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Ahamji where are you? part 17page 14 (Page 3)

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Loved the update, is there more?

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madhu_sridhar Goldie

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suk...dat was just tea, theplas n dhoklas done...why not dress up our little ahem in a little black sherwani...Wink

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
loved it dear
plz continue soon
-Nafisa- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbp1971

Clap Ok I am starting a new trend here, I have to say Thank you Gopi style so Thank you for the great update Sukji.

If it's Gopi style Shilpa you will have to say it in hindi... Dhanyavada SukJi. Just the where our pyari Gopi says it after the Diwali bandage to Aham and after the Dandiya dance in her speech on the microphone...Wink
suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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part 6

Gopi n aham finished dancing Gopi looked at the time  she tells aham she would need to finish the party as they would need to clean the place before tomorrow morning, Aham looks at her  that can be done early no Ahamji  in the morning before the first customer comes n steps foot into the restaurant the puja has to be done.  Aham says why do all of this then, Aham ji  dont you know about marketing your product surely you should do  this was a drama n for the press n diplomats people of influence.  Aham laughs Gopi first our son then your business then you drove a car  a truck now your marketing.  Gopi looks at Aham when did you see me driving the truck, Aham oh i saw.  Gopi blushes. Hetal n kokila cant believe their eyes .   Chirag n parag come   chirag says Gopi is a miracle for some time now i have been trying to get hold of  the minister for development i meet him here, he tells me about our Gopi.   There was a guy who came to the office once asking for designs for simple two bedroom  houses they needed structual design, electrics, road development designs, in nagar rajkot our fees were high he could have gone anywhere but they came to us  we did all the design for it.  They did not quarrel about payment they paid us in full  aham n i wished we had more clients like them.  Anyway  150 houses were built  n given them to the poor, do you know who did this our Gopi wait until Aham finds out  this is why the minister was elected again due to Gopis  help.  G developers kokila says i knew that girl was one in a million only a diamond can give us this diamond kokila looks at lil Aham. 
Aham n Gopi walk over, kokila says Gopi vahu when r you coming home i want you home now, Gopi looks at Aham, he replies mom i know i also want Gopi to come home but it will take some time we have found her lets enjoy.  kokila crys how can i leave this  diamond.  Maji he is asleep in the morning i have a puja here plse all come,  n you will see Aham first thing in the morning.  kokila reluctantly agrees.  Chirag  walks over to goham Aham remember our client the one who wanted 150 houses 2 bedroom, ji kaka G developers , guess who is G  aham shakes his head  dont know kaka ji, chirag says Gopi, Gopi developers aham looks at Gopi who is blushing again i cant keep up with you  kaka ask her about driving trucks, marketing  she is amazing.
Gopis kaka comes over the party is finishing we need to clean up, ji kaka  send all the staff home as they are tired n then with gauri, lallu we shall clean up. Kaka replies ji beta Gopi beta Aham did not eat anything in all the excitement  he will get up very soon, never mind kaka ji if he wakes up i will feed him milk.  Kokila asks if her n hetal should help, gopi tells them that no its ok  it will take about an hour to clean n they will go home.  Aham says to his mom i shall take you all home i will come back, Aham ji plse go home n rest we shall be fine.  Gopi takes lil Aham off kokilas arm, kokila laughs i have not held a child for so long my arms have gone to sleep.  Hetal starts to rub them.  parag comes over to kokila shall we go Baa, kokila laughs ji dada  Lil Aham wakes up  mummy ji milk Gopi grabs a shawl from her bag n covers herself little Aham starts to feed. Aham looks at Gopi in the most loving way.  he could not move, kokila n everyone  bless Gopi n start to leave.  Aham tells chirag  he is not ready to leave just yet he will get a  lift or taxi they can go home.  Chirag agrees.
