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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged

Lovely part !!

Loved how you described her looking soo pretty and ppl thinking shez newly engaged or sumthing.....I wonder who that old man was?? Was it just a random observer?? Or is he an important turning point in the story??

Continue kar re !

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angel_9 Goldie

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Hey Aditee

awesome part.................

loved it................

loved the description about khanak how gorgeous she looked.......................khanak going to play a prank

Mr. seniour khandelwal intro.............amazing..................

shan & her convo..................wonderful.................loved it all..................

continue soon............
OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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k.krithika Goldie

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Hi Aditee
Awesome update again u r too good just loved it Big smile
Thanks a lot for taking so much efforts to write for us everyday.I keep waiting for ur updates daily
and will read it daily Smile
Superb writing i feel like i am watching everything when i am reading.
U describe everything perfectly Clap
I am enjoying the wedding sequence a lot Smile
Keep writing when ever u get free time don't end it soon will wait for ur updates patiently.Smile
When ever u update i will surely read it and post to u Smile

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Dhruv Bhatia- Ritu Arora wedding

The Club, Juhu, Approaching April 3rd Sunday.

Khanak: Kya hua? Aap kuch keh kyon nahi rahey? (grins)

Shaan: Cant you see I am in shock?

Khanak: I don't look that good!

Shaan: You look stunning Khanak! (serious)

Khanak: Thanks! You guys took forever to get here (changing the topic). Kitna naach rahey the?

Shaan: Bahut

Khanak: Do you dance?

Shaan: Nope! I have two left feet but yes I did dance a lot, one of my best friend's wedding and I cant walk in the baraat. Iam thrilled to see him so happy Khanak. I believe life should be lived to the fulest

That's it!"

"Right there, lay the difference between him and her"

"He drank from a fire hose, she drank from a spoon"

Shaan: Kya hua? (looking at her deeply)

Khanak: Oh! Nothing! (focuses on his chin)

Khanak: You did not wear traditional clothes today either.

Shaan: I told you, I don't care for it (firm)

Khanak: Aap itne ziddi ho kya?

Shaan: What do you think? (she suddenly felt his response was not about his choice in clothes)

She lowers her gaze.

The catering guy wheels around a cart with drinks, he is about to run his wheels over her flowing ghaghra, he circles her waist and brings her closer to his side.

Shaan: Watch out!

Khanak: Oh! ''''.Oh! I am sorry!

He lets go immediately as if he touched a smelted object

Shaan: He should be sorry!, aage dekha karo yaar.

Guy: Sorry Sir! Aap kya lenge?

The oldish gentleman smiles again, "He is so protective!"

His wife nudges him towards the snack trolley. He picks a couple. He does not want to lose sight of the young couple lost in themselves.

Shaan: Scotch on the Rocks for me please!

Khanak: Aaj shaadi hai!

Shaan: Not mine! (blunt)

Khanak: You would proll'y drink on yours also. Gosh! You are adamant!

Shaan: Thanks

Khanak: Mujhe ek apple juice bhayya

Shaan: How can every other guy be your bhayya? (incredulous)

Khanak: None of your business! It's a middle class way of referring to people unrelated to us (miffed)

Shaan: Its funny!

Khanak: Thanks!

Shaan: In the same tone, Rajat should be also'..

Khanak: He is not! (Smiles sweetly at him)

He sips his, she holds hers.

Khanak: Both look the same (staring at the golden liquid)

Shaan: Are totally different! Here, try some''.

Khanak: Really? (grins) You think they taste different? (mocks)

Shaan is patiently holding his for her to finish mocking him

Khanak, sips from his, makes a face indicating its quite awful. She has a mouthful he notices.

Shaan: Its not applejuice! You should sip slowly.

Khanak: Its horrible!

He turns his glass around and drinks from where she sipped it.

Shaan: Tastes godo to me! (winks)

Khanak: Thank God! That's one vice I will never develop.

