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FF:Pyaar Tho Hona Hi Tha Ch-32, Pg-104 (Page 46)

deepa_mishra Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonas1

Awesome Update Deepa. Waiting for the holi spl.
Thanks Sona.

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deepa_mishra Goldie

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Chapter: 14

today was holi and the family was slowly waking up one by one, looking forward to a
good day. Abhay walked out of the bathroom wearing just a towel as usual, but this habit
of his still managed to make Surbhi blush like crazy. Surbhi turned around quickly to
avoid looking at Abhay half naked.

Abhay rolled his eyes: Surbhi mein har subha aise hi bahar ataa hoon, aur har subha tum moo
pher lethi ho. tum itna sharmati kyon ho yaar?
Surbhi: ji...woh...mein...ummm
Abhay: let it be (he took his clothes and started walking back into the bathroom, but before
closing the door he looked over his shoulder) by the way.....it's cute somtimes the way you
get shy at little things.(and he closed the bathroom door)
Surbhi turned around surprised at what he said.

Abhay came back out fully clothed.

Abhay: Surbhi
Surbhi: ji...
Abhay: i have to go to the office a little bit. i won't be long though.
Surbhi: but....today is holi Abhay.
Abhay smiled: i know, but there is this project that i want to get a head start on. don't
worry, i'll be back before you know it.

Surbhi wanted to say somthing to stop him from going....anything. just the thought of Abhay
not being there with Karan around scared her. But she didn't want Abahy to worry about her
all the time.

Surbhi: ok..i'll tell the others that you'll be back shortly.
Abhay: thanks.

and he walked out the door.

Surbhi took her shower and wore a nice white lace salwar kameez. she came out of the bathroom
and saw Karan sitting on the bed.
panic creeped in her full force.

Surbhi: what are you doing here? get out before i call Abhay.
Karan smiled: i saw Abhay leave sweety, that means i can have you all to myself for now.
Karan walked a step closer to Surbhi and she took a step back.

Surbhi: don't you dare....i'll scream if you do anything.
Karan: relax, i didn't come here to do anything bad. i just wanted to talk to you.
Surbhi: there is nothing left to say.
Karan: oh there is plenty left to say darling.

he then grabbed her arm roughly

Karan: didn't think you could get rid of me that easily. i will have you Surbhi, make a
note of that...i will have you.

he then let her go and reached in his pocket to take out some red color.

Karan: here..i wanted to be the first one to put some color on you...you know, since
you love me so much and all.

Karan walked closer to Surbhi until she felt the wall hit her back. Surbhi brought her
hands up and pushed Karan with all the strength she has and ran for the door.

she didn't even look where she was running, she just wanted to put as much distance as
possible between her and Karan. before she realised it, she crashed into someone and
braced her self for the fall.....but it never came. instead she felt strong arms wrap
around her waist to keep her from falling. she slowly opened her eyes to look into a pair
of eyes. eyes that could melt a lover with just one look, or freeze an
enemy with just one look. Surbhi didn't need to look at the rest of the face to know
who those eyes belonged to. there was only one person she knew that had such a powerful

Abhay noticed Surbhi breathing hard: Surbhi are you ok?
Surbhi couldn't help but hug him, feeling relieved.
Abhay seemed surprised at first at Surbhi's forwardness, but his arms wrapped around her
Abhay: Surbhi...are you ok?(surbhi holding on to him this tight worried him)

Abhay tried to push her back gently but she wouldn't let go. Abhay then opened a random door
next to them and took Surbhi in there, still hugging her.
It turned out to be a closet. Abhay closed the door and turned on the light inside.

he gently pushed her back so that he can look at her face. He put a strand of her hair behind
her ear.

Abhay: Surbhi kya hua?
Surbhi took a calming breath and told him what Karan did.
Abhay's eyes flared up in anger, without saying anything he turned the door knob but Surbhi
stopped him.

Surbhi: no Abhay...don't do anything.
Abhay: are you serious?! he went into our bedroom, OUR bedroom and touched you. And you don't
want me to do anything?
Surbhi sighed: hurting him isn't going to solve anything. and besides today is holi. i dont
want the family to be tense on this day.
After a long pause Abhay couldn't help himself, he brushed the back of his fingers over her

Abhay: your just too good you know that.
Surbhi felt her heart skip a beat at his gentle touch.
Surbhi thinking: control yourself Surbhi, Abhay and you are not ment to be.

Surbhi: Abhay....i'm sorry.
Abhay frowned: for what?
Surbhi: because of me you have so many problems in your life. i promise as soon as i'll get out of your life....
Abhay cuts her off: your not going anywhere.

that surprised both Abhay and Surbhi and there was silence for a few seconds. Abhay finally
spoke again.

Abhay: dekho Surbhi....i know i treated you pretty bad when we first got married but my
intentions of kicking you out the house changed. this relationship was forced, but it doesn't
feel like that anymore. i want us to be friends and i know that no one is a better bahu
for this family than you. so for my family....please stay.

oh my god....how can you not fall in love with Abhay surbhi thought. wait!.....no
she can't love again...its too painful. but Surbhi knew that she loved the family
way too much and won't be able to leave them.

Surbhi smiled: ok....this family means a lot to me and if you want me to stay...then i'll

Surbhi was a little surprised when Abhay pulled her into his arms and hugged her. her arms
slowly wrapped around him as well.

