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She walked into the building checking her watch it was past Noon, the Mumbai mid day heat beat down on her head. The guard behind the security desk looked up to see who was opening the door, it was a pretty young girl in a purple and orange mirror work skirt and a orange blouse, a looong purple bag hung from her shoulder with things inside, she carried 20 files in her hand, a cell phone and a cup of what looked like chai.

Khanak Mistry was late for her Noon meeting with Mr Raj Grover at Ajmera Constructions. She had never been late to any meeting in her one year now, at Modi-Dastur firm. She smiled everey time she thought of her prestigious internships with Vasanth Kamath and Charles Correa soon after graduating from Natl School of Architecture in Delhi.

Just as she walked in the guard behind the security desk walked away with a flashlight in hand towards what looked like a door to a basement or a electrical closet.


She walked around the sub zero freezing lobby of the high rise, she saw a 100 ft  board with brass names for the various offices in the structure


She was sure it was 25th floor, may be 26th? Or 24th she thought walking towards the elevator


She peerd at the board, she could find the name''.. pondered, decided to get off at 25th, her first choice J

Preoccupied started walking towards the elevator


He parked his Honda Accord in the basement and walked up two flights of stairs humming a tune while he checked the ping of his FB notification. He checked it, it was his friend Dhruv  from his Univ of Masschusetts at Dartmouth days. Dhruv's grad school commencement was one semester before Shantanu's. He had fewer classes in the last year. Shantanu's major was Reinforced Concrete Design, minor being Transportation Engg and design. He had been working for  Raheja Construction for 3 years before joining Ajmeras a year ago.

He wore tan trousers and a blue and tan striped shirt folded just above his wrist, teamed with tan/felt shoes


Dhruv's note "Tequila esta noche?"

Shaan responded with a "Si"

Typing away he walked right into what seemed like a person

There was thud a crash and swish and some splats

The 20 odd files were strewn on the floor along with Shaan's cell phone and temper!

Khanak:Oh no! (muffled, hand over her mouth)


Khaank: Aapko dikhta nahi hai kya?

Shaan: KYA (incredulous)

Khanak: Aap dekhkar nahi chal sakte kya?

Shaan: Wow wow'.. hold on a minute

Khanak: Aapko dikhta nahi kya?

Shaan: U ran into me. (giving her a derogatory look)

Khanak: Kya matlab?

Grabbing the files from the floor, while he just picks up his cell phone and punches the elevator button

Shaan: I did NOT run into you'.. mera matlab oh Hindi right?... MAINE aapse mera matlab aap mujhse takraayi. (irritated)

Khanak: (FURIOUS) Kya?

The elevator beeps the door opens

By the time the people step out a hand ful join in to board it,


Khanak looks at him and thought "Bloody Ranbir wannabe"

Shaan smirks when the thought "What a behenji, must be here to sell mirrorwork purses" crosses his mind

Will update links to 2-6 soon
PART 8 Page 10
Part 9A Page 10
 Part 9 B Page 13
PART 9C Page 15
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Part 50 B on 146
THANKS so much for reading

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Wowowowwww!! aditee!! mwaaaa. Am the first to comment! But superb!!! Whacky and smart!!
Waiting for more! Sorry saaaz, hijacked this first reply!!Tongue

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haila post bhi kiya....

fabulous lady....fabulous....take a bow jeee

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Aditi.....the FF Genius is BACK!!!
Beautifully written.....the ambience.....so "Fountainhead"!!!Day Dreaming
Loved the attention to technicalities.......
Am still reeling under the effect of Charles Correa.....your's truly, a die-hard fan of his body of exemplary work!!!
What a 'picteresque' setting for a fresh Shaan-Khanak love story to unfold!!!
Splendid is the word, really!!!
P.S.: Loved the final tongue-in-cheek bit.....a new place.....a new time.....a new 'obstacle' to surmount!!!! Embarrassed

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Ads...luv ur hatke FF.....can i tke m chances on d inspirationWinklol
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Thanks you guys!
I see over 100 people have read it but only FIVE THANKED ME?
Here is part two ITS A TEST, if all the 100 dont thank me then I will PM part 3 ro who ever thanks me for part 2

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The phone rings just as she gets off the auto

K: Kitna hua bhayya?

A: 142


A:Chalo 140 de do

K: 100 se ek paisa zyaada nahi doongi (hmpf)

A gives her a sullen look

K hands him the money, phone continues to ring.

K: Hello

Ritu Dua(her room mate friend, once upon a time co worker and batch mate): Where are you?

K:  Just getting off yaar……..

R: From?

K: Look out the window

R walks up to the balcony of the 5th floor apartment in Chembur's Shivneri Nagar and smiles and waves

K takes the elevator upto the apartment still holding the phone to her ear

R: Why are you late

K (into the phone) Missed the 2.40 train

They both laugh and hang up

K: Kya hua?

R: I told you yesterday, we have to go to my Mama's daughter's engagement tonite

K sulks……. "ughhhhh"

K: Please I don't want to

R: Don't argue yaar. Chill! You already promised me. Never mind we have 5, checks her watch, no 4 hours

K Please Ritu I don't think I want to go (she walks over to the low divan and sets her laptop bag and her purse, cranks up the AC, lays back on the oblong cushion by the wall and shuts her eyes)

R: Lets not talk abt that…. Where were you?

R: No don't answer, let me guess, CASA!

