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Mistis thoughts 4th March 2011 (Page 3)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chalhov

Misti hilarious LOL
I thought u will name bumbumbhole yes man today itself Yes Chirkut does not even bother to remember the names of his GFs but does have a smooth way of covering upLOL

Bumbumbhole I am waiting...I will change his name to Sriman Anguthachoos if they show him as the yes man without any brains. Chirkut was fine.......remembering the names of his girlfriends is not that important as having an easy life and saving his butt.
Chirkut tells bumbumbholei to get married but bumbumbhole is waiting for his ahasas and his ahsas is singing a lovely song.......Big smile..........I mean Phuljhari is singing a bhajan and remembering her childhood days with the junior bumbumbhole.  But why are the harmonium uncle and the table uncle still playing their instruments when the song has finished?Wacko

ROFLROFLROFLdirector must have forgotten to tell them to stop
I was literally scratching my head was like a mime show.

Look who is here Champakali eating channas and she tells the babaji that she is applying a very strong foundation by continuing in the same class for three years.........D'oh..

and she can keep on studying class 10 till she gets married

Kabutarni and chintamani went up the stairs

To resolve some important matter

Chintamani fell down and broke his crown a

And Kabutarni came galloping after.

and again passing the buck the visit will fall on BumBumbholes shoulders. but who will tumble this time........ConfusedLOL

lets see........and I hope they will be showing a different temple.

Regarding Bholenath maybe he will start as yes man and when Phuljari comes he will slowly become no man much to the annoyance of Kabutarni.LOL Virat looks like a worse form of Kabutarni
Don't want him to wait for superwoman Radhika...had enough of the mahaan business in CB1.If he changes then it has to be on his own.

Well for me this was the introduction of adult characters except chenu who may be making a quick buck in Mathura with his ek ruppiaya do ruppiaya business with inflation and growing up he must have increased his ratesWinkLOL
I am waiting for Chenus new rates.Wink

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RADEV1000

Misti always..luv to read ur deep n matured analysis..ClapClap...n ur exactly r8..we always use to c Dev as a boy with a very dignified n strong persona...he could not remain as kabutarni's yes man....!!!!!!Ouch...but i think it will not goin 2 happen soon...hope creative will work over it soon...  any way inspite of everythin our Avi n Rubi rocked today...StarStar

Thanks RADEV1000.......I really do wish that the creatives get their act together and work on their script to make it logical. 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tilashini

Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu(DEV)..
Tujhe Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karu
Tujhe Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karu...Day DreamingLOL

Tigu how are you today? Did you call the ambulance or were the smelling salts enough.Wink

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by why3

Originally posted by misti73


I haven't seen the episode, but this is a pingponging of all characters including Maheswari.  She was an open book to everyone where Padma and Dadima were aware of her faults.  They used to respond to her in their own way.  It is the first episode and want to see interaction of Padma and Amma before commenting.  But so far Dev seems to be in awe of Kabutarni for taking care of everything. 
Didn't they describe him as rough and tough?  Also, he is outspoken and aware of his rights.  Looking to see that.  But it seems that Maheswari would be the cold manipulator.  If they were planning to do that, why make her open book in the first place? 

Thats it if they were planning on making Maheshwari as the main manipulator then why on earth show her as an open book.....there is no way a hot headed open book person can manipulate so many people without slipping. That is not possible. There is one way that can be shown and that is if someone else is in the backgroun silently manipulating her and conning her into believing that she is successful when she is not.....but then either Dev has be aware of the plan and just playing along for the time being or he should be made aware of the plan....I too want to see some more of Padma and amma to get a clearer picture.

 Dev was a favorite character for me when he was intelligent.  He totally went down in my estimation when they made him robotic Abhay.  They are doing that again and I wouldn't be able to stand him.  Why do they do that?  Why does one of the lead have to be dumbed down?  Hope this is temporary and they change back Dev to his original self.  He can still be shown to do Maheswari's work without appreciating her much.  He could do it thinking that his grandfather chose her and it is his duty to make sure that the RP work is going fine.  He can still agree with her decision of getting Rohan married.  But why this need to show that her word is unshakeable for him?  The audience won't like this type of Dev for long.  I for one was totally repelled with Abhay's character in the last month of CB1.

