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Jung Ke Dhasthan (An Abay Piya FF) PT80 - Pg 70 (Page 69)

trishnawaliya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2013 at 3:08am | IP Logged
hey khrishi its nice update so finally abhiya are together...

bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:07am | IP Logged
well written update
so finally abhiya together :)
so now misha also include in this group
cont soon
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Part 80

"Do you mind switching over to english?" she aksed, "Meri hindi ithni aachi bhi nahi hai." 

"During the age of magic something big happened, a girl with absolutely no real powers was kidnapped and taken away from the 

"During the age of magic something very strange happened' the day when children were taken away for the purpouse of filteration one very ordinary girl was kidnapped from there. It was the first and last time something like that happened, never had a child been kidnapped from there because only the parents and the respective children were allowed into the place. Any non-magical child could return but they were always marked so by authoraties, the strange thing was that this girl was non-magical she had absolutely no real powers." 

"So why was she kidnnapped?" Misha enquiered shifting her position a bit, "It is said that the girl was born with a strange mark near her virginal area, one that was shaped like the dark full moon. It was much latter that we found out that such marks on a girl child is not only rare but supposidly such girls give birth to dark creatures thus instantly put to death. The strange thing is that how Yashathosh found out about that legend and the girls mark is unknown but some how she was kidnapped that is the fact. It was several years latter we learned that she was raised, groomed and latter rapped into pregnancy leading to the birth of his child. A child who dissapeared for a long time only to araise again at his death as Samrat Rajan the dark prince. His appearence it was when he was eighteen to twenty years of age, at least in appearance but his powers and ability seemed much beyond it. Especially his magical ability and the powers such as illutions were beyond understanding or control. He also had the gift of bringing out the darkness in people, he made the most puritarian valued people get so highly addicted into dark acctivities that we shiver to even mention in life. The darkness had begun taking over till a point where things got messy and bigger powers had to step in just for the purpose of getting a control over things. He also some how gained the ability to control people's minds, at least the ones who were very weak. It is difficult of find someone like that because its not magic - dark or pure it's just some strange power." 

"Like hypnotisum?" Misha asked, "No not hypnotisum but stronger than that, the process is quick and powerful but it's not one person at a time but in bulk. Nobody knows how he got that power -" 

"I think I might be able to answer that." came a voice from the door, there stood Haseena dressed in her usual black dress, "There is one other person alive who has the same ability, Shehezaadhi ussko bhi yahi thaqth hai." 

"Kya?" asked the three shocked women, "Haan, Piya ko yeah power hai mind reading ka aur controling ka, lekin muje pehela yahi laga ke vo usski khoon main jo vampier ki powers hai usski waja se hai. Lekin sirf usski maauth ke baadh hi patha chala ke controling others minds is not possible by vampiers too no matter how old they are or how powerful. Sabse thaqthathvar aadhamkoour bhi nahi, aur yeah power Piya ko sikaya gaya tha kisi ne' aur Piya jo kuch bhi seekthi hai Aadhitya ko bhi sikaathi hai." 

"M-mathlab Samrat Rajan hii Piya ka Aadhithy hai? Lekin saab ko lagga vo ladka maar chuka hai." Guru ma replied shocked, Haseena though was crying tears of blood - she had raised them both, a flash of memory came across her mind. It was in a fortress near the dence forest where they were residing, at the very early hours of the morning when a freshly puberty attained Piya returned from her bath dressed in a simple cloth wrapped around her body. Another wipping her hair when a younge boy, may be a few years younger than her with thick hair and dark eyes jumped down behind her and grabbed her around the waist twirling her around. "Aadhithya! Tum ne aab thak naahaya nahi." 

"Lekin maasthi se nahi rook paaye the dhi-dhi." he replied as setting her down, "Aab aap ko phir se naahana padega." 

"Nahana tho padega muje lekin daima see daant tume leena padega." she replied nodding towards Haseena who smiled at the two of them, "Tum dhonon ke iss mazaak kaab chodoge? Tume patha hai na ke Shayanthini ko baar baar nahane se zukaam hojatha hai. Aur usse kaafi kuch sehena padtha hai." 

"Aap ko phikar karne ki koi zarurath nahi hai Haseena begum, hum kyaal raklenge aapni badi behen ka." Haseena only shook her head and laughed, at that time she was unaware of who Piya was but took care of her like her own daughter. Strict at times but mostly pampering her, "Haan haan dhikyai dhe rahi hai ke kithna kyaal rakthe ho. Tume patha hai na ke isse bahoth jaaldh bukaar chaad jathi hai phir bhi?" 

"Haan haan dhai ma muje patha hai dhi-dhi aap jaa kar chai 

"Haan haan dhai ma muje patha hai dhi-dhi ko baar baar nahaane se bukaar chad jaathi hai lekin aage se kyaal raklunga." he promised, "Kyaal tho aap ko raakna padega miya kyunki humko kaai jaana hai." 