K smiles, eyes closed…….. "Hmm Ram wanted us to review the presentation one last time"

Ram Menon was her boss barely 30, from  Natl School of Design Ahmedeabad……… her home, her Mom and Dad's home………… he was barely 30, charming, articulate and a hard task master

R: Kab khatam hoga tera CASA

K opens her eyes looks at Ritu  points a finger and goes "Joke right?" laughs out loud

R: Very funny Raaz……

K:The completion date is 2014

R: By then u will be married and have kids

Stops and looks at K

K's smile has been wiped out

R: Sorry Raaz

K: Nah, don't worry (smiles)

R: Chal OK , I Will be married for sure (grins)

K:That you will (smiles back)

Ritu is taller, extremely fair and has curly hair, small eyes, sharp nose and skinny. She declares frequently that she was Bollywood leading lady material if only she was "well endowed" like her  friend Raaz…….Ritu works with Hafeez Contractor as a urban planning consultant.

Khanak had moved to Mumbai in 2010 after losing her husband Sooraj Vaishnav to an accident. They had been married for barely  5 months. He was her college love. They both sensed they had something going the first meeting at the sprawling open air cafeteria at the SPA Delhi. His favorite drink was sugarcane juice across the street at one of their favorite juice wallahs of ITO, hers was "mixed fruit"

He always had a foam moustache when he did a bottoms up on his :- ) They argued in Gujarati  many times and the Punjabi juice wala often gaped in shock……..

R: Hey Mystery gal

K: Kya (opens her eyes again)

R: Please?

K: I need a nap yaar

R:OK fine, if I let you get one will you go with me

K: I'll think about it…….

K was tired and sweaty, she needed a nice cold shower and some chai and food………

R:I made poha for lunch, do u want some?

K's lavender chikan suit stuck to her body……. Her gorgeous silky hair was plastered to her scalp and around her face. She wanted to take that shower NOW, and sit down and work on that presentations

What started as 20 slides had exploded into over 50, they had exactly 30 minutes with the Casa Project VP at Ajmera on Monday. Ritu wanted her to go to the engagement

K: pehle main naha loon? BTW, tumhari cousin ka kya naam hai?


R: sure (she has gone off to the PC and is checking the email for the invite. Trishna's engagement is at Marriott Juhu at 9 PM) That's the 7th time you are asking that Q, its TRISHNA

K grins sheepishly, she was BAD, her memory was failing she thot worriedly

R:Its not your memory idiot, you don't pay attention

K:That too (agrees)


K: Ummmmm NO!

R: This is just not fair (sulks and punches her keyboard)

K: Go with your aunt! (winks)

R: THANKS! But I want to go with you (smiles perfunctorily)

K: Ritu, you know….. I hate these in-your-face, I am-so-wealthy, I-will do-as I please, parties that these super rich throw

R:Excuse me but he is my Uncle (mock angry)

K: Right……….(sarcastically) but u know what I mean, misbehaving men, maddening music and mental torture………


The James Patterson book fell out of Shaan's hand when the driver braked suddenly. He stared out the window, it was yet another muggy Mumbai evening………. Might rain in an hour may be he thot

He was happy to be INSIDE the car and not out of it. The AC on the Mercedes S class had mimicked the arctic circle inside. He needed to get home by 8 and then drive all the way back to Marriott Juhu for Dhruv's engagement. Trishna………hmmm wonder what it means he thought……

Dhruv had mentioned the name two years ago for the first time. It was the REAL DEAL he said.

When he said he was going to be engaged, Shaan had asked "Is it Trishna"

Dhruv had been speechless

Shaan never forgot anything……….. ANYTHING actually

Not good at times he thot………

He had to attend the "guys nite out" tomorrow and be at work at 9 AM on Monday. He needed to be off his bed by 7. He hated Mumbai traffic. He wished the office was also at Malabar Hill. He lived in Mangal Kunj with his parents. His Dad was a "commodities"/parts broker. He dealt in products ranging from semi -conductor scrap to bra straps and everything in between. His office was at Nariman Point. Akshay worked with him. His Dad and Akshay both went to Stanford. He was the "retard" of the family as Akshay frequently pointed out.His Dad employed over 100 people, they were ALL on the phone ALL DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK

His Dad had been travelling more to Asia, Taiwan and China particularly. Akshay did the facilitation so he did Europe and Americas.  Shaan usually tried to stay out of it. He had no interest in what his Dad did, nor desire to involve himself in anyway.


His Mom was mostly "seen" on Page 3, Shaan did not really know what she did during the day. He met her at dinner twice a week, he met his Dad and Akshay and his sister in law Khushboo at the same time.

Dad's rule…….. dinner twice a week. He argued about making one of those days a Sunday but didn't work

He loved being with his friends, staying out late at nite WHEN WORK PERMITTED………

Most ushers at the 5 star pubs knew him and he was quite proud of that accomplishment.

His friends often teased him  about it. He loved to party, dance and have a good time.

His motto in life was……. Oh well, he didn't have a motto….. he was too busy "living it"

The Casa project was sucking his insides out already and the bhoomi pooja had be performed barely a year ago. He wondered if he will last the chaos.

He shut his eyes lay back on the head rest, the TV was playing American Idol……….."Maybe I shud move back"

The driver softly navigated the car into the basement parking lot.

D: Aap ko kahin jaan hai? (opening the door while Shaan opened it himself)

S: Oh yes! At 10 Marriott Juhu…… maybe 10.30

D nods…… "Jee"

S starts to walk, turns around "Thanks" smiles and walks towards the door leading to the elevator hallway.

S had to go get the shower, shave, change, and get out by 10,  "maidens, music, malt and masti" 4 Ms he SO LOVED

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