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Jung Ke Dhasthan (An Abay Piya FF) PT80 - Pg 70 (Page 39)

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Page 41 

"Shehezadi?" Panchi wispered looking at Piya her eyes wide with shock and respect for the girl who's eyes had suddenly turned golden right in front of her. An avathar that thundered power creating a cage around them as she tested her before turning to the man, "Thanktrik?"

"SHAY! Shay it's ok she is clear guru ma ne khud usse clear kar diya." Piya turned to Sidharth who stood there carefully before letting out a sigh and relaxing, "Lekin tum ho kaun?"

"Panchi - Panchaksaron ka rakwali." she replied her eyes connecting with Piya's, a conneciton that drove across the limits of the body and into the depths of the mind and for the first time Panchi saw the Piya beyond the sweet and shy girl she presented to everyone. A girl filled with hot power and cold emotions that made her seem above all the term shakthi ka roop suddenly had a different meaning! A compleately different meaning, a meaning that was being transformed in front of her very eyes yet nothing seemed to change. "Sorry karna zaruri tha my experience with thankthriks is not too good. Shrap kithna gehera hai?" 

"Uthna gehera ke agar vo loog mere saamne hai phir bhi main aap ko unke baare main bathanhi paungi aur koshish kia tho bhi nahi batha sakti. Aap - tum ko andaza bhi nahi hai ke Piya ke main kithni majboor hoon." 

Piya raised her hand to stop her, "Main saab jaanthi hoon, tumhari majboori bhi aur shraap bhi and I am willing to take you into my team despite that. Panchi I accept that each member is going to have some week point or the other but I am willing to work with it and in your case we are going to have to pull a lot of leverages. That is because I know, muje ptha hai ke tum chaahe jithna bhi majboor ho apni goal se nahi hotogi you will always find a way around."

"Thank you for placing your trust on me." Panchi replied looking at her hands, "I will try my best to help you out, unfortunately muje aab kuch aur responsibilities hai in this war." 

"I understand and if you need any aid you can ask me." she added streching her hand, "So allies?" 

"Allies!" Panchi added shaking her hand, "Great! We'll discuss this further some other time is that ok with you? Main tume message karthi hoon." 

"Ofcourse waise muje bhi jana hai, play the part of the perfect daughter." Piya nodded and waved as Sidharth wrappe his arm around her shouler, "Shay main Panchi ko ghar thak chodkar aatha hoon I need to have a chat with her tum dada ke saath hideout chale jaana. Car keys!" 

"Hideout? Ok! By sir have a nice day." she quickly ran away from there right into Dhanish's expert hold. "Kya hua chotu?" 

"I just found out Panchi is a thanktrhik, oh no don't tell me you knew!" he gave a sleepish smile, "Sid ne bathaya pura history lekin tume issmain kya problem hai?" 

"Muje doke dene waali bhi ek thanthrik thi." she replied getting into the car, "Maine bhi tum hurt kiya lekin tum muje trust karthi ho." 

"Aap ko nahi apni Randesi ki magic ko dada." she replied, "Uski mamtha daldiya usne jo kabhi galath logon ko nahi chunega. Lekin haan Panchi ko ek chance dungi, a benifit of doubt isse maine usse humari allay banatho diya." 

"Samaj sakta hoon Piya and I know ke tum apni decitions humesha dusron ko aur apni farz ko andaza main rak kar karthi ho. Lekin tume bhi jeena hai chotu warna farz nibathe nibathe tum khud andar hi andar toot jagogi." 

"I understand biya and I will try my best." she added taking a sharp turn, "Lekin mere liye meri farz hi sabse pehela hai. Pichli baar main kaise bach paayi kudh nahi jaanthi, shrinkar ke liye baiti thi jaab muje kabar mili ke vo loog andar aagaye the lekin phir bhi kuch nahi kar payi. Meri saathion ko uski keemath chukani padi, meri galthi ki saza. I will never let it happen again dada never!"

