Shivaji Satam aka ACP Pradyuman Info Thread

Bhavanab IF-Sizzlerz

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This thread is all about Shivaji Satam aka ACP Pradyuman.

Name :- Shivaji Satam
Birthday :- 21st April

Filmography -


2009 Zamaanat
2008 De Dhakka - Suryabhan Jadhaw
2007 Dil Dosti etc. - Kintu's dad
2007 Deha -The Father
2006 Taxi No. nau do gyarah - Arjun Bajaj (as Shivaji Satam)
2005 Viruddh ... Family comes first - Bharucha
2005 Kisna - Sriram
2005 Yehi Hai Zindagi - Rao
2005 Uttarayan - Raghuvir
2004 Kis Kis Ki Kismat - Minister
2004 AK 47
2004 Rakht - Dhristi's Father (as Shivaji Satam)
2004 Garv  Pride and honour  -Commissioner Yeshwant Pandey
2004 Bardaasht - Police Commisioner
2003 Ssshhh.. - Commissionr Kamath 
2003 Calcutta Mail - Rana Rastogi

2003 Khwahish - Amar's father
2003 Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye -Pandhari (Sheela's father)
2003 Pyaar Kiya Nahi Jaata - Akram
2002 Hathyar - Namdev (Rohit's grandfather)
2002 Filhaal -Dr. Surve (as Shivaji Satam)
2002 Pitaah - Station Master
2001 Ehsaas The Feeling
2001 Tera Mera Saath Rahe -Mr. Gupta

2001 Nayak The Real hero -Manjari's dad
2001 Jodi no.1 - Host of India's Most Wanted
2001 Censor - Information & Broadcasting Minister
2000 Kurukshetra -Sambhaji Yadav (Opposition Leader)
2000 Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai - Ganga's father
2000 Fiza
2000 Deewana - Commissioner Chavan
2000 Nidaan - Anirudh Nadkarni
2000 Baaghi - Prof. Vidyashankar Pandey (Surya's father)
2000 Pukar - Col. Rana
1999 Vaastav - Namdev (Raghu's father) (as Shivaji Satam)
1999 Split Wide Open - Shiv
1999 Sooryavamsham - Radha's father (as Shivaji Satam)
1999 Daag : The Fire - Municipal Commissioner Satyaprakash
1999 Hu Tu Tu - Amol Barve
1998 Wajood - Police Commissioner of Mumbai
1998 Yugpurush - Paresh Kumar
1998 Vinashak - Police Inspector
1998 China Gate  - Gopinath
1997 Yeshwant -Inspector Joshi
1997 Ghulam-e-mustafa -Dayanand Dixit
1995 Aai - Bawdekar
1994 English August - Sathe
1992 Jiwaalaqa
1991 100 days  - Police Inspector

1991 Bhediyon Ka Samooh - Assistant Customs Collector Anilkumar Shastry 
1987 Andhaa Yudh - Diwakar

Television Works
Rishtey -Naate

Ek Shoonya Shoonya


Articles/Interviews/Video links etc

Shivaji Sir's Bio

Independence Day Article

Shivaji Satam (No Work)

Shivaji Satam - Most Wanted Cop

Life In The Cop Shop

Satam Sir's Food Habits ( Article)

We Are One Happy Famile- ACP Pradyuman

Uttarayan Written Update

On Sets Of CID ( has Satam Sir's interview as well)

Shivaji Satam Jeena Isika Naam Hai Article

ACP isn't Stone Hearted Article

Shivaji Satam ... Non Stop CID

Shivaji Satam's Marathi interview in Khupte Tithe Gupte

CID Team dedicates 'Thank You Mumbai' Anthem on 26/11

Middle aged men back on TV

ACP:CID is one of the best things to have happened to me 

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thanks for opening the thread bhavnab. we really needed an thread about the brilliant actor who has been portraying the dynamic character of ACP Pradyumn for 13 years.

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DivianTanz_Divz IF-Addictz

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A brilliant job by you Bhavana. Shivaji Sir thread was really needed. Again, thanks to you for this dear.

You are an awesome actor Shivaji Sir..
Bhavanab IF-Sizzlerz

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Some article links added
NandiniRaizadaa IF-Stunnerz

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Good, we actually needed this
Bhavanab IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged
I had once promised to write and update of the film Uttarayan starring Satam sir !!

Well I'll start of and will keep adding to this post do keep a look !!! Uttarayan is a highly captivating adaptation of Jaywant Dalvi's Marathi play, "Durgi" . Raghuveer , a widower in his 50s has come to live with his computer engineer son Sanjay . He meets his childhood friend Babu Borkar and during their conversations they reminisce about Kusumavati a.k.a. Durgi , Raghu's first love . Raghu finds out Durgi's address and goes to meet her . Durgi is lonely after her marriage fell apart because her husband was a drunkard and a womanizer . Raghu and Durgi resume their old friendship and slowly a strong bond develops between them . Raghu thinks about asking Durgi whether she wants to marry him . But will Raghu gather enough courage to ask her? Will Durgi accept a proposal at such an old age? And finally , will Raghu's son approve of the marriage? Written by Soumitra .

