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Wedding & Bday Bells for .TSKTSK come in 2 know

BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

tanu enters the stage *waves*


Shikha enters *waves*

ShiKha:DEVAAAA!!!OMGG you started it again!! Let me call your mom AngryAngry

Tanu: SHICKACHOO Hug wait which one? I have 3 momma's.*sticks out tongue*ROFL

hikha: The one who is standing backstage Big smile

Shini enters*waves*

shini: WATTS UP shikha ,i was busy with iqbal . Day Dreaming


Shini:Oh i forgot i have a husband Tongue But what are you doin her my bacha?? Angry

Shikha : I brought her to host a show. But she is singing songs *rolls eyes*

Shini: WHAT bacha .go off i will host instead of u . Smile

Tanu: NO way momma .I am the most talented one here .Approve

Shickha : lets not pull this we three will host fine?Stern SmileBeti kya kam thi ki maa bhi aagayi .

Shini : YAYAY so we are here to host the bday post for ..

Shikha: WAAITTT you cant say it like that ShockedShockedWe need suspense emotional drama otherwise TRp's will go downAngry

Tanu : *burst out crying*

Shikha and shini: WHAT NOW?AngryAngry

Tanu: It was emotional drama TongueFor TRPs Tongue

Shikha :I did a mistake bringing you here NOW GO OFF !!

Tanu: Ok Shickaachoo ShockedI am leaving CryCry

s bday post of dumbo mumma ,my other mumma ie
Nadi CM of sony

Now bring the suspense *runs off*ROFL

Shikha and shini :Stern Smile .
*runs after tanu*

Ravjot enters *waves,blows kisses*

Ravjot : HELOOO .erm were are the rest?

HELLOOOO is everything over? I am not a one who stays calm HMPH. I am gonna dance around here

I am bored of dancing .


Tanu: RAR!! MAN i was behind this curtain . the other two were chasing me ShockedI told them we would wait for you as its your daughters post . Smile I am so nice . Smile

Ravjot: Yes you are .Wacko ROFL I am nicer Big smile

Tanu : YeahSleepy ROFL

Ravjot: Thankyou . Stern SmileROFLNow lets get a clear image of my daughter and your mom Cool


Ravjot and Tanu:
  "Nadii badnaam hui darling tere liye"


Ravjot: WAIT you all did not announce the other thing RIGHT?

Tanu :Yeah , ookies are distributed by jot at the villa.Big smile

Ravjot: Not that u @@$%% AngryROFL the other announcement .Tongue

Tanu:OH YEA BABE Cool SO the other happy news is that our CM Nadi ,my dumbo mumma will be inactive for a month .Dancing

Ravjot:D'ohGO JUMP IN A WELLStern Smile the other happy news is that ..

Tanu: Wait lets badnaam her then come back to this?

Ravjot:MAAAN you are my "najaiz gr8 grand daughter"Big smile Lets badnaam herROFL

Mirror Image of
Birthday Girl

WOndering what is this all about? WOO we will tell you .Big smile
Mirror image gets us to know what we are like. So here we are gonna get you knw more about Nadia .ROFL

This amazing angel was born on April 9th of some year . Coolwe dont know the year. Ravjot thinks its in 1990 ROFLROFL

So she was born and the first word she uttered was shahid and then Rani . Her parents thought of naming her shahidkideewani. Then they  came to know this little baby was deewani of many . So they thought of keeping the name Nadia ,which is abbreviation of

N - Numerous

A- Affairs
D - Directed
I -In
A -Action

Then one fine day she joined IF . started spamming here and there Stern Smile
Yes she was a spammer.She spammed and spammed and she was made a moderator so she would get busy banning people than spammingStern SmileROFLROFL

Later she dated shahid for about 2 yrs ,6 months and 14 daysROFLROFLAfter that shahid became devdas

This rani crazy lady once ran into rani in airport . Rani got so scared seeing her incompressible love that rani actually ran away ROFLROFL

we hope we would survive after the birthday girl reads all this. Stern Smile
i have a article written by dumbo mumma (Nadi ) herself Cool

P.S: Dumbo mumma ,it was all Rar's ideas.Smile ROFLROFL U can kick herBig smile ROFLROFL

Shikha: I dont think u will survive DEVAAAngry

Tanu:shickachooo and shini mummaShocked
*runs off*ROFL

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.StarryPhoenix IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged

Ravjot:Marriage is one of the most happiest moments we have in our life. Day Dreaming I am pretty happy marrying GurpritBlushing

Shikha: I wish i got a pati like naitikDay DreamingAKSHARAISSOLUCKYYYDay Dreamingatleast in the serialStern SmileROFL

Shini: I am happily married to zunniDay DreamingWe have a crazy kid too -tanu *rolls eyes*ROFLROFL I even date iqbal sometimesROFLROFL

Tanu: * looks around*
erm I am happily married to 367386836373 people. I wish i could marry throughout my lifeDay Dreaming

*RSS glares at tanu*

Tanu: WHAT? people do your job HMPH.