Shaan: Which other ones do you have?

Khanak: What do you think?

Shaan: You don't think of me enough?

She laughs.

Khanak: That's a good thing, I was thinking of, I worry too much constantly, on guard, never relax, love chocolates and have a million other food fetishes.

Shaan: I have none!

Khanak: I know you eat EVERYTHING!

Shaan: I meant vice.

Khanak: God! You are modest'' NOT!

Shaan offers her his SOR, she shakes her head.

Khanak: You could have some apple juice anyway.

Shaan: Thanks! (holds over her hand and sips)

Shaan: Could get addicted to THAT! (taunts)

Khanak: Very funny!

Afriend walks up

Friend: Gujraaal.

Shaan: Sharan!

They hug!

Sharan: Hey Dhruv's looking for you. Why don't you go up the dais? I can keep this gorgeous gal company. (sidling up to her)

Khanak smiles embarrassed.

Sharan: Don't tell your husband I said that (winks)

Khanak: I won't! (shakes her head smiling)

Shaan: And he is blowing on his fist, getting ready to punch you. (half serious)

Sharan: Really? No'''. you think so? (checks with Khanak)

Khanak: He doesn't mind at all. He just told me telepathically (takes a swig of her apple juice)

Sharan: There you have it Gujral! She is safe with me, you go on (gestures condescendingly)

Shaan looks at her like "Oh you are in so much trouble!" before walking away.

Sharan and Khanak speak for a few minutes, before his phone rings, he steps away excusing himself, she sees the debonair man approaching her. Sharan smiles and waves at him and walks away.

Man: Hello beta, how are you?

Khanak (surprised) I am good Uncle (?)

Man: Was my son behaving himself?

Khanak: Oh! Yes! He is totally charming (speaking about sharan)

Man: You think so? (happy)

Khanak: Yes!

Man: Are you related to the bride? I did not see you arrive with the baraat.

Khanak: No Uncle. I am not related to either, I just crashed (smiles sheepishly)

Man: I am glad you did. Are you having a good time?

Khanak: Oh yes, Uncle, I am waiting for my friend(s). Baraat abhi aayi hai na, so sab busy hain (sets her empty glass on a passing trolley muttering a soft "Thanks")

Man: My son should not have abandoned you like this.

Khanak: No! It's not his fault, the person I was talking to had to go. He was driving me insane anyway so he came at the right time.

Man is confused.

Man:Are you here with family (any husband?)

Khanak: None! I live here with a friend. I am from Ahemdeabad.

Man: Oh! Really?

Khanak: Yes, a Gujarati.  Your son loves Gujju food he said. Its hard to see guys be vegetarians by choice these days. Some men live to drink and eat

He is further confused.

Man: Your husband is not here?

Khanak (shy at first sad later) Uncle I am not married''''. Anymore (barely audible).

Man is visibly relieved. They chat for a long time.

Shaan: DAD!

part 31 c Wedding!

Sunil Gujral: Hey Shaan!

Shaan: Khanak? (surprised) Did you meet Dad?

KhanakLmortified) Mujhe laga yeh who Atul Sharan ke Papa hain

Sunil: Nahi beta main Shaan ka Dad hoon (content)

Khanak: Then you must promise not to reveal to Shaan what I just shared.

Sunil laughs (touches her shoulder fondly) Ofcourse! Beta, Zip! (zips his lips)

Shaan: OK that a big enough cue for me. Kya hua?

Sunil: Kuch nahi''. Tum busy the na, jao, I can keep her company.

Shaan: Just HOW MANY of you guys are around? (mock worried)

Sunil: I am your only Dad, Shaan!

Shaan: Nevermind!

Sunil: Beta aapka naam kya hai?

Khanak: Jee, Khanak''.. Mistry (smiles warmly)

Sunil: To tum Gujarati ho?

Khanak: Jee, Uncle, ekdum 100%

Sunil: Aur hum Punjabi!

