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FF:Pyaar Tho Hona Hi Tha Ch-32, Pg-104 (Page 104)

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Originally posted by ssimran1

Deeps well done dear. But going to miss your FF.
Thanks Simran

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Originally posted by SLavanyaa

Well done Deeps. Everything is perfect in your FF. Just going to miss dear.
Thanks Lavanya
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Originally posted by .Doe.

Will you start another one then? Tongue
C'mon Deepa!! You can! Tongue
I will try dear.
Because another RagVir FF is going on in Bidaai forum.
So I need some time.
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Originally posted by Kinrul143

Wow Deepa i just read the whole FF right now
I loved the bet between Abhay and Surbhi
this is more romantic than Ragvir FF
Upload this FF and Ragvir's FF soon
Thank You sweety.

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Originally posted by deepa_mishra

Originally posted by .Doe.

Will you start another one then? Tongue
C'mon Deepa!! You can! Tongue
I will try dear.
Because another RagVir FF is going on in Bidaai forum.
So I need some time.

Please, pretty please! Big smile
We had a good RagVir story, but we never got a good SurAbh story..I mean, Pratha writers lack creativity. We need you! Ouch

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I will definetly try Kezia.
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So friends here is my last Update of my FF. Thanks for your support friends. Enjoy this long update.

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Surbhi looked at the majestic gates of real home…her home. She fell in love with this place the day she first laid eyes on it. Not because of its stature, but because of its homely presence. Despite its flashy front, Surbhi saw the simple love of a family living in that house. Little touches here and there that made this place a home. The swing in the garden, the welcome rug on the front of the door, the wind chimes hanging from the balcony…..just little details that made Surbhi love this place. And today she was back. She couldn't wait to see Abhay again. these past few days where some of her hardest days she lived. She thought that Abhay behind that night ended her existence, but living without Abhay was like dieing a thoudands deaths…every passing moment.

she cursed herself for leaving Abhay as she walked closer to the door….WHAT was she thinking? How can she even think of leaving Abhay. How can she forget that he brought back laughter into her life. He saved her. How can she even think of living life without Abhay…the life that was given by him. she paused in front of the door. Won't Abhay be happy to see her? He loves her a lot…Surbhi knew that Abhay will forgive her for leaving. She entered the house…


the family was seated in the living just discussing the preperations for karva chaut, which was tomorrow. But nobodies heart was into it. This would have been Surbhi's first karva chaut and she wasn't even here.
Vishal sighed: man it's not the same without babhi.
Everyone nodded their head in sadness, agreeing with vishal.
Markandya caught a movement in the doorway.
A mile wide grin appeared on his handsome face as he spotted his daughter-in-law walk in.
Markandya: Surbhi beta!
everyones face lit up in joy as they all stood up to welcome Surbhi home. Pushpa hugged Surbhi and smiled at her when she pulled back.
Pushpa: I knew you would make the right decision. Welcome back bachi.
She softly kissed Surbhi's forehead.
Dadi: it's good to have you back beta…the house wasn't the same without you.
Surbhi's smile widened. She missed them all terribly…it was good to be back home.
Her eyes searched the room for a certain someone, but she didn't mention his absence yet.
Surbhi: it's good to be back home. And I'm happy that I'm back before karva chaut.
Everyone went quiet at that. Surbhi's brows drew together in confusion.
Surbhi: kya hua?
Markandya: actually….Surbhi…Abhay went out of town for business and he won't be back until day after tomorrow. You won't be able to keep your vrat tomorrow for karva chaut.
Surbhi looked at her papaji, clearly upset. How is this possible? It was her first karva chaut and she couldn't celebrate it? And Abhay wasn't here? She couldn't go by another day without seeing him.
Seeing Surbhi's upset face dadi touched her cheek.
Dadi: don't be upset beta…there will be many more karva chauts.
Surbhi: no dadi…this is my first karva chaut and there is no way I'm going to miss it.
Everyone looked shocked at Surbhi's dicision.
Pushpa: but Surbhi…Abhay won't be here tomorrow.
Surbhi:mummyji I've already made up my mind.
Pushpa: lekin….
She was cut off by markandya.
Markandya: ok Surbhi…I'll call Abhay and tell him to come home tomorrow.
Surbhi's face lit up in delight in the hopes of seeing Abhay again.
Dadi was going to protest when markandya stopped her.
Markandya: Surbhi why don't you go and rest?
Surbhi smiled and walked upstairs.
Dadi: markandya, are you sure Abhay will be able to come back tomorow?
Markandya: Surbhi can break her fast by looking at Abhay's picture if he can't come back on time.
Dadi agreed, but she still felt a little unsure. If she knew Surbhi, then there was no way Surbhi would break her first karva chaut fast just by looking at a picture.