*Ravjot bursts out crying*

*Tanu confused*

 Shikha : I think mumma not over the drama queen award she got in BCROFLROFL

Ravjot: Shut up people AngryAngry My grand daughter is leaving her MAAYKACry

Shini: But that serial is over Shocked

Ravjot : D'oh

Shikha : people dont forget we are here to announce something special remember?AngryROFL

Shini: YES i remember . Jot and Ami are distributing cookiesBig smile

Ravjot: WOW . no one told me . Stern Smile

Tanu : please can i go shickachoo ,rara and mumma?? *Bats eyelashes*

Ravjot: tanu i will come with you too,you have to take me too . i obey you and go to sleep at 3 am Tonguethough i get up and come to chat again after few minutesROFLROFL

Tanu: Uh-oH . ohkie fine.Stern SmileROFL

Shikha: PEOPLE .AngryAngry That is not the thing . its the other thing. 

Tanu: I know .Cool the other news is that dumbo mumma is going inactive for a month and to pakistan.

Ravjot: My gr8 grand daughter.Tongue

Shikha: DevuuStern Smile You suckApprove Naadu is leaving to pakistan because she is gonna get married .

Shini: So lets all wish her a happy married lifeEmbarrassed

  r a v j o t , s h i k h a   , s h i n i , t a n u :

May You have a  w o n d e r f u l l   m a r r i e d   l i f e  and have 3873287238 beautiful kids like you!!

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.StarryPhoenix IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged

Naduuuuuuuu!! the funky babe from Denmark, woohhhh....
but our very own Desi Girl, she turns 22 ths year 2011, woot woot*
(gets all the Legal and Official Rights 'clean&clear' to do whatever she wants to,
eat, drink.....and sing 'main talli, main talli, main talli ho gayiROFL
and today its her special day, 9th April is her own wala


Nadu... u know we love you dher saaaraaa with extra hugs*kisses toppings;)
today on ths day i wudnt miss the opportunity of wishing her the best in life todays, always & forver! she is inactive at the moment, cos u know why ?? wnaa know why ? she's in her homeland, getin all the extra love care and attention for being the would-be-bride.. yes! you read it right!! BRIDE.. Embarrassed

thats what i said, she is on few days leave, from india-forums
to woo the love of her love, her dream man, her prince charming on 17th April '11
that would her her SPAACCIIIIAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL buddayyy gift from her Parents and the Almighty.... May Almighty Bless her Immensely and Our Heartfelt wishes are with her and her familia... :)) we are waiting for her cum bak in an all new Avatar, so it'll be a Journey from 'Miss to Mrs.'ROFL
so, enuf about her...words fall short when you have to write about the one you love and admire soo much..!!.here's what we all wish for her, think about her and this is our way of Expressing our LOve for her, her bday post says it alll.
Naduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I Loveeeeeeee YOUUUUUU!
hope she can hear my voice in Pak.. ahem ahemmm*

Nadu, you are a great human being, very verryy hard-working, specially when it comes to I-F, she's is an asset to IF, Vijay Bhai, if u are reading this, she's a deserving candidate for the Admin Group in the years to come! without a doubt, always ready to help others.
i still rem'ber the day when i entered the NewsRoom, initially i was  alil scared, didnt knew being a CM (no Chief its Channel Moderator) how would she react and behave with the new bakra's, she was my Head then.... but she turned out be the most amazin' member i have ever came across on I-F. she's damn helpful, sweet and blessed with a affectionate heart.
it has been great working with her since then and i admire her alott. awesomee person...n Naduuu... may you be blessed with the bestest of everythng all your life and have a great PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life alwas.. we love you shoo mchhhh! and las but not the worst... Hope you like all our GIfts and you feel special when you cum backk... muahhhhhh to my Naduuuuu Babuuuu!!Hug once again... hope you had a greatttttt Birthday the the world's most amazing Wedding Rituals/Ceremony/time of your life and Keep Smiling Always...!Thanks for all your own special ways of making us feel 'specia'
we all love you... muahhhhs to you!!!

