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k.krithika Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Hi Aditee
Awesome update loved it Big smile
I too didn't want just an affair between them.I liked Khanak saying no directly to him and I  feel that is the right thing to do.
 I want them to be together face the challenges of life that comes ahead of them, share their happiness and sorrows and make every moment memorable in their beautiful journey of life
Its ur story i am fine with which ever way u choose to write Smile
I really enjoy reading ur FF. I just love it Heart
I just don't want u to end it please keep writing when ever u get time
Love ur writing.U are an amazing writer Clap
Thanks a lot Smile
Continue Soon
Waiting for the next update Smile

lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Aditee teri poori reader's list mein main kyun nahi hoon?! 'Kisi baat pad main kisise khafa hoon...'!! Big smile Moi is dukhi, shedding 'dukh bhadi aansoon!
But jokes apart will agree marriages in India still have that old concept of arranged marriages & many do profess their 'love' after their marriages! So I am cool with it & as I said because it seems so impossible in Shaan's case, all the more I like it. Big smile
@ Saaz - Thanks for the compliment & sorry for that 'consolation prize' but I didn't mean it that way.  What I meant was when Shaan will be ready to break Aman's jaw he will have 'u' as the prize before Shaan's eyes to calm him down. Big smile And wanna trade places with me?? I will be gladly willing to be a consolation prize here, u know why, because of this 'Saaz' would be able to meet Shaan & go to the wedding, what an incentive!! Isn't it great to be a consolation prize?? WinkLOL Now wanna trade places?? LOL
-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
When is 32B C D  ... coming up ??????

Jaldi !!
iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 12:29am | IP Logged
yaar aditee..jaldi karo..we r waiting 4 ur updates...
aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged


Casa Corp Office

Monday April 4th

Aman: Gujral! (you always pick the wrong time)

Shaan: Looks like it! Where is everybody? (completely ignoring her)

Aman: Abhi 9:30 bhi nahi baje, multiple lines (locals) are off today, mujhe to lagta aaj nite out hoga bhai.

Khanak is back at her PC, Aman steps out with  a "Baad mein full back ground music ke saath story sunaata hoon" in her ear.

Shaan starts drawing on the white board. She quietly gets up from her chair, he turns around and walks her go.

Nivs walks in a few minutes later followed by Khanak, "Yaar tum dono ek jaise kapde pehante ho to its like announcing a change in threat level" (laughs)

Khanak is not amused neither is Shaan, Nivs for the first time notices the under currents between the two. Shaan is playing with the dry erase marker cap, and it shoots from the pen across the room, Khanak doesn't look up from her monitor coz she knows he is angry. Nivs notices the entire exchange.

The morning goes by in talking about the crisis (the Casa project was made up of Santa Maria, Sam Marco, San Pietro,  Certosa, Palazzo Te'). Some calculations provided to the civil engineers  had been miscalculated along the way. As the room filled up and people spoke their turn and out of turn, some heated arguments occurred. Khanak being a vendor employee much like the other architect reps in the room, basically recorded red flags in her MS Project to underscore where the errors had occurred. They did not break for lunch as Rahat had wanted all the issues squared away in one go and he did not want a word of it spreading out to the press.

The press had already done two notes on the project and one of it was not very complimentary. Turned out the editor and Ehsaan had a falling out over another issue 6 or so months ago.

There was no time or opportunity for private conversations so none happened. They both took separate elevators during the first break at around 4 PM. Paula had noticed how both were suddenly so captivated with their phone messages yet they accidentally did not walk into the same elevator. Shaan responded to some question about not having shaved and it went on to become some kind of a rowdy guy elevator humor.

When Khanak reached home that nite most kids in her building were in bed, her phone rang once in the train she had not picked it up, she had his number memorized, and had not added it to her phone book.

Ritu "loved the chocolates" a note on the frig said. She did not share the pictures yet. Ritu was happy things were beginning to look up, she wanted to stay at her Uncle's until her parents and Rajat returned to Delhi she said. Khanak was getting used to the silence. She walked up to Sooraj's picture and picked it up.