Karva chaut (I'm not familiar with this so if there are any mistakes…please forgive me)

The memebers of the family were up bright and early for karva chaut. There was still so much preperation to be done. Before everyone knew it, the sun had set and it was time to wait for the moon to come out.

Abhay still hadn't come home yet and Surbhi was getting worried.
Surbhi: bade papa…Abhay isn't home yet.
Markandya was dreading this conversation but he still turned to face Surbhi.
Markandya: beta…I called Abhay many times…but he isn't picking up his phone. I've been calling since last night.
Surbhi frowned: why isn't he picking up his phone?
Voice: because he has it switched off.
Surbhi and markandya turned to see Pari walk to them.
Pari: Abhay was devestated when you left Surbhi…and he wanted to get away from this house because karva chaut was right around the corner. It reminded him of you. That's why he went on this business trip. he has his cell switched off because he knows the family would keep on calling him, asking him to come back home in time for karva chaut.

A lone tear escaped the corner of Surbhi's eye. Markandya gently placed his hand on Surbhi's shoulder.
Markandya: koi baat nahi beta…you can break your fast by looking at Abhay's picture.
Surbhi's back went up in defence.
Surbhi: no…I'll only break my fast with Abhay's hands.
Pari frowned: don't be silly Surbhi...no one can reach Abhay tonight. He won't be home in time.
Surbhi: mein kuch nahi jaanti….
Pari: pagal mat bano Surbhi…Abhay doesn't even know you're home. He won't come tonight.
Surbhi looked at Pari with determination.
Surbhi: woh aaye ga…Abhay ko aana hi padega.
With that said, she left to go change.
Pari turned to markandya.
Pari: uncle make her understand….she's being so stubborn.
Markandya smiled at Surbhi's retreating back.
Markandya: tasalli hui…ke Surbhi bhi Abhay ko uthna hi pyaar karti hai.
Pari: but uncle…
Markandya: don't worry Pari…I have a feeling my son will be home tonight.

Surbhi looked out the window. The moon was still hiding behind the clouds. There was no way she would come out that easily tonight. This was her night to be mischivious. She will make married women pray for her to come out. Tease them with hints of her light, but go back to hiding once again. but Surbhi's eyes weren't searching the sky for the moon. She closed her eyes in a silent payer.

Surbhi: today a wife fasts for her husbands long life. But I'm fasting today for more than one reason. Today I'm fasting for the love Abhay and I share. I'm fasting for a long life for Abhay, but I'm also fasting for a long life with Abhay. i can never repay the happiness he has given me…this fast is just a small gesture of showing him that I belong to him…completely. This fast means a lot to me, and i will not break this fast unless Abhay himself gives me the first sip of water.

She opened her eyes and softly breathed out the name that was embedded in her every heartbeat..Abhay

The whisky glass stopped in mid-air as Abhay's ears strained at hearing a soft whisper. His eyes searched the hotel room….empty. that's strange…he could have sworn that he heard someone whisper his name….

chaandni raat taro ki barat hain
dil ki mehfil saja ne mein kya der hain...kya der hain
dhadkane dil ki sheynaia ban gayi
ab tho sajaan ke aane mein kya der hain...kya der hain

woman: oh look! The moon is out! Dehko chaand nikal aya!
Nidhi ran into Abhay and Surbhi's room.
Nidhi: babhi! The moon is out.
Surbhi without turning replied: jaanti hoon…go on…I'll wait for Abhay.
She looked down at her hand…bright with the deep color of mehendi…flowing over the lines…the lines of her destiny.
Nidhi: but babhi…
Surbhi: he'll come Nidhi…(she looked out in the distance)…he has to….

