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Originally posted by lghosh

Even me 3 waiting!! Big smile My lappy is tired now from refreshing endlessly.

Mine too!!!!

I think the refresh button looks worn now!!!!



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Hi Aditee,

When's the next update??? Been logging on since mid day yesterday at regular intervals. CryCryCry Jaldi se update post karo and make it a long one...TongueTongueTongue xx
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April 24th Monday

Casa Corporate Office. Prabhadevi


But before that...

The weekend after the engagement had flown by. They had returned from Malabar Hill around 2 in the morning. Shaan had brought Khanak, Ritu and her parents home, and Sunil had arranged for cars for Kaka's family and Bua etc. They hadn't spoked much in the car, Shaan only chatted with her Aada, while she dozed off @ the back. Her Bai had insisted that she invite Shaan for chai. She had refused.

He had looked at her and nodded, before taking off. She hadn't asked him to call her after reaching home and he hadn't bothered to either.

Khanak was too tired to gush or ruminate about the happenings with the rest of the family. While they all stayed up and chatted in the living room, Khanak and her female cousins and Ritu had gone off to bed, only to wake up at 2 in the afternoon.

The first thing she had noticed upon waking up was her ring, the afternoon sun was hitting it directly. It sparkled! She had shut her eyes. She had stood by and stared at Sooraj's picture for hours before the engagement, sobbed and pleaded with Ritu asking her repeatedly if she was doing anything wrong. She had asked her "Mujhe shaadi ki baat par dukh kyon nahi ho raha?"

"Kya main sach mein move on kar chuki hoon"

"How could I let Sooraj go?"

"How can I live the rest of my life thinking about and being with another man?"

"Would Sooraj have married someone at the end of a year?"

"Would he have let himself be pursued like this?"

"Is my love for Sooraj so inconsequential?"

" Is not thinking about him every waking moment a real possibility now?"

"If yes, why and how did it that happen?"

"When did I start doing it so much that, its almost a habit now''. Thinking about Shaan and not thinking about Sooraj?

"Am I weak?" "Am I so frustrated physically to let myself be wooed by the first man that showed interest in me?" "where is my resolve to stay a widow the rest of my life?" "Am I doing this for my parents or some part of me wants me to be with Shaan?" "Why do I crave to see him, be with him and touch him?" "If my love for Sooraj was so sheltered, then how did Shaan enter my system?" "Am I giving in to Shaan's infatuation?" "Is this marriage really a way of grieving for Sooraj?"

Ritu had hugged and comforted her and let her cry on her shoulder. Khanak had sat there on the divan staring at Sooraj's picture. She had not picked it up or touched it in a while.

Ritu had said one thing " Sooraj would have wanted you to be happy, so you are doing the right thing". "Marrying Shaan does not mean you will forget Sooraj, or undermines how happy Sooraj made you. The time with Sooraj will be like all other memories of childhood or teen years''''', cherished and reminisced, and savored''. the rest of your life". The family had gone shopping in the morning when Khanak's outburst happened. If her Aada had witnessed it he wouldn't have been in good shape to attend the engagement.

Ritu had suggested she take a nap for an hour or two, to refresh herself, that had gone past 3 hours and then she had to take care of some work issue, and that resulted in making the two really late.

Khanak was not entirely convinced of Ritu's argument. Sooraj was being thought of, but whenever Shaan appeared before her, something strange was happening to cause Sooraj to fade away. She had walked over to the mantle, and had held her hand with the ring in front of the picture, and had just stood there for a few minutes. Her Aada had noticed it and come over and had squuzed her shoulder saying "Shaan tumhe bahut khushi dega dekhna" in Gujarati.

Her Kaka's family returned Sunday nite, her parents were returning Tuesday. The wedding had been finalized for May 29th Sunday. Her Bai wanted her to take time off from the 23rd. She had spent hours on Sunday convincing her Aada, telling him honestly that she would not marry him if the wedding is to be paid by Gujrals.

Her Aada had been stunned. Her Dadi thought, she was evil and was destroying her "good fortune" with her own words. Khanak was adamant "The wedding will happen in Ahmedabad or not happen at all"

Her Aada had hesitantly called Sunil and had spoken about it for an hour, Sunil, Madhavi and Dadi had to acquiesce after a long discussion, only on the agreement that there will be a grand reception later in Mumbai.

Khanak had unwavering zeal in protecting her Aada's dignity , the only way to do that would be if her wedding was not financed by with Shantanu Gujral's money. Her Aada did not say it to her but the way he looked at her convinced her, he was mighty proud. She heard her Bai and Aada say "Khanak hamesha apne Aada aur Bai ke baare mein sochti hai".


Khanak was sure Dadi would be extremely disappointed but, she would apologize later.

Monday morning as she got ready for work, Ritu teased her as to how she should only go to work in a chauffeured car and not take the locals. Khanak had smiled and told her "Kyon local mein jaane waale log shaadi nahi karte kya?"

Ritu: Nahi, kam se kam Shantanu Gujral se to nahi"

She wore a pink cotton churidar set, and tied her hair in a pony tail. Her Bai smiled seeing her look so pretty. Her Bai had looked at her ring multiple times since Sunday.

