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HappyBirthdayJH(Rabia) // *ASpecialMsgfromJW* ;)

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You can be the peanut butter to our jelly

You can be the butterflies I feel in our bellies

You can be the captain and we can be your first mates

You can be the hero and we can be your side kicks

You can be the tear that we cry if we ever parted

You can be the rain from the cloud when it's stormin'

Or you can be the sun when it shines in the mornin'

Don't know if we could ever be

Without you cause JH you complete us

And I know that we'll already see

That we're all we need

HAWWWW who is singing that bootiphool song...IS IT BABY SINGING FOR JJ? Nah though it is their song tehe but we are allowed to borrow it without being bashed for lack of originality cos humne hi toh yeh song KaJenish declare kiya tha so we are allowed to chori it :P Copyright jo humara tha...SORRY for that copyright tangent but /0.0 DMG forum hai we have to have work cited page na for everything we use LMFAO jokes apart JUNIOR HULK that was us singing the song phooooor ju US bole toh Moon and Teacher. You know we three really are a PERFECT company? Yeh Jodi toh do ki banti hai na waise bhi I heard somewhere do se bhale teen!! We are JH's "Woe-Man" :$ :$ :$

OK we need to be a little more SERIOUS and stop ruining the thread :( Waise we can't be blamed I am pmsing and Moon is a FOREVER junkie and high therefore this thread is doomed to begin with haye haye! ACHA on a more serious note we still remember tehe we all met on youtube and it was cos of KUMKUM that we became so close and all lovey dovey *sigh* You are the ONLY friend we have left btw from Kumkum clan :| Can you believe that LMFAO sab chod gaye humain or did we leave them *Hm I guess mystery che :P* THEN THEN THEN we remember you planted a DISEASE into Sahar's head and which obviously got transmitted to Moon too *I make it sound like STD LMFAO* Anyway and that disease is called KaranSinghGrover FEVER! And then DHUN DHUN DHUN there was no looking back. We held hands, skipped through the garden while singing "Kuch khwab dekhain hai, kuch rang soche hain. Ab maine kal apne Lord Grover ke sang soche hain." Just so you know Moon and I stopped writing for good UM 15 mins and started discussing this guy and his lips :|

Now I got to DD for a midnight snack with gori and I doubt Moon will do anything while I am gone so I shall continue writing after I come back tehe :P OK I am back did you miss me :S Actually you can't LOL aren't you glad this wasn't on MSN LOL Let us hurry this up cos you are probably sick of our bakwas and my (Sary's) cramps are about to kill her but obviously I wanna  finish the thread before I go die =)) Anyway you are UBER special to us from Sary's Suman Lata Dalmiya memories to Dandelion's memories of telling you that she is the daughter of Shahid Kapoor *I know she is the weird one out of three of us :P*

We want to wish a very very very very very HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY and KaJenish Birthday =)) We hope you get all that you yearn for and may God bless you with happiness, luck, success, love, KaJen and of course more of Teacher and Moon in the upcoming year LOL! We love you =)) And now that our chappad is over here comes the highlight of the whole thread. We are pretty sure isko dekhne ke baad you ain't gonna read any of the msgs or watch any of the vms THAT'S exactly why we posted it AFTER our MSG tehe we are ishmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

OK nevermind we just saw your comment on the video -___- already dekh liya tune psht! Anyway HAPPPPPIES birthday again Muaaaaaaaaaah! PS just wanna say Moon should get lots of credit cos she helped a lot more with msgs and all LOL I am more of an intro person :P OH OH OH here are two siggies from us to you =)) Thanks to Moni and Anu for making them Hug



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YELLO <3 Here is my message for Cabana Banana <3 :D

Happyy Birthdayy Rabia Heart

I remember getting a pm from you when I had just joined I-F saying you'd love if I join the CC for KSG LOL and thats where I got to know you !! Then fighting bashers on I-F just got us closer and am glad it did 
You have always been so warm and friendly and even though I dont really get to talk to you that much but whenever we do its always a pleasuree .You are someone so positive,always right (literally ) .I always wait for a message by you ,because its always so positive so inspiring !! 
Someone who doesnt even know you much would vouch that you are someone who doesnt really take a minute before being warm and friendly with anyone and thats what so special about you !!
I am so glad we're friends ,I feeel lucky tehe !
I hope you have an amazing day and you got all you wish for !
Keep smiling always Heart

Lots of love

Happy Birthday Rabia!!

