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Jung Ke Dhasthan (An Abay Piya FF) PT80 - Pg 70 (Page 60)

bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 8:20am | IP Logged
waiting 4 update yar cont soon

shakthi04 Senior Member

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will update today - took littile time to keep the suspence going!
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Part 61


Panchi and Sidharth worked out a complete system that would help Misha get preoccupied till both of them nearly fell asleep' their bodies deliciously close and a warmth wonderfully excellent as the sweet smell of room freshener only added to the mood. Her soft queen size bed had enough space for them to grow closer in tierdness and frustation. At least that was the seen that that caught sight of Haseena when she jumped in through Panchi's window, "Piya was right these two have either too much self control or compleately lack understanding of what they have."


"Panchi! Sidharth time to get up and I want you up on the double." she added making them jerk awake, "Sorry! Vo hum donon kaam kar rahe the'"


"That is not the problem at all! Chand has contacted them and you have their permision as well but we have a bigger problem in hand now. Urgent meeting outside the cave now!"


To say they were up and ready in just a few moments would be an understatement. The moment they skid on the forest floor outside the cave the first statement Sidharth demanded was to Piya who seemed to be ready for her morning work out just like Abhay and Haseena, "Kya hua?"


"Amritha has crossed the limits this time, she has tried to capture Khabir again. Aacha hua issbar Angad uske saath tha and he kind of freeked out allowing the body gaurds to get alart lekin har baar aise nahi hosakta hai. We are going to have to get Khabir into total protection and conduct a level three research on him including the chakras to be checked properly. Panchi I want you to take over that aspect, rather your the only one I can trust with it."


"Ofcource Shay anything for you baby." Panchi smiled raising the bottle of water in her hand like a toast as Sidharth rolled his eyes, "Perfect, when they are at it I want the researchers to start looking into the history of this family, royals hai so I am sure its very clearly recorded somewhere. Daima aap usse dheklenge please?"


"Ofcource." she smile lightly but her eyes reflected the fear within her mind as she adjusted the black jacket she was wearing, "That reminds me Chand kahaan hai?"


"Ek bussiness meeting ke liye gaye hai." she replied, "Dr. Rakshanda Thalwar ke saath? Mom you and I both know it's not true."


"You and I know very clearly know that it is not at all true." she sighed, "Kya Chand guru ma ke saath vo meeting par gaye hai? The one I specifically asked you not to go to right?"


"Piya I tried to stop them but once Chand found out Misha was a dark flame'." Piya raised her hand making her stop, "It's ok daima issmain aap ke koi galathi nahi hai. Leave it - Sidharth and Panchi can the two of you please contine working on keeping our litte flame under control. Maithili kya tum kuch dino ke liye muje chod kar Misha par nazar rak paogi?"


"Agar yeahi tumhari marzi hai tho haan kar sakti hoon." she replied, "Lekin hum Misha ke saamne nahi jaapayengi, sirf katinayi main uski madhath kar payenge."


"That is more than enough." she replied sighing and looking up at the sky out of frustration, "Abhay! We need to go to Poison Ivy, ek ladka hai jisko bachana padega."


"Kaunsa?" he asked supprised and Piya pulled out her Iphone showing a picture of a young man with dark eyes and a slightly dark skin, his thick hair was jelled up lightly making the black shirt he wore look more classic as well as cool at the same time, "Yeah ladka? Iska naam Jai Khurana hai and he's a DJ in Poison Ivy what is the big deal?"


"His real name is Jaidheep and we need to get him out of there." Piya replied, nodding at a new person who just joined them dressed in a white track pants and a sea green tshirt, "Sorry Shay dheer hogayi thi '"


"Happens, by the way this is Soniya. Soniya humari team ki khaas member hai more importantly Sidharth aur Sugand ke baad meri bachpan ka ek aur connection. You already know the rest of the team so what other news do you have for us?"


"Khabir Singh Rathor is back on the radar but Misha seems to be the fly in the spiders parlor. I took a chance to have her tested when she came to visit Khabir, results will be out soon so we can know how far he has actually gone."


Piya nodded appreciatively, "Perfect, Khabir and Misha are top priority in protection list so lets focus on them."


"We will not let them out of our control this time Shayna." Sidharth promised making Piya's eyes gleam with a strange aura, "We better not Sidharth, I am certainly not making the same mistake twice."


