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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
aditee ...awesum updates..

baran Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
hiii aditee!
i am new here,and love ur ff...
i like the story very much..
and about love thing u said before ...i agree with u 110% :))
lived with my husband more than 14 years ...never said i love u...Confused
but cant even live without him...(arranged marriage) dont have big problem in our life...we dont argue alot...we understand each other ...what's more do i need???if  this is not love??then what is it??
adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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loving this Aditee keep up the great work!
aditee IF-Rockerz

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Modi & Dastur
5 PM
April 15th
Khanak: Its extremely difficult for me to act like everything is going according to plan. (troubled)

Shaan: Meet me Khanak, please? We haven't seen each other in over weeks, please?

Khanak: I don't know where to begin. Sab khush hain,  sab iski baat ki ummeed kar rahe hain ki hamari shaadi hogi. Sochkar bhi dar lagta hai mujhe (sincere)

Shaan is quiet

Khanak: Main aaoon aapse milne?(stoic)

Shaan: I can come pick you up, do you plan to take a local?

Khanak: I think so. Ram ko kehna padega that I am checking out early.

Shaan: Its 5:30, its not EARLY!

Seeds of first topic of contention between the two, get sown.

Khanak: I work until 7 usually (firm)

Shaan: Well you''''''.. (stops) Lets just meet first. I need to go get a shower and I will see you in an hour?

Khanak: Aap Site par hain?

Shaan: Hmm, all week'''' have you not been in once to Ajmera?

Khanak: No, I am actually handing over stuff to my direct reports, I will do all my over sight from here.

He is surprised and disappointed but doesn't say anything. She usually says very little anyway.

Shaan: I will see you across the street from your office?

Khanak: Aapko maloom hai kahan hai office? (surprised)

Shaan (dryly) Weve worked with your company for 4 years I believe

Khanak: Oh! I didn't know''.

Shaan: not a problem at all.

Khanak: Umm' bye?

Shaan: See you!


Khanak feels like the quicksand is grabbing her rapidly and soon she will be swallowed. Things were happening too fast. Her Aada refused to divulge much details except, "Dadi aur father in law aaye the, unhoney tumhari badi tareef ki aur bua ko kaha ki "hamey bus yahi ladki chahiye apne ghar ki bahu ke liye". Dadi was smitten according to Aada, she was actually speechless most of the time, just admiring the gifts and things Shaan's Dadi had brought with her. Whoever said "Wealth is a great panacea" was not wrong.She could trust her parents to do the right things for her. They had spoken with Sunil and dadi for over 4 hours. Dadi had reassured them that Shaan will not fail them in anyway. Her parents were simple people with very little expectations from any body. Dadi and Sunil were able to see that and feel that. Communicating their only desire to Dadi and Shaan's Dad was very easy her Aada had told her. "Seeing Khanak happy is our only life goal". Dadi had promised Shaan would make her happy, very very happy.

If it wasn't Shaan it would be some one else in a week, in a month, in 6 months, her Aada will not relent she knew. "Love died with Sooraj" "The life from now will be purely about living not loving"  "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember some one you never knew".

April 15th
Celini Grand Hyatt
7:30 PM
He drives up outside her office almost at the end of an hour, the evening rush hour  traffic is spiraling into a noisy creaky mess. Flying tempers, threatening action, he spots her standing near a bus stop on the busy road, checking her phone, lost in thought. Signals his driver to pull up close, she doesn't even look up from her phone, thinks it must be some creepy slimeball looking for a good time.

Shaan: Khanak!

She doesn't even pay attention to that.

Shaan(calling her on the phone) Hello. Kahan khoyi ho?

Khanak: Oh! (looks up to see the driver holding the door for her, he smiles and nods)

The driver waits in traffic.

Shaan: Did you have to tell Ritu?

Khanak: I texted her.

Shaan: Where do you want to eat?

Khanak: I don't really want to actually.

Shaan: Lets go someplace and eat first? Havent had lunch today. I am starving.

She looks at him, he looks freshly showered, hair still wet behind his ear, in a blue jeans and white and blue broad horizontal stripe collared tee. She felt tired and grimy. "I must look like a slob" she thought

Shaan: Aap Dome chaliye, (at the Intercontinental) ya Cellini at Grand Hyatt? Aage se left le leejiye (directs the driver confidently)

Khanak is  quiet, looking out the window.