"Phir se?" Haseena asked, there were strange people who would always keep visiting and take away Piya for a short period of time with strange excuses only to have her return washed out, week and at times even wounded badly. It took her some time to get her back to normal but even then her 'teachers' would not allow her to rest always trying to teach her something or the other from big book. When ever she was better she was also made to help in the kitchen with Haseena making food, learning what each ingredient was as well as what they were used for in terms of taste or health. There were times when she would disappear for long hours of the day only to return with bag full of herbs! She was never comfortable with any of this, "Teek hai bathayie ke kya thiyari karna padega?" 

"Vo tho aap ka kaala ghoodha vaala hii bhathayega dhaima hum ko kuch bhi patha nahi." Shehezaadhi replied with a naughty smile, as if she knew something Haseena did not - but after that particular trip it seemed that very often felt that her dear little Shehezaadhi was more than human. How right she was - that she learned only very much latter. What she did not understand though was how did she never notice the connection between Samrat Rajan and Aadhithya, the boy she had raised since he was just three. A new thought hit her though, "Lekin yeah baath main Piya ko kaise? How would I be able to tell her this? Vo aab kahaan hogi?" 

"Piya - Mehera Mansion pe jaane ke baare main bool rahi thi." Misha replied since she had spoken to her previously, "Main bhi vahaan par chalthi hoon, Misha tum seedhe Dhobrial house jaao aur Panchi ko iss ke baare main bathado."

Misha nodded and left so did Haseena strait to Mehera mansion were Sidharth was seated reading his morning news paper. Piya and Abhay entering both dressed in a beautyful set of clothes made of black silk. Piya wore an extensively worked up black ghaghra, the silver thread-work shinning across the room as she walked in' a beautyful blouse also highly decorated set on her body against the simple, pale golden dhupatta over he body. The most beautyful silver and black set was around her neck, silver bangles with black stone works in it on her wrists, think khangan like bangles at each end adding to the grandure. Abhay too was in a similarly worked black silk kurtha with silver thread works, his dothi too was made out of a silver work. A silver bracelet on his wrists, a silver rolex on the other! "Hay kids raath kaisi thi - oh sorry laagtha hai bahoth aachi thara gayi hai, dhikai dhe raha hai."           

"Biya aap bhi na." Piya winned smilling but sat down next to him, "Brakefast kahaan hai? I am starving." 

"Thiyaar hojayega, Soniya aur Dhananjayan kaana bana rahe hai." he replied just then notting down that Haseena's enterence, "Mom aap yahaan? Kya hua?" 

"Its nothing Sidharth I just came to check on Piya and Abhay." she replied gently touching Piya's head, "Tum teek tho hoo na? Good kuch khaalo phir thiyaar hojathe hai. Kaai paar jaana hai." 

"Kahaan dhaima? Dress code?" she asked, "Tum apni vahi casual kapdon ko pehenlo waise collage ke baadh hi hai. Track record main apni project ke silsile main jaa rahi ho vaise kehedhena. Waise saab kuch?" 

"Bilkul teek tha mom bechari ko aur embaresss maath kijiye." Abhay replied wrapping his arms around Piya's sholder and pulled her closer, "Abhay baath bahoth serious hai issi liye puuch rahi thi aur kuch nahi. You kids go get ready for collage, wear something loud for a change today, Samraat needs to get a warning sent out to him." 

Abhay and Piya nodded allowing her and Shidharth to be alone, "Sidharth muje tumse kuch baath kaarni thi. Vo ladka Samraat Raajan ke baare main." 

"Saamrat ke baare main?" he repeated, "Kya hua mom? Aap ithni pareshaan kyun laag rahe hai?" 

"Vohi hai Shehzaadhi ka vo dosth Aadhithya vohi hai jisne aab Samraat ke roop main waapas aaya hai. He has returned as the enimey Sidhrth the enemy who knows everything about her, specially how to destroy her. It was because of him they got to her, waarna kabhi nahi hopathi yeah kaam. He knows too much Sidharth!" 

"Mom Piya can not find out about this, vo iss baath ko patha chalthe hii tuut jaayegi." Sidharth replied, "There is more to than that we need to worry about, he has something of hers issi liye usse kaai baar kheench paaya hai apne paas. Agar usske baas vo hotha hii rehetha hai tho hum kamzoor padjayenge. It is highly dangerous Sidharth we need to find out what it is and also find a way out of it." 

"Lekin mom karenge kaise? How can we find out about such things? Piya has been luered to Yashatoshes place few times already, but mom Aadhityha ne kaise?" he asked, "Vo saaval muje bhi puuchna hai Sidharth but there is a bigger question, why? Aadhithya and Shehzaadhi were like siblings yet he did something like this to her, kuch tho baath hai." 