Loadzzz of Love, Hugz, Kisses

Nadz HugHug
Have a good day.. lots of love minuEmbarrassed

Happy Birthday, thanks for being so helpful when ever
I've needed it. Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy Nadii!

Special time you spent with her :
I don't spend many times with her but all the time that we chatted
 I have been good as she is  polite and sweet.

What makes her special to you.
She is adorable but also crazyLOL
If you get a chance to meet her what is the first thing you would like to gift her?
Chocolate BoxTongue
Happy Birthday to you NaduuuHugHugHug
Wish you all the best in the new life
that you going to begin.
Loads of Hugs&Blessings&Love
from me Parm.
It is the day when you feel important
you are greater now
and when you wake up
you want to cover all persons who love you.
You are the queen of the day
and want to be treated as such.
The phone rings constantly
between calls and text messages;
You're busy
and seems not to have the time to breathe;
you stop a moment and start thinking for years:
it seems to have gone forever.
You have your whole life ahead
Road is long.
The house is celebrating
and you start to dance to the music
and you feel free, light as a feather.
Been waiting for this moment.
Today you can do what you want
and no one will hinder.
Live every moment of your life as it were the last
and, from her, collect all the fruits that you are offered
and not wait for tomorrow, never.

Makes sure to have all the people beside you dear
and do not disappoint them and  
one day you'll understand the meaning of these words.
This is the most sincere wish that I could give you.
Now celebrate this day,
your day
'.Happy Birthday Nadi


Special time you spent with her:
All time which i spent with her was special LOL

What makes her special to you.
 her humble nature.

 If you get a chance to meet her what is the first thing you would like to gift her? mmmmmmmmmmmm.... May be a computer. ROFL
Happppppppppyyyyyyyy birthday Naddi... May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.....have a great great life ahaed HugI wish you get all the happiness in this world Hug and have a great maritial life. ;)
I wish God bless you, With all joy and cheers, May you live a long life,

May you get all good thing in your life, May you have happy days and nights,

May all your dreams come true, May all your desires be fulfilled,

May you spreading happiness everywhere, And

Stay away from every sorrow and grief!!!

Happy Birthday Nadzzz! Hug

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring loads of happiness and success into your life. You've been an amazing friend Nadz - a friendship I truly cherish. Your extremely hard working, sweet and always bring a smile to my face. Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you for always being there for me. Enjoy your day Nadz - its your day to shine. Party Hard! Keep Smiling and never change. I owe you a gift. Exams -.-

Love you loads,
Gurpz !

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged


and its your bday Stern SmileROFLROFL my bday is till long way away . *sigh*but you have two reasons to celebrate *sigh* its your bday and marriage also coming .Day Dreaming BTW did u ask someones hath for me Day Dreaming ROFLi want someone awesome .like u know whoROFLROFLROFL now tht u r getting married  we will have a whole najaiz family . wowROFLROFL BTW i have a new mumma . ROFL parmoil ROFLROFL now its my fourthROFLROFL

Apart jokes,really you are one of sweetest person on IF. I am glad i met you . Big smile I rember howi spamed your inbox during the initials days in mahiway Embarrassed actually dat days i dint know a CM was already flooded W*H messages . You never told me . LOL I love you for being so innocent and lovelyHugHug

Keep rocking . . Keep spamming the newsroom HugHug

she is busyStern SmileROFL

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lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
whats the point of reserving now... you both took all the spots.... but still

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
i have understud we talke dto the same person . ROFLROFL
.StarryPhoenix IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged


Nadii!! Happy Birthday and of course, happy wedding?...if that makes sense. LOL But i hope you the best in life! And hey, this is your first birthday with your hubby! Make the best of it.  Demand things, and share your happiness! Approve It's been a pleasure working with you in BC [for a year i believe] but you're a hard working person. And you're also a great person in general.

And once again, it's your birthday! Enjoy it to the fullest. Live life and have a happy married life!
Love, Jot.


Dear Nadii,

I hope the coming of this new birthday, in the new phase of your life is blissful and wishful, and filed to brim with dreams coming true in  every way you have ever imagined! You deserve the best and more - and I hope life after being a newly wed is a beautiful and loving turn in your days - one that goes on happily forever!

Enjoy your first birthday as Mrs. Nadia! ANd make sure you have a long list of demands that are complied to strictly LOL

hugs and much love,



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BilliCat. Moderator

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged

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