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Jung Ke Dhasthan (An Abay Piya FF) PT80 - Pg 70 (Page 33)

_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
lovely update
I lyk it a lot
But i dont lyk piya-siddharth interaction
Anyways the rest was good
Thnx for the pm

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
hei krishi,
i got did panchi know samrat n amritha?doesnt others (abhay,sid,maya,danish) know him?do they know he is dangerous for pia?y is every others calling her shayna maam..earlier it was only sid who called that..n not in public i think..she doesnt want everyone to know that name na?n panchi didnt ask her abt that..i have too many questions in my mind..ok continue soon..
shakthi04 Senior Member

Joined: 14 February 2011
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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:32am | IP Logged
Shayna thing... that is because that is how Sidharth introduces her to the staff, even Kabhir will have the same question latter and thanks for raising it I was hoping someone will notice it. As far as Panchi recognizing, what did you expect dear? Piya instantly knowing... she does not even know he exists remember? Wink 

Aah and don't worry big twist in the next part with LOTS of answers including how Panchi knew about them. Remember in the previous part Samrat's men see someone but not able to say the name Confused that was Panchi... 

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
awesome love it great going waiting for next part so come to know about twist
..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
so is panchi the miossing guardian for piya.
dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
hey awesome ff cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
Gr8 part Dear.. Loved Sid n Piya.. Wats wit panchi.. Is she one of Piya's guardian..?? M already missing abhiya parts.. Continue soon.. Thanx for d
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged

Page 36

"Shayna?" Piya spoke into the phone, "Chand, how is the party." 

"Good that your not around but I am sure you did not call to check how my party is going. What is it?" she asked, "Do you have a car?" 

"Ordered - BMW blue sports convertible super cool one too, lots of accessories too." she replied smiling at Abhay who came and sat next to her on the couch wraping his arm around her, "Lekin aap muje yeah puchne ke liye phone nahi kiya, what is it?" 

"Your right, I called to tell you that your meeting for the collage project has been set for day after tommorow. Be prepared, this project is very important for us Shayna it is a test zone for how well our work can reach." 

"Jaanthi hoon, don't worry Chand the project is in very safe hands." she replied leaning into Abhay, "Meeting kaisi gayi has Dhanish been approved?" 

"Yes he has got the aproval. Kaafi impressive tha, good training." Piya smirked, "I learned from the best, dai ma ko mere tharaf se I love you kehena." 

"Ofcourse, enjoy the party." he replied cutting the line, Abhay raised his eye brow, "Dai ma ko mere tharaf se I love you kehena? Aisa kyun kahan tumne?" 

"He loved her even when she was a human. Chand ma bhai mera pitha hai I mean tha." she replied taking the chocolate drink Abhay handed her, "He used to come and meet me some times and after a point helped me learn magic... weapons and all that. Basically a nice guy lekin kudh ko ek villan samaj raka hai." 

Abhay laughed, "Lekin aise lagtha nahi dekne main." 

"Yeah he's always cold and far away but I know how much he loves me. Patha hai Abhay ma aur babu tho humesha kai na kai phas jathe the, kaabhi kaabhi kaam tho kaabhi kaabhi kisi ko bachane ke chakar main. Aise hi ek dinon main muje neend aana bahoth mushkil tha aur raath main utt jathi, Chaand ne pure raath muje apne kandon main daal kar sulate the. Humesha chupke sa aathe the taaki daima ko patha na chale aur cupke se chale jathe the. Patha nahi kyun lekin daima ko apna chehera kabhi nahi dikaya." Abhay watched her as she sighed and took a sip of the warm drink making her feel comfertable, he had personally never seen this side of Chand but he had noticed him look outside the window several days lost in thought a sad look in his face.  Slowly rubbing Piya's back he kissed her on top of her head, "I miss those days Abhay, jaab main ek bachi thi, jaab main apni daima ke saath kela karti thi, apni Chaand ke saath lambi walks main chalti thi aur srishti ke baare main seekti thi. Jaab main apni ma ko dekte hi baag kar gale lagati thi, jaab main bapu ke saath goode sawari chalti thi. I miss those days Abhay."

