Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devils Den- Adimaan , HOO HAA baby and ANgry Geet

spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged

SmileGeet angry and sleeps off.. LOL

Daadi Annie coffee with Dev ...
Breaksfast scene MSK does not take ehsaan from everyone..and for daadi mas sakeSmile
Dev was relieved to stay there but MSK was clear he would stay until he is better..
No one can come between him and Geet...Thats a tall statement and me thinks loop will be closed.Smile Dev did not like that but Geet loved that.. THat pride on her face when he said that was too goodEmbarrassed
Daadi wants to praise her Nakewl...LOL She stole the credit from Geet and gave it ot Nacool.LOL
Nacool ttaught Gith Choco mousse so she taught him pastaLOL and maan loves nakewl ka food
Geet gives him all the stuff but no talk.. that was so typicalLOL She kept giving everything with no talk.. and he wants her to talk.. She is upset because of his talk.LOL
MSK the great cannot take thatLOL
Coffee with Arjun..CVS are you watching Cofee with Karan?
Adi is very happy with 400 crores project.. a ha ha ha
MSK wants geet ot send lunch but she has not cooked and gives him gopal krishna ayappa restaurant number...LOL and then cuts the phone.. MSK does not want to do presentation but has toLOL
Nitya the third wheel with AA...LOL Arjun the chikna... with yellow t shirt.. Annie giving back hug.. babaji kiska back hug maanga aur kiska mil gaya.. yeh kya dekh liya meineDead
Can Geet go back to office. please.. we need u thereSmile oonly then ur stalker will work
AdimaanEmbarrassed me love adimaan..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and the squeaky voice.
MSK misses geets appointment..Smile 
precap was so dreamyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Ok Maan Geet.. The moment he said their relationship is such that no one can come in between them Geet forgave him but hey she was doing natak she wanted him to pamper her.
Why not.. and Maan the great is on his knees manoing his girl..SO lots of cute moments Smile
Adi maan scene was hilarious.. THe way he spoke and then Adi squeaked I was ROFL..
Maneet phone conversation was good.. Geet loves his question on what he should do with food but is teasing himSmile 
Geet better start working soon.. KC will become kangal and she has to work soon.. I want geet back in KC..
Maan on his knees.. hmm the great MSK asking her for forgiveness on his knees. Isnt that a sign of him being human..
MSK is a man with a huge ego but for his loved ones be it daadi or annie or Geet he can shed it and even go on his knees.. He forgives dev for daadi partly.. because he loves daadi ..Smile
Waise precap was so cute.. the guy got a bath tub and punching bag for the baby?? Hoo haa baby

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
T Devils of the Devil's Den hereby declare the Den to be 
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This is particularly in light of the recent moderator warning 
(chk here.. and  henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language 
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and here is the dare.. 
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we will shoot you. HAAN! 


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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged

If yesterday was a flawless brilliant dramatic episode ...then today it was a light-hearted funny paisa vasool episodeThumbs Up...So in short CVs hv now learnt how to keep the pace going and maintain a balance between dramatic and light-hearted episodesTongue...

Things I loved in today's Episode
  • MSK bending down on his knees and trying to say sorry but as usual struggling with his wordsLOLEmbarrassed
  • Geet giving silent treatment to MSKLOL and  MSK realising that he needs to put in more efforts now to manaofy his ladyTongue...
  • The breakfast pasta scene where Dadi informs MSK that Nakool made the pasta and not GeetROFL...MSK's face was hilarious in this sceneROFLROFLROFL...
  • The dramatic moment was well captured between MSK-Dev in the breakfast table where MSK made clear to Dev the two reasons why he stops Dev from leaving, is for Dadi's happiness and second is MSK doesn't want to keep any ehsaan of DevThumbs Up...Loved the way MSK looks at Geet and tells Dev that no third person can create any issues between themClapClapEmbarrassed...One can notice the pride with which MSK tells this looking at GeetEmbarrassed and then the way Geet gives that faint smile feeling proud of her hubby's wordsEmbarrassed...So somewhere Dev ka first plan fails here and it was clearly evident on Dev's faceWink....
    Office SMS scene and Geet SMSing the hotel's phone number to MSK for lunch is another hilarious scene worth watching again and again just because of GC and DD's fabulous expressions hereROFLClapClap...
  • MSK ka 400 crore ka deal and Adi looking more worried for the deal than the real boss is another hilarious well written sceneROFLROFLROFLClapClap...Well in a way its absurd that a guy cares any damn for his 400 crore deal just because his wife is giving him silent treatment and for him manaofying his wife becomes more important than a 400 crore dealLOLLOLLOL But at the same time,it shows the extent to which MSK loves his Gith that even 400 crores doesn't really matter to him and thats what I loved in today's episodeEmbarrassed

