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Sajan Os=Love U Forever..

it was eevening time... there was party going shergill mansion.. actually it was a gettogether....gettogether party after mayank nupurs shadii.. mayank shergill n mrs nupur mayank shergill..bhai n bhabi of..SAMRAT shergill...
mayank was samrats two year older brother... mayur got married... last weekk..n today was a party in shergill mansion of all frends....Gunjan was nupurs cousin.. dia n gunjan r sister..n nupurs mothers sisters daughters..coming from delhii...
gunjan came in the party with dia benji uday.... n saw mayur sitting in the hall with some of there other frendzz.. nupur blushing hard n the girls teasing her... gunjan was looking here n there...looking for soomeone elsee..samrat....
samrat n gunjan didnt know eachother welll.. gunjan came in mayurs wedding.. on the wedding dayy.. sajan met eachother only for samrat was very busy in the wedding preparations...they met n only said hi helloo..n asked eachothers name... nothing else.... they never got to talk much... but in the first meeting.. first eyelock.. gunjan n samrat both liked both were quiet similar to eachother.. shy..calm n quiet..
d=gunjan..were r u lostt?? come on..lets meet nupss..
nupur hugged her sis...gunjan also hugged her..
g=mustt sayyy..looking..awesomee..huhh!!!
n=shut upp..r u madd?? what time is itt?? n my gosshhh.ur luking awesome... in this white sleevless salwar kameezz...
gunjan blused...
n=why do u look so beautifull?? everyone will thinkk.ur the bride...n samrat the bridefgrrooom...look even he is lukingg so the black suit..
gunjan looked at him..n smiled..
s=hey finee???
n=im fineee..heyy..u n gunjan have met na beforee??
samrat said luking at her...gunjan gave him a sweet smilee..
n=samrat plzz...meri behen ka khayal rakhna..shes just likee u..too shyy,....
s=suree...hey diaa..plzz come....gunjan comee..
gunjan sat on the sofa...all of them also sat in there places... samrat came with benji..talking on the phonee..
m=hey..sam..come on..yaar..join..
samrat came in the hall..n saw that the seats were filled up..only gunjans side was he went n sat beside her.. gunjan looked at him..n smiled..samrat also smiled..
s=ur lukingg nicee...white suitss u veryy muchh.,...
gunjan blushed..n smiled.
g(in mind)=mujhe pata ma tumhe white me acchi lagti huu... u like white colourr..thats whyy..aj ma white pehenke ayi huu....
s=kuch kaha/?
g=nahii..its ok....i mean thanks..
s=tum kuch lo na...
samrat offered her drink..
g=samrat tumhe formal honeki zarurat nahi ha..ill help my selff..
s=ok..its justt..bhabi gave me ur responsibilityy...
gunjan luked at him..
s=i take care of u... til ur here...
guynjan blused..
g(in mind)=i sari zindagii tum mera esehii khayal rakhtee..... parr dukh is baat ka ha.. ka kaall ma jarahihu..wapas...america.. aur afsos ye ha ke.. i cant teelll u.. that i likee u samrat.. what will u think?? humhe mile sirf ek din hue ha.. hum shadi me doesnt make any sense..that i love u...meeting onlyy once.. ull not understand...itss better not to tell u..only leave from here taking ur memories....
s=were u lostt??
g=kahi nahii...
m=hey comeone..guys..lets dancee...
gunjan thought to dance with samrat..but in the time..samrats cell rang..
s=excuse me..
he got up from there..gunjan was sad..she stood up..n went from there.. n went to the balconyy....the sky was blackk...rain drops were falling....soon it started to rain.. but not heavily..gunjan lovedd the rain.. she put her hand out ...n was enjoying the rain... she closed her eyes..n was feeling.. then she opeenned her eyes..she looked down.. n saw samrat talking to some workers... he was so careful n attentive about his workkk.. though it was raining...there was no umbrella..he was drenced in rainn..still doinng his insrtuctions to the workers..gunjan lovedd his everything.. samrats eyes went up...n saw gunjan looking at him....he smiled...n went from there..
d=gunjan..come..its dinner time..
g=im not hungryy ill eat later..
everyone went have dinner..gunjan was still standing in the balconyy enjoying the rain... samrat came there..n stood beside her...
s=dinner nahi karna ha????
g=mujhe bhook nahi ha..thori der baad..
gunjan couldnt take off her eyes from him...he looked so handsome.n hott.. his hair was wett.. black coat..white shirtt....he was just awesomee....samrat looked at her again lostt..he clicked his fingers infront of her...