I hope you have a great birthday!! It's been awesome getting to know you. You're the sweetest, warmest and coolest girl. I hope you get everything in life, and all your dreams come true. I love your vms they are awesome! I've always enjoyed watching your vms and I hope you make some more really soonSmile.
I remember talking to you couple of times and those times were awesome! I hope we can talk more often.
Enjoy your birthday to the fullest!
Hey Rabiaaaaa Big smile 
A Very Very Happy Birthday to u Heart
Have an amazin day and partyyyyy Hard!
I am so glad we became friends and i wish to get more time talkin to u and knwing u better....I absolutely Love ur point of thinking and analysis...tht is something i had to tell u since such a long time...
I also lovee ur writing skills....like the tweets to Mr sumbdy u used to give and the fab replies u gave on IF topics always intimidated me :D
Ur POV is sumthing tht always gets others to stop nd rethink...I am so glad a Fbook msg gt all of us so close.....its like all of us really had it as an adda and really planned out things frm there....It just got all of us so so very close Heart
Ok enough of m chattering....lol
Have a gr8 birthday sweetheart and eats lots nd lots of cake Big smile
Muaaaaah Heart
Love ya 
Happppy Birthday Rabiaaa Heart
I hope you have a Greaaaaat Great day and an extremely wonderful year ahead ? Hope all your dreams come trueee =))
We didnt really know each other even though i used to always seee you around on I-F,and again u were (still are rofl) one of those sensibleeee fans on I-F..very raree to find Tongue Your so warm and friendly,i think we did talk to each other properly only after my birthday,You are soooo sweeet man Heart
But since we hardly get to talk to each other now,I hopee hopee we can catch up sometime soooon..because its always a pleasure to talk to you
Have a blaaast Big smile and eat lots of cake from my side as well!
Lots of loooooove,
Happy Birthdayy Rabu!!!

I hope you have an amazing day and a fabulous year ahead. May God bless you with all the happiness, good health and love you truly do deserve. You're one of the loveliest girls I've come across online and I'm really happy I got to know you! Thankfully I've had the chance to speak to you even more in the past few weeks and have realised just how much i loweee you!
I love that our convos are never limited to just KaJen, although they deffo take the centre haha, but you're someone I can go mad over Bollywood with tooo and I love that, wohoo! Big smile 

Eat lots of cake and party harrrrd! Always stay as awesome as you are..as loving, sweet and adorable as you are! LOOVE YOU LOTS!

Best wishes forever & always,
Preeti xx
Dearest Rabiaaa!
We've known each other for like a year now and you're such an amazing person! You've handled all my stupid, retarded panicking issues, my toughest assignment last year and motivated me to go on.
AND OUR KSG TALKS < ahh, unforgettable moments Heart Tehe, we're so crazy, LOL. So, finally the special day is here when someone special was born! I hope you have an amazing birthday! May you get all the love, luck, success, prosperity & everything you wished for. We'll meet karan together, very sooooon! "No, shagun you'll be in the ER as soon as you see him!" < you always managed to make me smile and still do so, thanks for always being there! Happy Birthday! Heart
 Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Rabia,
Happy Birthday to you!!
Many many many happy returns of the day! I really hope that God blesses you with all the love, and happiness, and success, and I also pray that all your wishes come true! You know, since I've never told you this before but I'll tell you now that at times you inspire me! Heart I remember you were telling us about your Med school experience, and living alone and being completely independent, and I was like "Okay, I need to experience that!" haha, but also like Anu said you always speak your mind, and are completely honest and I love that about you! You're so so so sweeet, and amazing! I love your love for JW, and KSG, and KaJen! Heart Did I tell you how cute you are? Especially when it comes to your love for JW, you act like a little girl that's talking about her crush, and it always makes me smile! AND, you're so so talented, with siggy making, and VM making! Thank you for always making siggies for me when I asked, even when they were such short notice! And ermm, send me some of those yummy jam filled cookies that you bake once in a while Embarrassed Happy Birthday again Rabia! Don't ever change, because we love you just the way you are! 