Khanak looking @ Shaan "Jee mujhe pata laga" He is rocking on the balls of his feet, his jacket is off, shirt is folded 3/4th .

Sunil: Chalo, West meets West ho gaya (bad joke)

Khanak: Jee Uncle!  Lekin mujhe chalna chahiye (readies to leave)

Shaan wants his Dad to disappear "Dad did you need anything? Where is Mom?"

Khanak: I better go!

Shaan: Khanak, ek second

Dad: Mrs Tandon, Mrs Chopra Mrs. Rawal sab aaye hain, she is prolly discussing either her trip to Andamans or our trip to Belize next month. Don't bother me Shaan, go play, I am sure there are many young girls eager to chat with you. (smiles at Khanak)

Shaan is bored.

Khanak: Ofcourse! They are going to be heartbroken if he doesn't talk.

Shaan gives her a irritated smile in ack.

Sunil: I want to go get something to eat, will you go with me, beta?

Khanak: Are you sure? Aapko Aunty ke saath jaana chahiye, who intezaar kar rahi hongi.

Sunil: Itni saaf Hindi mere ghar par koi nahi bolta beta. Tumhe class leni chahiye har Sunday ko

Khanak: Class nahi Uncle, kaksha, ya paathshaala, aur Sunday nahi, Itvaar (smiles) Meri fees nahi de paayenge aap.

Sunil: Kya de tumhe batao?

Shaan is watching her with held breath, he is blown away by her simplicity, she was not only incredibly s--- she commanded so much respect from so many.

Khanak: Bus aapka ashirwad. Mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. (smiles sadly)

Sunil: Tum aana shuru karo, phir hum baat karenge. Tum Mumbai mein rehti ho?

Khanak: Jee.

Sunil: Kahan?

Shaan: Chembur! (HELLO! I am standing here you guys!)

Sunil: Tum batao beta

Khanak: Jee who theek keh rahe hain. Ritu hai na, mera matlab Trishna ki cousin, uske saath rehti hoon. Mera to yaha koi rishta nahi hai.

For some reason that hurts Sunil and Khanak immensely. Shaan is angry that she thinks nothing of him.

Sunil: Aaj se main hoon, tumhara Hindi adhyap'.. mera matlab vidhyarthi.

Khanak: Sahi kaha aapne (gratified)

Sunil: To chalo, hum dono khaate hain.

Shaan: Dad! Please.

He finally relents

Sunil: Tum kaha lekar jaane ka plan bana rahe ho?

Khanak blushes. Shaan" Kahin nahi, just go meet the newly weds, if that's alright with you?" (sarcastic)

Sunil: Yep! I guess (half hearted)

Shaan in her ear "Lets go!"

Khanak: You are so rude!

Shaan: He happens to be MY Dad (so he wont mind)

Sunils phone rings

Khanak: You can have him, I have my Aada!

Shaan: Lets fight on the way to the dais.

They both start walking, Sunil's eyes are cemented to them. She looks up at him from time to time, he bends down and says something in her ear. She seems to be sulking, Sunil thinks. Hears a "No!" from his son and a shake of the head.

They approach the beautiful podium

Khanak: You should go first, I will go meet them with Ritu.

Shaan: Don't be silly.

Khanak: Already people are misunderstanding em big time tonite. I don't want to spoil your chances with the single ones.

Shaan: Keh chuki? (he stops, extends his hand)

Khanak: Shantanu sab log dekh rahe hain

Shaan: More so a reason why you should not trip or fall.

Khanak just stands there and thinks, couples and families side step them and get on the stage. They look back at them and smile

Some random aunty " Beta tum isko utha lo, shaayad isi liye wait kar rahi hai"

Shaan grins "Not a bad idea aunty"

Khanak: Don't you dare!

The moment she places her right hand on his left, the music changes.

Shaan: See the DJ was tired of waiting, he gave us a new tune.

She shakes her head in disapproval.

They go up to meet.

