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#Devils Den#:FIRE-Chi- a FIERY episode! (Page 2)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Ermmm Do I see all the I quitters Running back to swoonROFLROFLROFLROFL
Daadi+Dev=Pendulum: Gwash this woman makes me goWackoand Dev he was leaving na from patli galli Itni Jaldi thi..he went back in so easily Kaminaaa..doing nautanki all the time lyk his daadiLOL
NE Errrrr: Seriously what was up wid da Errr-Jun my speakers blasted and if I am overeacting here don't blame me..I just Haat Her whatever it isStern Smileand tahnks to err-jun for showing her the door wish the PH does tht too but anyway where was I the look when Err-Jun went to the door...She looked lyk a total Vamp giving cuts to err-Jun "I will KEEEL YOU"ROFLOk she neva got this angry wen Err-Jun said I used you for Revenge...
Tai-Chi/Fire-Chi*Sigh* Day Dreaming:Maan can you please do sum Ash-ChiEmbarrassedLOLI have no words..GC has worked out a lot..All Dole Sholee...Me was Just Drooolingg and the fire-chi..haiyeeee totally hats off to GC for doing that without a stuntman..Wait I am at loss of words againn...Nangaa Maan Makes me lose myselff...Day DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingAnd Geet Crying in background made me all excitedLOLand then that stick with fire was on the floorr..chamatkar nothing caught fire...LOL
Confession Time: DD was sooo amazing totally Totally Fab acting by her and GC's eyeballs poppn out wid everything she wa sayingLOLI loved how Every single fact was told from daadi to dev so that in future nothing would create a misunderstanding..Big smileThis scene would neva have been portrayed in any other TV show bcoz No other Soap hero or heroine listen the to real truth..Its their Habit to listen to half truth and create misunderstanding+Everlasting Drama with it..wasn't this solved so quickly...GHSP is totally Unlike all other Daily Soaps...Big smile
MaanGod Disappointed: LMAO the way he was saying Himmat kaise milti kyunki Tum jaanti thi ki tum Galat thi..totally reminded me of how disappointed Maan is wid his BhaktROFL
Temper Temper Maan Singh Khurana: The way he screamed "Toh marr jaane diya Hota Mujhe"..Me got shook too haiyeee what intensity...Angry MSK can melt me in seconds...Embarrassed
The Difference between a Man& a Woman : First Barrry *Pappis de Jhappiss*HugFor every dialogue that Geet gave back to was so perfect every single word which maan had to listen to realize hsi mistake was used by geet..So Truee Maan Singh Khurana was just thinking that he is Mahaan..he never thought about Geet's position, the plight she was going through how wudl a gal feel if she has to beg for something in front of her rapist...OuchBut Geet did just for Maan and look at this Ehsaan Faramosh he is screaming at her...Maan was in a similar situation wen geet was in hospital he had to choose between baby and geet just Lyk Geet had to choose between Maan's death or asking for blood from her rapist..And she did the right thing...When Maan was in tht situation he was on a guilt trip and he confessed she understood his situation and forgived him but Maan what did he do? *sigh* Women have to always go through making Touch choices then at the end of the day they are cursed and Men are all Pavitra Atmas..
MaanGod is NOT God: ShockedHAWWWWWW MaanGod did a MishtaakeeeShocked...I am extremely happy he realised he is wrongApprove..Gawsh Men can never do that..they think they are always right na..But Maan realised his Temper has lead to these circumstances..His Temper is sooo horrible that Geet is scared to Confess the truth to him and he should change..Ok fien change but only towards Geet coz he is angry at Geet uselessly many timeess..But ppl lyk NE,Daadi,Dev he need to maintain his anger..NE still hasn't been smacked for ruthlessly buying Err-Jun's Company..I won't stop until they do something about it..that is totally careless and NE needs to be punished...
Coming Back to Maan's Realisation..I don't agree to a point bcoz he was always lyk this..Full of anger he neva listened to the atcual truth..he only believed in walking out..
Love NOT Ehsaan: Barry wrong catch there whatever Geet ever did for Maan whether it was showering happiness or saving his life it was all Love not ehsaan..Ehsaan ruins it all..So if it was Ehsaan Love would be some game..You do something for me and I will do something for you in return so Maan saved Geet's life in the Jungle and then Geet brught dev to say maan's life in hospital..Ehsaan Barabar..Love ain't  like that...
Usse Bahut Jyaada:Well You can take any meaning of that jyaada..Big smile
Nautanki Dev: Seee Deva is using all his brainss..where did all thsi go wen he was wid NT gawshh..The first scene itself he culd have left from there na wen daadi said go to outhouse..But Noo This Nautanki wanted to do emosanal atyachaar on everyonee and make Maan stop him..He knew very well that now Geet will talk to maan..Maan will be angry but Geet will sort him out..See his Brain works lyk a freaking genius...Instead of levaing fron Patli Galli hhe had to go early in the morning and his Plan workss.. "Daadi Main jaa rahaa Hoon",.....Daadi & Ne run to stop him but Dev won't..he is waiting for the right person to stop him maan...and Maan does stop him..Ok Maan stops Dev because he is trying to be Positive..But if I was in Geet's place I would still be really awkward and if you are living under the same roof with your rapist how would you feel? he gave blood to your husband but he did no big ehsaan...anyway now Dev is gonna take advantage of the New Maan and play his Cards... 
So CVz,editors,actors,spot boys, screenplay writers, dialogue writers, director etc..everyone Take a BowClapStarClapStarClapClap