"Tum bilkul uski thara ho Piya at times it's scary." Dhanish added Piya looked at him for  moment but did not say anything, she was aware of what his sister meant to him even though she died when she was very young. It was a silence even Abhay had to face when he opened the door, "Main nahakar aathi hoon." 

"Teek hai main khaana garam karletha hoon." Abhy replied Piya stopped in her tracks and replied, "Tum mere dosth ho Abhay is ghar ke naukar nahi, main aakar karthi hoon." 

Dhanish answered Abay's quistion, "Panchi ke baare main patha chala and it brought back the old memories. Umm Piya ko pichli baar ek thanthrik ne hi dhoka dediya, I think she was extreemly disturbed by it. Aao main coffe daltha hoon, Abhay tum Shehezadi ki zindagi ke baare main kya jaanthe ho?" 

"Nothing much, vo much kuch bhi nahi bathathi and I don't think guru ma ko bhi patha hai." Dhanish nodded pouring the watter into the coffee maker along with the powder as he spoke, "Your right because certain details sirf Piya ko patha hai, I'll fill you in what I know, uss waqth Piya ko kaafi zyada danger tha kyunki uss waqth isse chupana thoda muskil tha. Ithna thak ke uski aatara saal hone se pehele almost chaar baar jage badli thi phir bhi hamla tho hua tha jiske wajay se uski ma, Piya aur Haseena ne milkar decide kiya ke ek bahoth powerful spell ko use karke Piya ke powers ko paanch aur logon main dala jayega. The idea was to create a backup for her, a support system that she can fall back on at any point of time. Kisi ko bina kuch bathaye Piya ne ek aur kaam kar diya, uss ceremony main Piya ne waapas aane ka dharwaza bhi daal diya. Iss baath ko Piya ne kisi ko bhi nahi kaha lekin unfortunately unlogon ke paas ek aise shaks tha, someone who had the gift of sight." 

"Gift of sight? As in vo bavisha ko dhek sakthi thi." Dhanish nodded and continued, "Aur iske wajay se unlogon ko patha chal gaya ke yeah wapas aayegi lekin kab aur kahan yeah nahi patha tha. That was when it happened, jis dhin Piya ka possible... you know chunne ka ceremony conduct karne waale the there was an attack. Vahan kya hua kaise hua kuch bhi nahi patha hai lekin sirf do baathen patha hai..." 

"Maine uss thanthrik Jaydeep ko maar kar nikal gayi thi lekin apne aap ko nahi bacha paayi kyunki usne dark flames main muje cover kar diya, muje slow poison diya gaya tha so I could not use my powers either. Marne se pehele maine daima ko kehediya ke humare saath dhoka hua hai and main wapas aaungi. End of story!" Both of them looked at Piya who walked in drying her hair with a white towel, for a moment Abhay was not sure what was hot the coffee that was pouring into the flask of the coffee maker or the girl in front of him dressed in a light yellow nightdress that reached her knees. The sleaves were also quiet short and low necked enough to show off the pale red flowers printed on it. Even though he was glad she was wearing some matching shorts underneeth it was certainly not enough to control the heat that raised in the room. Yeah Dhanish ithna unaffected kaisa hai? She is bloody hot in such outfits! Abhay thought as Dhanish wrapped his arms around Piya and wispered words of comfert before handing her over to Abhay who set three mugs of coffee in front of them, "How bad was it?" 

"Kaafi khoon behegaya tha aur kuch loogon ko maar bhi daala but I was lucky enough to escape and give a warning." Piya replied knowing Abhay was asking about the fight and flight, "It was a quick move kind of thing vo aanar thi, close enough to me for binding me as she tried to hand me the clothes I was suppose to change into. Main apne paas dagger raki thi, jaise vo attack kiya maine usse maar diya and set flight, Randheshi vahi par thi ur Ghrahanndh bhi undonon par saab chodkar chali gayi thi. Unfortunately undonon ne ek aur plane create kar ke rake the jiske baare main muje baad main hii patha chala. If I leave the place before the ceromonies are finnished then it will create a time bomb within twenty minnutes making everything get destroyed. Slow poison ke wajay se main apni powers use nahi kar paayi aur khuud uss aag main burst hogkar padi hui thi. It was totally crazy!" 

