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MASAND: A Leading Actor is a Serial Philanderer (Page 101)

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by frosty

Does any one have any dirt on why the Rhea-Sanjay marraige ended?
The first cracks started when he had the fling with Sushmita Sen... Then he kept having more affairs after that... Then he got seriously involved with someone called Nadia.... Then Rhea when she was still married to Sanjay got involved with Leander Paes.... Leander was seeing Mahima Chaudary at that time...Then Leander cheated on Mahima.... Mahima came to know abt this and she gave a public statement that Rhea Dutt had come between her relationship... After that Mahima split up with Leander and then Rhea moved in with Leander and soon after got married to him.... 
Over all the summary is pretty much all of them are messed up....Wacko  

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sogazelle Goldie

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Originally posted by starstuck

Originally posted by sogazelle

Originally posted by starstuck

Firstly, I don't care whether the actors or actresses I like are gay, straight, bi or long as they please me with their onscreen performances - I'll appreciate them. Secondly, as far as SRK being gay is concerned, I've been hearing about SRK being gay for such a long time that I've never really looked too much into it. Yes, if there's anyone in bollywood who I'm biased towards then it's most probably SRK but this gay talk at times is beyond me. I don't know what others have seen, or heard but from mere logic it doesn't make much sense to me. If SRK is gay then shouldn't majority of bollywood know about it? you have actresses drooling over him time after time. Here, fans feel upset and cheated about SRK being gay when he's portrayed as the best lover on earth, best husband on this planet etc etc lol, yet there are these actresses who'd die to work with SRK, and I'd think it wouldn't be all the same had SRK been "gay."

 I speak for myself when I say this, but if I was one of those bollywood actresses and if SRK being gay was true even by an ounce, I would not go around blushing, drooling, speaking about how I'm dying to work with SRK because he's so this/that etc. If we the people are intelligent enough to come to conclusions and infer things while sitting outside of this entire bollywood fraternity then I'm sure the people actually within bollywood know probably much much more.

Like I said before, I judge these people based on their skills and the potential they posses...but this SRK being gay thing just goes over my head every time.

Let me tell you people are drawn to his power, not necessarely his physique. They all want a taste of that power. We all know he's not the most beautiful man in the world. It's all about power and image.  Best husband, best lover etc... it's all an image these actors build. There is a whole team working behind the scene to maintain that image. It's marketing and people go to school for that. Wake up people, Tiger Woods anyone??? I love SRK, really, but I'm not blind nor gullible. He's not perfect and I accept that. I'm not perfect either, but I definitely and categorically do not buy into his image. I live in NY and I've met tons of celebs like Robert De Niro, Sandra Bullock, etc... Believe me we all have dirty secrets!!

I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who's not blind or gullible around here.

I never said SRK's perfect. Yes, we all have dirty secrets, things that no one but we know..but, like I said, if we, the people, know all these dirty secrets of bw celebs, then I'm prettyy sure that celebs residing within bollywood know much more....This is just my way of thinking, you or anyone else for that matter does not have to agree, but... if many people on I-F blatantly know that SRK's gay and find it disturbing, then these actresses who go gaga over him mostly for his loverboy image should know such news w/in a heartbeat..they're the ones who live in the world of dirty little secrets - bollywood. And, once again...if that is true, I speak for myself when I say this..I would not drool/blush over SRK  if that were the case - if I were one of those actresses. Although, I'd still like SRK - the actor.  In terms of star power, well SRK isn't the only guy in bollywood with star power.....and being gay should change that entire SRK image with these actresses, at least  to some extent, imo. It has with so many fans...Just go through these 90+ pages and its pretty clear.

Apart from that, I don't care whether SRK's gay or not...I've never drooled over SRK like a fangirl, it's merely his onscreen presence that I've loved.. but I really could care less about his sexuality. It has nothing to do with being blind or gullible, it's merely about I could care less what SRK is, what dirty little secret he has, what he does, who he really long as he pleases me with his performances like he has for the most part for all these years. The only thing I pinpointed at was, from what I think, I doubt SRK's gay..if everyone else thinks he is, that's fine by me. .. his life, he can do whatever he likes..even if he were to come out and say he was gay, it wouldn't bother me..He doesn't owe me or any of part of his audience any apology whatsoever..

...bottom line is, I just don't THINK he's gay, just my perception really.

 Call it being naive, me being gullible or whatever you'd like..that's just how I see it.