I'll be giving a quick update of the film !! Hope you all will like it
So here I start :-

The film starts with a flashback where a man comes inside a house drunk and starts beating his wife !! This woman namely Kusumvati realises that she had enough and takes a divorce from her husband.

Now I'll start from present.
A widower Raghuveer(played by Satam sir) comes to stay with his son Sanjay a computer engineer on being forced after he survived a major heart attack. Being a new city,new people and environment he finds it very hard to adjust !! His son advices him that he should try spending his time by going outside,meeting new people,going to temples etc. to which he agrees and daily for a walk starts going outside. Slowly and steadily he gets used to the environment and the place.

One day while taking a walk he comes across this area where he spent his college and some of his post college days. There he comes across this house which brings back all past memories. A major part of which was Kusumvati aka Durgi i.e. the girl he used to love when he was in college. He remembers some moments with Durgi .... comes on his face is a sweet smile remembering them . Then comes an instance on his mind ... one when he had written a poem to tell 'Durgi' that he loves her . On a cycle the young Raghu reaches 'Durgi's place and sees her hanging wet clothes outside for drying and her mother is sitting there on stairs . Seeing Raghu coming the mother stops him and starts chit chatting with him !!! Then tells "Durgi" to get some sweets from inside for Raghu . Raghu asks if there is any special occasion to which Durgi's mother tells him that Durgi's marriage has been fixed. This hurts Raghu and he leaves.

All these memories come as flashes to Raghu's mind. He starts silently walking back home when he suddenly meets an old friend of his Babu Borkar and both of them decide to go for a stroll in the park !! After some walk and conversation Raghu asks him if he remembers about Durgi and whether he has any idea about her whereabouts.... The friend replies by telling that Durgi was in the same city. She and her husband had separated after she couldn't take the torture being imposed on her anymore. Raghu is shocked to know that and also feels extremely bad for Durgi. The friend further tells him that Durgi worked in the City Library as a librarian and he could meet her if he went there in the afternoon. Raghu feels happy to know this .

Next Day afternoon in the library Kusumvati is busy with some work and someone comes up to her asking about a book. She without looking up tells the person to go to a respective shelf and that he'll find the book there. The person suddenly calls out her nickname "Durgi" ... She gets astonished and surprised and looks up suddenly to find an old man in his fifties standing there smiling at her. After a moment of pause she realises it's none other than Raghu . Durgi feels extremely happy to meet Raghu after such a long time and forces him to come to her house. He first refuses saying he'll come sometime later but she refuses to listen and takes him to her house. On entering the house he finds her mother there who is very surprised to know it's Raghu who's come !! She says that he has grown old !! Raghu replies telling "Yes I have.... now is dependent on his son also ever since the heart attack"
Durgi brings him some tea and he sit outside talking to each other. Durgi asks him about his family .. wife,kids etc. Raghu tells that his wife had died quite some time back when his son,Sanjay was still a kid. He tells her that after his wife's death Sanjay took most of his time and now Sanjay is working as a computer engineer and is about to get married very soon to his girl friend. He also tells Durgi that she should come for the marriage. After sometime together Raghu realises it's nearly 5PM and that he should leave as Sanjay might get worried . Durgi bids him goodbye and asks him to meet again sometime.

Raghu goes back home ..... He's totally lost into his younger days and the time spent with Durgi !! He feels that Durgi is extremely lonely !! He thinks that she's gone through extremely tough times and feels that he'll always be there as a friend to support her !!!
Night time Raghu and his son are having dinner when Sanjay's fiancee calls him. After talking he cuts the call and tells Raghu that she wants to see a film and so plans to go ... Raghu says that it's a good idea and that he'll change and come immediately. On this he notices that Sanjay's expression changes and he feels a bit awkward !! He realises that Sanjay wants to go to the film alone with his girlfriend but is unable to say it to his father. So he backs out saying he's got some work and so won't be able to come ( Awwww ) Sanjay leaves to go with his girlfriend and after sometime his friend Babu comes up at his place. They both sit together and Raghu tells him about his meeting with Durgi and the experience. Babu tells him that Durgi's gone through a real tough time and it's great to see Raghu there to cheer her up.

