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Meeting me (a SR ff) Epilogue updtdpg79COMPLETED (Page 49)

-jas- IF-Dazzler

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love d update..
u rockk...
love this SR..
update soon..

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ehm ehm I am missing my "honey" & "baby" Blushing


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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Originally posted by Neha_S

@neet: Thanks a lot hun! I started this story with the intention of understanding Ridhima Maiya and untangle the mess that Cvs created but I wrote in my sketch that all chapters post 11 will be much lighter because the earluer chapters takes care of the angsty dark stuff. There is no one strict e-book but I sort of jumbled my ideas and some stupid things my friend's grandma (god bless her) says to make that list. And I am glad to help you all seduce your  future hubbies. Ask them to pay me a commissionLOL

Lol.. Future nahi dear, current hubby.. I'm married and thats why I said with such conviction that those are points in every wife's golden book Wink As for commission I am sure all the nikammis husbands (thats including mine) would be ready to pay you commission if only we could stick to all those points everyday of our life Tongue I normally just use one or two as and when required WinkLOL

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Plzzz update soon Evil Smile
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update soonEvil Smile
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update plzzz Angry
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Chapter 14

" I am not making any progress with Sid" Ridhima confessed sadly. Her eyes were downcast and she looked downright depressed. She was sitting in Aarti's office staring at the doctor with trepidation. "I am at my wit's end. What could I possibly do? I am doing everything I can. He wont listen to me. All he tries is to throw me out.."

Aarti nodded" We will come back to that. First tell how are you?"

Ridhima looked up at that " I am good but I could be better..."

" Do you feel restless or have the urge to run away like you did before?" she pressed gently

Ridhima shook her head firmly " No! All those thoughts havent crossed my mind since ages. I havent been feeling suffocated or restless at all. I am sad in a way but a part of me is very happy because I am with Sid. He always calms me down. He makes me see the world the way I should minus the blurs and swirls...

Aarti laughed "Interesting choice of words" She paused " What about Arman? Do you like of him now?"

Ridhima paused as though gathering her thoughts before answering this all important questions. " I always will care for him. I want him to be happy but I havent really been consciously thinking all that. He has just faded to the background- Like someone I care but who isnt foremost in my mind.."

" Do you miss him?"

Ridhima shook her head again " No I dont. Infact I havent thought about him at all. I was so busy trying to get Sid to like me again that Arman never crossed my mind..."

" Do you think you would affected now if he comes back into your life?" Aarti asked with a gentle smile. The smile basically assured Ridhima that she wont be judged- no matter what she says.

But Ridhima knew this time. " Its different this time. I mean before Arman and I were torn apart by circumstances and Sid and I brought together by fate only. This time I chose to be with Sid. I chose to move away from Arman- I think I needed to be with him once again to realise that while we have great memories they can only be in the past.I have changed too much as a person and I cant be with Arman anymore .."

" Cant be with him?"

" Yes! I cant be with him because I dont want to be with him.."

There was a silence. " You have come  a long way Ridhima..." Aarti said softly

"Not with Sid, I tell you.." Ridhima interrupted , her expression sour . Aarti laughed loudly.Ridhima eyed the pretty therapist " Do you have any advice ?"

Aarti smiled " I am a therapist, not a relationship consultant..."

Ridhima shook her head " You have been such  help. You understand human mind, Aarti. Tell me what to do.."

Against her wishes Aarti found herself wanting to help her patient. There was something about this girl which pulled people in. It may be her honest hazel eyes or that steely eyes determination evident on her face.

" Communication is the key. You need to tell Sid your decision and your feelings. However, from your history I gather there is a lot of distrust operating between you two. Sid is unable to trust anything you say. So telling him everything could possibly futile. I would suggest that you two need time - You need to show him that he can trust you and that you  wont go anywhere..."

Ridhima let  out a sigh "I can only show him that if he lets me stay. He is always trying to get rid of me.How do you talk to someone who is trying to kick you out??'

Aarti smiled " I am no expert but I think you need a communication catalyst.."

" I am sorry.."