Aham ji you should leave you need to rest you have work in the morning, we will finish here soon n leave.  Gopi i dont want to leave you n  our son.    lil Aham finished feeding still asleep Gopi hands him over to Aham fine look after your son i will finish off the work i have to do.  Gopi kaka n the maids  all finishing cleaning n setting up the puja items. 
Once finished Gopi goes over to aham who has his eyes closed  she smiles looking at them both, she touches Aham shoulder shall we go home.  Aham say yes, Aham ji why dont you drop us off n keep my car you have further to go, Aham agrees.   Aham asks Gopi where do they live  she tells him just by the new housing complex .  Aham drives towards there kaka ji shows him the was    kaka tells him  to the left then right.  As they are driving Aham notices one house on the road, the driveway lit up  n guards r there to open the gate, he drives up   a two storey house with  pillars in the entrance it was  a  beautiful house rose bushes outside.   gopi asks Aham to come inside, he takes lil aham from Gopi so she can get out of the car.  kaka  n the girls all look at Aham n smile they say jai shree krishna to Aham n Gopi n leave.  Gopi tells Aham to come this way  she takes him in the house is elegantly furnished,  they walk up some stairs n into Gopis bedroom there next to her bed is lil ahams crib  Aham puts him down n then kisses him. 
He turns to Gopi i dont want to leave you, Gopi tells him its only for a short while. i will see you in a few hours, Aham agrees.  he hugs Gopi n leaves.  Driving back he calls Anita,, Aham do you know what time it is,  Ji Anita i know what time it is, i am in love i am in love with my wife.   Anita says whats happened he tells her everything,  he then puts down the phone n arrives home, he sets the alarm to get up in a few hour..
Aham wakes up n runs to the bathroom he gets ready in a red sherwani to go back its 5 am he runs over to kokilas room n knocks on the door, kokila n parag fast asleep, mom mom he shouts, kokila wakes up n opens the door mom have to go, going to pick up Gopi n aham  she smiles beta we will meet them at the puja no mom Gopi gave me her car i dont want her to be delayed because of me,  go go go now replies kokila then she goes into the shower after finishing she wakes up parag who gets up n also runs then kokila wakes up hetal n chirag n then she goes to rashis room Rashi maharaini get up  kargri go away.  Jigar wakes up n hears rashi he asks her what did she say  rashi realises n  panics no it was in my dream , jigar what again..  Rashi goes over to the door n opens it ji kaki  Rashi u n jigar get up we have to go to the puja now which puja   hai krishan bhagwan ji again this girl asks just get ready we are  leaving in 10 minutes.
Everyone comes down, kokila says that she did the puja at the house whilst everyone was getting ready lets go.  Jigar ask chirag papa where are we going, chirag replies india plaza mall, kokila tells chirag to drive ahams vehicle n jigar will drive his as Aham has left  already, Chirag but how Gopi gave her car to him. Chirag smiles.  Jigar looks at both but does not say anything.
Aham is at Gopis place he looks round the garden  fruit trees, a little swing set for lil Aham he smiles, Gopi opens the door n smiles  you arrived she looked radiant  wearing a green n red sari, kaka ji smiles jai shri krishna  Aham  kaka ji  jai shri krishna.  lil Aham  comes out in a red sherwani Aham laughs hey buddy  lil Aham looks at Aham n says papa  in the morning you dont say hey buddy you say jai shri krishan, Aham smiles ok jai shri krishna buddy n winks at him.  he lifts up lil Aham  r u tired from last night,  no papa i wake up this time always.  he gives him a hug n kiss on the cheek.