"HAY LOVE BIRDS tum donon yahan par kya kar rake ho?" Piya smiled at Maya, "Nice outfit." 

"Thanks Sid ne diya and I did not have anything else to wear so..." she muttered, she did look good in the full length green sleaveless dress. It was low necked enough to make her look hot but not too low to make her look vulgure and it also hugged her in the right places showing off her figure. Piya smiled, "Good he did and aao main tume iski accessories deti hoon... why so late by the way? Party started an hour ago." 

"Vo guru ma ke saath kuch kaam tha." she replied taking the box Piya handed her and gasped inside was an exclusive gold earings and pendent set. The desighn was simple enough and made like a small rose, the center of the chain had a large rose dropping down to her neck with small leaves on either side, "Are you sure kaafi expensive lagta hai." 

"It's my way of saying thank you for the kind of help you have been giving." she replied smilling Maya hugged her, "Thank you Piya, thank you so much." 

"Sure and agar tum chaho tho tum bhi muje Shay bula sakti ho, even your family." Maya shook her head, "Aadath hogayi hai, Piya hee rehene do. Pehenkar aati hoon you guys go ahead." 

"Yeah, gust room vahan par hai. Abhay I wanted you to meet that new student Samrat and please don't be rude." she begged he smiled and took her hand, "All right, for you I won't be rude, let's go meet this guy." 

"Hay Samrat sorry aise chood kar chali gayi, thoda important call tha." he smiled, "No problem, I just had a chance to meet a few people..." 

Piya smiled at  Kabhir, Panchi, Sidharth sir, Angad and Ruhi who were stading with Samrat, "Then you have met the cream of the group, by the way this is Abhay Raichand. Abhay is.. umm... he -" Abhay streched his hand out, "Hi Samrat, I am Piya's boyfriend!" 

"Its Sam!" he corrected taking Abhay's hand, "I must say cute couple." 

"Boyfriend? K-kaab se?" Piya's eyes locked with Kabhir's little guiltily, "Kabhir vo main..." 

"It's ok babes, muje hamesha se patha tha ke tum Abhay se kithna pyar karthe ho and I'm cool with it. Besides ek chance tho tumne muje diya and I lost it, congradulations dude. Iska kyal rakna bahoth special hai yeah." 

"Yeah!" he replied wrapping his arms aroud Piya more tightly, Kabhir gave a light smile and streched his hand out, "Congradulations." 

"Thanks dude." Abhay replied it was the ever energetic tracker Ruhi who pounced on Piya, "Oooh Piya I am so happy for you! Kya yeah party issi kushi main hai?" 

"Nahi tracker Sidharth hamari collage ka nayi trustie hai and he just wanted to meet the students informally once to develop a wrap-o thats it." she replied, "Aur baaki info main baad main dedungi, Samrat aao main tume baaki logon se milwati hoon strict instrucitons to take care of our gust of honur."

"Piya pehele iska intro main table se tho karwadena, I'm sure you would like something to eat." Kabhir added, "Sure, Sam main tumse kuch puucha chahati thi kya tum aur Kabhir related ho?" 

"Rathor Sing issi liye? No no Piya Rathor is my middile name not my family name and before you ask I am a Jain." Piya smiled sleepishly, "In that case I better keep you away from this side of the table, two fruit sandwitches please. Thank you... so what about your family? Are they with you?" 

"Actually Piya, tharasal main ek anad hoon mere ma tho thabhi mar gayi jaab main chota tha aur pa tho, well he's not with me." Piya touched him gently, "I'm sorry I know how it feels but trust me, yahan vo ehesaas tho tume bilkul nahi hoga." 

Maya watched the interaction from where she was slow dancing with Sidharth, "Is it me or even do you feel the wrong vibes from this guy?" 