" Something which distracts people enough from their anger enough to give you a chance to speak. It could be an event, an ace up your sleeve or you could tie him up..." Aarti suggested.
Ridhima stared at her in confusion.

Aarti took pity on her " Off the record, as a woman who is trying to get her husband to listen to her you have an ace up your sleeve..."

" What?"

" Seduction. Everything is easier to say and hear if there is seductive situation.."


Sid walked through the lanes of Sanjeevani, his mind torn between amusement and fear. What on earth was possessing Ridhima Gupta? Has she lost her mind or was she channelling the ghost of some crazy psycho chick? He didnt know but he knew she had to leave before she made him lose his mind.

He ran his hand through his already messed up hair. It had a troublesome night and even more troublesome morning. He couldnt believe when he came home to see Ridhima making him dinner and calling him ... honey!But it was that was horrific. He didnt want to think about morning's adventure. Did Ridhima really want him baby and flirt with him?

His face fell hot and he sighed. A part of him was ecstatic with or without permission from his brain. To have her so close to him, to have her so close to him willing to be closer was tormenting him. He wanted to pull her closer but he couldnt and he hated himself for being weak. Yes he had often dreamt of waking up in Ridhima's arms. He had dreamt of having breakfast with her and to see her blush as she looked at him. And he was human enough to crave for more but the sane part of him was disgusted at her.

How could she be doing this? Playing him along again... Was she sick enough to enjoy hurting them both? He was determined to end this. Before he could handle Ridhima- Now she was someone he couldnt predict. She was the blushing bride one moment and the sexy siren the next.

Making his mind, he knocked on the door nad smiled at his mentor.

" Dr. Shashank..."
 Shashank rose up and shook his head smiling brilliantly " It so good to see you Sidhant."

He nodded " You too, sir"

"So how is work?"

" Work is fine. I am leaving for Delhi tonight. I have a six day conference to attend on behalf of BMC. They have been quite understanding with my extended leave of stay.." he said , his tone sour at the end, It was his daughter's fault that he was stuck here in India for a further three months.

"Yes! It was an unavoidable circumstance..Quite unbelievable" Shashank said

" You are right. " Sid said " When the magistrate said that we have to stay a further three months I almost lost it.."
 He was so close to his goal that Sid leaned in. He will tell Shashank to force Ridhima to leave him alone. He would tell Shashank to make sure that she didnt bother him.

" It was quite unexpected but a good thing in the end" came the answer

Sid stared at Shashank.. He must have misheard.

" No.. its not a good thing , sir. We have a prompt divorce so that Ridhima could go back to Arman. Instead we were told to wait three months..." he trailed off hoping Shashank got the gist.

Shashank sighed " We have all been so ignorant. We have all treated marriage like a game. We didnt realise how sacred the institution was.. I forced you two to marry without realising what the circumstances could be. Then you two gave up on each other without honest communication. I think its time to fix that."

Sid felt angry " There is nothing to fix "

Shashank stared at him and Sid took a deep breath " I dont want Ridhima to stay with me.This marriage would never work.. I need you to help me.."

" What can I do?"

" Sir, please make Ridhima come back to your house. I think that its better for all of us."

Shashank shook his head " Sidhant, that is impossible. Ridhima is over 21. I cant force her to live anywhere. She is within legal rights to stay with you..."

"Sir, please..."

" Look I know that you and Ridhima have a lot of issues and if you dont want to fix it, its fine. But you have to stay together for three months. After that you can do whatever you please..."

Sid felt desperate as he remembered his daughter. He couldnt live with that whirlwind " You have no idea ..."

" How difficult it is to live with Ridhima.." Shashank chuckled "I do know. She has lived with me or a greater part of 20 years. I dont think she is that bad..."

Ofcourse you dont think she is that bad. I am sure she doesnt wake you up by almost kissing you or call you honey, baby or give you lame stupid compliments...All the time making you crazy with desire

"I want to help you , Sid. I do but I cant..." his father-in-law  said firmly


Sid entered the penthouse with a wary look around. It was silent and he froze. After his talk with Dr. Shashank who was totally unhelpful to him he assumed Ridhima would do-whatever she was doing with double the efforts. But he was surprised to find no one in the house. To make sure that she had left already he called out her name loudly.

