make her character a positive one, the friendship between vidya and imli is very good, but there is no need of putting down priya's efforts in everything, if the girl has make her way so easily that's because she wanted to and had a supportive husband. But i'm really sick of imli calling priya "ghaziabad wali" again and again. I hope mummy jee catches her while she is bharkaofying vidya very soon! she will be taught a great lesson. Vindhay's portrayal of vidya was an awesome scene to watch. Feel so bad for the girl. Firstly she is confused about his husbands life, and now everyone is switching on to priya, and this imli aag laging in the situation. A very deadly combination is built up, i can totally understand her state. But please kick imli out of the situation. The official mention of vidya being a tortoise was good, but mentioning priya as a rabbit and looser was a misguide to vidya again. The locker key discussion is back, she asks imli to ask jaagi jee.. why? can't she so by herself to the market?Confused
Jaggi-imli: The most useless scene aired ever in maryaada up till now!Dead Imli seducing jaagi just for the cause of vidya, what crap! Hate this scene the most.Angry
Priya-Brahma: The highlight of the episode for me was this scene, Brahma's evil laugh was fantasticStar The heated argument was awesome, the mausam crap said by Brahma, OMFG, this was very disgusting, priya's anger towards brahmaClap My suggestion to priya darling is: please be calm, play safely and sensibly, you know that you are fighting against a powerful creep, so please be careful.
Precap: Uff what can i say for it, i just cannot wait for the monday episode, i think it's gonna be hell interesting one. Loved dev's expressionClap
Overall an average episode better then the past whole week's episode, 3.5/5 from my side.
Special acting credits for today's episode is given to vishwajeet and ridhi from me. They both were awesome, great job guys.Star

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have-a-dream IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
2day's epi ws nice as cmpard 2 yest 1..
* the epi cntinued wid 'make tara eat' challange,priya entred d rum nd tried 2 explain tara tat she knws hw it feels vn sum1 so close leavs us since she has also lost her mom in childhood n adds tat it depends on u whether u wanna make ur dad happy or sad coz he's watchng u n vn he'll see u in sch cndition he'll b vry upset,tara became empathetic wid priya aftr lstining 2 her talks n aftr thnking 4 a while she starting eating pakora's..
* making priya,calling ssp 'dad' was faltu scene,bt sasurpig bst in being evil was superb in dis scene,priya aka ridhi also acted vry well bang on..
*devyani,imli,vidya,sweety bought food for uttara,where uttara gets 2 knw tat tara hs had d food,n all d credit goes to priya, listning what uttara became vry happy n devyani made hr eat food,kamya lyk always acted superb as well as devyani..
*vidya s crying badly since she was unable 2 make tara eat food(BEJATTI FACTOR),n priya again got sucess n praises,imli uff again trying 2 add spice in vidya's tension by saying 'moment u take a step ahead dis priya brings u 2 steps backwrd' dnt knw why she tries 2 show off excess care 2wards vidya..
*vidya decides nw she's gonna do smthng 2 becum a perfct wife n D-I-L,she says imli 2 ask jaggi ji 4 droping her at d market in ordr 2 get dup key 4 d LAAAKER. :-)
*last part cums up vid ssp-priya's kaante ki takkar,ssp showd his cmplete kam'''a pann by saying priya 2 forget evrythng since nthng big had happend 2 which priya replies tat hw cud she forget dis,bt before leting priya cmplete her dialogs ssp warns hr 2 btr remain quite if she wants her fam 2 b safe n secure..
Overall nice epi gud act by whole cast,esp ridhi n vishwajeet dey vr fab..O i misd aadi he ws lukin so cute bt nthng much imp role ws 4 him 2 play 2day.

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 Loved the precap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked Devyani's reaction to SSP's how can women tolerate physical abuse for years makes it seem interesting!Thumbs Up Cant wait to see that epi!! Tongue

Coming to today's episode, better than yesterday and overall, I'm satisfied. Tongue 

- How Vidhya was made to feel insecure was quite obviously done.Confused I mean, Sweetie repeatedly kept doing the Priya jhaap, and not even Devyani sensed how it would affect Vidhya's low self-esteem. Confused

- SSP making Priya address him as 'Dad'. The last scene though creepy of him to say baarish and raat and stuff, how he switches from evil mode to a good man is beyond me. 

-Taara-Priya convo, nicely done. I'd kinda predicted that Priya would emphatise on being brought up by a single parent. Taara was good today actingwise. 

- I did not like how Imli lied Uttara that Vidhya convinced Taara on having food. Stern Smile

Hopefully, next week the locker secret should be revealed. Approve

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ushakiran patelRaviSharmanbostedKMH-NASHAhave-a-dreamRadiantTreasureShee_xaanlonelyshadowBheegiBasanti

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Well the episode was good!!Smile
--Atlast priya manofy's tara ,they both can understand eachother on an emotional level as they lost someone they love..n she eats,,
Does anyone else think tara has got too much make-up on her face?jeez..Stern Smile
-- Priya trying hard to say "DAD" to SSP..and aditya was "iske liye muhurat chahiye"..the article was right.. he's a big moron sometimes..Angry
--All happies..uttara eats but vidya is sad at first n gets determined after's imli's gyaan to be a Good Bahu n a Good Patni..and hence she needs a locker key!!hmm..gosh this track needs to move a bit fast..Sleepy
--Jaggi n imli scene - no comments but i like the background music which plays on imli's so funny..LOL
--Forms..forms?Yeh forms ka kya manjra hain bhai?Ermm
--Priya confessing SSP..she knows shes bound with her relations but still she can't hide her anger n pain...when she says "Kaise bhool jao ..kaise bhool jau sab" was so emotional..Cry

Precap: SSP n giving gyaan how women suffers with their husbands from years...suffering is just not physical abuse like uttara but also mental abuse which devyani is facing ...loved those expressions n how SSP saw her n got shut up...Approve

Oh its friday..pata hi nehi chala..Shocked
I was never so active on any forum..or gave my takes on every episode as in RM thread...even my fav DMG (at that timeLOL) but here i feel so connected n if i don't write i feel so sad..
Even though we are few here..we all read our takes n give urs..n i feel good to be here..gosh that was senti..LOL
Anyways..a big hug to all my fellow maryadian's..Hughope yeh ristha aise hi chalta rahe...Big smile
God bless..

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have-a-dream IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Heyaa guys
lvd reading all ur takes.. Hug..

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Spardha write update in the first post, write the take review in the second one..!(just my suggestion. hope you won't mind)

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