 Best scene of the Day
  • Adi-Maan scene in the end takes the CakeROFLROFLROFLROFL.....what a brilliantly executed SceneClapClapClapClap...This is what I call a paisa-vasool scene...after a long time ,I was laughing like a maniac watching the way MSK blasting Adi and the way Adi was bending backwards...reminded me of all our earlier Dostana jokes in the DenROFLROFLROFLROFL...This is a very simple scene but it reminds us of those golden days of GHSP when such Adi-Maan scenes used to b a rage and finally I m feeling that with Barry taking charge of screenplay,we r getting the old office flavour back in full form nowApprove...GC and Adi both were superb in this sceneClap...Bas I hope soon we get to see Geet too joining officeEmbarrassed

  • AA-SceneSleepy...Can't believe Annie comes and hugs Arjun from behindShocked ..the same guy who once slept with her and even blackmailed her for itOuch...Seriously can't really understand the head and tail of their track ...Now we hv Nitya joining the circus with chocolate cake even though dunno the purpose of such scenesConfusedLOL..Anyways as lnog as such scenes r there only for 2-3minutes,its fine but not more than that..HaanAngryLOL
Points to Ponder
  • MSK forgets that today was Geet's check-up day...Well we know he is going to make-up for it...but still these small things might b noticed by Dev who is staying under the same roof and this is where he can score points to later prove that MSK is not the right responsible father for the child which will later result in the court  battleEvil Smile
About the precapEmbarrassed
  • We feel mayb Geet will melt now with MSK arrranging the whole baby room for their child...she even smiles when MSK comments about how he is arranging a punching bag for the baby so that the baby doesn't become fat like his/her motherLOLEmbarrassed...But why I feel Geet will still continue with her silent-treatment even after thisErmm...She will not melt so soonWink...MSK will hv to do something more than this for Geet to melt completely in his armsBlushing...
Episode Rating:9/10...Like a said a complete fun-filled light Paisa vasool episode with right amount of humour in Adit-MSK scene ,cuteness in Geet-Maan sms scene and also drama element in the Dev-MSK sceneThumbs Up

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

Joined: 26 April 2006
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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Today's episode again is super, now I am sure Mahesh is super choice for Geet Embarrassed, he brought on old flavour to Geet, the rootna manana, Maan and Adi's hilarious scenes, etc.........

The way Maan is trying his level best to apologize to Geet is super, he is trying from less to upper and trust me this time the apologize gone be in a very special way Blushing
The way Geet is not giving in made me really happy, I really wanted to see this on Geet, it reminds me of RTM's time, when Maan was hurt then Geet upset and it resulted on that passionate sequence, this time u can imagin, Maan was hurt but later on Geet got hurt, then Maan's job is to apologize to Geet, he even left 400 crore ka deal for her, u can imagin how much Maan can go so far for Geet, he was cursing himself for forgetting the check up date.......
Dev seems like having another plan in mind, I don't know why I am doubting his intentions, but MSK simply proved that Dev's present doesn't make any difference nor it effecting his bonding with Geet.......
Geet is melting, which was visible in her expression, but she is not giving in, but MSK will surely make her lose control WinkLOLBlushing, he knows well her weak points to seduce her WinkLOLBlushing (Kehna Hai Kya) La la WinkLOLBlushing
Maan and Adi's scenes were hilarious, I am glad to see this again, especially when Maan said Daadi Maa in the meeting and Adi's stammering LOL
The SMS wala scene was so cute, MSK can't give up when it comes to Geet, no way, he do anyway to make his princess smile........
The precap is super, see him forgetting the date made him think of something for Geet and baby, the baby room, it was so cute, he is simply indirectly showing Geet, he loves them both so much, Geet and baby, thought these materials things don't need to show it, but he can't do anything for them..........
It seems from the precap that Maan wants the baby to do like him, Tai Chi and Ho Ha LOL
PS. this still small clips of the eheem eheem WinkLOLBlushing
No comments on AA's scene.........
In the whole the episode is very good, except AA's scenes which is in ignorance.....

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Hey guys!

Waah kya epi tha...thoroughly enjoyable!!LOL

ITna pyaar...
MAanADI is BACK!!!

ohh yeah!!