s=kaha kho jatii ho thori derr badd???
g=kahi nahii...
s=wel..dia ne bataya..tum kaal jarahihoo??
she looked sadd..
s=kya huaa?? khush nahi ho..apne mom dad ke pass jarahihuu..
g=khush huu..par...yahapar bohot kuch misss karungiii (looking at him...)
g=kuch niche jatii huu...
gunjan turned to goo..samrat holded her hand..gunjan was shcoked...first time he touched was something different feeling...she was shiveringg.. he came close to her..gunjan felt his presence so close..for the first timee.....
s=plzz... thori der  baad..mujhe upar wale left room me milna..plz..
saying he left from there... gunjan was stunned....she stood there for 5 minutes.. then she came downstairs.. n saw eeveryone dancing..the light was very dimmm....she came down... n was searching for dia... someone from behind..holded her hand n twirledd her..n then pulled to him..gunjan was the dim lightt... she looked at him.
he put her hands on his shoulder..n holded her tight from waist..n began to movee... on the musiicc.. gunjan was feeling something different feeling his touchh.. she was luking here n there.. samrat with his one hand.. lifted her chin..up..n made her look intoo his eyes... me..
s=thori der baadd.. jab ma upar jauu..uske baad ajana...
s=jo kehna ha..ya karna ha... ab nahii..badme kahungaa...
gunjan was lukingg..confused...her silky hairr.. came on her eyes... but gunjan was lost in her thoughts...why he had called her....she was thinking..when she felt his hand on her cheeks..she looked at him..n saw him putting her hair behind her ear.. gunjan shivered...the moment was perfect for them...then benji called him.
s=ill be backkk....
saying he left..leaving gunjan confused..shockedd...blushingg..shy...
gunjan was having dinner with dia sitting on the dining space...nupur comes there..
n=are tum log abhi yehi ho?? dinner abhitak nahi kia..comeon...we have to go..
n=hum sab mayank ke farm house jaraheha.. wahapar mayank ke frendzz ne ek aur partyy organize ki ha..humhe surprise karnekeliye..
d=thats gr88....hum araheha..
g=noo..i donn wanna come..plzz..
n=gunjan..dont b a spoil sportt plzz....
g=di..plzz..actually ive to do a lot of i don wanna come.... plzz... when u guys will leave from here.. ill leave for home..
n=ok..i wont force u...anyways..dia ur coming rite??
d=ya..ill be there...
n=come soon..
d=gunjan..tumhe bhi chalna chahiye..
g=nahi diya..mera maan nahi ha..kaal jaldi uthke airport bhi to jana ha..
d=ok..then ill leave..ok?? bye..see u ..
gunjan finishes her home..n was going home.. when she remembered..samrat had asked her to come to the room.. gunjan after thinking a while.. decided to goo.. she went upstairs... n saw samrat was coming down...
g=hi...woh..i was leavingg.. so came to say byee..
g=ya...di nd jiju r going to another not..
s=atleast.listen to me once..
s=ab..yaha the room..plzz..just once..
they began to walk go to the room..they entered the room.. it was samrats room..nice..clean very beautifull...
gunjan came in.. samrat closed the door.. n asked her to sit..gunjan nodded n sat on the sofa.... she was a bit nervous... samrat sat beside her.. both were not luking at eachother..luking down... gunjan was playing with the corner of her dupatta.. finally she spoke up..
g=samrat kya kehna thaa???
samrat hearing her..looked at her..
g=mujhe jana
s=jana zarurii ha???
gunjan was touched by his words..what did her meant by thatt...
gunjan was confused.. samrat turned to her..he holded her hand with his hands.. n took them in his hands...
s=gunjan..wohh ma...
before he could say something... there was a knock on the door...gunjan took her hands from him..n stood up..but samrat holded her hand backk..n made her sit they were sitting veryy close to eachother....lost in eachothers eyes... extra close to eachother...they again heard the knockk..gunjan moved her gaze from him.. samrat stood upp..
s=gunjan..plzz..hide in the washroom..
g=whatt?? washroom..par..
s=sssshh,...plzz....plzz...meri baat abhitak khatam nahi hui ha..plzz.. tum washroom me chupjaooo.. aur jabtak ma na kahu...baahr mat ana..plzz..
he didnt gave her to say anything..holded her arm..n pushed her in the washroom..n then closed the door... gunjan was confused...samrat opened the was nupur..