meri zindigi mera, pyaar yaad aa raha hain
aane wala hain jo, woh yaad aa raha hain...
sajaan sajaan teri dulhan, tujhko pukare aa ja,
aa kar mere haathon mein, mehendi tu hi racha ja
aja aja aja

once Nidhi left the room Surbhi walked to her dressing table. She felt like being a bride once again tonight….Abhay ki dulhan.

payal kajal kangan daman saare tujhe bulayein
aja sajaan aja tere apne tujhe bluyein
aja aja sajaan aja

she placed her anklet around her delicate feet, hearing its soft musical sound. She slipped the kandani kangan on her wrist, seeing its gems twinkle in the dimly lit room. Her eyes observing the sindoor now placed on her forehead…uski suhaag ki nishani…Abhay ke pyaar ka rang…

mere mehboob ho mere humsafar
tujhko kya patha, hain tujhe kya kabar

she went out to sit in the garden…looking up at the now fully visible moon.

ehsaan tere kitne hain mujhpar
rab pe yakeen hain jitna, utna hain tujpar

she remebered the times Abhay was there for her….saving her from Karan more that once…saving her from the wolve…teaching her to smile again….teaching her to live again…..teaching her to love again. she trusted him with her life now. Surbhi's trust in Abhay was equal to her trust in god…

aja aja aja

Surbhi whispered: aap kaha ho Abhay?...apko aana hoga Abhay…meri liye apko aana hoga…

Abhay: what's wrong with me? (he combed his hand through his hair in frustration) why do feel like someone's calling me?
He walked to the window and looked up at the moon. He frowned when he felt a flutter in his heart….a warm pull.

mera mehboob mera sanam aa raha hain
hum tho mar hi chuke the

Surbhi closed her eyes in remembrance…..

Surbhi felt the cool water hit her body... Karan's harsh words circled in her head. 'i was never serious about you...mein tumhe sirf hasil karna chata tha..' tears rolled down her face...getting mixed with the water from her shower...

phir janam aa raha hain..

she then felt someone turn her around. Abhay made Surbhi face him. taking a little bit of
red color he put it on her forehead. Surbhi closed her eyes as she felt Abhay put the red color on her forehead like he would put sindoor.

Abhay smiled: happy holi
smiled: how sweet bhaiya...you wanted to be the first one to put color on bhabhi
Abhay: haq banta hain mera...akir biwi hain meri

Surbhi felt her chest swell and she gave a million dollar smile after a long time. her
dimples flashing, lighting up the room.

Surbhi smiled at the memory….that day was a new beginning for her…a beginning given to her by Abhay….

sajaan sajaan teri dulhan, tujhko pukare aa ja,
aa kar mere haathon mein, mehendi tu hi racha ja
aja aja aja

This does it! In frustration Abhay walked out the hotel room….he couldn't take it anymore!

chunari meri rangi hui hain tere rang se sajaan
aa kar rang de mera ang ang apne rang se sajaan
aja aja sajaan aja

the red pallu of her sari blew in the wind….red…the same color as her sindoor…she was adorned in Abhay's color. She pateintly waited….

tumse vavfaye bohut mein karoongi
kasam teri ab yeh dil kisi ko na dungi
aa tujhe bata du, mere dil mein kya hain
dil lene vale tujhe jaan apni dungi
aja aja aja

Surbhi brought her knees up and rested her head on them. she felt so much love inside her…she wanted to share that love with Abhay tonight. She wanted to promise him that she will always be his…she wanted to tell him that he was the blood that ran through her veins…he was her soul…her breath…

dhadkane bar rahi hain..woh kareeb aa raha hain

Surbhi raised her head. She felt something…her heartbeats were quickening….he was close…..

kush naseebi ban ke mera, woh naseeb aa raha hain...
sajaan sajaan teri dulhan, tujhko pukare aa ja,
aa kar mere haathon mein, mehendi tu hi racha ja

a bright smile adorned her face…her dimple setting deep. she ran from the garden…he was here…she felt it. He was here….

