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A Romantic Rendezvous/OS corner/new OS p118 (Page 76)

.SA. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Hey Friends !!!  here is my latest Mayank Nupur story. this one is for all who are missing them as much as I.


                                                 Truth & Dare.
                        Nupur was on her table finishing up an urgent report . Her fingers moving on the key board fast. She was a good looking girl in her twenties.
                        Nupur had been working in that firm for past two years. she was very gregarious girl . She was prompt ,punctual & efficient. She was also the most beautiful girl in her office. all the guys in her office kept hoping to get lucky with her,though she interacted with every one ,she never let any one of them close to her. It was lunch -break at that time in Nupur's office but she had to skip it in order to make up for lost time. Lost time due to a moron, her anger flared up again. she tamped it down ,to deal with the report, she would deal with the anger when she had time for it,she thought.
                       After 10 mins ,she was done with the report,she saved & printed it. Only then   she relaxed a little, leaning back on the chair she rubbed her tired eyes. as she opened them ,the first thing she saw was   an upturned palm holding a Dairy milk  fruit'n'nut chocolate. Puzzled she looked up at the owner of that palm & met deep chocolate brown eyes of Mayank Sharma ,the guy who made all the girls sigh & drool over him. But he  never ever talked to any of the girls who fluttered around him like moths on a flame. he kept to himself mostly & talked to them only when necessary.In fact one hardly saw Mayank Sharma approaching a girl for anything .He was always busy in his work ,in his spare time ,one could see him hanging out with office guys pulling their legs. Both Nupur & Mayank had hardly  spoken to each other in  past two years.Nupur was mighty surprised to see Mayank sitting comfortably on the edge of her desk ,looking as if he had every right to be there.