Shaan: Look here are some pictures, as of today. (Shows her progress on his camera's viewfinder)

They are leaning really close to each other, she looks away, he hands her the camera, shows her the scroll button, to receive a  faint "Thx" from her.

Khanak: Oh! The column is going up? (smiles)

Shaan: I thought you might like that.

She touches the screen, "It looks so crowded and tiny"

Shaan: Not for long! 6 months and we plan to have the first model open. They are all sold out, its of no use but, we decided to get some cool brochures made.

Khanak: You love your job, don't you? (thoughtful, looking in his general direction)

Shaan: Does it show? (grins)

He answers some phone calls, punches some keys, she gingerly returns his camera, without touching him, and picks up a Fortune from the seat.

Shaan: Do you need the lights?

Khanak: No! I was just looking

Shaan: Anything but talk to me? (mocks)

Khanak: Oh! I am sorry! (puts it away)

The driver pulls into Grand Hyatt.

The hotel employee opens the door for her, Shaan is out, nodding, a guest relations mgr seeing off a overseas guest smiles, and says Hi!. Shaan nods.

They walk up to Celini. Its cold, expansive and shiny everywhere.

When they are seated, "Something to drink?"

Khanak: Water?

Shaan: OK, get me a martini please, and a apple juice for the lady?

She looks up at him disapprovingly.

Shaan: Khanak, my back is killing me, I haven't worked out in a week. Nor played tennis. I am sorry you disapprove, but I will drink alchahol(firm)

Khanak: You should go home and go to bed.

Shaan: That I will, '''. Soon.

Khanak: I am shocked at the turn of events.

Shaan: Why?

Khanak: Did you expect this a week ago? (accusingly) Two weeks ago?

Shaan: We should not look for ways to fight'''' well not yet anyway'.. what does your calendar look like?

Khanak (feeling a warm gush envelop her) Don't talk as if the wedding is inevitable.

Shaan: Khanak, Dadi visited your family today. Its as official as can be. You know how I feel.

Khanak: No, I don't.

Shaan: What? Ive told you a half a dozen times how attracted I am to you (looking her straight in the eyes)

The drinks arrive.

Khanak: That's cannot be a reason to marry.

Shaan: People marry for less.

Khanak: Your Mom? What does she think?

Shaan starts to say something, stops, but starts again "She is not happy. She thinks it's a bad idea"

Khanak's face pales "I like her already"

Shaan: You would wouldn't you? (murmurs, taking a swig at his drink)

Khanak: I think it was a bad idea to go to Ahemedabad. It was wrong of you to lie to me in Shirdi

Shaan: I did not lie to you, you said, I shud drop the idea and I did. There was no point in arguing with you that nite.

Khanak: You tricked me! (accusing, fidgets with her straw)

Shaan: Stop playing with ur straw, you are going to tear it.

She gives him a "None of ur business!" look.

Shaan: Khanak, I didnt have to get married, this was the only way for us to come together (honest)

Khanak: That's all matters to you? (hurt)

Shaan (reaching out to hold her hand, she withdraws, stung by his words) I am being honest.

Khanak: We don't even love each other.

Shaan: Attraction is a first good step.

Khanak: For YOU!

Shaan: You don't feel a thing for me? (soft)

Khanak: That's not the point (husky)

Shaan: You are so caught up in your emotions you are not looking past it.

Khanak: I am afraid.

Shaan: Of what? (incredulous)

Khanak: Umm'. Of you''. I think''.. (nervous)

Shaan: I promise not to hurt you in any way (serious)

Khanak: You are too overwhelming for me. I am used to predictable things. I am used to driving. You''''

Shaan(smiles) what?

Khanak: You've just taken over!

Shaan: You can take the lead when ever you like (mocks gently)

Khanak: We don't even know each other.

Shaan: We can discover along the way. Shudnt be too bad

Khanak: This is not a work project!

Shaan: Its more fun!

Khanak: I cant believe you've agreed for your marriage to be arranged. (shakes her head in disbelief)

Shaan: Why? Are you disappointed u cannot stereo type  me?

