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Jung Ke Dhasthan (An Abay Piya FF) PT80 - Pg 70 (Page 32)

RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 4:15am | IP Logged
hei krishi,
that was samrat going to be evil?hope piya wont get affected coz of him..waiting for the party to start..PARTY TIME..

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Hey krishi Gr8 update yaar.. Sid's story was nyc..poor guy.. So mish invited sam to d party n it seems dat he 'll surely tak dis opportunity to meet piya so 'll piya get to know abt his real plans.. waiting for d party.. Continue soon.. Thanx for d
_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
lovely update
im waiting for the party
thnx for the pm
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
i am feeling bad for sid ...Misha ne trouble ko invite kiya hai party mein...lets see what happen there update soon..awesome prt
..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
m worried for the party now. hope everything goes on well.
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
don't worry party will be great... it is after that the action starts 
shakthi04 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged

Page 35

The entire place was set exactly the way Piya wanted it, the light white tent with several incense sticks setting the mood. Several balloons were tied to the posts with silk ribbons pinned onto the sheets. The tables were set in such a way that they allowed people to dance in between, the surround sound set a little higher in the space where they could dance. The system set in a corner so that it won't disturb anyone either and the table was set up for the meals too but at the moment not set up with anything except for the paper napkins. It was the bar that had been getting set up with full swing with both hot, cold and other drinks and three bar tenders to manage the crowd. Piya stood in the center checking things off on her iphone, "Venue ready, drinks ready, khaana?" 

"Ma'am khaana tho banjayega." the helper replied, "Great, aur DJ?" 

"Aarahe hai ma'am he is just freshening up." Piya nodded, "Good! So when the gusts come by eleven everything should be ready right?" 

"Yes ma'am everything will be ready, the party will be great." he replied when Sidharth walked over holding a glass of juice in his hand, "It better be because it is your job that is in stake. Listen I have told you already Shay mere liye saab kuch hai and this party is important for her." 

"I assure you sir everything is under control." the man replied as Sidharth handed the juice to Piya's lips with out taking his eyes of the man, "Good!" 

"Hmm done and don't worry maine dhekliya everything is exactly the way I wanted it thank you so much." Piya replied handing a passerby the empty glass, "Don't be silly Piya, you are my family and my top priority who really needs to get dressed." 

Laughing Piya looked down at the maroon sleeveless night gown she was still dressed in, agreed it was almost touching her knees and closed neck enough to be considered decent but certainly not something one can consider good enough to be seen in in front of friends, "Hmm point, bas thoda sa kaam aur hai, karke chalthi hoon." 

"Ok by the way Panchi yahan ane waali hai." he added as she walked away making her take a double take, "KYA? I told you not to disturb her, phir bhi tumne usse buladiya." 

"Nahi vo khuud aarahi hai." Piya smiled "Mera pyara biya aap tho mere haar baath ka kithna kyaal rakthe hai." 

"Bai jo hoon." he replied kissing her on her cheek, the seen Panchi walked into making tears trickile in her eyes, quickly wipping it she quickly she walked up to Piya and hugged her, "Hi Piya kaisi ho? Need some help?" 

"Hi Panchi good, no everything is under control." she replied it was Sidharth who responded, "Everything except her, aab thaak coffee aur juice ke sivai kuch nahi liya. Tumhare liye ek important kaam ahi, tume meri princess ko pehele brakefast kilana hoga phir iss ladki ko thiyar bhi." 

"Sure sir, main isse kaana bhi kiladungi aur thiyar bhi kardungi kush?" she asked he smiled at her, "Thank you so much, Piya mere liye bahoth important hai." 

"I understand sir, chalo Piya main tumhare liye khaane banathi hoon." she replied but Sidharth called her back, "Nahi uski koi zarurath nahi hai, cook tho hai, baas isse kilado I told them to make toast and cheese omlet. If you want something..." 