"Shehezadi please, ussmain aap ki koi galathi nahi hai. You had no idea, none of us did not even your parents." Haseena's responce cut acorss the air like a spear into her air, "Lekin dhaima -"


"Nahi Shehezadhi, aap bagwaan nahi hai, uss dhin jo kuch bhi hua ussmain aap ki koi bhi galathi nahi hai." she insisted rubbing the younger girls' shoulder firmly, "Nahi dhaima maine khud apne ladla ko unlogon ke hawale kar dhiya." She replied suddenly going away from the group trying desperately to hide her tears.   



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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 12:00am | IP Logged
lovely update
bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 6:28am | IP Logged
nice update...lets see how they protect misha and kabir...cont soon
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Awesome update
I lke it
But wht really happened wid kabir
Oh misha is in danger
Wnt some abhiya
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Part 62

"Nahi Shehezadhi, aap bagwaan nahi hai, uss dhin jo kuch bhi hua ussmain aap ki koi bhi galathi nahi hai." she insisted rubbing the younger girls' shoulder firmly, "Nahi dhaima maine khud apne ladla ko unlogon ke hawale kar dhiya." She replied suddenly going away from the group trying desperately to hide her tears…. 

Tears that reflected in a pair of green eyes that watched her hidden behind a tree, "Aap ki dhil tho aaj bhi ek phool ke thara masoom hai Rudhra. Lekin iss maasumiyath ke pehechan tho kisi ko nahi hai, humare siva… That reminds me Soniya hume ek bar Abhay se milna hai, a face-to-face meeting please." 

"Aap ke khwaish tho thodi dheer main pura hojayega sahib, lekin aab aap ko kai aur tho jaana chahiye, hai na?" Soniya pressed him gently with a smile, "Haan jaana tho padega warna hum Piya se kaise mil payenge?" 

A smile was enough to have both of them transported out of there in thin air as Piya went across the same lands wiping her tears and her eyes filled in anger. Anger that suddenly made her brake into a run across the jungle's path and down the path that she knew would lead her to the thantrhik. A mad dash that finally lead her to the main road she was forced to cross without using her powers at the sight of a tea vender. Calmly walking up to him Piya gave her sweetest smile and asked, "Suniye yahaan par Gulvaadhi Khandhera ki ghar kahaan par hai?" 

"Gulavaandi ki ghar? Lekin aap vahan par kyun jaana chahathe hai? Aap khaafi sharif khaandhan se bhi lagthe hai aur vo tho thodi si paagal hai maimsaab." Piya's eyes flashed with triumph but camly repied the man, "Dhekiye aap please muje bathayi ke vo hai kahan, vo issi area main hai muje patha hai lekin kahaan muje nahi patha." 

"Aap tho ithna paas aagaye hai tho kyud uss madhoos ghar ke patha jaan lijiye, mere saar par vo paap lagane ka koi irada nadi hai." this made Piya really loose her temper, how dare that thantrhika play her pathatic trick on her, "Dhekiye main ithni paas aagayi aur aap keherahe hai ke muje uss ghar ke raastha nahi bathayenge?"         

Someone called out from across the road on the side, "Aay Babu ho kya rahe hai vahan?" 

Piya turned to her right to see the owner of the voice behind the wired fence. He himself was seated on a large tier working away with his tools on what looked like a party of the white car that was behind him, a car that was partially covering the beautiful cream wall that was behind it. He himself was dressed in a simple black jeans. His hair was set in a slight side parting but largely left a mess along with a slightly unkept beard that was threatening to grow beyond the rugged stage, but what truly caught Piya's attention was his green eyes. Eyes that shone beyond his busy eye-brows and soft skin…. even beyond the beautifully decorated tattoo on his left arm, "Aare koi pagal ladki uss madoos gar ke path maang rah hai. Muje nazi sheen kiss ki ma baap ke sharp ko." 

The man laughed at the statement and walked up to the tea stall bending across the fence at one particular spot, "Tu math kar miya lekin hum tho kar skate hai, khud ke ma baap ka shrap ne muje kuch nahi kiya tho aab isski ma baap ke shrap kya karega muje? Aay chokiri suno tume baas thode aage jaana padega, phir left lelena vahan par ek ghar hai, aajeeb si ghar aur deed sari peed paudhe. Patha nahi kya karthi hai vahan par lekin tume zarur maza aayega. Hai na sweethert? Tu tho lagthi hai ek gusse waali - shakal se!" 

Winking at her he placed the glass back on the store, "Tu tho khud jaa sakti ho na?"

