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smallville IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
yayayayayaya !!!!!!!!
can u please update paradox as well ????????

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Thank you... thank you.... thank you.........
i have nothing to say.... you have explained everything....... oh i love you for this lovely comments....

Originally posted by muskaan_cute19

ooo dear i just completely loved the part it was fab really
i read it nd i myself was torn apart
at the start the way he was asking 4 sorry pleading infront of her nd no response it really hurts wen u are actually sorry bt as he was use to it
nd wen he said he will nt touch her  that complete true feeling of love

maan is truly in love with geet that pleasure eems no where to b present in there in him
bt again its too late to shower so much love he really fails both fails at the moment
geet dont love him anymore dont feel anything towards him bt still she gets scared wen she dont see him around fear o losing him sumwhere fear of myt nt again he trouble himself itz coz at the state she is so confused to realize anything at this such moment

the kitchen scene was killing its gr8 to c these self centered ppl helpless they cant du anything much other than thinking of sumthing bad abt her or just dreaming abt getter her harm surely they cant wen maan is aroung her as her saviour
he truly is her saviour now he cant leave her home alone coz she is nt safe here without him even dev is out of the house bt still danger is all around her so how can he leave his life in danger
geet has really became so cold it really does nt matters to her anymore wat going aruond her she really lifeless souless heartless even a child itself cant make her feel anything as watever made her cold among all her baby was the biggest reason bt still she feels nuthing towards any human
nd maan who called his own wife filthy now helping sum1 gt afected by sum1 plead that sum1 need help he bought those flowers nd she as always showing another act of her coldness threw it away its really so difficult 4 her wen he is around bt

finally the day has come finally the realization hitted him hard finally he realized wat he had done to her finally he had realized 4 wat he was asking forgiveness finally he realized why she is so cold finally he realized wat gt them apart finally he realized why she cant love him back finally he realized wat pain he has given to her finally he realized wat he has gone and done finally he realized that

reality really hit him hard direct to his heart

his eyes started bleeding

he was the murderer that too of his own child HIS OWN CHILD god dammit how could he do this how could he never realized abt this how could he go this low how could he even ask apology 4 this sin how could he nt ever feel her pain how could he nt yet realize that wat he has done
there was no way back he has committed a big sum surely nt unforgivable how can he even ask 4 a forgiveness that too from a mother wen he himself was nt able to forgive himself how could he expect her to forgive nd now he was nt even able to face her how could he he could never face her he was torn apart his heart gt ripped that he is good for nuthing why the hell he is still living bt now he even feared death in life he cant face geet bt after death how will he face his child
bt he is really let to realize anything now nuthing is left nuthing at all wat he will repent then there is nuthing there was no way 4 him to goo it seemd like everything gt stopped everything felt like dead he himself was dead inside

he could see nuthing he could nt face world anymore he could nt face geet anymore how could he face the pain he had given to her he is reason of her pain her coldness of being soulless he took her soul he was nt only murderer of their child bt also geet he killed her too sumwhere deep inside
bt still geet helped him she too realized sumwhere wat he is going thru she took him with her lets c if she really forgives him get back to the normal life seems real dificult bt truly love is the true healer

she finally held his hand bt now there was no feel at all
this was damn painful it really torn my heart part the pain she went thru nd he going to b wat he always wanted he wanted her around him bt he fear this more how will he face her ever ever in his life
well dear loved the part the way u wrote it nd made us realize the pain within him wat just absolutely amazing i really felt the pain which was more important to read further
well lets c where u just take us loved the part
was waiting 4 this 4 so long now as we finally gt it so i myself fell restless
waiting eagerly 4 next wat happens
keep writing dear gr8 choice of song loved it
keep writing

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 5:59pm | IP Logged

HATS OFF TO YOU muskaan_cute19

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RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Fantastic update.
The best update ever..sachi..!
I was waiting for this part so long time...finaly.!! Finaly maan realised what he has done...
THE BABY... Finaly he understood that he killed his own child... OMG the feeling the guilt pain everything theway u describe r out of the world.
Oh geet was watching maan...
Thats good... Loved the idea of going hoshiyarpur.
Muaah muaah update..!!

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
part 43
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport
please do comment' :)

Geet opens the door.... It was a small house. No AC! No nothing! No one have walked in to this house for years! Maybe 20! Geet had lots of work to do!
Driver brought in the luggage...
Geet- you can go back to the new khurana mansion!
Maan looks round... Remembering there old days... He opens his old bedrooms back door.... It lead to the river that flowed by.... He stood at the edge... Took his shoe off... Feeling the chill water touching his feet from the small bridge.... It was point of breaking! Like him.... Except he completely broke....