"Thanks sir, but I have finnished my brakefast." he replied nodded allowing her to take Piya away, "Bolo Piya, kya tum kish ho? Kya tum safe feel karthi ho? Are you sure you don't have any difficulty in staying with Sidharth?" 

"Difficulty? Oh come on Panchi he is a sweetheart vo mujese bahoth pyar kartha hai aur kaafi aacha kyal bhi raktha hai." she replied going into the kitchen as the cook turned the omblet on the stove, "Ma'am do minute, toast is almost ready." 

"Ok thank you, if you don't mind can you fix a coffee for Panchi please? Same as mine." she added as the cook placed the omlet on the counter for Piya as Panchi too sat down accepting the coffee the cook handed her a moment latter quickly spying the neately maintained kitchen. "Kaafi aache thara maintain karthe hai aap loog apne ghar ko." 

"Thank you ma'am, sir wants this place to be ready to searve people at any point of time and he is very particular about things. Shayna ma'am aap ke toast." Piya muttered a thanks and bit into it as the man handed Panchi a cup of coffee, "Thank you it's wonderful." 

"Thank you please exuse me muje kuch kaam hai, ma'am agar aap ko kisi bhi cheez ki zarurath hai tho servents ko bula digiye. I need to tend to the herbal garden." Piya nodded giving him his leave to go, Panchi watched as Piya ate before finally asking, "Kaafi comfertable hogayi ho tum yahaan." 

"Hmm you can say that, kyun?" she asked finnishing her eggs and wrapping the toast in some tissu papers before washing the plates, "Tum yeah kaam karti ho? I mean... aise kaam?" 

"Why not yeah uski bhi ghar hai." Sidharth responded comming inside, "Piya eat up your toast and then go have a bath, I've drawn it up for you." 

"Great thanks." Piya kissed him on the cheek quickly leaving Sidharth alone with Panchi, taking her in for all she was worth which was a lot. Her white dress was printed with abstract desighns of pink and yellow, it was sleaveless like most of the clothes she wore to parties and this one was holding on to her body little too much. Ithni low necked dress pehene ke kya zarurath tha, god she looks so yummy! On top of that the dress fluffed out waist down making exposing her legs too much for his likeing especially when they were constantly backed up by that intoxicating smell of her perfume. "Well ghar kaisa laga tume?" 

"Very nice sir, aur party ka decorations bhi." he snorted, "That was Piya's doing not mine, she has an exquist taste in everything, including her friends." 

"Umm vo -" she was saved from a come back when the bell rang and a servent announced, "Sir the DJ has arrived shall I ask him to set up?"

"Yeah go ahead, Panchi think you can..." she hopped off the stood glad to have something to do, "I'll look into the music list one last time. Piya ko aur kithna waqth lagega?"

"That would depend on how quickly I go and start rushing her through." Sidharth replied going towards Piya's room, Panchi gave him one last sad look before going to see the arangements of the party and a little latter welcome Kabhir who had rushed over to 'help' Piya, "Hi Panchi, Piya kahan hai." 

"Thiyar ho rahi hai, ache lag rahe ho." she added, Kabhir looked down at his casual blue jeans and the cool blue shirt he had worn and smiled, "Hope usse pasaand aajay babes aab usska attention paana aur bhi mushkil hojayega." 

"Kiska attention paana Kabhir?" Kabhir smiled and turned around to face Piya only to drop his jaw. She looked divine dressed in a leapord print long skirt with a black off shoulder top, a brown belt placed a little above the skirt showing her figure off even better. The light golden sandles and the gold chain she wore  higlighting her even better, as her curls fell softly around her shoulder, "Babes look gorgious!"

"Thank you Kabhir so do you. By the way your early." she replied, "Haan thought you may want some help." Piya shook her head, "Nahi everything is done, actually this party is for Sidharth to have an intro to our gang, waise Panchi Misha kahan hai?"

"Misha, hamesha ke thara late." Panchi replied waving to Abhay who walked in, "Hay guys sorry Piya food maain ek choti si problem tha, solve karne main waqth lag gaya." 