The blind faith in Maheshwari from Dev is not something I am interested in..he can show blind faith but be something else in the background.

How is Padma ok with Maheswari making decisions about her son?  She was shown to be strong.  So, shouldn't she interfere in this kind of decisions.  For the sake of TRPs, they are hurrying everything.  Establish relationships between characters that make sense. 
Yes today was strange....Padma whom Maheshwari openly ridiculed and towards whom she  only changed her behaviour after she took charge is silently standing and smiling when Maheshwari is pushing Rohan to get married.......I want to see more of Padma to see where she stands.......I mean like amma whether she is also keeping quiet. I really hope that they do not rush to the one month wedding and marriage just to get Radhika in Mathura house.........would prefer if they take it slowly and built up the characterisation and show the characters interaction to each other to form a base....then they can go into the story.
They showed two days ago that Radhika did not believe Chanda until chenu spoke up.  Also, she didn't cover for Chanda.  Now she is doing that and looking surprised.
Thats why I am surprised..they do have two directors so it is possible that they were shot by different people and in their laziness and incompetence they did not check what was shown before.
Wow my lament would start soon about ruining characters from the very beginning.   The research done by chunnu munnu found various ingredients of CB1 and are mashing them together.  So, for now 100 meter ehsas is available on both sides and will be showing having a spiritual connection.  Then they would show tears on both sides with Dev thinking Radhika is for Rohan and same for Radhika.  So that is part 1 of CB1.  Then Radhika finding out about Dev and refusing the marriage and still hiding that Dev is her husband (part 2 of CB1).  Trying to convince Dev to confess his feelings for her (part 1-2 of CB1).  Then some partial truth coming out, coronation of Dev as RP and entry of Radhika as CB (Part 3 of CB1) with Dev acting dumb about Kabutarni (last part of CB1).  Finally Radhika and her small battles with Kabutarni (Dadaji would be like Dadi cheering Radhika silently) - all the parts of CB1.  By that time audience would be fed up and suddenly Kabutarni would reform and everything would be great.  In the middle, the red gowns and weddings & SRs along with bare-chested Dev would show up to increase the ratings.
Yes with the dumbed down version of Dev and the artificially stronger Maheshwari this is quite possible.

Edited by misti73 - 04 March 2011 at 1:51pm

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neerjashingla

 misti your comments were  quite amusing ..i could not stop laughing when i was reading, specially the first part and your poem....As Maheshwari knows what she has done to RP and because of that to be in good books of everyone ,she is playing goody-goody....Now she has changed her tactics,not impulsive anymore ....Sweet on the surface.Already has plans for the future ..Seen her caring so much for RP ,may be people around her , accepted her changed personality...As i have already mentioned ,do not think PH will repeat their past mistakes, hope so.....They must be knowing where they went wrong and how they caricatured  a beautiful story...In the later part everybody was fed up with Abhay,s caricatured character.....Yes here Dev can be First part of abhay , but PH will not repeat  next part of Abhay...If they have done their research- work properly then wait for the story to unfold further...I wait for your comments and  really enjoy them ...

Thanks Neerja for the appreciation.

Maheshwari playing goody goody and not slipping is not logical to me........she has not been shown as a cool headed person....instead she has been shown as a hot headed for a person with her temperamant to act like that will be next to impossible...her real nature will come out and here they are showing that everyone  is smiling.........either she has been artificially and illogically made stronger or both amma and padma are playing with her. I also do not accept that the PH will not repeat what they have done before....they again showed a little girl almost getting burnt.......although they stopped it but they did not show the father telling off the mother that one should not scare kids with fire. If the PH had learned their lessons then they would not have shown ayone trying to burn Radhika again.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Ok, finally I saw the episode and despite Misti's warning, it was worse than expected.  

What a disappointing show!!!!

Where to start?

Well let me state what I liked first and then I will go to dislikes.

1.  Radhika pursuing her education and then getting admission to the University on a scholarship.  Does it mean that she and Chanda are same age as she would have passed 12th grade too if she hadn't failed for three years? Or is Radhika going to Masters program and is now 21 years old (about 3 years older than Chanda)

2.  Everything about Radhika except for her surprised expression.  Will let it go for today and then decide later if her characterization has been changed too.  Liked that she is happy to go to the function regardless of mother's objection.