I apologize, I didn't mean to say that everyone was blind and gullible here. Bad phrasing!!
Truth be told ...even if we were, it would not be our fault because actors spend money for us to be.
 Meaning that they fight to protect their image and their dirty secrets.
 You're absolutely entitled to have your opinion and I respect it.
I also love SRK by the way,   a lot...
He has this magnetism that is rare and that make people gravitate towards him. 
And I still watch his movies too but now for some reason when I see him in a scene with a woman,
 I'm no longer convince and it sort of ruins the experience for me.
 And I agree, it's all based on perception.
 Just like you feel that he's not gay, I feel that he is.
 And we might never know.
 And that's why these actors protect their image fiercely, because they know that once a doubt is planted into people's mind-- I speak for me---the damage might be irreparable.
And by the way, in their own bollywood circle, I bet you that everybody knows everything,
 but they will never tell because it's a fraternity and they have to protect their own.
I will do the same if I were in their shoes.

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sogazelle

There's a gay website on line whose owner was bend on proving that SRK was gay and he has some compelling pictures, I was stunned.

Please PM me with a link if you can. Thanks
^Ania, you too. I don't know if you both have the same site but I haven't been able to find anything to really prove it one way or another yet and it's killing me.

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by minnie.reet

Originally posted by pria4ever

btw don't wanna interrupt the chain flow...but any chance of having a thread of TV actors/actresses gossip thread? they too have alot of dirty secretsWink

i want to know their secrets Embarrassed.......shld i start one ?

@nukta- no worries we wont give those some any more attention WinkLOL plz ..........
this section is to discuss bollywood... not TV stars... TongueTongueTongue
and last time it happened, it ended up in a huge fight... you can ask swati or one of the mods in the feedback topic, but i don't think it's allowed....!   TongueTongue

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Nuktaacheen IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sogazelle

You hit the nail to the spot! But he can't come out. That would be career suicide.
 You can see from his movies how awkward he is with women when he has to do intimate scenes (the few that he did). If you notice well, he's good and romantic from afar and during the songs where he barely brushes his lips on their necks.
 But when it comes to really doing a close up of an intimate scene or when women touch him, he is terribly uncomfortable.
 I'm thinking Paheli, KANK and some others.
I mean you can decide not to kiss women in your movies, that's fine by me but if you're used to touching women, you cannot feel that uncomfortable around them.
 I could feel those vibes coming off the screen from him and I felt awkward myself,
 and this was before I heard the rumors about him swinging both ways.
 All this talk about not kissing women etc... That's your key.
 Also, I distinctively remember Gauri saying during her appearance in the "first ladies" show when the hosts ask her what is the longest time she's been separated from SRK and she said 14 years!

Doesn't that tell you something?

 I already said this in another post, but SRK woed Gauri for 6 or 7 years without them being intimate!
 how is that possible if you're a full blown heterosexual male?
 women can probably do it. But straight men? hardly.

My guess is that he was not yet aware of his sexual preferences
 and when he met KJO few years later, he was AWAKENED!

 And before people jump on me, gay people can still have children!

 I think with Gauri, they've settled on with their routine and life goes on.
 It's not all about sex as SRK himself said during an interview with "on the couch with Koel"

 I'm still his fan, but something has died for me and will never come back, because I feel that he's selling me a lie.
There's a gay website on line whose owner was bend on proving that SRK was gay and he has some compelling pictures, I was stunned.

 I don,t know how he got them. Pictures with Arjun, and interviews where Arjun was saying that he (Arjun) was bi and that there's no smoke without fire.

 And the host was asking him about his friendship with SRK and he was saying how SRK was his priority and all his other friends knew that etc.. and he was so uncomfortable.

Anyway, whatever makes them happy.  sorry for the long post!
actually, there are men who don't do the deed till they are married, just like there are women... TongueTongue
but i'm sure he is bi... so it's hardly surprising...
and again, WHY would he come out....?   Confused   has aamir ever admitted to having a child outside of marriage...?  TongueTongue   has amit ji ever admitted to his realtionships and many affairs...??  TongueTongue  has salman ever admitted his mistakes - drunk driving, abusive behaviour, etc....?  TongueTongueTongue   NO....!!
nobody would ever come out in the open.... and objectively speaking, they don't need to.... they are making movies, and that's their work... they are not obliged to share every detail of their personal life...
and ummm, acting, inherently implies, that whatever character they are playing onscreen does NOT represent their own person... some people implying it as a 'lie' is a bit amusing...!  TongueTongueTongue

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ladygaga IF-Dazzler

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^^ Agreed I don't think SRK is answerable about everything in his life... He knows that there are a lot of rumors about him.. being gay or bisexual.. and he takes those rumors with a smile.. while i have never even seen Aamir or amitji.. ever even admitting it.. or acknowleging rumors about them being cheaters.. or them cheating their wives.. i have never heard aamir talk about his illigtimate child.. atleast SRK self mocks himself many times.. but aamir and amitji totally avoid such questions.. no one even dares to ask them anything.

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