Abhay quickly replaced the coffee with the warmed biriyani with some raitha and chips with Piya enjoying the meal and Abhay deep in thought. A worry that Sidharth noiced instantly when he walked into the hide out and Abhay phasing the floor, "Kya hua little brother? Trouble in paradise?" 

"More than trouble Sidharth, Piya's stress levels are begining to shoot up. Mom se baath kiya tho unhone kaha ke Piya ko distract karna padega lekin kaise? Vo kissi ko apna kareeb aane nahi derahi hai." he replied sitting down with a huff, Sidharth's usual smile left replaced with a look of concern, "Your right Abhay we need to do something special for her, something that helps her relax compleately. Something romantic, something... give me time till evening and keep Piya away from my home." 

Clappig his hands Sidharth went out of the house quickly calling Haseena, "So what do you think?" 

Haseena looked at the place, it was indeed beautyful, the hot tub was certainly large enough to fit a few people in it. It was set agisnt the corner of a wall so a large part was enclosed on three sides, the other was partially closed with some cuboards set on it but had stepps leading up to the tub. There was enough space around the tub to comfertabily place few small plates and glasses or in this case cans, there was no watter now but that could have been settled with a few push buttons. Right opposite was an outdoor bedroom with the bed nearly on the floor with covers all around. It was covered in whtie at the moment with the custons protrooding out from within, she could work on them. In between was a small lawn with bushes all round table perfect for a cozzy dinner. The place was basically very cozy and small compared to other places and set under an dark glass enclosure not allowing any outsider to look in, there was nothing but a slide door leading to either entry of exit. "Hmm not bad, I can work with this, muje shaam thaak do muje ghar se kuch cheezon ke zarurath padegi. We must do it ourseves the decoration!" 

Sidharth gave his mother the stunning smile and a hugg, "Your the best ma! Thank you so much Piya won't know what hit her!" 



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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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HEY COOLIO.Nice update.Plzz continue.Thnx 4 PMSmile
..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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wow very noce update, now eagerly looking for romantic and sensuous abhiya moments
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hei krishi,
so are they all set to make pia open up n get abhiya together..i was so wish that happens soon..looks like she is comfortable talking with everyone but not opening up herself to whom she pls give us abhiya..let them understand each other n all..
continue soon..
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Ur ff is gr8
I hope Abhiya are together soo
Continue soon
Please add me 2 ur PM list
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lovely update
thnx for the pm
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Gr8 update Krishi.. Want more Abhiya parts.. Continue soon..thanx for d
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Page 41 

Abhay leaned back agaisnt the wall and looked at Sidharth carefully, "What's the plan?" 

"You have to seduce her." he looked at Maya shocked, "No way! Piya ko main kaise?" 

"Tum kar sakte ho Abhaynthr hum tume uske saath zor zabardhasthi karne ke liye nahi keherahe hai, sirf uske aandar ji pyar hai usse jagane ke liye keherahe hai." Maithili told him as he looked away, it was cruel the way they had called him to the very place the two of them used to meet years ago for this conversation, "Lekin agar vo muje apnane main kathin ho rahi hai tho uske saath zabardasthi karunga kya?" 

"Nahi tume zabardhasthi karne ki zarurath nahi hai, baas usse seduce kar lo that's all." Maya added, "Lekin Maya..." 

"Abhaynthr ek kaam karo, usse kehedo ke vo tume apni shareer dede, sirf shareer. Hum usse ache thra jaante hai vo tume dard main nahi dek sakti aur tume na kehesakti hai. Vo tumhari hai sirf tumhari, lekin usse yeah baath jathana bhi zaruri hai." Maithili pushed him on, "Waise tume tho Piya se mohobath hai tho phikar kyun kar rahe ho? Tum baas usse kaareeb laane ke koshish karo pehele badan par lage hue duuri ko mithado aur dheere dheere maan ke dhuriyan bhi mit jayega. Abhayndr uski zindagi main bahoth dhard dheki hai jiske wajay se vo kisi ko apni kareeb aane nahi dhethi hai lekin usse tumhari zarurath hai, usse moo maath moodo." 