                              " whats this ?? " asked Nupur with a puzzled expression on her face." its called a chocolate" answered Mayank mischievously." i know that !!,'" replied Nupur with a frown,   "but why are you giving it to me??" " well its customary to offer one their favorite thing while congratulating them. i have noticed you invariably go for this chocolate when you celebrate something." said Mayank.
                         Nupur felt her eyes go wide in surprise ,*Mayank Sharma noticed me.*  she thought  * and enough to know my favorite chocolate ,wow!!! & a double wow!!*
                             Mayank guessed what Nupur was thinking & smiled sheepishly. " before taking this offering & congratulations ,i would like to know what feat did i achieve to warrant a visit from the Great    Mr.Sharma??"asked  Nupur smiling  widely. " now Miss.Bhushan,this is plain Mayank Sharma here & i don't know any Great Sharma working in our office." pat came Mayank's reply. They burst out laughing together.
                                                                                 Nupur picked up the chocolate ,opening the wrapper ,she asked Mayank," you still did'nt tell me why this congratulations??" " well they are for the way you  dealt with our office romeo,the moron extraordinaire, vicky." said Mayank laughing.Nupur laughed along with him, broke off half of the chocolate  & offered it to Mayank ," heard about that did you??"
                                 "of course !! i did. when Nupur Bhushan cuts some moron down to his size ,without shedding a drop of blood, the news travels far & wide." said Mayank chuckling.  Nupur just looked at Mayank, with in a few minutes not only had he improved her mood,but he was talking & laughing with her like some long lost friend.*This indeed is  a red letter day* thought Nupur.    
                  " well !!! what could i do ??" said Nupur shrugging," that creature  thinks he is God's gift to all woman kind.i had the misfortune of coordinating that bansal-presentation  with him & as a result had to share few coffees with him.i thanked the God almighty when that presentation was over & done with ,without any glitch. but that dolt wanted an encore   of our coffee-break, i politely declined it,but he kept i switched off the phone. what does he do next,sent a chit with the peon saying " i will jump out the window if you don't come & have  coffee with me" the gall of that man."   Nupur shook her head in disgust," what does he think this is, high school?? sending me chit that way.even that peon was laughing as he must have read the chit. so i wrote him back that he was welcome to jump out any time,just  to tell me before jumping so that i could arrange for all the news channels to be present here to cover the breaking news. he can do  what ever he wants but i refuse to be a part of this melo-drama . so what do you think, it was not too OTT was it??"  " of course not!! morons like vicky understand such language only , you handled him correctly." said Mayank.
                                                         some of Mayank Nupur's colleagues who had gone for their lunch ,started coming in & their eye-brows went up after watching Mayank Nupur together. Mayank noticed
  their jealous looks & decided to move away. " Ok then, Nupur,i can call you Nupur right, i will leave & let you do your work in peace." said Mayank getting down from Nupur's desk.
                             " yes ,you can call me Nupur, i had one favor to ask of you,Mayank." said Nupur.  Mayank was surprised ,but he controlled his expressions & said , " favor??? you need my help with something??"
                             " yes ,there is a sale in Infinity Mall &  i want to check it out. but i don't know that area that well & you stay over there ,don't you?? so will you please accompany me to that mall??" asked Nupur smiling.
   "yes i will" said Mayank instantly," i am free in the evening,what time do you want to go??" Mayank looked a tad guilty while saying so.
" how about 6 pm, does that suit you??? " asked Nupur. " yes , see you at 6 in the parking lot." replied Mayank before walking away.
                                     At  6 pm Mayank was waiting for Nupur near his car,he stood leaning against it with a elbow on the roof.He found himself whistling " badmash dil to thag hai bada" , he frowned ,then shook his head in amusement. then he saw Nupur walking towards him ,she looked  fresh & not like she had been working in office whole day.
 He rounded towards the  passenger side & held the door open for Nupur,  She gave him a broad   smile ,which Mayank returned. They encountered peak hour traffic on the way ,but for once Mayank  did not lose his cool, he chatted away with Nupur getting to know her better, answered her questions. All the way to their destination both Mayank Nupur enjoyed themselves talking, laughing  &   teasing each other.
                                                                           They reached the mall.  Nupur  first went to the lifestyle store where she bought 2 ethnic & 2 western outfits. Mayank waited patiently for Nupur & even helped her make the final selection. then they entered a semi-precious   jewellery store, Nupur tried on big studs & turned towards mirror,studying her self critically.Mayank watched her in mirror,then he picked up chandelair style ear-rings . " i think these would suit you more Nupur", said Mayank. He stood behind Nupur holding the ear-rings to her ear. Nupur's heart started racing at Mayank's proximity.
                                She met Mayank's eyes in the mirror & was transfixed, same thing was happening to Mayank. They stood there eye locked , suddenly a noise broke their trance. Nupur turned towards Mayank ,  held out her hand for the ear-rings, blushing a little ,Mayank dropped them in her hand & moved slightly away , he enjoyed looking at Nupur's blush. Mayank  felt comforted by the fact that his  proximity flustered Nupur. Nupur put on the ear-rings selected by Mayank & was surprised to see that he was right.those ear-rings added something to her looks. She beamed at Mayank.
                               " OMG Mayank !!! what a choice , you are right, these really do suit me there is no escape for you,you will have to accompany me for my shopping expeditions for life time." said Nupur.
 " for life time???" asked Mayank in a soft mischievous voice,leaving Nupur flustered again.they looked in each other's eyes & Mayank smiled showing his cute dimples.* whew!! his smile is just as lethal* thought Nupur. so having bought Mayank 's choice ,they left the jewellery store.

                                         finally they entered the food court ,which was bustling with ppl, but they managed to find a secluded booth .they contemplated their choices & were surprised  to know that both of  them loved sizzlers. so they shared a sizzler, chatting on various topics. when they finished Nupur said," Mayank thank you very much for giving me company to the mall."
                                 " no need to say thanks to me Nupur, i enjoyed spending time with you." said Mayank. Nupur looked at him mischievously, cupped her chin in her palm, batting her lashes ,she said, "really??? then why are you sounding so surprised???" Nupur laughed & Mayank joined in. Mayank indeed was surprised that he enjoyed spending time with her more than he thought possible. He was  impressed to find her knowledgable on a variety of subjects. She had very definite opinions & was forthright in putting them forward. while he was with her they did not lack subject to speak on.
                          * she indeed is beauty with brains* thought Mayank. He was startled out of his thoughts by Nupur snapping her fingers & saying," hello!!!! you are needed on terra firma Mr.Mayank."
               " seriously Nupur!!! i enjoyed myself  very much. you are a delightful companion,not into movies,serials & gossip like other girls."said Mayank. " i beg your pardon,Mr.Mayank." said Nupur
    indignantly. " thats a very chauvinistic statement." "hey i am not saying you are like that so why are you getting mad??" asked Mayank smiling . so Nupur could not help herself & she smiled back.
                 " whatever!!!" she said " you will be punished for your silly comment. "  " ok m'am !!! i am ready for whatever punishment  you mete out to me. " said Mayank laughing. Nupur was just mesmerized.
                                      " well ,i will think it over & then decide your punishment. now i am going to get us some desserts." said Nupur,moving away ,trying to control her galloping heart-beats.