So much had changed in two months. She would look forward to getting home ASAP so she could sit down with a cup of chai and read ooold messages from her in-box or Outbox. Watch the few videos that were shot on their phones. She looked forward to it evening after evening. There was a point when she had quit crying and had started looking forward to it as a trip down memory lane. It was like watching childhood videos, or a favorite movie, except in this case, all her happiness was condensed in those images. There was none outside of it!

She spoke to Ram multiple times during the week and expressed an opinion to not be a part of the Matheran offsite the next weekend. The two people that were assisting her at Modi & Dastur had started making more trips to Casa, and were substantially more involved. She decided it would be a good idea for them to go. More fillip was provided by a sudden unexpected plan by her Aada and Bai to visit his brother in Pune in order to make a long overdue trip to Shirdi.

They really wanted Khanak to go with them. Ram had to reluctantly agree. He was going to Matheran himself, so he was confident they would all have it covered.

Ritu was disappointed she would not take a day off to be with Rajat, but Rajat had promised to return in May for week for work and extracted a promise from her that she would go out to dinner at least every other evening.

Friday nite, her phone rang, "Hello"

Sunil: Mujhe pehchana beta?

Khanak: Ummm'' nahi'?!

Sunil: Socho hum kaha miley the?

To Khanak the voice sounds vaguely familiar. Since she is always lost in her world and so forgetful "Mujhe to yaad nahi''. Shaadi mein?"

Sunil: Yep!

Khanak: Oh! (she knows who he is NOW)


Khanak: Ummm'.. Hi!...Uncle

Sunil smiles "Hello beta"

Khanak: Koi kaam tha?

Sunil Nahi to. Main tumhe yoon hi phone nahi kar sakta?

She wants to ask him where he got her number from.

Sunil: Shaan ne number dete hue kaha ki tum mujhe bhool gayi hogi (laughs)

Khanak thinks "Your son needs to mind his own business"

Khanak: Ummm. To aap kaise hain?

Sunil: Great! Actually. Madhavi and I wanted to have you over for lunch

A quick surge of color shoots up her face.

Khanak: Why?

Sunil: Khaane ke liye beta aur kis liye?

Khanak: Uncle!

Sunil: I am in town this week, then I am off to Taiwan the next followed by Sao Paulo.

Khanak: You must  relax and enjoy with your family (son in particular)

Sunil: Shaan is never home. Last weekend after the wedding hes been at the Site all the time. Hari Lal was saying he hadn't returned home a couple nites. Why am I saying all this, you must already know (smug)

Khanak: No! (I don't) Its OK

Sunil: Tumne rule toda, ab Hindi mein baat karo

Khanak: Uncle rule nahi niyam

Sunil laughs

Sunil: You need to watch what I say, be around checking on me.

Khanak is extremely uncomfortable upon hearing that

Khanak: Ummm. Phir se aap English mein boley

Sunil: To phir fatafat lunch ke liye haan kar do. Lunch ko kya kehte hain?

Khanak smiles "Uncle'.. mana karoongi to bura to nahi maanenge?"

Sunil: Mana kyon? (serious) Arrey Shaan rahega na ghar par. Maine already usko keh diya. Our weekly dinner date had been slipping for months, this weekend it will be our lunch date.

The phone almost slips from her hands

Khanak (inadvertently) To aapne bata diya unko ki mujhe bulaya hai?

Sunil HAAN!?? Kyon? Arrey Shaan (stops himself from completing "ke liye hi tumhe bulaya hai). Who uska accident hua to, tum log

Khanak: Oh! Is something wrong? How'

Sunil smiles "He is fine beta, he has gone to play tennis I think, or so Hari Lal tells me. I will tell him you worried"

Khanak: I didn't worry. I was just''

Sunil: Back to my point (enjoying her discomfort) Nivedita, Aman and you are being invited. You can bring a friend or  family with you. You are not married are you? You said you weren't? (acting confused)Wink

Khanak: No! ''''.. I am not, Uncle (cowardly)Embarrassed

Sunil: Bring a friend?

