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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
 Nandita awesome post dear. You are a brilliant writer .

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maanmeet1 IF-Sizzlerz

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nandu r d best n brilliant...........i want him to say sry for d statement "mar jane deti" bt nt for being selfish........cant people c n read in his eyes dat he was thinking abt geet can she blame him for being selfish........she is selfish n does not think n behave proper for her age........

i wont add anything further, u have explained it beautifully..............

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reea88 Goldie

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arey yaar.. kitna achi likhoge.... ek to mera maan ki expression dekh kar halat kharap operse.. tumhari explanation... ye to sone pe shuhaga hain... awsome... mindblowing superb...

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lily_k25 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by nanditasingh

thanks a ton Lily..Hug
Right now you are balm to my wounded heart...i was actually thinking if i made a mistake sharing my thoughts thats certainly against the general tide of the forum...

and swimming against the tide ..ahh!
but thanks to DV forum...i'm used to dealing with it

yes it was Dadi to be blamed as much as their destiny that put them in such a fix

nopee....defintely not a mistake yaar...a thought is a thought...whether its along or against the tide is decided by the current situation and its upto the readers to decide whether they r with the thoughts or go against teh thought...not u..not me...
and believe me..this thoughts n posts of you makes many realise as how many are there in this forum who accepts our point of view and how many r silently supporting us thoughts though its against the tide of the forum in keep them coming baby...never stop itWink

LOL ..we have a very awesome experience from dv forum taught us many things...and hence we know that we will dive across this one too successfullyEmbarrassed

daadi..whose character is swinging like a pendulum these days by the switching of writers....
i ask a tension situation at home like it needed for daadi to suggest a party for some girl called nitya...when she could have suggested some solution for the problem at home...hai raam D'oh

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blackb28 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged

A Very Well Defined Post As Usual...Clap

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mllu.N

Originally posted by Mllu.N

he was jealous to see geet and dev together and trusting an outsider and seeing a photo of devgeet was an extreme step was'nt expecting this from maan but thankgod he realized his mistake he said"geet did so much for me bring happiness in my life,give me a new life and what i did in return broke her heart"he said"my hatred will snatch everything from me one day" he admitted he went blind in his hatred for geet (sorry its my mistake he went blind in hatred for dev-just a writing mistake that he fogot everything and what geet went through when he was fighting for his life.

'Jealousy !' you shock me he is her husband, she claimed & accepted him as her child's father what has he to be jealous or insecured of a Rapist. The relationship that Geet & Dev share is of a Rapist & a Victim.

Maan jealous of this ?
yes he was jealous and that's what i say and will remain stick to it remember what he once said to geet i cannot see anyone coming closer to you geet, maan witnessed geet with dev in the photo, in the outhouse yes if not too much yes it was a little bit of jealousy.
Its your POV sure i expect u to stick to it do to my POV that Maan has nothing to be jealous of a loser who is now sheltered under his roof ...whose debt he cleared to save him from death even before knowing that he too had saved his life.

Jealous means
painful desire for another's advantages - what is it here that Dev has achieved that can make want .....

as to the example u gave..well Maan said it out of love but as Geet was given dialogue 'Dev ki galti' were as the word should be gunhah.....
i stick to Maan being possessive for Geet ..which loving husband isn't.

Maan i found was angry at seeing her there when he had made it clear to Dadi too to not allow Dev in Geet's sight but here Geet was standing infront of Dev ...Geet too had thought more than once before stepping out ..she knew it was doomed to go & stop Dev...

I stick to it Maan has no reason to be jealous of Dev were Geet is i said Dev & Geet share only the relationship of being Rapist & Victim ..& that sure is not a relationship that can make Maan jealous at not having to call his own

He realized that he was blinded by his hatred for Dev...u wrote Geet...the episode i catched i dint find him saying he hated Geet.
He rather kill himself than hate Geet.
yups its my mistake a writing mistake so dont want to say anything yes at this point coz of my stupid writing mistake i will have to agree with you he will die rather than to hate geet-silly me.

He wasn't sorry for his hatred towards Dev nor his anger. He was sorry that he could not console her from her pain rather went on with his anger.

Again disagree  if he was angry that he cannot console her in her pain and than there was no sense of maan saying"geet you knew you were wrong"Of course its you pov to me Maan  said Geet you are wrong ..with that he meant Geet you are wrong in thinking that such a life could be acceptable to me that is begged at Dev's mercyand if he went on with his anger it means that he will keep this pain in his heart forever ofcourse he will keep it in his heart forever..can Geet ever forgive dev totally ..did she now ..then why not Maan at his brother for doing it to a innocent girl, now his wife.that he cannot console geet it means that nothing is ever going to be allright between him and geet?out of question.Sure out of question since both lack communication ..why should Maan be consoling & assuring always ...& Geet always at need at she is his wife ....not anymore a victim at mercy of society he helping

He was sorry for having her fear his anger & keep the truth from him & suffer alone.