Gopi says shall we go the pandit should be there soon.  The maid puts the food in the trunk n kaka ji holds the thali with the prashad.  Gopi beta we havent forgotten anything Nahi kaka ji i have put everything in the thali just check,kaka ji says everything is there.  Gopi beta what time did you wake up, kaka i woke up at 4 am  beta  you overwork yourself, ji kaka ji.  After the opening you come back home to sleep ji kaka ji i will look after everything.
They arrive just in time the pandit arrive just after them, Gopi opens up the staff all have arrived everyone greets each other, the pandit takes everything of kaka so he can prepare.  Aham, Aj (aham junior) come also.  Aham goes n sits near the pandit n Aj goes n sits on top of ahams legs.  The pandit is about to start  kokila n hetal n co all walk in they sit down quietly, Hetal n kokila look at each other they look at Aham with his son they smile Gopi was already sitting down  facing the pandit she had her eyes closed.  Aham n Aj both closed their eyes n join their hands together for the starting of the prayers,  Jigar   looks n laughs rashi has her eyebrows joined together why are we here, she sees Aham she frowns what he is adopting a  son now what a joke.  Aj was getting tired he went from  ahams lap to gopis  n tells her he wants milk  Gopi looks in bag  she has forgotton her shawl,  kokila takes off hers n gives it to Gopi, Aj lies down n drinks.  Rashi observing all this she wonders why kokila is giving this girl her shawl.  The pandit  says prayers are finished as Gopi was busy with Aj, kaka takes the thali n gives it to Aham tells him its his right.  Aham looks at Gopi who agrees.  he gets up n gives prashad to all.  kokila thanks aham,  when she spoke Aj pulled off the shawl n shouts Baa, he still had milk on his chin, Aham ji  she wipes his chin now go, he runs up n then stops, jai shri krishna  Baa, dadaji, kakadadaji, kakibaa, everyone laughs as he goes n greets all kissing n hugging them.
Jigar smiling but rashi face was a sight for sore eyes, Aham noticed but didnt say anything, He gave her prashad n continue he comes up to  Gopi n gives her a smile n wink  Rashi notices that n frowns again, Gopi was still fixing her blouse. once done she told him one minute she walked towards the bathroom,  she washed her hands n comes out  Gopi is lookin down, then rashi screeches Gopi, jigar looks up n sees Gopi  Aham walks over to her n gives her prashad the pandit says we have finished lets get the first customer in.   Rashi walks over to Gopi, Gopi i am so happy to see you, Gopi smiles n says jai shree krishna.  jigar replies jai shree krishna Gopi bhabi  how are you? Gopi smiles i am well you devar ji i am also well.  The staff at the restaurant tell Gopi that breakfast is served,  Gopi tells jigar n rashi excuse me plse,  she goes over to kokila  maji nastha is ready  lets go n eat, mummyji Ahamji  what would my prince like to eat dhokla thepla and to drink he replies green tea.  Come with me  first lets introduce you to your chachaji,  Aj puts his arms out  Gopi laughs n picks him up,  she carries him over to Aham n jigar, Aham sees him n smiles from gopis arms straight to ahams papa whose this, jigar looks at aham is there something i should know jigar meet my son Aham parag Gopi modi, Buddy meet my brother jigar ur chacha, jigar cant believe how when why Aham says will explain all later.  Rashi comes up i am your masi, Gopi replies no you are his chachi, Gopi i am your elder sister, Gopi replies no i dont have any sisters i am a orphan, nahi Gopi.  Gopi just looks at her sternly.  papa i am very hungry aham smiles but you had milk n prashad  Gopi smiles he has a huge breakfast in the morning.  Aham tells them come this way he shows them to the private function room, where breakfast is served. gopi tells everyone to start as she wants to greet the first customers.  Gopi sends kaka ji back to serve n eat.   The first customers arrive  Gopi greets them n gives them gift bags,  Aham comes over to her n tells her she is being missed.  she tells him the restaurant is nearly full it looks like another success, she shows him the gift bags  i just finishing distributing these.  inside the gift bag were diamonds studded earring  n for gents tie pins Aham laughs marketing, gopi smiles n blushes. 