3.  Liked the father standing up for Radhika's happiness despite everything.


1.  Dev the most.   I will get to Maheswari later.

Today has to be the first time that I didn't like Avinash as Dev at all.  Dev didn't seem to have chemistry with anybody.  There was some with Rohan but not that much either.  He seemed to standout in that family as separate and yet was shown to be chummy and smiling like a puppet at everyone.  His scenes just did not make any sense what so ever.  It seems as if there were two writers - one for kids section and other for adults.  The writer for adult characters is terrible.

They totally spoiled his entry from yesterday's show.  He was impressive only until he was in the water.  Then he sucked big time.  I could even accept his scenes with Rohan as they showed they were friends in the second episode and after that they made Rohan a puppet of Virath.  But assuming they are going with characterization of second episode, I could accept their scenes.

But then his dialogues to Rohan about being responsible as poor Badi ma is doing so much were terrible.  This is what I was afraid of when they showed chota Dev mouthing those dialogues.  For a minute I would assume that he loves Dadaji and hence feels that Badi ma is taking good care of him.  But he must be visiting Dadaji everyday and can't tell from his expressions that he is angry and frustrated.  Will wait to see his interaction with Dadaji and what they have done to justify Dev's infatuation with Maheswari.

2.  Even if Padma and Dai are nodding, I would like to see their skepticism.  Both were fully aware of Maheswari's faults and yet they were just nodding silently today.  Will wait and watch for these two.

3.  Adult characters - Except for Rohan,  I disliked Virath, Mohini and Chanda.  Chanda did not seem to be from a low class family from her dialogue delivery.  There was this city accent in her Hindi tone as if she was from some metro area.  The actor playing Virath did not impress at all with his glaring at the camera.  Mohini seemed like a retard with her makeup, actions and dialogues.  Is she for comical purposes as Deepika was?  But Deepika came out to be an innocent person and Mohini seemed silly.  The kid playing Virath was so good but the adult character looks and sounds different.

4.  Maheswari - They seem to be making her one of those vamps who are ruling TV these days such as Amma of Na Aana and so on.  But her introduction in last two weeks does not go with that character.  She was an open book to everyone and yet now she is being regarded as this holy woman who can do no wrong.

Talking from Abhay experience where we kept on hoping that he is faking his memory loss, I am having a strong feeling that they are making Dev a dumb Abhay who would push Radhika to marry Rohan.  I have a feeling that my comments in few weeks would be for Radhika to dump both Rohan and dumb Dev and find someone else from the University which would definitely bring me brickbats from forum viewers.

Finally, why are they hurrying everything to happen in a month.  It is because they want to bring Radhika to Mathura to live with this family.  They just seem incapable of writing stories where characters can live away from one another and still show interaction.  I hope they show Radhika living in a hostel and going to the University.  Let her interact with Dev and Rohan outside the home even if she is engaged to Rohan.  

They are going to the maximum melodrama in next few weeks and then at the last minute, Radhika will refuse to marry Rohan as she finds out the truth about Dev and her relationship.  

Why don't they look at first few months of CB1 where Radhika was shown to live in Vrindavan for four months and Dev lived in Delhi and they barely interacted?  It was a big hit because they took time in establishing characters and stories.  Here it is a rush to bring them together and show weekly melodrama.

Conclusion:  Not impressed at all.  Hope next week is different otherwise I would find it hard to root for Dev.  I really can not take dumb lead characters.  

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Misti somehow this Mohini looks more like Deepika with her talkativeness but we have to W&W how her character will be potrayed later negative positive or bringing in the humour element..and Virat a worse version then Arjun from CB1

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bholabear IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Well said Misti and Why3. Same feelings here. Before the show started all the articles said that Rads will be more confident person and speak out - well that was there for the kids time, still to be seen in the adult Rads.

And for sure the adult Dev or should I call him Abhay again??!!! Either Maheswari has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes or CVs have changed her character to be like Katyani Devi. Too early to tell.

Miisti thought you would come up with a name for Dev today itself, but after seeing the episode, your 100% correct to see the character development and then name him. I only hope you don't have to change Phuljari's name. Let her remain a Phuljari, CVs.

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