n=hey samm..tumne gunjan ko dekha??
s=bhabi..shes left for home alreadyy...
n=whatt?? alreadyy???
s=yaa... u were busy taking she said to me..
n=butt....all on a sudden???
s=she said she was tired..n needed to sleep..soo..
n=ohh..ok..ur coming with us no???
s=cant say...if i feel to goo..then ill come for sure..
other hand gunjan was confused..what samrat said.,..why did he told her to hide in the washroom..n what was he trying to say??? n how come she couldnt refuse when he asked her to hide...gunjan kept on smiling on her while..n thinking about samrat.. she kept on waiting..n was a long time..samrat hadnt come.... now gunjan couldnt wait more.. so she opened the door..n saw the room was darkkk.. she couldnt see anything.. just the door was open..n from outside light was comingg. gunjan ran outside..n went to the was emptyy..
g=shitt..sab chalee gayaee?? aur samrat..mujhe yaha...chodkee...kahaha wohh???
she ran outside the home..n went to the watchman..
g=sab kya chale gayee/?
wat=jee madam..
wat=nahi samrat sir..andaar ha..
g=samrat..andaar ha???
wat=jee chalta huu..
g=are tum kaha jarahehoo??
wat=samrat sir ne kaha ke..aj chuttii chala jaraha hu..
g=theek ha..tum jaoo..
gunjan then came back to the house..n went upstairs.. this time when she entered the room. she saw the room was lighted with only candles...candles n only candles.. filled in the room./.the thing which she lovedd in the decorations mostt....gunjan entered the room n began to admire it.. the smeel of her favourtie candles... the heart shappedd..she just loveddd thosee......then she moved to the window..n looked outside the vieww.. it luked amazingg.. ....she thoughtt..but there was one question in her mind..where was samrat....she was thinking about him.. when gunjan heard footsteps.. she turned n saw samrat standing infront of her...gunjan smiled at him..
g=tumne ye sab kia???? itss realllyy beautifulll.....
samrat smiled..
s=yes...mane kia..glad u likedd it..
samrat said..n closed the door..n walked to her..n stood face to her.. gunjan smiled..
g=samrat ye sabb..
s=ssshhhh....thori der keliye..kuch mat kaho gunjan..sirf...mehsus karooo..
gunjans heartbeat started to beat fast... her hands grew coldd..she almostt frozee... samrat holded her hands with his both hands..n entangled his fingers with her.. n holded her hand...gunjan was feeling shyy..she was feeling on the top of the worldd.. samrat then took some steps to her...gunjan looked at his deep brown eyes.... samrat caame more close to there was no space between themm...both were looking at eachother..without any blinkkk... samrat bought his face more close to her.. gunjan closed her eyes...samrat bought his face to her shoulder..n put a soft kiss on her shoulderr...gunjan clutched his hand more tightlyy....n closed her eyes... the first feeling of lovee... his first touchh... both lovedd itt.. gunjan was alreadyy melted.. n started to breath fastt....she was shiveringg...samrats lips moved to her necckk.. gunjan feeling the second kiss...she pushed him..n turned aroundd... this was all a dream for her... she was breathing heavilyy..her hearbeats grew faster n more faster...
g(in mind)=whats happening all this..kya ye sab sach ha ke sapna ha??? samrat ke sath ese paalll..sapnese barkar can..he...
gunjan was lost in her thoughttss... she was thinking about what just happened... when she felt his hands circilingg around her waistt...gunjan looked down.. his every touch made her meltt moree.. she closed her eyes tightlyy..samrat made his grip more tightt..gunjan felt his hands caressing her cheeks.. he caressed her necckk.. with his finger..n opened her hairr clipp..her silky hairr fell on her shoulderr...samrat movedd her hair on one side....n dropped a kiss on her shoulder....n then on her neckkk....gunjan was feeling his tocuhh...every kiss was more n more passinatee...
samrat nuzzled in her hairr.... n then came close to her ear..
s=i love u gunjan...
i love u gunjan...
i love u gunjan...
i love u gunjan...
gunjan opened her eyes..hearing the three words..the whole room was was calm n quiett.. gunjan looked up...both catch eachothers eye..through the mirror...
s=i love u.,.
saying he kissed her on cheek..gunjan turned aroundd. face to face..she couldnt believe what she heard.. kaa...
s=i love u since the dayy i saw ur photo...