"Main koshish karunga Maithili lekin haan main aisa koi kaam nahi karunga jisse Piya ko dhard hoga." Maya let out a sigh, "Trust me koi tumse karne ke liye bhi nahi keheraha hai bhaas yehi keherahe hai ke tum apne bhandan ko masbooth karlo that's it. You can do this Abhay, you can do this waise tume patha hai na Piya ko tumhari zarurath hai, haar kadham main."  

"All right I'll work with the plan, muje kya karna hoga?" he finally agreed it was an agreement he was currently regretting thanks to the extensive planning his 'family' had taken up for them. Haseena was currently getting Piya ready for the 'evening of relaxation' despite Piya's protests saying she needed to study. Sidharth's instant reply shut her up easily, "Yeah kahani muje maath do, your ready for your final exams it self. Now you need to go relax compleately, go!" 

Abhay's thoughts were compleately centered around the girl who was getting ready upstairs. It was a little difficult for her to understand the world around her and her own self after all nothing was easy for her in life. "Abhay..." 

Ahbay gasped when he turned around, she indeed looked beautyful in the black wrap on skirt that fell down to her ankles lightly. the powder blue t-shirt made it so soothing for his eyes. "Piya! You look wonderful aao humare liye unlogon ne pura thiyar tho kar diya, now your duty is to sit back and relax." 

"Thiyari? Relax, kya bol rahe ho Abhay? Dha - I mean mummy ne mujse kehi kaha ke main thiyar hogjau for an evening at home. Uske siva kuch nahi kaha... baas facial karwaya aur hair brush kakiya. Kapde diya phir kai chali gayi..." 

"They have planned a relaxing evening for you Piya, saab ne apna kaam kar diya now it's my turn muje apna kaam tho karne dho. Aao mere saath." he took her hand and lead her into the room that had been transformed thansk to the effort of Haseena and Sidharth, somehting he was greateful for, the room had literally transformed, the center place was set up for a dinning area with a enclosed trolly on the side obviously filled with food, the entier place had been set up with candles but at the moment unlit, there was a sweet aroma of somehting in the air. Why is there something so familar in this smell? Ithni jani pehechani kyun hai yeh? Piya thought for a moment but instantly got distracted by Abhay touching her shoulder, "Kaisa laga tume? Sari decorations?" 

"It's wonderful Abhay, really beautyful..." she added her eyes taking in the site, the tub was filled with watter and decorated with rose pettels, just as they neared it Piya noticed the wine glasses and the cuboard was left open for them to see the bottle of rum and several cans of coke. "Maana padega, biya has class." 

Abhay looked at her, "How did you know it was Sidharth?" 

"Kyunki iss duniya main sirf do loog hai jo muje apni worries ke baare main baath karwane ke trick jaanthe hai - Sidharth biya and Soiya didi." she replied sitting down and dipping her feet in the watter careful not to wet her dress, "Hmm nice, Abhay tum bhi try karo na - oh your jeans?"

"Give me a second Piya main baas shorts badal kar aatha hoon." he replied gently kissing her on her temple and going away. He returned just in time to find her tossing off her skirt revealing the tights she had worn underneeth, slipping in next to her he gently pushed both of them into the watter. She quickly settled in his arms lightly playing with the watter allowing the roses as he poured their drink, "Kya soch rahi ho Piya?" 