Geet looks at him for few second.... Her sense was brought back with the car noise as the driver drove off!... She takes her dupatta off... Tithing it round her waist & started to clean the whole house! There was only 2 bedroom... Small house. Made of wood! She could still see the roof leaking! She puts a old bucket underneath!... It took her 6 hours to clear everything out... To bring the house to live again..... Maan sat by the lake still sense less! Barely could react! Both were hungry... & there was nothing to eat! Geet was hopping the driver would be here soon with all the shopping!
After hours driver managed to come in....
Geet- have you got everything?
Driver- ha! Sorry mam! The karasene took me long time! No one use woods or karasine to cook now days!
Geet- there are no gas!
Driver- I could have brought one of those gas stove!
Geet- no! I like it this way! You may leave!
Driver leaves....

Geet takes all the old bedcover & everything off.... Replacing with new cloths... There was no bed... Or sofa! No wardrobe! Only a mattress! & a trunk to keep there cloths! Lucky the matters was comfortable she thought!...after everything was done... Geet started to cook... She took all the vegetables out... With new container.... Decorating the whole kitchen.... Like the way she always wanted!
Maan still sat there! Thoughtless.... Something was eating him inside. He hated it! He wanted to jump in that river! Drown him self! Kill him self!... But he had no guts to face his child! He was scared! Maan sing Khyrana was scared! Fear of loosing what he already have lost! Fear of facing the world! Isn't that's why Geet have brought him here! To hide from everyone... To hide from the world! To....
Geet- food is ready!
Maan didn't have the gut to look at her!...- I am not hungry!
Geet- umm!
Maan stood up & went straight in. His body was in pain! He have been sitting in the same position for 7 hours now! & the shocking realization from the morning left him trembling!
Geet- you have to have shower in the river! There are no running water! I hVe enough drinking water! .... Surprise enough... Her voice wasn't that cold! But Why she was behaving like this? That hunted maan further! Why...
Geet hands him cloths & his toiletries! He haven't washed him self like this since he was 10! But that's when his family was here! He looked at the old place where he used to stand!
Geet- just be-care-full! It's pretty old bridge now! You have to change it! Maan nodes!...
She helps him to take of his cloths... She could clearly see he had no intention doing anything by him self! He was week... Hungry & tired!
Geet- let me help! You probably have forgotten everything!
Maan- I haven't!... There was deep touch of pain with his every word.... He was forcing him self to talk to her! To reply with every word! Because he was at the point of break down! Any moment now! Any second!...
Maan sits at the edge if the river... Towel round him.... & Geet sat next to him... Helping him with water.... Everything was still the same.... Because it was protected... The house was surrounded by big trees... It was in the middle of the jungle...... The place where maans parents started over come there poverty life.... The place where everything changed.... The place where they became husband & wife... Geet laughed at the word! Mocked! The stream was clean... The water was giving maan chile as Geet pored over his head... Taking all the soap... Debry off of him....
Geet- I think that's enough! You will catch a cold! Maan nodes... Geet takes another towel & dries his hair & then helping him to be back in the room.... She takes some new cloths out of the luggage & hands it to him! He changes while Geet goes back to the kitchen to brings the food.... Maan again was being lazy.... She feeds him!...
Geet wasn't sure what to say or do.... She was confused! The loss of her child! In which way did he realize she wondered! In which way he was feeling guilty! He wasn't saying a word... Nor she wanted to ask him! She rather not! Only reason she brought him here to ease his pain! Because only she knew her self how hard it was when your own husband kills your child!... Soon as the thought came in her mind she stopped! She sat in front of maan with painful eyes! Like for the whole day she managed to forget every dirty dangerous incident that she have to go through because of maan! She backs way!.......... Maan could read those eyes like a book! Like he knew well how painful he is! How her eyes could make him feel so low...... He Doesn't deserve anything! He didn't have the guts to lose Geet anymore! He din't have the gut to feel those hatred!... Geet walks off!
It was mid night when Geet returns to the bedroom! Maan still sat there! Silent! No light.... Pitch black.... It was only the moon light that was giving some life to the house & noise of the flowing river making the music!
Maan sat at the corner! Hugging his knee... Looking through the sealing.... Geet laid down next to him! Far corner!... Bed was small... Even if she tried to avoid his touch it failed miserably!
Maan looks at her... He didn't want her to go far way! Beyond his imagination! He won't be able to bare the pain! He won't be able to control this broken heart.... He hugs her tight from the back! Geet froze! But didn't react!

 He wanted to express his heart out! He wanted to shout his pain out..... But instead... Tears rolled down his eyes.... He kissed geets cheek..... Hiding his face in between her neck! He couldn't even whisper... How his deed was tormenting him! How every word that ever came out of his mouth hearted him! How everything in his life was mistake. Maan wanted to Geet spine round & hug him tight to ease the pain! To kill this pain! But she didn't! She didn't love him back or tried to console! But having geet in his arm was enough to ease this pain.... She sleeping peacefully under his arm! That was enough!.....

Next-  bed tears......
do leave comments'. :D
thanks for all the love & support... sox for latness....
but i am very busy...Cry


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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
poor maan
loved maaneet
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
awsome update.
poor maan.

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RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Oh ha love the update... Omg. I was dreaming. Aaj mera chance tha first hone ka liken yeh nikamma phone switched off hogaya.

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