" Ridhima..."

There was no answer. And Sid sighed. Suddenly the penthouse felt too empty and he felt angry. She did it again, didnt she? Left him again. He clenched his jaw. He knew this would happen... When did Ridhima ever live upto her promise...

I will be here...

A reasonable part of him countered slowly. She had left because he had asked her to. But he clenched his jaw.. He never expected to follow what he said. When did Ridhima Gupta ever listen to him. Punching the sofa he took a deep breath trying to calm himself down. It was for the best. This was what he wanted after all.. No disruptions from Ridhima Gupta again!! She was finally gone with her sweet words and confusing gestures..

She was gone...

And it was a good thing, he tried to convince himself. He walked up to the living room and put on the lights. Nothing happened. The lights didnt work.. He paused and tried another one. The bulb didnt switch on. He couldnt believe this. Did Ridhima, in her newfound insanity, steal his living room lights before leaving?
 He was staring at the light switch when someone spoke...

" Sid..."

The voice was groovy and sweet.He turned around looking for the source of voice. But there was no one. He stared at the dark corner of the room.

" Ridhima..."

There she stood, in the dark. Her profile wasnt visible but he knew her voice so very well. A strange reaction passed through his mind as he saw her: relief, happiness, anger..

" What the hell do you think you are doing?"

She still stood in the dark " I promised I will be here. And I will always keep my promises, Sid"

Sid scoffed looking away " Lets not start this game,Ridhima..."

She surprised him by agreeing " Right! Lets not. I have something much more important to say to you..."

" What?"

" 1" she said suddenly . The lights on the alcove flicked on.

"2" The living room lights switched on  "Annnd 3..."

The CD player started blazing.
Yeah! Yeah!Yeah!

Sid jumped as the loud beat started on his left.
Oh, snap ,
Look at that
There you
Where you at

And Ridhima walked in and Sid suddenly had trouble breathing. She was wearing a dark red mini-skirt with a matching top. Her long legs were covered in a black stocking and she wore high heeled boots reaching her knees. Her hair was pinned up in an elegant fashion. Her eyes were deeply kohled and her mouth a rich tempting red.

Slow down, baby
We should go crazy

 She turned around enjoying his open mouthed expression as she slowly swayed her hips to the numbers. Sid felt faint. This wasnt happening.. hell it wasnt. She looked at him and slowly raised her hand to her hair, slowly undoing the pins as her luscious hair slowly drooped down her shoulders.
Tempt you, tease you
Anything you want to do
I 'll give it to you just how you like it, boy

She walked towards him, still swaying as her eyes stared deep into his. Looking at him with a soft blush she pushed him lightly and he fell on the couch. Sid could only gape and she swayed down in front on him and moved to the beat.

I am no monster
Keep that in your head
Dont forget to know
I am gonna get you

Sid gulped as she pointed at him with a sultry look. And swung around on the table. She crossedvand uncrossed her legs with the bit. Slowly she pressed her back on the glass table with an inviting look.

I kinda like that
I wanna tap that
You can bet
 I am gonna get you.

Sid couldnt help himself. He could only gape in awe at the innocent shy Ridhima who was had turned into some kind of seductress. He couldnt help the smile on his face as he stared at her milky skin, her dark hazel eyes glowing and her blush on her face. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.
Come over here and play with me
Let me be your dirty fantasy
You are never gonna get away from me.

The smile on his face caused a smile on her. Suddenly she swung her legs off the table and walked to him. His smile disappeared as the distance between shortened. Suddenly the breathlessness returned. He was well aware of the effect she had on him. This time her eyes didnt leave his until she stood right infront of him.

Heads are so priceless
My diamonds so flawless
Kiss the ring
Show me I am your one and only

Ridhima purred "Honey..."

Sid gulped feeling extremely scared. Hell- he was scared of this Ridhima.. Much more of any version of Ridhima... She was dangerous.

" You like me like this, right?" she asked

'Sid 's mouth fell open. He wanted to scream at her, walk away. But he couldnt. He seemed to have lost his voice and his legs suddenly werent following him.