Yes maan was sorry that geet suffered alot because of his anger she kept the truth hidden from him and maan admitted too that yes because of my anger geet did'nt tell me the truth.

Originally posted by Mllu.N

Maan is so particular about his principles that's why it happened to him he was both blinded by hatred and his prinicples but for prinicples in a wrong way that made him forget geet and the baby and he went aggressive.Geet had no chice left except for seeking help from dev and geet explained it to maan and after that his expressions were remorseful and he realized how much pain he has caused geet when he himself realized that his words has hurt geet to no limit

Its his principles that made him punish his own blood, its his principles that made him fight for this woman against all, his family too & its his love for her.

Mallu why is Maan hating Dev - for what he did to Geet & the baby. Both Geet & Baby could not have been alive thanks to Dev if Maan had not been there for them.
And its this that makes him hate Dev. He does not hate Dev for himself or his principles alone .
Only coz of Geet & the Baby he hates Dev.

and if it was'nt his principle than he could'nt he maan singh khurana this is what makes him maan that for his principles he can even go against his love ones and geet was right msk also told geet if you were'nt on the right side i never would've supported you.Maan was angry because of many reasons one of them was that too that geet went against his principles thats what infuriates him but!!!!Geet went against her own principles too by letting Dadi's pledding come b/w Maan & her & not telling him such a big truth ..hiding which she was constantly pleading guilty when alone, when with his pic & when she tells Dadi at how much wrong they are doing to Maan.
Its two sided coin..we cannot ignore one to praise the other
this situation of maan and geet was never about principles.Yes maan hates dev for what he did to geet and baby because he loves her to no limit.

Yes he was remorseful when he see her relive the pain yet again ..he was sorry that she had to suffer it again to make him see it. 

It was not Geet alone who was hurt, her hiding the truth hurt him & his reaction to it made her get hurt
Newton's law - its applicable here too

its not the question that who was more hurt, yes maan was hurt because he did'nt know the whole situation.

Geet knew maan would be angry but she did'nt expect maan would say without thinking about her and baby that you should have let me die.
i seriously disagree... Geet  knew it ....when heard Dadi that Dev is the guy to help her now she went to his hospital room door & looking through there she herself  said that i know u will detest it hate urself knowing its Dev's blood that saved u....she knew he will hurt himself if he knows that..what does hurting/hating himself mean in such intensity..wanting death

Originally posted by Mllu.N

Maan could'nt believe that geet begged dev to save maan he thinks that death would be better but he must have put himself in geet's shoe and than think what if it was geet fighting for her life and maan had no other choice except for seeking help from dev , would maan have left geet in the jaws of death????no never esp when geet was too getting worse???Whenm geet was sitting in the hospital helpless it was like each moment is passing like an year

Why couldn't Maan believe that Geet begged to Dev when he too could have done the same if he were to be in her shoes, He knows her love for him as much as he knows his own.

If Geet faced this moment now Maan too has seen her in hospital bed fighting for 2 lives & he helpless left only to he knows what she went through seeing him near death.

there is no need to say anything here you have answered your own question.

Geet begged to Dev her sinner its this thought that made him want to die. Do Dev & Maan not share the same blood in the first place as brothers & family. Yet now why he hates this blood in his veins - Only becoz Geet had to beg for it from Dev.

dev's blood in his veins gives him the reason to say you should have let me die no!!! he said this because he was only seeing the one side of the truth and if maan was concerned about geet that it was better to see geet begging in front of her sinner that this thing will get wrong i.e."geet you know you are wrong" if he is concerned in this way that geet begging in front of her sinner that was infuriating maan, than he cannot say geet is wrong.
He said Geet you are wrong again i repeat her thinking that such a life could be acceptable to was to simple to notice that he hated it...

And his hating his brothers blood is coz its Geet's sinners blood & now it flowing in his veins will never let him be in peace ..

the very sight of dev had made geet faint her husband carrying that blood ...ahh!!!!

in the conference room when geet had come to say him sorry for horrible friday Maan said i want you to stay away from me coz i don't want to any ways be mirror that will remind u of Dev ..coz Dev is my bro &  he also said he hated being Khurana as he shares that name with Dev

a man who hates sharing his name with a man coz that man had cozed Geet grief now he sharing his blood....!!! and u want him to accept it ..he also knows it was so difficult for Geet..when he knows it difficult for her to see face get him to save maan..sure it cannot be easy..he knew it but he dint voice it & so he was sorry

I will have to write more, there is more to add.....
to be continued.Have some work to do.(incomplete analysis)
Originally posted by Mllu.N

Hats off to geet that she did'nt even ask or confront maan about the photo, she did'nt ask him that how could you prefer an outsider on me and well there is in another point although the photo was taken and it was a reality but photo manipulating is a game now, maan did'nt think for a moment that this photo can be made..