She got off her auto, and walked into the building, to meet the girl from accounting by the elevator

Khanak: Hi!

Girl: Hey, lovely mehandi.

Khanak: Thanks

Girl: Koi baat hai kya?

Khanak: Nahi, kya hua? I am fine.

Girl "I meant the henna and all"

Looks at the back of her hand and notices the sparkling stone.

Girl: Are you ENGAGED?

Khanak: Yep!

Gilr: OMG!  How wonderful, who is the guy? Wait a minute'.. is it the Director of Construction Ops at one of the project sites?

Khanak blushing profusely, "I think so!"

Girl: I hear he looks gorgeous!

People start crowding the entry way of the elevator. The girl's mouth is still open in shock.

The elevator arrives, she makes sure she is standing by Khanak

Girl: So you guys fell in love @ work? How romantic!

Khanak: We should talk later (softly)

The girl is impatient, but waits.

Girl: I am Bhavna, whats your name.

Khanak: Khanak Mistry.

They step out on the 25th floor. Bhavna drags her feet, no mood to go to her desk.

Seeing Khanak be reserved and non communicative, she doesn't have a choice.

Khanak: Nice to meet you Bhavna.

Bhavna: When's the wedding?

Khanak: May 29th.

Bhavna: In a MONTH?

Khanak: umm' yes (looking down at her ring)

Bhavna: How exciting! (gushes)

Khanak smiles, she seems like anice girl. They hug and part ways.

Paula greets her with a mischievous smile. Khanak's flush stays on the rest of the day for various reasons.

Paula: Jaan, you are a secret operative aren't you?

Khanak: Paula! Why didn't you come to the engagement?

Paula: I asked first! (stepping out from behind the huge, marble, semi circle of a desk)

Hugs Khanak and shakes her "Tumne koi clue nahi diya. I had made grand plans to bring you together, maloom?" (grins)

Khanak is shocked, "You HAD?"

Paula: Havent you seen the say he looks at you?

Khanak ofcourse knows!

Khanak: Why didn't you attend on Sat?

Paula: I had to bee with my sister, she had a fall. We need to do lunch

Paula's phone rings. "Could be Rahat, I have to ask you sooo many questions. The whole office is abuzz with this news today. You guys make a very good stealth team, jaan" (smiles)

Khanak: It just happened!

Paula walks back to her abode

Paula: Love or Shaan?

Nivs: You did not share a word!

She for some reason is irritated and angry. Some how did not expect her handsome boss to tie the knot so so soon I guess

Khanak: Sabne milkar decide kiya.

Nivs: I had no idea you two were "seeing" each other!

Khanak thinks "I didn't either"

Nivs: Can I see the ring, please?

Khanak shows, Nivs touches the rock.

Nivs: Gosh! Its huge! Must have been expensive. Do you know?

Khanak: Not sure!

Nivs: You were dating Shaan? How come I did not know? (angry)

Khanak: It was arranged Nivs

Nivs: Don't your parents live in Ahmedabad? (kind of hinting at "aren't you guys from a completely different social class?")

Khanak: They do! But his Dadi met my folks in Shirdi.

Nivs: Is that why you went to Shirdi?

Khanak: No! It was all a surprise.

Nivs: But Shaan to yahan tha, at Matheran (confused)

Khanak: Ya he didn't go! He knew abt it (blushing)

Nivs: Cool! (disappointed) Cool! So you are getting married? Shaadi kab hai?

Khanak: May 29th

Nivs: Before MINE? (like its against the law)

Something tells Khanak this friendship may not last long.

Khanak: Both families wanted it to be soon, Shaan was going to be busy also June onwards.

Nivs: Itna sab kuch hua aur tumne mujhe kuch nahi bataya?

Khanak: Not intentional Nivs. Trust me (setting up her PC)

People start streaming in, lots of "Congratulations!" genuines wishes, laughter.

Aman is shocked but hugs her and smiles

Shaan walks in, in jeans and a pistachio green Nautica tee.

Khanak blushes gloriously as he enters.

Aman: Kya boss, Monday ko jeans? Abhi se kaam mein koi interest nahi? Congrats boss!

He shakes hands, guy hug. Other men tease and razz him.

One guy: We should make sure we either give them a lot of time in private or none at all.

The room goes up in a huge loud laughter. Plenty such good humored razzing.

Shaan smiles "I am off to the Site after the first hour"

She walks back to her desk.

The metting begins, lots of issues, one of Khanak's direct reports is here today.

The meeting breaks at 1, people step out for the "mid-morning" coffee, lunch wont be before 4 they know.

Shaan walks up to her "Was it your idea? Wedding in Ahmedabad?" (softly, as people leave and they are left alone)

Khanak: it was totally mine!

Shaan: Why cant we get married in Mumbai?

Khanak: Why not in Ahmedabad?

Shaan is furious!

Shaan: Dadi had reassured you it was OK.