At the table Rashis phone rings she looks embarrassed she runs out to the hallway,  she answers the phone its urmilla , that gawar  rashi says mummy ji u never guess what, Gopi, urmilla says u read the newspaper, no mummy i did not read the newspaper  i see Gopi dancing with Aham she is very successful she is worth millions maybe billions she has a son, mummy how do you know all this  i am reading it in the paper.  mummy i am here at her restaurant  the opening look rashi now its time to use your brains mummy what do i do kaka ji walks out, ha mummy tell me, mummy gopi  is worth millions mummy how will i get close to her.  All this time kaka is listening he knows exactly who this person is. rashi puts phone down. Rashi goes back to the table , n asks if theres nothing else to eat other than this boring stuff, kokila watches her, Rashi calls over the waitress this is my sisters restaurant and i would like to order this.  Chirag hears n sees this i dont believe you,  we are trying to win Gopi back n you are doing this drama at her restaurant.  Aj is listening kokila looks at Aj beta ji baa shall i give you some more food.  Nahi Baa i want to go to my mummy.  kokila gets up from the table n picks up Aj n takes him to Gopi.   Gopi Aham was getting sad with out you, Gopi smiles its nearly time for his nap, Rashi goes over i shall put him to sleep Gopi looks at Rashi its ok  plse Gopi,  Aj goes to Rashi she sits down with him at a empty table,  Aj starts to rub his eyes  he needs to sleep, Gopi takes her eyes off him for one minute then she hears aham scream, she runs over to rashi, Rashi says he was just about to sleep n all of a sudden he screamed, Aham is screaming so loud that kokila n hetal run in, Gopi takes him out of the restaurant n round to the private room,  kaka comes Gopi beta here give him some water, kaka looks at him this is the first time he has ever cried he has always been a shant calm child.  Gopi gets a wet tissue n wipes his head, mummy  holding his breathe whilst crying  mummy,  she pinched me,  Beta who pinched me he still crying but where beta, Rashi starts to cry no no i did not pinch him,   Gopi takes off Ahams sherwani bottoms n looks  there a bright  red mark with nails implants,  Gopi looks at him n hugs him, she lifts him up n gives him to Aham she walks over to rashi  jigar who was comforting rashi now looks at her in disgust,  Gopi you can do what you want to me but my son no he is a baby,  how dare you?  Rashi looks down , Gopi grabs Aj  n tells kaka she is going home, kokila looks at rashi n shakes her head.  jigar take rashi home  i will talk to you later, Aham runs after Gopi, Gopi plse mom papa she smiles bring them home my home we shall have chai  there.
Aham touches Gopis face he then strokes Aj head ok buddy see you soon.  aham  drives everyone over to gopis house the guard lets them in,   Gopi was feeding Aj when they walked in  kokila looks round she is amazed a beautiful well designed house.  Gauri n lallu bring in tea, Aj goes to sleep in Gopis lap, kokila Gopi you have done very well for yourself beta within a short time frame.   Gopi smiles maji at first it was hard as i was pregnant  but then all the hard work paid off i started out doing functions, parties from their i started to expand.  kakaji helped me alot he gave me the support i needed,  Aham goes over to Gopi here let me take you drink your tea.   Gauri brings the phone Gopi didi phone a  problem, ji  one minute. kaka ji tell the lady i am a ophan i have no mahmi, she needs to pay her bill if she doesnt call the commissioner of police have her arrested.  kaka  hearing urmillas wailing n crying she has come to see her daughter  n her staff are making her pay the bill, wait till Gopi dikri hears about this she will fire you all, mam gopi beta has said she is an orphan she has nobody n if you refuse to pay the bill then to call police, urmillas teeth come all the way out Wink