Markandya was walking across the living room when he spotted someone at the door. He let out a delighted laugh when he saw his son walk in.
Markandya: Abhay!
He hugged his son in surprise and happiness.
Abhay hugged him back…giving a small smile. He didn't want to be here without Surbhi…but he felt like he had to come.
Abhay: hi dad
Markandya: what a surprise…we were all trying to contact you but no calls went through…how did you know to come home?
Abhay frowned in confusion.
Abhay: I don't know dad…ek ajeeb si becheyni thi…it was like someone was calling me to come home.
Markandya gave a knowing smile.
Markandya: I think I know the answer
He turned Abhay around and pointed out the door…towards the garden.
Abhay followed his father's gaze and froze. There was Surbhi, running towards him.

Markandya backed away, trying to give them some privacy. Surbhi stopped about 10 feet away from where Abhay was standing. there eyes met. Surbhi's eyes filled with tears…oh how she missed him. she knew that he would come. Abhay looked at Surbhi…it felt like his heart started to beat again….it had stopped around the time Surbhi left.

Abhay whispered: Surbhi…
At the mention of her name Surbhi let out a soft sob, and she ran into Abhay's open arms. Abhay picked her up and spun her around while she hung on tight.
By this time the whole family was downstairs and they all broke out in a cheer seeing Abhay and Surbhi together again.

Abhay kissed Surbhi's temple as they rocked back and forth.
Surbhi said through sobs: I'm sorry Abhay…I'm so sorry.
Abhay: arre pagal ladki….(he wiped her tears) it was my fault…
Surbhi placed her finger on his lips.
Surbhi: no Abhay…how could I even think of leaving you….after all you did for me. Mein bahut buri hoon na Abhay?
Abhay: sshhh….lets just forget about it.
Surbhi smiled: I knew you would come back.
Abhay smile back: just like I knew you would too
He pulled her close, one hand on her waist and the other under her chin,
Abhay whispered: god I missed kissing you.
He crushed his mouth on hers and she didn't stop him.

The rest of the family got really quiet.
The youngsters, Vishal, Pari, Rahul, and Nidhi all broke out in a cheer. But the elders had mixed reactions about the….show they where witnessing.
Dadi: hain rabba….aaj kal ke bache bhi na….

Markandya slipped an arm around nikila's shoulder as they saw their children kissing.
Pushpa: shouldn't we stop them?(but she was grinning from ear to ear)
Markandya: jaane do na…their young.
He then whispered close into Pushpa's ear.
Markandya: waise kissing ka idea bura nahi hain
Pushpa hid her smile and rolled her eyes at her husband. She then slightly pushed him.
Pushpa: umer dekhi hain apni
They both broke into a laugh.

Surbhi pulled away from Abhay in shyness…her eyes downcast, a coy smile on her lips. Abhay gently put a strand of hair behind Surbhi's ear and placed his forehead on her's.
Abhay: I love you…
Surbhi: I love you too.

Surbhi looked through round net up at the moon, and then saw Abhay through it….the love of her life. He looked back at her…with so much passion in his eyes. Surbhi sipped the liquid substance given to her by Abhay. Surbhi then held Abhay's hand and pulled him inside.
Surbhi: lets go…I'll get you some food.
Abhay fowned: get me some food? Aren't you the one fasting?
Surbhi gave a coy smile.
Surbhi: did you anything today?
She got her answer when there was no reply from Abhay.
Surbhi: jaanti thi...you didn't eat anything at all today either. That's why I'm going to get some food for the both of us. But you shouldn't do that Abhay…its bad for your health.
Abhay raised their joined hands to his lips and softly kissed Surbhi's hand.
Abhay: if you can stay hungry for me this whole day then why can't i?
He raised his hand to hush Surbhi when she began to protest.
Abhay: baat khatam Surbhi..common lets go…I'm starving…..
And they both walked inside, but Surbhi stopped when they were passing the mandir.
Abhay: what happened?
Surbhi: Abhay why don't you go on…I'll be right with you.
Abhay looked at the mandir entrance and then back at Surbhi. He understood and so left her alone.
Surbhi queitly entered the mandir and put her hands together in a prayer. When she first married Abhay she was here as well…in this same spot…praying for a succesful marriage. who knew that she will not only get a succesful marriage, but she will also find the love of her life.