Khanak mumbles "Umm.. I would think a South Mumbai guy, wud rather jump into the Arabian Sea"

Shaan: You are letting your biases show Ms Mistry.

Khanak: Thanks (sarcastic) I intended to. We have nothing in common

Shaan: That's the 3rd time you've said that.

Khanak: Just because you agreed to your Dadi, don't make it look like all is well.

Shaan: Its not as bad as you think.The waiter arrives, they order food, she gets a veggie pizza, he orders spaghetti and meatballs.

Khanak: I am just afraid of when you will be bored of it all, would no longer derive any utility from me, then what am I supposed to do.

Shaan: Does insulting me and insulting yourself in the process diminish the attraction in anyway for you Khanak? (fierce)

Khanak: You know that's the truth!

Shaan: Ive had a long day, I am really in no mood to fight right now, lets save it all for post wedding alright?

Her heart fires a shot and races. With no one competing, it always won.

Khanak: I will have plenty of other things to fight with you then. (sulks)

Shaan: Atleast you are not averse to the idea of the wedding (slam!)

Khanak: I should have stayed away from you (disturbed)

He grins for the first time that evening.

Shaan: Thanks

Their food arrives. He cuts up the slices for her, and serves her, she picks out all the olives painstakingly and puts them away. He smiles

Shaan: you don't care for olives?

Khanak: Umm'. Mmm (shakes her head)

Shaan: So? How long can you take off from work?

Khanak is silent, tearing up her pizza, into tiny bits with her fork.

Khanak: A week.

Shaan: You've got to be kidding me! (Angry)

Khanak: Maybe you should get married to some one who can get more time off? Or even better is unemployed maybe? She could go wherever and when ever? (smiles sweetly)

He just looks at her with the most intense expression

Shaan: I am taking 3 weeks off, or plan to, spoke to Rahat in the evening. Nachiket knows, but not Rahat.

Khanak drops her fork "Oh! God! Nachiket knows?"

Shaan: Haan! Kyon? (surprised)

Khanak blushes.

Khanak: Why did you tell him?

Shaan: Why not? We have to plan ahead Khanak. Make back up plans, construction is happening round the clock. If I weren't getting married I wouldn't get a day off.

Khanak feels a churn in her stomach at the mention of the word "marriage"

Khanak: I am not quitting my job!

Shaan: Fair enough

Khanak: When you are done with me I will have something to go back to (sarcastic)

Shaan: I love back up plans (tanuts her back).I love a girl who plans ahead.

Khanak: I am the only child

Shaan: I know that, I told you already didn't I? (confused)

Khanak: I''''''..I have'''' I feel responsible for my parents. I will care for them.

Shaan: So? I am sorry I don't get it

Khanak: Main ghar zyaada jaaoongi, mujhe unse milna hai, aur Aada ko help karna hai.

Shaan: I don't care what you do for them Khanak. We can talk about visiting (possessive).

Khanak: I knew it! (angry)

Shaan: If we get married, I expect us to spend time together Khanak. I hope you will want it too? (taunt)

Khanak: You cant hang out at the pubs and clubs anymore (order)

He hides a smile, clears his throat "Umm'. You could go with me if you like"

Khanak: Nope! (aloof) I dont want you to go. (picking a fight)

Shaan: Is that it? (amused)

Khanak: I wont change my last name (defiant)

Shaan: No Khanak. I want you to change it to my family name (firm)

The color rushes back to her face, just when her pizza starts tasting like cardboard.








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kiwu Groupbie

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
sooo sweet...
marraige on the cards..
n the back plan wooo..
changing of the last name Embarrassed
its sooo good yaar...
thank u soo much fr this..
gos bless u..Smile

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-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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I m loving it...Big smile
Souma.N IF-Dazzler

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Love you Aditi...lovely part..lovely conversation...
I thought I was the only one in the world who removes olives from Pizzas!!
I loved his reply to her wish of visiting her parents frequently...Lovely touch!

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angel_9 Goldie

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Hey Aditee...Hug

loved the update...


shanak convo...just amazing & lovely...

wow the way u described their convo amazing...& she removes olives from Pizza...amazing description...

update soon

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