"Hmm not sure but one thing is clear there is something oddly familar about this guy." he replied turning her around in his arm and pulling her in tighter but Maya's attention was still on Piya, "Piya use T se kyun milwa rahi hai?" 

"Milne do uss horror story se, kuudh collage se baag jayega." Sid replied and Maya hit him playfully, the party was a huge success, so huge that even T had nice things to say about it when saying by to Sidharth, "Nice party Sid, maana padega you have class." 

"Thank you T and all of you are welcome anytime, just give a call before you come." he added turning to the group, his eyes though was set on an extremely distracted Panchi when a servent walked in holding a file, "Shayna ma'am catterers want the feedback - kya aap?" 

"Sure excuse me." she added to the group, Kabhir raised his eye brow, "Shayna?" 

"Oh yeah main usse aise hi bulatha hoon aur galti se intro bhi waise hi dediya. Kind of got stuck but you guys can just ask for Piya they know who it is." T's eyes grew wide, "Oh my god mathlab vo charity case yahan reheti hai?"  

"Haan main uska gaurdian hoon, aur kahn rahegi?" he laughed, "Waise iss ghar ko ek ladies touch ki zarurath tho hai... right Panchi?" 

"Your right sir and Piya is perfect for the job, she has a very classy and expensive taste any way I will take your leve now it's late and kaal subah office bhi jaan ahi." 

"Work work work, hamesha single track main raho. I'll see you around." After waving goodby Sidharth closed the door and turned to Piya, "Sorry luv." 

"No problem biya, app walk par ja rahe hai?" she asked, he nodded and left from the back door down the short cut to the river as the sunset, a path he had come across several times and also a space he found peace in even till date. The place that made him feel compleat and the place that made him, Really supprised! "Panchi?" 

The site in front of him was really supprising the girl was creating a small tornado by raising the sand slightly with out even moving a finger. On hearing her name her focus broke and the sand settled down, "Sir aap?" 

"How... oh my god tum ek witch ho? Your family is not one though..." he spoke out loud before he could stop himself only to see her laugh coldly a laugh that was empty and cold, "I am an old soul Sidharth jisne apne aap ko katham karna pada. Surely you know what I am talking about." 

"Oh yeah ofcource I - meri ma..." he drifted off not sure how to explain she gave him no oppertunity to do so, "I know aap ki badi behen meri aacharya thi aur aap ke maa I mean aap ke birth mom ne hi muje rebirth main help kiya." 

"Ek minute, tum mere baare main ithna saab kuuch kaise jaante ho?" Sidharth demanded, no one knew about his sister not even Abhay, nor did he know about his mother's activities yet this girl seemed to know so much, "I told you Savithri devi meri aacharya thi aur jaab muje... jaab mere saath uss haadsa hua muje rebirth ka ceremony ka overseeing aap ke ma Nalayini devi ne kiya." 

The earth seem to go away from under his feet, "Tum mere ma aur behen ke baare main bhi jaanti ho? Who are you Panchi?" 

"Panchi - Panchaksharon ka rakwali the most power thankrika that ever walked this earth." she replied looking strait into his eyes a glint of power shining across her eyes but instantly cooled. Something about that made him smile, "Really? You look very nice for a thankrika." 

"You look very dashing for a five hundread year old vampier but you don't see me complaining do you?" she shot back, his eyes grew wide before smilling, "Ofcourse tum meri ma ko jaanthi thi and you just put two and two together." 

"Nahi aap ne kaha ke aap ek bahoth hansom vampier ban paayenge and I must say I agree." Sidharth gave her a wicked grin and took a step closer, "A tanthrika and a flirt I like the combination." 

"Your a vampier and a casanova, you don't see me complaining." Sidharth laugh out loud before showing her to the ground, "Shall we? I mean sit and have a chat?" 

"Sure, I think I'll like that kaafi waqth hogaya hai kisi se bait kar baath nahi kar payi." quickly sending out a text he switched of his mobile she raised her eye brow, "Oh no no that was for Shayna agar main ghar nahi pahoncha tho bilkul tensed ho jayegi." 


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