Abhay pulled back when Surbhi's mangalsutra got caught with Abhay's shirt button. she slowly
looked up at Abhay to find him staring at her, while he tried to untangle her mangalsutra.
their eyes met.....the tangled mangalsutra forgotten...

~...lo suru ab, chahaton ka silsila ho raha hain..mit rahi hai dooriyaan aur, fasla ko raha
hai...ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein....ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein sabd gum
hai, arth matlab, chupke se ko raha hain...lo shuru ab chahaton ka silsila ho raha hain...
mit rahi hain dooriyaan aur, fasla ko raha hain...~

Surbhi's breathing got heavier again, but this time it wasn't from fear...it was from need.
Abhay was just so close......they were a breath apart. why were his eyes so intense? it
felt like he could read her soul.

Abhay felt the need build inside him again...and he pulled away before it was too late. he
may not have control over himself if he didn't put some distance between them. he finally
managed to untangle the magalsutra and he opened the door. both of them walked out of the
closet when they heard dadi call them dowstairs to play holi.

Surbhi: aap jaa kar change kar lijiye...i'll wait for you downstairs.
Abhay: no, Karan is down there and i don't want you anywhere near him.

he took her hand in his and pulled her to their bedroom.

Abhay: wait here...i won't take long to change and we'll go down together.

with that said he went to go change.
Surbhi smiled to herself.

Surbhi thinking: Abhay is so different from what i thought him to be. he changed so much
since we got married......

she heard a finger snap in front of her face.

Abhay: hello...kaha ko gayi
Surbhi just shook her head: chalein?
Abhay: yea lets go

Surbhi suddenly stopped and walked back into the room.

Abhay: where are you going?
Surbhi: mein maang mein sindoor barna bhool gayi.....i didn't realise it because Karan...
Abhay grabbed her hand to stop her from going into the room.
Surbhi looked at him confused.

Abhay: come with me...theres somthing i wanna do.
Surbhi: but Abhay...sindoor.....
Abhay: just come with me

they walked downstairs to where the family was waiting for them.
Vishal: guys come on...hurry up a little.
Abhay: we'r coming...we'r coming....just chill dude.
Abhay and Surbhi joined the family.
markandya: lets go outside to play some holi

Abhay saw a plate of red color sitting there on the table. he remembered what
Surbhi told him earlier...

'Karan said that he wanted to be the first one to put color on me'

everybody was walking towards the door when dadi said: Surbhi beta your not wearing sindoor.
everyone stopped to look at her....

Surbhi: haan woh...
she then felt someone turn her around. Abhay made Surbhi face him. taking a little bit of
red color he put it on her forehead.
Surbhi closed her eyes as she felt Abhay put the red color on her forehead like he would put
Surbhi opened hers eyes and looked at Abhay.

Abhay smiled: happy holi

the family smiled at Abhay's gesture, all except Karan.
Nidhi smiled: how sweet bhaiya....you wanted to be the first one to put color on bhabhi
Abhay saw the look on Karan's face and gave a satisfied look and a cocky smile.
Abhay: haq banta hain mera....akir biwi hain meri

Surbhi felt her chest swell and she gave a million dollar smile after a long time. lighting up the room.

Pushpa whispered to markandya: after so many days i saw Surbhi smile so fully.
markandya:didn't i say that our son will take care of her.
Pushpa: yes...yes you did.(she looked at her son proudly)

the family all went outside to play holi.
Abhay pulled Surbhi back a little and whispered to her: keep smiling like that Surbhi .

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sonas1 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
marvellous update Wink ,
so Abhay doesn't want her to leave him Embarrassed then y did he stop himself from being close to her afterall he has to spend his whole life with her Embarrassed
the last part was soo cute n romantic Embarrassed 
Karan burning with jealousy LOL serves him right LOL
continue soon Big smile

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TinasRagvir Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 4:16am | IP Logged
Deepaaaaaaaaa awesome update. I loved everything in this particular chapter. The romance between our Surabh is so cool. Keep it up my friend. And please update soon.

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 4:55am | IP Logged
ones again a superb part.... And happy to see abeyh careing surbih.

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Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Hayeeeeeeee deeps kya mast hai yaar. Full too romanctic. I just couldnt control myself but read again and again. YOu are a super cool writer. The way you write it sefl proves you are a PROFFESSIONAL. They way the mangalsutra got hooked on to eachother, the the way abhay applied colour on surbi is too cool. Karan is such a hypocrite. HOw can he treat surbhi like this?????? Idiot. But deeps you are rocking jaanu Just rocking.... 

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MagixX IF-Rockerz

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Awwwww, this was sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee ! Embarrassed
I was blushing after I read the last part. LOL 

Thanks for updating Deepa..but you forgot to send me a PM. Bad girl Angry. Lol, just kidding..LOL

Update soon Deepa. Can't wait to see what happens next. Humhe aise hi khush karte raho Smile

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deepa_mishra Goldie

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Originally posted by sonas1

marvellous update Wink ,
so Abhay doesn't want her to leave him Embarrassed then y did he stop himself from being close to her afterall he has to spend his whole life with her Embarrassed
the last part was soo cute n romantic Embarrassed 
Karan burning with jealousy LOL serves him right LOL
continue soon Big smile
Thanks Sonia for your lovely comment.

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