Coffee with Arjun seems to be the talk of town..

Nity ka BG is as creepy as her pichka hua face...

Annie ka hugging Arjun from behind scared the bejeezus out of me as well as arjun-who didn't know what hit him

BTw-he's wearing yellow today

CHIKNA anda bahar se..aaj toh poora ho gaya- cuz inside is the yolk tooROFL

Maan ne bola hanky..

PINK nursery banwaayi...truly...ROFL

Dialogues at the dining table were really very good!!

aiappa and message message was awww

Barry- kya kahun? You rock!!

The old seems to be coming back

maan was in character- not all softie..but a tough nut to crack; of course he only loves nakewl ke haath ka bana khana..

Everytime he comments about food- nakewl has made it..kya samjhu main?

Dadi ke mast mast nain- idhar se udhar ghoomte rehte hain

You know-there's this song- rooth na jaana- which i really love...

I would have LOVED to see it on maneet...but it's okay..nursery is good too

yeh annie, dadi toh maan ko TOUCH therapy dete rehte hain...uffff HAHAHA
There are some important things I will comment on..

Okay- let me get a bit serious -

I loved how maan got down and he tried again and again to apologize to Geet and admit his mistake..and the fact that he was wrong

I loved how Geet slept typically her!LOL

I loved his gesture..which I think is dadi's hint ki wajah se- the nursery- how touching can it be?

I loved how for him- nothing more than Geet is important- left that deal midway- said dadi's name also..and went out to find ways to manao Geet

The dialogue at the dining table- how maan firmly but humanly said until Dev is unwell, he can stay here- and he repeated it thrice, I guess to make sure no one thinks otherwise

PLUS he interrupted dev in his sorry speech and told him clearly that maan and geet have no place for a third person- whatever happens between them is only about them- no one else..

I guess that was a very heartfelt dialogue which really melted Geet- because her issue was that in between the family they were on the path of creating- geet, maan and their baby- maan had let his anger overpower him.

Of course she understands why this anger was-because dev hurt her. BUT, when it became an egocentric perspective- then, Maan ended up hurting her because in a way, he put that anger over love and care for geet- which is totally human

Maan and Geet see each other as perfect even in their imperfections and THAT is why want to bring out the BEST in each other...which is BEST for them and their baby.

Maan will become a good father if he can control his temper and be a bit less impulsive- geet was thinking of him and when he saw him being consumed by the fire of his rage, she brought him out of it.

So...they are imperfect individuals, trying to make a relationship that aspires for perfection :))

What i didn't understand was-

1. Does Nitya have a bigger role to play? Can she? she could be a good antagonist as she looks evil too right now..and quite a scary BG music I must say

2. Dev-annie-dadi have a chat at night
dev says gundas got involved because of him? 
was it a slip of tongue...hahaha

HE didn't look very nice when Maan said no one can come between maan and geet.

3. The other thing that I'm thinking of is that- when will Geet join the office?

YOu know it could be a great great thing to see!!
Geet back in office, Maan and Geet seriously working on that 400 crore deal..seriously working and all- I'd LOVE to see Geet working again...

4. Okay..there was 1 important thing...but I forgot what? :(
when I remember-will update

Barry- sweet dialogues!! *jhapkisses* 

To the CV- god going! hope you guys manage to keep it on track! good luck with that!

lots of love!

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adits7 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 August 2009
Posts: 21889

Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
enjoyed watchin d epi...

did u all notice dev's expressions wen MSK said....tumhe kisne kehe diya ki tumhari wajah se mere aur ghithhh mein tanav badh raha hai...

Dev's face ws lk....sucha disappointment....Kicking Dirt.........ROTFL

n gud dt finally Annnnieee herself realized dt she is bevakufffff...Disappointed 3...hope arjun too realizes it sn..... ROTFL

i lkd mSK -GEET smsin scenes....also d room fr baby done by MSK wid all dos baby stuffs........

Crib 2.......Stroller.....Doll.....awwwww....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 May 2009
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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged

Gith!! here i come! HAAN!!

PS : dits hatt jaa raaste see.. Angry

loved the epi..

just a quick Q.. which is the instrumental u used for the MG scene.. it was good..Wink

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starlite7 Goldie

Joined: 07 July 2010
Posts: 1226

Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Helloo Nissar, Ved, Barry, Mahesh et al – a neat epi today, barring the AA part. Hey, what can I say, I'm biased ;)

Yesterday's fiery interchange between Maaneet set the stage for Maan's damage control today. After all, dekha jaaye to yeh shaadi ke baad ka pehla argument hai….lol ! And what an argument it was !