Mira Heart

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Where do I start? You're not just a KaJen fan who I like. You're my FRIENDS and CRICKET buddyyyyyyyyy!! Those 3 common factors are most probably the the biggest loves of my life so obviously you're extremely special to me. I think it helps that you and I are both MARCH babies! Heart Its so easy to talk to you and I sometimes wonder if you have a nasty bone in you at all. You're honestly such a sweetheart! I can't make VMs or Siggies anymore but this is for you Heart

Don't you just LOVE his afro? :P Thank you for just being so FAB (iaaaaaa). I really hope that you have an awesome day, you have a smile throughout and may the coming year be your best yet Heart And and and....I don't want us to lose touch ever Heart

Lots n lots n lots of Love,

Regina Heart

P.S. I will find out what Chandler was storing one day!!
Happy birthday Rabia, May you have a great day and may god fulfill all your wishes. Its been wonderful knowing a girl like you and I have to say you are extreme sweet. Some of the things u write an say are extremely hilarious and I am absolutely love that about u .I just feel grateful to know people like u and I hope we always remain friends. Anyways have a wonderful day and enjoy as much as u can.
Dear Rabia, Many many many happy returns of the day. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you get all your wishes. You are such a sweet person. Always comment on my videos motivating me and encouraging me to keep on vidding. You are also a beautiful editor yourself. You need to make more VMs. &what do I say? You are just an amazing amazing person. Love you loads and hope you will like my small birthday gift. Smile

&Here is your cake from me to you -
Love you loooaaads..

With Loads of love
Yours Zara <33
Yesh Yesh,you are still Fabiaaa for me & always will be tehe Heart
Kitne saal buddhi ho gayi? Big smile Bataao Bataao! Chupaane si ki faayda? Main tere doston se pooch loongi haha! <<
Alright,I kid there-you know me! Tongue Ily.
Okies first of all I sayyy that have a FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!! I wish you lotsaaaa..lotsaaa..lotsaaa luck,happiness & success in life & I hope and pray that all your desires and dreams come true(ermmm.. barring marrying LORD! -_- woh mera copyright hai! Tongue ) I reallyyy wishh that may your birthday bring you as much happiness as you give to everyone who knows you!! Heart
You are a sweetheart,a cutipie & a darlinggg!!! Aur tere meri bonding kaafi nice hai tehe I like you alot,you should feel special LOL You see,there are not many people who make to that list! << haha!
Hope this year proves to be realllyyy realllyy bright & fruitful for you!! Have an AWESOME AWESOME day & keep rocking as you always do! *claps*
...And Oh..I love your creations Heart Pleajjjj keep making more!! They are SO HOT :l HAYYEEE!! Chalo bas,bahut flattering ho gayi! :P tehe
Imma sing this poem for ya! Heart

From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before''
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you Fabiaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Enjoy your day to the fullest chokrriii!! Eat lotsaaa cake & dance like MAADDD!! Heart 
God bless ya!

Mehak Heart
Happy Birthday Rabia! Heart
May God bless you and give you everything you wish for! I hope this birthday brings you lots and lots of happiness, success, and love! Heart You're such a sweet and friendly girl.. I'm glad we're friends! We don't get to talk much psht but I hope we can catch up with each other soon LOL Smile You're very very smart and intelligent and really you're just a very very warm and sweet girl! Heart I feel so lucky to have a friend like youuu! 

Happy Birthday once again! Have a great onee! Party, enjoy, eat cakeee! Muahh!
Love, Noru Heart
JH! RABIA! My love! It's your birthday today!

I hope you have an absolutely amazing birthday, and that all your dreams, wishes, aspirations all come true! InshAllah on this day, Allah (SWT) blesses you with all the happiness and joy you deserve, and much more! I can't believe how long it's been since I've known you! It's probably been about 10 months already! Damn. We're about to hit our one year mark soon Wink

I love you lots and lots, and I love that you're so amazing! It's so easy to talk to you, and it's also so comforting! You're one of the many best people I've come across, and it's always a delight talking to you. Through many times I've come to you seeking comfort and help, and you've always done that and nothing less. You've always showered so much love and affection towards me, encouraging me to breathe, and trust myself, and today I give you the same advice. When facing an obstacle in life, do nothing but breathe and trust yourself! You have the will within you to do amazing things, and inshAllah one day your aspiration to be what you want to be, will come true!

I think you are so unbelievably gifted, mashAllah, and I love you regardless! Your Vm's/Siggy's everything is so gorgeous! You're so so so wonderful! Let me just tell you how much I admire you! You are definitely one of those people that I look up to, and respect. You've made a spot in my heart which will definitely last a long time. Talking to you honestly makes me so happy! You're so full of life, and you're always so happy! May you always smile, and share the positive vibes around you!