Next Day Raghu goes to the temple he heard Durgi visit's regularly and sits there waiting for her. On seeing Durgi come he behaves as if he had no idea she's here and behaves to be surprised on seeing her. They both start chit chatting when Durgi get's a call saying her mother had fallen down and to rush back home. Raghu says he would come with her. They reach Durgi's house and are told by a neighbor that she's out of danger. Durgi worries thinking that if she'll go to work who'll be there to take care of her mother. She get's extremely worried when Raghu volunteer's to help her out and that he would stay there till Durgi came back from work. Durgi thanks him for that. With that starts a series of Raghu coming daily and taking care of the mother !!! She starts recovering soon !! Be it rain or sunny weather he would come daily and take care of Durgi's mother and would leave after Durgi came back. During this time he realises that he's again fallen in love with Durgi. He feels nice to spend time with her but feels apprehensive to tell her about his feelings.
Soon the mother recovers and Durgi thanks Raghu for the help. She asks him to have lunch and leave and he agrees. During lunch time he tells her that coming weekend is his son's marriage and she should attend. She tells she definitely would come.
Next day Raghu's sister and Sanjay's fiancee go out for marriage jewelery shopping when Durgi too comes there. Raghu's sisters feels that she has seen her Durgi somewhere but doesn't show it. Durgi leaves after collecting a pair of ear rings.

Raghu comes back home and sits with Sanjay and his fiancee who are planning about their honeymoon and his sister's also there. She tells him if he knew Durgi was in the same city but he tells he didn't. She goes inside the kitchen to get something and Sanjay get's a call from office. Just then the landline rings and Raghu picks it up. He's surprised to know that it's Durgi on the other side who tells her that she wants to show him the gift she's taken for the couple. He tells her he'll come to her place right now. He leaves making a bahaana and on his way Babu notices him going to Durgi's place and feels that Raghu is again falling in love with Durgi.
Raghu goes to Durgi's place and asks her if she could come out with him. She asks him what he meant and he says that she mostly spends her time at work or home and should come out and explore the world outside. She agrees and they both go around roaming.Visit some interesting places and finally go and sit near the sea shore. He tells Durgi if she remembers he had a poem written for her. She thinks and remembers that incident but says that he didn't tell her then. He says that he would recite it now and tells her ...." God has given a blessing to me ... God has sent an angel in my life ... an example of innocence and purity ... and example of beauty is none other than Durgi .. (He says that in Marathi and I wrote what I made out of it) . She get's emotional reading that and has tears in her eyes. He looks at the sea and then turns towards Durgi and proposes her and asks her if she would marry him . Durgi after a pause says that it's wrong. The society won't accept it. Marriage at this age is wrong and what about his son ?? He wouldn't accept. She gives him the gift he brought for the couple and tells him to give them her blessings.

The next day Sanjay gets married and before the couple leave for honeymoon Raghu tells Sanjay about Durgi. He refuses to his idea and says that it would leave them insulted and embarrassed in the society. Sanjay's fiancee tells him to calm down and to think about his father. He refuses to listen and the couple leave for there honeymoon. time spends fastly and Raghu feels extremely lonely. He feels bad about Durgi and that because of him telling about his feelings he lost a dear friend as well. That night while sitting alone in his room someone knocks on the door, he opens it and sees that it's Babu who's come. Babu get's 2 bottles of beer and they sit and have a talk. Babu asks him if he's in love with Durgi. Raghu is surprised and asks him why does he think so ? babu tells that it's obvious ... Raghu going to Durgi's place every day.. finding reasons to meet him and all . Raghu tells that it's true but nothing can happen now. He's lost Durgi as a friend also and his son also will not agree to the union. Babu tells him that he's acting stupid. It's his life not his son's !!! They will have kids and all in the future and Raghu will be left all alone. He tells Raghu that You've spent your whole life bringing up your kid and hasn't given a moment to himself .... it's high time he and Durgi live 'their' life. He tells Raghu to go immediately and talk to Durgi.
Raghu comes to Durgi's place and asks her mother for Durgi's hand and says that he wants to marry her. She feels very happy to know that. He asks Durgi that he wants to marry her . What society and his son think isn't important to her. It's her happiness that matters. She agrees and Sanjay comes to that place with Babu. He apologizes to his father for behaving rudely and that he's ready for their marriage.

Next scene is railway station where Raghu and Durgi now a married couple are leaving for Raghu's hometown. Sanjay says that Raghu and Durgi should stay with them but Raghu tells that Sanjay is newly married and that he wants Sanjay to spend maximum time with his wife. and that he feels happier when he's at his village.Durgi takes a promise from Sanjay that he'll come visit them regularly.They get into the train and bid Sanjay and his wife a goodbye.

This was Uttarayan. A very sweet and touching film !!!! Satam sir at his exceptional best !!

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this is too good...there are always threads on DUO...our ACP sir also deserves a thread...he is such a powerhouse of talent
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Thanks for opening this thread Bhvana di!!!! This thread is really important, as it belong to our dear Shivaaji sir!!!!Big smile

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