                  Nupur returned with two icecream cones heaped with double scoops. She handed one to Mayank ,said " i got  roasted almond  for you & chocolate cookie fudge for me." She settled on her chair enjoying her icecream. after a few moments she asked "may i have a bite of your icecream Mayank??" so Mayank held out his cone to Nupur,who proceeded  to  take a bite out of it.     "ummm... its good!!!" said Nupur.   After a few moments Mayank leaned & held Nupur's wrist, she was surprised at that,her jaw dropped open.Mayank looked in her eyes & smiled with mischief ," what??? " he said pulling her hand holding icecream cone towards him," i believe in fair & square tasted my icecream ,but i don't think you were going to offer me
 a bite of yours ,so i am claiming my share." Mayank took a bite ot of Nupur's icecream,he felt Nupur's pulse starting to race beneath his fingers. Mayank wagged his brows  & Nupur, for once she was lost   for words. Mayank left Nupur's wrist & said,"  though i must say your icecream is much better & sweeter." He smiled with more mischief ,his eyes twinkling. Nupur could not believe her eyes & ears.
         * whoa!! was the sadu Mayank Sharma flirting with her. it sure as heck felt like he was* she thought. " Nupur !!! finish your icecream before it melts away." said Mayank waving his hand infront of Nupur's face. Nupur just blushed & started to eat her cone. suddenly she felt that her icecream was indeed sweeter. *don't be so damn cheesy Nupur!!!how can it suddenly turn sweeter??just because  sadu Sharma tasted it?? come onnn girl, you've been reading too many mills & boon stories.*   Nupur admonished herself .
                             After some time they started back to Nupur's place. Mayank just refused to let her go alone ,saying he would drop her back. There was silence in the car on return journey.
                                           but it was companiable silence  & not an uncomfortable one. Nupur turned on a FM station. the song that played out was...
                                              Hulcul hui zara shor hua
                                                Dil chor hua teri aor hua

                                                   Aisi chale jab hawa
                                                     Ishq hua hi hua
                                                    Ishq hua hai ishq hua...

                                                      Kadmo ko sambhale
                                                        Nazaro ka kya karein
                                                         Nazro ko sambhale
                                                        to Dil ka kya karein

                                                         Kadmo ko sambhale
                                                          Nazaro ka kya karein

                                                        Dil ko sambhale zubaan
                                                           Ishq hua hi hua

                                                            Aisi chale jab hawa
                                                        Ishq hua hi hua...

                                         Nupur stole a glance at Mayank ,a beautiful smile played on his lips & she smiled too. They reached Nupur's place & Mayank accompanied her upto her flat carrying all her shopping bags. both  wanted to prolong their evening,so when Nupur invited Mayank to stay for coffee he agreed instantly. so there he was in Nupur's hall ,while she went in to make coffee.
     Nupur came back with 2 steaming cups of coffee, she had got rid off the scrunchy she habitually wore ,her long hair was open . Mayank was  enchanted looking at her. They sipped their coffees
  silently, a sudden awkwardness descending between them.

after a few moments Mayank set down his cup , cleared his throat & said," Nupur i have to confess something. i was not free this evening, all of our office guys planned to go watch"30 minutes or less" tonight. but when you asked whether i could accompany you to the mall,i lied & said i was free. i did not want to miss this chance of spending time with you." He looked like a innocent kid at that time. Nupur could not help herself,she laughed & said ," i knew all about the movie plans."  Mayank was surprised ," you did?? well are'nt you angry that i lied to you??" Nupur smiled mysteriously & shook her head. " no i am not angry. you want to
 know why??" she asked. Mayank just nodded his  head ." well what should a girl do if she starts liking some one &  that someone remains clueless about her feelings??" she asked blushing pink.
now Mayank could not remain sitting, he reached Nupur in two strides & held her hands,pulled her to her feet " really??? oh God !!! really Nupur you like me??" he asked in voice gone husky with happiness. Nupur nodded & said ," i do ,but to tell you the truth my feelings have left behind like & have progressed towards much more." now she blushed even harder & looked down. Mayank held her chin & raised her face," oh baby !!! so have i . I love you very much ,have done so for past one year, but was afraid of proposing to you. how could i know whether you would accept it or not??"
" i know that ." said Nupur smiling mischievously " had i waited for you to take the initiative, i am sure all my hair would have gone gray before you did something." " uh ,uh baby thats not fair "
said Mayank ," i was the one who approached you."  "ok ! i concede that. but it was i who dared to ask you out." said Nupur 
smiling ," now that you know ,what do you plan to do???"
" first things first !!! " said Mayank pulling Nupur in his arms , hugging her tightly. Nupur's arms too tightened around Mayank's neck. they held each other close. after some time Mayank said ,
"I love you Nupur!!!",  looking deep in her eyes. " I love you too Mayank" replied Nupur. finally both were where they were meant to be.
here it is guys. waiting for your precious comments.