Surbhi voiceover: log dua karte hain ke usko apne pyaar saath janmo tak mile…lekin mein aaj dua karti hoon…ke Abhay mujhe har janam mein mile…meri pathi banke…mera pyaar banke…aaj yeh vachan lethi hoon…ke Abhay ko mein qayamath tak pyaar karoongi…aur ho sake tho uske baad bhi.

She turned to leave and saw Abhay waiting for her. Abhay wrapped an arm around Surbhi's waist as they walked away…together.


Two boys in their early twenties walked outside to the gardens, in search of their parents.
Boy 1: Prem are you sure mom and dad will be here?
Prem: Varun we searched the whole house. This is the only place they can be.
They both turned and true enough, saw their parents sitting on the swing.
A smile appeared on prem and varun's face at seeing their parents. Years have not dimmed the love shining in both their eyes.

Abhay had some laughter wrinkles around his eyes, but he was still devestatingly handsome. Girls will still swoon over him. And even after all these years, Surbh still had the natural beauty that many people envied. Just a few strands of gray hair were mixed with her beautiful raven waves. Abhay had his arm around Surbhi's shoulder when he spotted his two sons coming their way.

Prem: hi mom…wazzup dad.
Varun and Prem kissed their mother's cheek softly and touched their fist with their father's.
Surbhi: did you want anything?
Prem: nah mom…just wanted to let you know that varun and I will be going out tonight.
Surbhi: ok but don't be home too late.
Varun: yes ma'am.
Abhay: have fun…(he then winked at his sons)…especially with some girls.
Prem and varun grinned at their father, still so young at heart. He was more like a best friend than a father to them.
Surbhi poked Abhay with her elbow.
Surbhi: aap bhi Abhay…bacho ko kya kya sikate hain.
Abhay: what…they got my handsome good looks…getting aquainted with girls shouldn't be a problem. and if they do have a problem….(he then looked at his sons) ….then they are not my sons.
All four broke into laughter.
Prem: alright we'll leave now.
Abhay pulled Surbhi closer.
Abhay: hurry up and leave…I can't even spend a decent hour with Surbhi alone.
Surbhi: Abhay….
But prem and varun were the least offended. They both walked away with grins on their handsome faces.

Abhay: ok so where were we?
Surbhi: Abhay common…you still act like such a kid.
Abhay's expression turned serious at that.
Abhay: and yet you still love me….Surbhi I've been wanted to ask you something for a really long time now…
Surbhi gave her full attention to Abhay…she knew when Abhay was in a serious mood.
Abhay's eyes turned dark with emotion…and she felt her heartbeat fasten. Strange how after all these years….Surbhi still felt goosebumps with just one look from Abhay.

Abhay continued: I remember how I used to be…parties, drinking, fights, friends, all these were the center of my life. I used to have a horrible temper…
Surbhi cut in: you still have a horrible temper…
Abhay: ok maybe I do….but I could never control it before. I can now. But….despite all of my bad habits…how did you still fall in love with me? How did I get so lucky?

Surbhi smiled: you went to parties because you love enjoying life, you drink when you're hurt or stressed, you fight when you see someone doing something wrong, you care about your friends a lot, and you loose your temper when someone you love gets hurt. These are not bad habits in my eyes. You are good man Abhay, you always where. So full of life. Pyaar tho hona hi tha

A wind misplaced a strand of Surbhi's hair, and just like so many other times, Abhay gently put it behind her ear. Surbhi placed her head on Abhay's shoulder and they watched the sun set. The different hues of red, orange, yellow, and pink filled the sky. They made a good life together…and prayed that they get the chance of being together like this…forever…and even after that.


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