I think I fell across you on IF through the KaJen AT! I think so, or was it the random MSN/FB convos? Whatever it was, I'm so glad that today we've become quite close, and that I can talk to you about anything and everything! Whether it's KaJen/BruCas etc etc, no matter who it is, or what it is, my stressful college/uni applications ' no matter WHAT, you always encouraged me and made me feel so much better! It's such a delight talking to you, and I love you! Heart

I hope on your birthday you get nothing less than what you deserve! Beautiful people like you deserve so much! And hopefully today you get all that your heart desires, and maybe even a glimpse of KSG from the fellow ladies? Wink Hopefully! Party hard, my love! 

May this New Year bring you lots of happiness, joy, success, prosperity, and LOTS of love and laughter! I love you so much, and I have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! Heart

I'm sorry for my lack of creativity! You know me and my useless promises of Vms/siggys/avis ' those jobs are already taken by our masterminds, I'm too lazy to learn and become pro like them! Hehe. But nonetheless, my love is always a gift for yooooooooou! Hehehee.


- The one and only, Phatty! Heart
Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday DEAREST RABUUUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! i hope you have an amazing day and great year ahead! may allah bless you with all the happiness in the world Heart ! your one of the sweetest person i have ever come across online! i have a great time talking to you online (even though you chose to stay quiet most of the time lmfao! but the days you decide to break the silence and talk leaves me with a smile on my face Heart ). I honestly can't even remember the last time you were a b*tch to ANYONE :| i guess your the SWEETHEART of our lil gang and i hope you never change that about yourself Heart cause thats what makes us love you even more tehe no dont get me wrong i would love you if you were the BIGGEST B*TCH of our gang ! lmfao muah! love yaa babe Heart

Have lots lots lots n lots of fun on your birthday .. eat lots of cake Heart and just go out and celebrate YOU tehe! you only get to do that like once a year! so bhol fikra for the day and just HAVE A EFFEN BLAST!!


with lots of love 

Gia Khan Heart 

P.S i love everything that your obsessed wtih TongueTongue from srk to kajen to cricket psht!! i love your love for all of themmmm Heart 

P.S.S i m sorry i m a nikaami and i cant really make anything for you Unhappy! but you knows i love yaa right HeartHeart
Happpy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Rabia,
Happy Birthday to you!! Heart

Many many happy returns of the day!! I really hope and pray this birthday of your proves out to be your best!! It's been such an amazing time knowing you, and I honestly love you for what you are! I love how you say what you feel all the time and I love how you know how to distinguish wrong from right- I really admire that aspect about you! Not only that, but you're one of the most sweetest people I think anyone can come across.. You're so lively and you brighten up the MSN convos when you TALK and aren't watching something LOL! Thank you so much for always advising me when I really need it, be it academics or skin/health advice. IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! And although I hate to admit it -_- I love how you encourage me to drink more paani :( LOL! I LOVE YOU RABIA! I always used to see you around DMG forums and be like who is that ladki! She seems sweet, and no surprise, YOU ARE Heart

You're extremely talented, be it siggies/vm's and have I mentioned sweet!? I love how you text me randomly wishing me something Heart I LOVE YOU! I sincerely hope our friendship grows stronger as time goes by! You deserve nothing but the best from life cause girl you're amazingggggggggg just the way you are! Wink

I LOVE YOUUU Heart Happy Birthday Again! Hope all your dreams come true! MUAH!

Here's a small gift from GiNu.
Lots of Love,

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Special VM By Sahar:
Special VM By Samiyah:
Special VM By Zara:
Special VM By Fari:

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HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYY AGAINNN RABUUUUUUUUUU!! i love you lots and i hopee you have an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG DAYYYYYYY!! make sure you eat LOTS LOTS N LOTS OF CAKE tehe! may allah bless you with nothing but happiness and success this year (L)(L)



LMFAO i loveeeeeeeee the introoo and that big avi tehe <3 

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Happpppyyy Birthday once again <3
Njoy the day muaaaaah
P.s. Gr8 job saru nd rabia with the thread

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Happpy Happy Birthday Rabia! MUAH! I love you and I pray and hope you get everything you wish for love <3 

I love the thread Sahar and Rabia ..LOVED the intros LOL <3

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Happy Birthdaaayy Party

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