Maan on bended knee begs Geet to forgive him ….get angry with me, yell at me…anything but don't walk away from me…his worst nightmare is if Geet stops talking to him which is unfolding….punish me but pls talk to me. Poor guy, tries every means possible (kaan bhi pakad liye) but to no avail. The wound is still raw…n so Geet without saying a word goes to bed. Dadima theek keh rahi thi, bahut zyada naraz hui hai mujhse….

Dev-Dadi convo … all the detailed talk is to clarify to Ann indirectly that Arjun was not the squealer.

Breakfast scene
Aaj pehli baar Geet ne nashta plate mein nahi lagaya…hmmm….gussa thanda nahin hua. But Maan perseveres…praises the dish…only to be told that Nakewl cooked it….on Geet's directions.
Dev's entry with 'Mein jaa rahaa hoon'….

Barry, Mahesh – loved the mature way this scene was handled. Barry loved the dialogues.
- Mujhe zindagi mein ek baar kuch karne dijiye jisme gunah ka bojh mehsoos na ho
- Liked the way Maan continues eating …nice touch !
- Maan;s 'Ruko Dev' was unexpected by all around him.
- Maan relenting to let Dev stay till he recovers ….not for anyone but only for Dadi
- Maan immediately squashes Dev's statement …meri wajah se aap aur Geet ke beech koi tanaav aye.
- Maan's response –
o sabse pehle apne dimaag se yeh galat fehmi nikaal do ke kisi aur ki wajah se hum dono
ke beech koi tanaav ho sakta hai. Hamara rishta in sab baton se bahut aage ho chuka hai … isme kisi ke hone ya na hone se hamein koi farq nahi padta. I LOVED THIS PART !!!

With this statement Maan laid to rest all current and potentially future opportunities for MU.
- First, this statement was for Geet, what he could not tell her the previous nite, he said so in public… reassuring her that his outburst was not becoz he doubted her about Dev. Watch Geet's reaction … her surprise and relief
- Second, this was also for Dev….u are not that important of an obstacle in Maaneet's relationship….u are not today, nor will you ever be in the future….so empty your mind of any future mischief.
- Third, to Dadi and NE in case their pendulum swings again
- Fourth, MSK does not take any udhar/ehsan….Maan letting Dev stay back for a while is in return for Dev saving his life. With this there is no room for future manipulation. Watch Dev's expression. Maan knows the truth. He's cleared the path in such a way that it will not become Maaneet's handicap ! Awesome !
- Maan still remains at the breakfast table….but Geet walks away…unlike in the past :) is baar Geet ko manana asaan nahi hoga.
Nissar, Barry, Mahesh - That's why I loved the maturity in this scene. Fantastic !

Geet ko manana … ab bhi jaari hai
Geet is overjoyed to hear Maan's words at breakfast. But she also remembers that she has taken a maun vrata. Before she bubbles over, she leaves the table.
He he he….enjoyed the way Maan looks at Geet outside the door and then hesitantly enters….never seen the once confident MSK so unsure….LOL ! Oh the ways he tries to make her talk…mera hanky, mera nashta,matlab….SLAM !

Even the 400cr project does not bring him back to the real world…how can he when his world is topsy-turvy. Poor Adi…tu to gaya…lagta hai Adi will have to handle the 400cr client single-handedly.

Ok coming to the AA track….Barry, Mahesh u two will have to do some serious damage control … pronto!

Loved the smsing back n forth….Gopal Krishnan Ayappa restaurant ka phone ….ROFL….ROFL! Tell me was this Barry's idea or was it DD/GC's idea to come up with this restaurant name….somebody sure was ad-libbing … LOL ! Chalo,got to see a glimpse of the old Maaneet nok-jhok !

Precap – Hmmm … room is decorated in pink … pink walls, pink bath tub…so baby is a girl…but Maan's lingo is for a boy….moi conphused ! Chalo loved to see the smile breaking out on Geet's face ! And who knows, in the future we may get to see some baby hoo-haa too :)))))

GC – today was ur day ! Fabulous job alternating between the 'knows what I want'MSK with Dev, the unsure Maan and the distracted MSK with Adi.

DD – Fantastic as the roothi Geet :)

Barry, Mahesh – I think today also belongs to u. Well done !

Ok…me crawling back into the woodwork ;)

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