" Now imagine.. you coming home everyday-tired after all the hard work and me entertaining you the best I can..."

At that his eyes popped out of his head. She ran her fingers on his chest and he almost fainted.

" Baby.. you would like that..."

" Yeahh.."he said without thinking

She smiled moving closer. " And you would work hard in Delhi too, right..?"

He nodded watching her moves with fascination

" So I should come with you.. Yeah..?" she said caressing his cheek with a becoming blush

" Yeah..." he said with a smile before jumping up suddenly becoming aware of what he was agreeing to " No!"

Ridhima stood up at that." What did you say?"

Sid turned around staring at the cunning vixen staring right back at him .His head was spinning with desire, confusion and finally anger. He couldnt believe she would manipulate him using her beauty and his attraction to get what she want.

" I dont believe this,,," he spluttered " I cant believe you are doing this. My god Ridhima you are seducing me to make me let you come to Delhi.." He stopped as something clicked " My god you are seducing me..."

Ridhima had surpassed maroon by now " I am not..."

" Yes you are.. You are... you are using your seduction skills to take advantage of me..." he exclaimed accusingly at her.

Ridhima stared at him, her blush so radiant that he could feel heat coming off her. He stared. She stared. And suddenly ridiculousness of the situation dawned on him and he chuckled. She looked at him. He tried to rein in his laughter but he burst out laughing " Oh my god.. you are seducing me.."

Ridhima's face was priceless but she giggled too. By this time they were both laughing loud and seemingly unable to stop.Ridhima hid her face in her hands as Sid threw his  head back and laughed.
He couldnt believe it. Prim and proper Ridhima who was excessively shy was full on serenading him.. He chuckled, a baloon of unwanted happiness forming within him as he saw her red face. He stopped laughing as the days passed through and he was standing in the past. A beautiful past.

Mujhe farak partha hain

Days when she seemed to be only his, when he could kiss her and hold her in his arms. When they were each other's anchor- when she his everything. And he wanted to be back there but he couldnt. Everything had changed and now he was done with her. But one thing had always been constant with them. They had been through a lot- they had grwon and evolved together and he owed it to her to ask the question.

" What do you want Ridhima?" he asked "I mean, really, seriously..."

She looked surprised at his sincere question " I want to give our marriage a chance"

He felt his anger resurfacing " Havent you done this already?"

She nodded " But this time I am sure..."

He shook his head " You like the chase, Ridhima. You only want what you dont want..."

She gulped. He could see the tears that filled her eyes " Give me a chance to prove that I am still worthy of being your wife"

He stared at her before answering, his bitter side coming up " Maybe I dont want you as my wife.."
He flinched inside as the pain in her eyes but she recovered quickly enough " Fair enough! But we have these three months. Let me be with you.."

Sid stood up at that. " Didnt you hear what I just said? I dont want you... I dont have any feelings for you anymore. You are nothing to me..."

Ridhima stood up at that. " If I am nothing to you, if I dont affect you the let me come to Delhi. Dont run away from me like a coward..."

He gritted his teeth. She had no right to call him a coward " You are not coming to Delhi..." He walked towards his bedroom but she caught the door before he could close it

Her eyes were blazing and she reminded him of the spiteful senior doctor who had sworn to defeat him at basketball " Scared?" she challenged " Scared that you wont be able to pretend that I mean nothing to you?"

"There is nothing to pretend. You are nothing to me" he said in a biting whisper

She raised her eyebrow "Prove it!"

" Fine!" he said against his better judgement " Come to Delhi. Fat help it would do you"


Okay! I LOVED writing this -esp the song! Lol! Its TAP THAT by Megan McCauley! I want to know how you think the update went. So leave your comments and I will get back to you.

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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OMG Neha BlushingBlushing

Loved this update!!!!

Finally Mrs.Modi is out of her bichari mode n back in action Evil SmileLOL
Loved the way she 'tried' to seduce Sid Blushing

I can so imagine JeRan in this...KW's cute confused expression...and Jenny trying to seduce KW LOL Loved it!!!!

Now Mr. n Mrs. Modi n Delhi...hmmm this shud be good
plzzz continue soon

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