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wow great ruk
continue soon
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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That was great, the way you got Urmi and Rashi was brilliant
suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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part 7

jigar calls chirag papa i am heading for work ji jigar, i have left rashi in the house  she was upset with what happened she said she was trying to scratch her thigh but accidently  scratch Ahams.  Chirag listens to the excuse.  Back at mm rashi calls urmilla n tells her what happened, she said i was hoping him to cry a little bit but he cried as if the whole world came crashing down, he has skin like gopi it shows up like  strawberry, urmilla also crying i ate at the restaurant , i told them i was Gopis mother i ate like a queen about 300 ruppes worth of breakfast, an old man came n told me i had to pay, he also said that Gopi doesnt have a mother  she is a orphan they  threatened to call the police if i did not pay up. 
Mummy can you believe that gawar, Gopi she is worth millions rashi we are going to have to be smart about this we need pretend to care about her.  Do you know the customers were saying some of the early morning customers got diamond earrings can you believe?  if that is how she does business  she will lose everything... both laugh  jai shree krishna.
jigar picks up chirag  to go to office he looks at the house n says wow bhabhi did this in such a short  period of  time,  chirag says to jigar hard work paid off. 
Gopi tells aham to put lil aj in his crib he shall sleep for a couple of hours, Aham nods his head n takes him upstairs leaving everyone to talk.    He puts Aj to sleep but he wakes up crying, aham then lifts him out of his crib n lies down on Gopis bed Aj goes back to sleep Aham also falls asleep with Aj.  gopi comes up with kokila n hetal to show them the house, she shows them her bedroom first  they see Aj n aham sleeping, they slowly go out the room, gopi vahu since Aham saw u at the mandir he has not been sleeping  let him sleep. Gopi blushes Gopi shows them the other bedrooms, she leaves one closed that is kaka jis room, Gopi how do you know kaka ji, Gopi starts when i was selling food by the mandir kakaji use to come n help me he never asked any money from me, but i  opened a account in his name n started put money on it, maji he is a millionare now he knows that i have been putting money on his account, but he always says how can i take from a daughter  who has given me everything. gopi does he have family, ji maji he does but they dont want to know him as he is old.
that is the problem with the youngsters these day, mother n father can go to hell as far as they are concerned but when they need money the come running.  Gopi smiles.
Anyway Gopi we need to leave as Rashi is home alone who knows what kridgree she is cooking up, parag says i will take ahams vehicle n send the driver back  to collect him later. gopi nods  she waves everyone off, n goes to her bedroom, Both are still sleeping, Gopi lies down next to Aj he starts to move his hand   puts its on her stomach he comes closer, Gopi lies down on the side n opens her blouse Aj starts to feed again.  Gopi falls asleep  at about 4pm she  wakes up after hearing aham laughing n giggling  she finds a blacket on her  she then remember she was feeding aj she looks n sees her blouse is wide open, she is so embarrassed but she wonders who put the blanket on her.
Aj n aham are playing with the ball in the garden Gopi comes out  she sits down n watches them play i was so wrong i should have gone back to Aham ji.  when i first left look at my baby he is having so much fun with his father.  Aham lifts up aj n kisses n hugs him,  Aham sees Gopi sitting there she looked distant,  aham sneaks up on her with aj n he hugs her mummy ji.  Gopi looks at him  beta did you have ur lunch, he nod what did you have?  Gauri didi cooked me dhal n roti, Ahamji did you eat he nods he then says whats wrong you seem to be far away,  Aham ji i was just thinking  how much time you have wasted being apart what if i had stayed after that night, Aham looks at Gopi what if, Gopi look at you, you are independant successful, they say a man only realises he has lost when he loses the most valueable  thing in his life i lost you gopi it was not your fault it was mine, by the time i realised i had these feelings it was too late you were gone.  i insulted you time n time again but you never got angry you were always so calm i know i was wrong.  But Gopi i was wrong what happen that day, Aham ji i was tidying up the wardrobe your diary fell down the picture of you n anitaji came out  i was in disbelief, i started to cry..  i then took out the letter you sent me before our lagan i read it for my self it said you did not want to marry me  you were only doing it for your mum n you were in love with anitaji,  i finally read it for my self, i was in shock.  the promise you made to your mum about respecting me i was happy for that  but then i realised you were doing it for your mom.  i did not want you to be respecting me  for you mom i wanted you to respect me for me.  i loved you from the first day i saw your picture in the newspaper,  Gopi who read out the letter, n by the way i did not send that letter to you, the letter was read by rashi n mahmi ji they told me that you had written that i was your moms choice, n you will marry me n keep me happy. Ahamji who wrote the letter, Aham tells Gopi kinjal  she wrote it so that i would marry anita so she could marry umang.

Aj comes up mummy ji i want green tea, Aham laughs how come he likes green tea, Gopi replies during pregnancy all i craved for was green tea i loved the smell it reminded me of you,   Gauri comes up with tea for all including Aham, after this we have to go to the restaurant n pick up kakaji he is getting tired.  Aham agrees. 

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