Piya had taken a sip of the drink he handed her, "Hmm just everything Abhay, patha hai bachpan se lekar aaj thaak maine apni zindagi main humesha akeli thi. Dosth the, nuns the lekin phir bhi akeli thi, kuch baathon ko mom aur Soniya didi ko batha paayi thi lekin sab kuch nahi. Mama ke trust fund ke paise main ten percent ka income tho orphanage ko chaltha tha, aur jab main artist S. Ayna bangayi tho main bhi contribute karne lagi thi. I started feeling useful, I started feeling that even I was worth something... dheere dheere apna powers ko bhi control main kar diya lekin aaj thaak maine apni zindagi main ek khaalipan mehesus karthi rahi. Phir tum aaye, my knight in shining armer - zindagi main kuch teek hone laga lekin patha nahi kyun main dharne lagi thi muje patha nahi tha ke tum hi mere rakshak ho..." 

Abhay took the oppertunity when she paused to pull her closer to him, nearly on his lap and began rubbing and massaging her shoulders as the sun started setting in front of their eyes, "Aur tume apni paison ke access mil gaye lekin Piya tum muje apnane main ithni darthi kyun ho?" 

"Darthi tho hoon Abhay kyunki main tume dhard nahi de sakti, main jaanthi hoon ke tume aab bhi Maithili se mohobath karthe ho." she replied, he understood that the alcohol was getting to her system she would have never told him this when her mind was right. Deciding to push his luck he asked her, "Lekin main tum se bhi mohobath kartha hoon Piya, I love you too." 

"Nahi Abhay, main tumhare liye sirf Maithili ki replacement hoon, uski saaya... ek booj jise tume utana padega." he understood how washed out she was that day, "Patha hai Abhay, main tho thak gayi hoon, bahoth thak gayi hoon apni zindagi se. Farz aur feelings ke jung main thang aachuki hoon, koi mujse pyar nahi kartha Abhay... saab muje care tho dethe hai lekn - lekin saab apna farz nibathe rehethe hai. Tum... Chand... Dhayma... saabhi!" 

Abhay wrapped his arms around the crying girl slowly taking the glass of her hands, "Nahi Piya yeah saach nahi hai hum saab tumse bahoth pyar karthe hai. Yahan koi apna farz nahi niba raha hai Piya, actually hum saab tumse ithna pyar karthe hai ke tumhare liye hum saab kuch chod sakte hai.' 

"Nahi Abhay, koi mujse pyar nahi karte... uss waqth tho pyar mila apni ma baap se usse bhi pure thara enjoy nahi kar payi. Kithni tharasthi thi main unlogon ko apni sahi rishthe main bulane ke liye lekin kabhi nahi kar payi. Humashe dharthe the vo dhonon, humesha mujse dhoor rehethe the lekin jaab bhi mauka miltha tha bahoth pyar dethe the. Phir dhai ma, dhai ma bhi muje sirf farz ke liya pyar kiya jaab Chand ko vo mil gayi vo muje bhul gayi. Jaab bhi main une dhekthi thi aur uski aankon main nafrath dhekthi thi tho ghabra jathi thi, ek dhum akeli thi. Madhu aunty, papa... vo bhi mujse sirf farz ke liye." Abhay continued to hold her and rub her shouder as she cried venting out everything she felt. The pain that had been locked up within her for years and slowly burning her away from within, the pain he had sensed when he gave her the kiss of life but did not understand at that point of time. He could feel her constantly crying, shivering and braking from within till a point that she became unconsious, something he felt partially grateful for the only way he could comfert her was not a good idea at the moemnt. Yet he was not able to get up from there either, she was so close to him physically, emotionally and romantically too... she had surrendered her self to him, surrendered everything she had within her to him. All his thoughts were set around the unconsious angel in his arms, he just could not move, Maine aisa kya kiya ke tum muje mil gayi Piya? Tumhari pyar muje mil gaya hai... aab main tume apne aap se kabhi door nahi karunga aur tume yeah hehesaas diladuna ke tum mere liye kya ho. Hum saab ke liye kya ho tume ithna pyar dunga ke tume pyar ke kami mehesoos nahi hoga I love you Piya, I love you so much. He was not sure if he was doing the right thing or not but he did it any way, he needed to feel his connection with her even if he was cheeting her to do so, gently raising chin he kissed her on the lips. A soft kiss that she was certainly not aware of but still felt so great, he needed her and he was going to be there for her. 


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