"Ja sakti hoon." she nodded, moving towards the direction that was showed by the man compleately ignoring the eyes that followed her as she walked up the road and into the very house that was clearly the home of a thantick. Plants seem to create a compond more than the walls, the trees were ones that grew fast and provided even more when used correctly. Anger pulsed through her body as she dashed up the steps and right inot the dimly lit house that was set all over with charms, magical instruments and manny more magical instruments and a younge girl not older than fifteen standing there dressed in  simple white dress. "Suno, tumhari malkin kahaan hai?"

The girl snapped her dark eyes speaking a tone her pale skin and growing features could never express, "Andhar hai Shehezadi, aur haan vo malkin nahi behen hai meri, zabaan dhyan se chalana." 

"Mere dosth kahaan hai?" Piya asked looking at her with even more anger flowing through her veins, "Hai andar ek cup chai aura deed sari kithabon ke saath. Tuje kya chahiye?"

Piya sighed and rubbed her forehead, "Mere dosth, aur kya jao aur unko bulakar aao." 

"Aathi hoon." she turned with a snap and began shouting, "Aare ooh didi algayi hai vo chamkili apnea pair ka tha tha thiya karthe hue." 

The response was a young lady dressed in a dark blue sari with a yellow pall folded over her shoulder making her already fair skin shine even more against the dark color. Her simple silver jewelry clicked against her wrist and neck, or at least from the point Piya could see. The lady had pulled ghungat so low that not even her neck could be seen, "Shehezadi merri choti been ki pagalpan ko maaf kijiye, aap humare iss chota sa gar pe aye hai, hummer liye bath bad baath hai." 

"Hogi… hog… suno Guru ma Jayanthini Devi aur Senik Chand ko beejo humko jaana hai." she snapped to which the lady responded softly, "Ji maaf kijiye lekin unhone yahan kuch khithaben lene ke liye aaye hai, mere gyaan nahi. Humare aankon main itna thaqath nahi hai ke hum vo saab kuch dhek sakte hai jaise aap soch rahe hai." 

"Aacha hua nazi hai. Kahaan hai donna?" Piya demanded once again, "Sorry Rudhra…. hum donon tumhari aagya ko thoodna nahi chahathe the lekin sif Nandhini ke paas humare vo saare materials hai jo hume chahiye." 

"Chand aap ne aise kyun kiya?" Piya demanded, "Aap mujse matterials ke liye joot bolne ke kya zarurath tha?" 

"I know how you feel -" he got cut of by her, "No daddy, aisle kuch bhi nazi hai, mere feelings se baadkar hai humara karma. We have the lives of those innocent people in our hands, please don't do such a thing ever again." 

"I'm sorry beta, this shall not happen again. You have once again proved your worth!" he replied gently pushing Piya's hair back from her face. She responded with a smile and muttered a good by before leaving from the place and going back to the hideout where she found Abhay waiting for her holding two mugs of coffee…. "Hi Piya…" 

"Abhay? I'm sorry I really should not be running around like that." she replied sitting down next to him on the swing and picked up her cup, "It's ok Piya lekin kam se kam yeah tho bathao ke tum ithni stressed our depressed kyun ho?"

"Aise kuch bhi nazi hai Abhay." she replied looking away, he gently turned her face towards him with a finger under her chin, "Tume tho jhoot bolna nahi aatha tho kosish kyun karthi ho? Bolo!" 

Sighning Piya begun the story that started it all… the story of her past. "Jaab main Shehezadi Shayanthini Devi thi tho maine bahoth kuch kiya…. sirf training hii nahi. Kaai bar mug Yashathosh ka minions ko deal karne ke mauka mila aur unko maaarne ko bhi. Lekin mere liye vo saab sir ek vaccination tha and jo bhi mere saath the unko ache there path tha ke yeah saab mere liye sir ek vaccination tha. Ofcource initially I never took such things seriously, pehele muje tho apne powers ek mazak laga. Aur jo logo muje maarne ke liye aathe the unpar pranks pull kiya karthi thi…. Har bare aisle hi hothi thi, main unlogon ko kuch stupid si prank main phasakar bagathi thi aur daima mere peach pad jathi thi. Lekin mere pehele real assignment main muje apne aasli thaakath aur use jude hue sari baathon ka path kiya. Thabhi main uses mili thi… vo ladka jisse maine ek chota bhai ka jaga dhekar bada kiya."     


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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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haaa krishi..
i was one of ur regular readers n u never PMed after updating part 59..the prev post of urs i have liked na..
no problem..i dont know how i missed the change in title..just today i noticed the change in title..
ok..let me read all the 4 updates..
hope u r regular in updating now..

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