Khanak: How do you? Did she tell you? (upset with Dadi)

Shaan: I realize you are very self righteous Ms Mistry, but watch what you say about Dadi. She did not utter a word! I heard you lament and heard her reassure you on Saturday when I went to refill my drink."

Khanak is mortified

Shaan: Dad told me the wedding's in Ahmedabad. Should you have talked with me first?

Khanak: It's a two way street! (typing away furiously)

Shaan: Everybody's in Bombay, why not here? Is it some sorta bone of contention thing for you? (taunting)

Khanak: Usually weddings happen in the bride's town. How ever affluent the groom might be (does a quote unquote)

Shaan: Oh! So THAT'S what it is (even angrier)

Khanak: THAT and the groom's family condescending to pay for the wedding!

Shaan: What?

Some one steps in to pick up her cell phone. Both stay quiet for a minute.

Shaan: what is wrong?

Khanak: If you don't even "see" it, I cant ever explain it (flat, cold)

Both fume silently.

Shaan: I sent you the passport forms over the weekend, did you download it?

Khanak: I don't want to go overseas with you (husky)

Shaan: I pulled my boat off of time share contract for now. (not even listening to her)

His phone rings, he looks at it

Shaan (walking out of the room) Fill it out, get your pictures and leave it with Paula, if you are not going to be here tomm"

Walks out!

7 : 30 PM Monday

Khanak's phone rings "Hello!" (confused)

Shaan: Where are you?

Her heart goes down with a thud!

Khanak: Getting ready to leave (sulking)

Shaan: Are you at the station?

Khanak: Umm... no... near the elevator.

Shaan: I can give you a ride.

Khanak: No thanks, I shud be fine.

Shaan: I will see you at the number 9 lot of "Visitor parking" in 10 minutes then


8: 10 pm:

She steps off the elevator, wears her ear buds, tunes her ipod and puts it back in her purse and walks out into the semi breezy moist night.

She hears a honk, and a car drives up. It's the gold Merc. She pulls off one ear ear bud.

Shaan: Your watch might need a battery (acidic)

(Opening the passenger door from the inside)

She seats herself, and shakes her wrist to show she is not wearing a watch.

Shaan: Oh! Maybe that's why you didn't know when 10 minutes passed? (sardonic)

He pulls out of the parking lot with a noisy screech, tossing her back on the seat.

Shaan: Did you turn in the forms?

Khanak: No not yet.

They don't say a word to each other. She looks on her side, there is a coffee mug with some lettering on it, she goes to pick it up exactly at the time he decides to put the car on overdrive. As if she is stung, she pulls her hand away.

He pulls into her building's parking lot 45 minutes later.

She picks up her things and starts to walk away.

He follows her and punches the elevator key. The steel gates are tight and creaky, they don't pull apart, he forces them apart in a second, giving her a bland look.

She just stares at her hands in the elevator.

They step out

Khanak: thanks for the ride.

Shaan: Really?

Khanak: Umm I have to go!

He leans on his fave spot by the elevator, one foot up, hands in pocket, she stands atleast three feet away.

Its not even 9 PM, she is afraid people might see them if they step out of their homes. She hears kids singing, TVs, and people talking.

Shaan: Did you apply for time off?

Khanak: I spoke to Ram on Saturday (softly)

Shaan: Let him know you will be gone for three weeks.

One for wedding two for Boston"

Khanak: Shantanu (husky) I really don't want to go to Boston! (shakes her head in some thought)

Shaan: Here is the deal Khanak, we go to Boston or we stay here and consummate our marriage! Take your pick! (intense)

She looks at him for the first time since the kiss in the balcony.

She sees he is not kidding!

He yanks the steel gates apart with his left hand and goes away!


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hei aditee,
desperately waited for ur update..will come back after reading..
wow..that was a wonderful update..y is khanak hurting herself thinking that she's doing injustice to sooraj..really wish that khanak gets off her guilty feel soon..
the blue line definitely has its punch..total killer..shaan didnt even wait for her answer..
so is she going to fill up the passport papers?
continue soon aditee..

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omggg his last line abt consummating marriage was like sooo hot n killer made me actually shiver:)

gr8 aditeee love u fr this ff:)

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Abhi majdoori karne jaana hai aur main toh chhutti ke mood mein chali gayi reading this! Big smile How will I be able to concentrate & focus the whole day!
Will write in details later! Its superb Aditee, absolutely fabulous.
i love Khanak & her strong character, the will & she sticks to her decision. Sooraj was too easy going & compliant but here she met her match. It will be an interesting ride to say the least. Baaki baad mein likhungi! I loved it. reminded me about putting off fire with fire!! Big smile
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aditee gosh!!! U are rocking !! it is fabulous...and really i cant tell u how much I love this shanak Smile
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wohoohohoho.. So now the bold blue turned purple lines threaten eh? Ooohhh.. Shocked
Khanak and Ritu's relationship shone today.. So sweet her worry, her last minute jitters.. sigh no girl, nothing is wrong with moving on... SmileSmile
I grrr and W&W... dude.. hold her and convince her that you love her!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile
Nice one aditeee... W&WTongueWinkBig smile

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