"There is only one place to have those questions answered, Romaniya." Haseena replied, she was about to say more but got cut off when a servent walked in with a message for them, "Sir the Dhoprials are hear they would like to meet you." 

"Please tell them I will meet them in a minute, mom aap jaayie hum iss baath ko baadh main discuss karlenge. Actually sagai ke dhin ko thai karna hai." Haseena nodded, she know that this had to be done and done soon or a lot of things would go off hand, "You go ahead for your brakefast with them - I will go speak to Chand and see if anything can be done." 

Sidharth nodded his aggreement and at the same time pulled on his mask for the Dhoprials, the ceremony had to be done before the next full moon to make the bond very powerful. Piya had already done her part to ensure that by getting to the pandit ji first, two days ago. Madhu had just got off the phone with the pandit asking him to join them for brakefast at Mehera house promissing him a pick up and dorp too. Soniya using her knowladge of astrology had already created a kundali for Sidharth that would fit in all their demands, all Piya needed now was to know which pandit. "Aunty, biya nee pandit ji ka number maanga, he wants to do some kind of puja at home before the function. Vo - actually kaafi waqth ke baadh yeahi ghar main peheli real function hai." 

"Oh aare tho issmain ithni hesitate karne ke kya zarurath thi beta? I will send you his number right now, bahoth ache pandit hai aur aache jooshi bhi lekin phir bhi thoda strict hai kuch baathon main. He is the chief pandit of the Rudhra temple!" 

"Koi baath nahi hai aunty, I wil speak to him homefully koi solution tho milega." saying so she went out to call the pandit speaking to him briefly and asking for a chance to meet. When they did meet though things seemed much more easier, as if it was prewritten and they just had to win, the man was no ordinary Rudhra pandit but part of the few human clans who knew who she was and who Rudhra was thus recogonizing her instantly. "Rudhra aap humare maandhir thaak aaye, isse zyadha badi baath humare liye kya ho saktha hai kahiye kya kaare aap ka iss chotia se naukaar aap ke liye." 

Piya briefed him on what he was supposed to do and also the ceremonies to be conducted simeltaniously in the Mehera house hold when the sagai was taking place at Dhoprial house as well as on the wedding day. Now it was their turn to fix it down and tight, the Doprials had arrived for breakfast, "Aah Mr. Dhoprial, Mrs. Dhoprial I am so glad you could make it aaj ke liye aap ko humare cook ke interesting khaana milega - Piya thodi bussy thi." 

"Aacha? Tho kya vo brakefast ke liye nahi aayegi?" Arnav asked upset about not being able to see his daughter, "Lekin ithini bussy nahi thi ke brakefast ko bhi miss kardhoon." 

They turned around to see Piya dressed in a beautyful long cream and oilive green printed skirt using a modern art design with a olive green sleeveless topped off by a cream (short-sleaved) jacket. She wore a thin gold chain around her neck with a green emerald flower and dropping pearl shaped pendent with a similar designed (but smaller version) on her ears too. A beautiful gold wrist watch on one had and the other had a beautiful emerald studded bracelet with a similar floral design screaming richness. A mild makeup shinning across her beautiful face, something Madhu was quick to take note of being the woman she was, Piya ithni saaj dhaaj ke? Ithni aachi kapde bhi pehenkar? Kya Sidharth issue force kaar rah hai? Panchi ko Paane ke liye? Hoo kya rah hai yahaan? Even though Piya did read the thoughts from Madhu but she was carefully placed her responce, "Aunty, uncle aayie naa brakefast ke saath baath bhi karlenge." 

"Yeah - actually I am afraid baath aap ko Piya se hii karna padega." Sidhrarth added, "She is all the family I have right now and she is the person who knows these ceremonies better than me. Agar main baath kartha tho shayaadh aadhe se zyadha baathon ko buuljaaunga." 

Madhu laughed and through brakefast they had a good clear chat about the ceremonies of the engagement and the minor detailes involved. At the end, Arnav dropped the spoon into his empty bowl of kheer after the second helping, "Tho paaandiit ko date and time ke liye contact karlenge?" 

"Sure - aur usske baadh main desighner ko contact kardungi kapdon aur jwellery ke liye. Tredition consists of the color codes and other details bhi hai -" Piya added getting up too after finnishing her own brakefast when Sidharth's phone beeped, Panchi? Panchi muje aab kyun contact kar rahi hai? "Alina's one of the ancients daughter, Piya would need to know."      

Sidharth waited till the Dhobrials' left before she asked, "Shayna beta who are the ancients!" 

The shehezaadhi grew pale'   


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bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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great update... after so long at last u updated  :)
loved the flash memory scene and the way story narrate to misha awsome scene... sid is so cool
so now piya is in danger ... cont soon
trishnawaliya IF-Dazzler

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hey sorry 4 late comment...

amazing update with big twist... i dont believe that Adhithya is sam... a backstepper... a lovely update...

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