"Problem? Par kaise they promised everything will be perfect." she winned, he quickly pulled her by the shoulder into him, "Don't worry sweetheart baas vannila icecream lekar aagaye the. Sidharth has asked them to get the other flavours too, should be over by twenty minnutes." 

"It better be muje iss party main koi ghalathi nah chahiye." she replied smilling at Tracker and Angad who walked in... followed by a slowly trickling crowd. The DJ taking it as a cue started playing Chaska from Badmash company, a song fast enough to dance but not loud enough to not socialize, something Sidharth was bussy doing with Piya by his side. "That's Ruhi, Angad and ofcouse you have met Kabhir..." 

"Hi Sid!" Piya smiled as Sidharth grimaced a bit but grinned at her anyways, "Hi T your looking tasty." 

"Thank you, your looking quiet hansom your self." Piya muttered an enjoy and moved away from Sidharth,   "Come on guys yeah donon tho aise hi rahenge."

"PIYA!" her smile grew wide, the tufaan had entered, "MISHA! Finally kithna waqth lagadiya! Aur aache kapde pehen raki ho."

Misha blushed looking down at her new blue jeans and actually white tshirt with the jacket she had thrown over,  "Never mind dude, yeah Sam ka ghar dundne main thoda waqth laga diya." 

Piya smiled at the guy Misha pointed to before getting dragged away by Kabhir to plot something, studying him carefully, he did look good indeed. Black baggy trousers with the white t-shirt, a touch of roughness in his jean chains and wrist bands... all together he looked very cool, Aab samaj main aayi Misha ko yeah ithna aacha kyun laga. Aloud though she welcomed him, "Welcome to Deheradum, Sam."

"Thank you! Samrat Rathor Sing at your service Ms. Jaiswal, these are for you." Piya laughed taking the bouquet of wild flowers he handed her, "Thank you, no need for formalities, it's Piya" 

"Piya this was not a formality, notes ke liye ek advance thank you tha." once again Piya laughed, "Jo aap ko party ke baad milega. Come I'll introduce you to everyone, this is Panchi Dhoprial... Misha's sister." 

Green eyes locked with black ones as they shook hands, "Hi Samrat! Sorry I missed you yesterday." 

"Aah so am I Panchi." Venom spat in their words like a hidden threat rather than a greeting, Piya though missed it as a servent came over, "Shayna ma'am aap ke liye land line main ek call aaya hai." 

"Aabhi aathi hoon." she exused herself running inside, Samrat took his eyes off Panchi to watch Piya go before turning back, "So vo tum thi jisne mere aadmi ne dheka." 

"Haan Samrat vo main thi jisne tumhare kuthon ke dheka, kaisi hai vo tumhari uss pyari si rakhel Amritha." he demanded, "Aaj bhi uthna hi khuubsurath jithna vo pehele thi tumhari behen -" 

"Aah aah aah mere naam maath lena Samrat, warna... yadh hai na? Waise tum Misha ke saath kya kar rahe ho?" she demanded her voice turning icy, "Aab thaak kuch bhi nahi lekin maza taab aayega jaab main tumhare nazaron ke saamne se usse thodunga." 

"Hmm aur muje thab jaab main tumhari haar koshish main paani dalti hoon, so best of luck." Samrat raised his eye brow, "Is that a challenge?" 

"Yes it is a challenge." Panchi spat back, "Then lets make it a real one - tum Misha ko na rook sake ho aur na usee batha sakte ho. Actually kisi ko bhi nahi batha sakte ho ke main kaun hoon, phir bhi usse bachane ke kosish tho tum kar sakte ho. Manzoor hai?" 

"Tume tumhari jaga dikane ke liye tho bilkul manzoor hai." Panchi spat shaking his hand with a slam accepting the challenge. The power that shot from her shaking the very confidence of the creature who was pulling her into it! 


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nice part...

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