She dint confront Maan about the pics coz she knew Maan did not suspect her about having an affair or any such with Dev. Maan himself did not question her about the picture but dropped it at his feet & left, not believing or needing the picture but what his eyes showed him. Geet stopping Dev, were as he believed Geet had nothing to do with Dev other than disgust.

you got me wrong, she in her dreams cant imagine maan suspecting her it was not about suspecting it was about trust geet have every right to confront maan that how can he just believe in a picture which was given to him by a third person.

lolz...nor can he in his dream suspect Geet who is a open book to him that made him literary drop the blackmailers call 3 times ..untill pic arrived of geet..then too for geet's safety sake he left to meet that guy & even before going there he did call her but she was not available so he dint wait fearing with dev there geet might be trouble ..and

he dint believe the pic...unlike geet who had trusted dev & cozed the horrible friday maan has never reacted to other person's word against geet but geet herself

..he believed what he saw at the outhouse ..not the pic but geet stopping dev even after being told to stay away by maan & to dadi too

Whoa ! Mallu ...the pic with the hospital in bg & 2 people in conversation not in any such state that can be questionable .....the picture pointed Geet met Dev & Maan has no idea of it ..why could a simple pic with 2 people in public spot talking have him question its authenticity

its not about authenticity its about trust!!!that's it.Too people talking and public in background that's what all photo manipulation is about well that's a different thing, esp when geet admits that its the truth but maan does'nt know the whole other side of it.

yes its about trust but trust questioned not broken..!!!! .... enlighten me any dialogue that i missed may be u saw where maan said he trusted the pic....i'll be glad to know that then we can discuss on it or its point less talking on what was not even considered to be shown & we blasting our head out on it

With the first pic received dint he voice that Dev blackmailing Geet & she unable to tell him..he never doubted Geet then too...

Did u see Maan think that the pic was more than them meeting ? Then why accuse him for not doubting its authenticity

answered above!!!

so did i

No offense i'm sorry if i sounded rude of defensive here are my thoughts to what you blamed of to Maan...Yes me too respect your pov but seriously failed to agree that its only Maan at fault

you got me wrong i never said that maan is wrong, i said that he is taking the things in a wrong manner.

 thats ur pov not mine ..i stick to that he had 100% right to know about what was happening around him..isn't thats what was making Geet too feel guilty to have hidden from him..coz in their relationship they had promised of truth always ..but Maan got the raw deal here as all were keeping the truth from him..his own good or not thats again a diff question..but he was lied he no way is wrong in accusing her for having not trusted him with truth
There is a fine line between a person being completely wrong and taking the things wrong completely.

and that line is same b/w trust broken & trust questioned...

Relationship is a mutual affair....its never one at mistake here, its both of them...if Maan is at fault at some places , so is Geet...


I don't think in my post I blamed Geet anywhere at being wrong.

i never said that you are blaming geet-did i?

well i am sorry if i too sound rude.Again i have written what i have felt and sorry this time cant agree with you 100% like you i too have a different point of view.

sure i respect it as i too could not get myself to agree with u

Dont forget to pm me for your next awesome post.Its not about maaneet only i too wanna see how much writing potential do i have in me.LOL

i always pm u i said i love reading diff perspective & ofcourse the debate it brings

earlier i was in i'm in blue....

i had posted last nite but since u edited your comment ..i added in again now

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I am sorry but I believe that for Maan, it is still all about Geet..he would rather die than see her bow down before Dev..his anger was on her behalf and not for himself...I agree that anger/hatred should not be corrosive but rather tempered with rational thinking..if at all Maan was anything, he was irrational in expecting Geet to let him die rather than plead before Dev..she loved him too much for that..just as her love for him came ahead of her hatred for Dev, his love for her came above his own life for him..I don't think you can call that was a reflex action more than a well thought out idea..she could have even slapped him for saying that but walking away from him after calling him selfish is not done..if someone has changed here, it is Geet and not Maan..her circumstances have changed her whereas he remains committed to his original ideals..!

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by reea88

arey yaar.. kitna achi likhoge.... ek to mera maan ki expression dekh kar halat kharap operse.. tumhari explanation... ye to sone pe shuhaga hain... awsome... mindblowing superb...

Rhea thanks a ton sweetheart ....u are so sweet to me always

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