Trishna looks gorgeous in gold, he is wearing a ivory and gold combination also

He is very pleasant and cheerful. Seems like he adores Shaan.

Dhruv: So? When is the big day man?

Shaan: Not any time soon! (smug)

Dhruv: I knew that! I wouldn't want mass rebellion

Trishna laughs "Ritu's completely smitten by you, she cant stop talking about you"

Shaan: that's good to know, I am going to go talk to her right now (grins)

Trishna: if you hurt her, then you have to deal with khanak. (fierce)

Shaan(silky) Oh! Really? I am shakin already.

Dhruv: Did you know he makes awesome meat loaf and scrambled eggs? (looks at Khanak)

Khanak: Good to know! (nonchalant)

Shaan: She wont eat meat

Dhruv makes a sad face.

They wish, hug, get off, only to have Khanak whisked away this time by Suchi and Ruchi



Almost 4 AM April 3rd

The Club

She is super tired, ready to fall on the bed and lay there for the next couple days.

She smiles to herself, walking down the hallway, "if only Dhruv had drank that"

Ruchi and Suchi were shocked. Ritu had smiled fondly.

She saw Shaan chatting with Atul in one of the huge empty rooms along the hallway, he was sitting in bed. Their eyes meet, she continues walking, retraces her steps and goes back into the room "Atul aapko Dhruv bula rahe hain"

She wanted to see Shaan one last time before she headed home. So here was another subterfuge.

Shaan is only too happy. She waits by the door, the moment Atul makes an exit, Shaan slams it and pins her to the door. One hand raised on the frame, the right one, is securing the knob by the hand.

Khanak: I just came to say good bye

Shaan: You are unbelievable do you know? (stunned)

Khanak: Kyon?

Shaan: What was "that" during the wedding? (grins)

Khanak: I was just having fun'..

He takes his right back hand and caresses her cheek.

Shaan nuzzles her ear "You spike Dhruv's drink, you pretend like his clothes are ripped, you make a random woman call him before the pheras, you are full of surprises"

Khanak: I may be small but I am potent! (husky)

That's all the encouragement he needs, his lips close on hers, her arms go up around his neck for the first time, his jaw scrapes her chin''.

People are walking up and down the hallway, nobody knocks or tries to open the door.

Her Bvlgari mixes with his Roger & Gallet.

When they break away, minutes have passed, his hand is resting on her clothed waist.

He lifts her up not touching her skin, above him, her hair forms a curtain around her face and hides his

She is cupping his face. He says "You are the most beautiful thing I have seen tonite."

Khanak: Thanks'.. (the second time ever, he gets the most glorious smile from her)

Shaan: The next time I kiss you I am going to need rehab (husky)

Lets her slide down.

She touches the loose knot of the silk tie

"I love it! The most elegant shade of pink"

Shaan: You only love the tie?

Khanak: Pretty much!

Shaan: Your lip gloss tastes like the strawberry souffl I had for dessert

She blushes a magnificent red.

Khanak: You taste like the spiked drink! (coz he drank it!)

He kisses her yet again.

I'm very sure
this never happened to me before
I met you and now i'm sure
this never happened before

now i see
this is the way it's supposed to be
I met you and now I see
this is the way it should be

this is the way it should be for lovers
they shouldn't go it alone
it's not so good when you're on your own

Paul Mc Cartney's "This never happened before" plays in his mind

When he releases her she says "Shantanu you make me so happy!"(glorious joy filling her every pore)

Shaan: Lets take next week off and get away!



This is it girls, no more touchy feely

Its fireworks time!

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You mean Dhruv and Trishna wedding right???? You bymistake wrote ritu instead of trishna.......
-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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 I SuperlikeSmilethanks AditeeSmile

Lovely update.
Reading ur update evryday mrning is a part of my daily routine now , if u r reading this post then make sure my routine never changes Smile

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Three parts!!!! Going to read...will be back with comments!


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