Khanak: Uncle main sochoon?

Sunil: Zaroor sochna shuru karo  par kal afternoon mein 1 baje yahan pahunchkar khatam karna apni soch. Tab tak jaari rakho.LOL

Khanak: I will try my best (smiles)

Sunil: I will be waiting for you, and your friend, beta.

Khanak: Umm'.. Uncle''''''.. Thanks.. waise iski koi zaroorat nahi thi. Us din main is liye chali aayi kyon ki Aman busy tha, aur Nivs'.. mera matlab Nivedita ke saath jaane waala koi nahi tha

Sunil: I know all that Shaan told me, I would have met you that day, hum mil nahi paaye, par dekho shaadi mein mil liye. You must come (firm)Embarrassed

("For a guy that's never home your son talks with you way too much" she thinks)

Khanak: Uncle''. Thanks''. Very much

Sunil: Absolutely'' thanks for caring for Shaan. Let's exchange more thank yous tomorrow? (smiles, but is starting to get worried as to why this lovely girl is suddenly sounforthcoming) I will see you tomorrow.

Khanak: Will try my best

Sunil: Shaan should be sending you the address and the directions over email. It will also contain a code to the front door or the access door from the parking lot. Give us a call our punch in our apartment number in the intercom and Shaan or I can come down and get you if you have any trouble (gracious, warm, polite). We are on the 9th floor W-West.

Khanak: Thx

Sunil: See you beta



Shivneri Nagar, Chembur

10 AM 9th April Saturday

Ritu: Are you kidding? Main to pakka jaaoongi. Main to abhi ja rahi hoon nahaane (runs)

Khanak: What if I am not going? (challenges)

Ritu: Koi baat nahi. Friend to invited hai na. I am going to go flirt with Shaan.

Khanak: Please do! (aloof, standing by the window)

Ritu: Zyaada melodrama nahi alright? Get that pasty oil off ur hair and lets go! (walks away)


1:10 PM

In a cab approaching Malabar Hill, they stop and get flowers, not knowing what else to get. "What do you give someone that has everything?"

Khanak is wearing a white khadi kurta with a black and white kalamkari salwar, lots of silver bangles in her right hand, and big silver hoops in her ears, hair tied in a pony tail. Kohl lined eyes'''' Ritu is wearing jeans and a tee.

There is a guard at the front door, so keying in of code not required, he asks too many questions though. They get off on 9th, there are basically only 4 penthouses on this floor, E,W,N and South'..

The hallways are marbled and polished, there is a unformed employee of some sorted scrubbed the wall tiles. He pauses to gawk.

Ritu rings the bell.

The door opens in less than a minute.

Ritu: Hi! Shaan!!

He is wearing blue jeans and a white Nautica tee, white strappy sandals on his feet. Relaxed, smiling''''

Shaan: Helllooo'.. Ms. Kaushal. (hugs her warmly). Welcome! (looking at Ritu)

Ritu: Arrey tumhe mera last name bhi yaad hai? Aur isko yaad nahi hoga. (gently mocks Khanak)

Khanak looks inside the apartment, she notices, Aman and a girl, Nivs and her boyfriend chatting with Sunil Madhavi and an elegant old lady''. Shaan doesn't bother to shake hands or hug or acknowledge Khanak.

Shaan: Then we should be doubly happy she made it here without losing her way?!(blandly as he shuts the door softly behind them).

Khanak hands him the flowers "We didn't know what to bring" (embarrassed)

Shaan: Just you! (cryptic)







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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 1:42am | IP Logged
luvvly  yaar...waiting 4 the next..dont think i m greedy..but 4 precious thing i m little greedy...so need a long update...

Edited by iluvmanar - 24 April 2011 at 1:35am
-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
nice update !
thanks Smile
OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 2:32am | IP Logged
update fast pls!!

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