PS- i know its hard to find a guy who would accompany a girl to her shopping trips, but Mayank of my story does so.lets chalk this one as creative licence.LOL
   my second point is that some of you may find it arrogant on Mayank's part  about the ice cream thing. but arrogance in small doses is very attractive,according to me.LOL                  

  PPS- @ all silent readers, you can hit the like tab,if you liked my
work ,its allowed you know??LOL                          


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perkilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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awww...Day DreamingHeart you kno the way you present the cute innocent love, thats so wonderful!! and your osz..whole story altogthr!! wow man Awesome!! Embarrassed.. loved it so so so much!! I really liked the way you reasoned out everythng.;D and yeah it made me miss MN even more...the chocolate bit, the way she asked him out, the shpping session <3 and the icecream part! I dont think it was arrogance, it was Hotness...hehe :P well hotness also has its diff diff defination :P...and the confession was sooo cute!!...m totally in awe of ur os!!Heart  ...keep writing Shubu...seriously u have so many stories to say , you should really start off a ff...its my request/advice/demand...Big smile
Do keep writing...thanks for sharing!! Hug Hug Hug
PS- dont b a kanjoos :P Stern Smile
loads of love and hugs
Niks Embarrassed

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-Symphony- IF-Rockerz

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reserved Big smile

Aha!!another falling-in-love phase story from my fav writerHug
As usual it was very cuteSmileBig smileLoved their shopping thingi very muchEmbarrassed
Icecream part was awww worthy
*don't be so damn cheesy Nupur!!!how can it suddenly turn sweeter??just because  sadu Sharma tasted it?? come onnn girl, you've been reading too many mills & boon stories.*

This made meROFL
Shubhu romance is your forte and u do such a good job with itEmbarrassedI could feel that falling in luv thing  was in the air throughout the one shot and the song was like an icing on the cakeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedI just love that song!!!
Ending was  fab and very cute
all in all it was a fun read...thanks for writing this sweetyBig smileKeep writing more love ya!!!

p.s AS usual wont accept a reply less than 5 linesApprove

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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dat was such an adorable OS...
i loved it lodsss...
beautifully written...
awesome OS...
d shopping thing actually dont go wid guys...
bt it was cute...
n d ice-cream part was cute n nice...
bt d CONFESSION was total hatke type...
i mean i nvr expected an confession like dat...
so it was a pleasant surprise...
n i loved it lodsss...
thanks for d pm...
will b waiting for ur another awesome OS like dis...
love ya...Hug

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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that was very very nice shubhi...awww...mayank accompanying nupur to the shopping mall...incredible on his part...
very nice...
keep writing more and more...

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
dat ws indeed a very sweet os...
yup da shopping part is totally
bt it ws soo fun to read it
missing mayur more den anythng now


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AmyArTiMayUr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
OHHH sweety...WHAT AN OS!!!!! BY GOD!!! Big smileBig smile

I was GRINNING all through...the Mayank and Nupur in this story were just TOO AWESOME LOLLOL

Lovely Lovely Lovely Big smileBig smile

P.S: I know of a guy who accompanies his lady when she goes shopping...WinkWink and im sure you know him too WinkWink Any guesses?? TongueTongue Answer PM kardiyo Tongue

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Originally posted by arjun-forever

that was very very nice shubhi...awww...mayank accompanying nupur to the shopping mall...incredible on his part...
very nice...
keep writing more and more...

thanks Sanchu.Big smile

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