s=jab mayank ne mom dad ko nupur ki photo dikhanekeliye laya tha.. us photome nupur ke sath tum bhi thii.usne sabse pehle muujhe dikhaya tha.. n i was just lost in ur tumhare bareme kuch nahi janta tha..nahi samajhta tha.. janta tha sirf itna ke ma tumse usidinse pyar karne laga tha... par darta tha ke kaise kahuu? jab tumhe shadi ke din dekhaa.. i felt ke..tumhe tabhi jakat bataduuu..par himmat nahi huuuiii.. isiliye ye samajhmenahi aya ke..tumse kahu kaise... baat kya thora door door bhagta tha..aur tumhe doorsehi pyar karta tha..par usdin jab tumhe benji se baat karte hue suna...that u like me....i just....mujhse khushi bardasht nahi huuiii.. socha tabhi tumhe propose karlu...par ma sahi time ka wait karraha tha..mujhe kya pata tha ke tum kaal jarahihooo... warna tumhare lie ye sham aur haseen aur khubsuraat bana deta....thori der pehle..pata i was jaldime mujhse jo bana..mane.e..
g=sssssssssssshhhh..........(gunjan covered his mouth with her hand)...kuch mat kehna.. bass yeh tumne thori der pehlee kaha.a...
samrat smiled...he moved her hand from his mouth..n cupped her face....n  bought it closer....
s=i love uu..
gunjan closed her eyes...
g=phirse kehnaa..
s=i lovee uu,...
both attached there foreheads..samrat kissed on her forehead...
g=i love u tooo....
finally samrat heard what he wanted to hearr..he smiledd.. gunjan holded him from shoulders..n started to smile..blush cryy.... samrat also smiled... blushed n cried.. gunjan looked at him...n smiledd.. she bought her face close to his..n kissed him on lipss..samrat was too surprisedd.
g=stupidd..idiott....aagr itnahi pyaar tha.. to pehle nahi bata sakte thee??? agar ma kaal chali kya kartee?? meri photome.e.mujhe propose karttee???
s=nahii..tumhare peeche peeche america ajata..aur waha keh jata..
gunjan smiledd.. n hugged hiim...samrat also hugged her bacckkk.......
the next morning..
mumbai airportt..gunjan was sitting waiting for her flight announcement... n thinking about the last nightt... n smilingg..
g(in mind)=kaal raat meri life ke sabse khubsuraat aur hasin raat thii.. apne pyaar samrat ke sathh..kabhi nahi socha ese ye sabb..par jo huaa..mujhe koi afsoss nahi ha... kaal mane apne apkoo uske hawalle kardiyaa tha.... aur samrat ne... kabhi kisine mujhe itna nahi chahaa.. dukh to ye ha kee... aj subhah jab akh khulii to samrat kuch bina bataaye..kaha chala gaya?? mera phone nahi uthayaa. aur ab mere janeka time ha....
she hears the flight announcement...n stands up..
g=i thinkk...humara safar yehi takka ka tha.. par kaal raat ma kabhi nahi bhull saktii... aur chahe jo hoo samrat i will alwayss lovee uu..
gunjan took her bag n turned to leave..when she felt someone holding her hand.. she turned n saw samrat..
s=humara safar...sari zindagi ka ha..ek sath... maut ke baad bhiii.. ab hum ek ha gunjan.. aur ek dusreke bina kaise rahengee?? haa??
gunjan was so happy..
s=subha bina bataye chala gaya..kyuki tumhare sath janekeliye tickets chahiye na..
g=tum mere sath abhhi arahehoo?/
s=aur nahi to kya?? itna bara risk thori na tumhe akela jane duu..,. khudse alaaggg.. ab to ye hathh kabhi nahi chodnee wala...
gunjan was very happy..she started to smilee...n blush...
s=soo..chale....mrs shergilll???
gunjan smiledd..n noddedd....both holded eachothers hands foreever..n started for there new lifee..!!

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awesome os 
continue soonSmile

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amazing work yaar do cont asap plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome os Clap
its so beautfiful 
do continue soonEmbarrassed
 thanx for the pm
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its too gud
lovely Clap
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mind-blowingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg OS maisha.........
luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvddddddddddddddd it......... was sooooooooooo cutttttttttteeeee....
awww.....shy samrat.......i love it wen he's shy.......
& gunjan started loving him in 1st meeting itself........
toooooooooooooooo good........
Y has samrat called her in room.....????
maybe he wants to propose her.........wowwwwwwwwwww.......
plzzzzzzzzzzz cont soon yaar.........i cnt wait.........
& thnx 4 the PM.........Smile

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