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
DIL MEIN MERE HAI DARD-E-DISCO BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
song for the day
watched after ages and the episode starts with ROCK MAHIIIII....ANGRY STARES FROM MAAN....HOO HAA IN THE MIDDLE...AND ENDING WITH MAAN'S likey very very much ROFLROFLROFL
"KUCH ZYADA KARNA HOGA" ROFLROFLROFLROFL  is he stupid? "kuch zyada nahi BOHOT ZYADA karna hoga" ROFLROFL
loved the way he says MARNE DIYA HOTA MUJHE....what anger! fantastic
and yes DD....woww...what brilliant acting!
ok so shock of the for me has to be Arjun Stern Smile ROFLROFLROFL what is up with his CHIKNA LOOK? ROFLROFLROFL all clean shaven ROFLROFLROFLROFL he looks like a murga ROFLROFLROFLROFL W*F i died laughing ROFLROFLROFLROFL

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
WOW!!!! What an episode!!!! Mindblowing!!! Whoever was saying Geet is a weak character....should go and watch today's episode....Geet redefines strong....and sets a very very very high unattainable standard for all the female protagonists in the telly world.....

I must really applaud the complete team for this wonderful episode....and GC and truly deserve a standing ovation!!!!

What dialogues, what acting, what emotions....OMG....GHSP ROCKS!!!!

First, Geet felt miserable and torn for having hidden the reality from Maan and causing him pain . And when she saw him seething in anger and hurting with pain while doing AAg-chi...she just could not hold herself back anymore....She went to him and told him the whole truth not fearing the consequences. She told him everything without leaving out even a teeny-weeny detail....She thought he would understand her circumstances and empathise with her and also forgive her for hiding the truth from him...But that was not to be....

Maan in his anger lashed out at her and said the unthinkable and unforgivable words ..."Toh Mujhe Mar Jaane Diya Hota"...she could not believe her ears....she could not fathom the fact that Maan could even think such a thing let alone say it....her anger burst out....she gave him a piece of her mind.....Told him without mincing words that he was a selfish fool who was eaten up only by his hatred....He could never see beyond that....He could not see her pain and her anguish....He didn't even think for a moment about her or their child ...he did not even take into consideration what would happen to her and his child in his absence....And also most importantly, he didn't even consider how she must have felt to plead in front of that low-life Dev, the man who had completely destroyed her life....No .....all he could think about was himself and his own animosity towards his brother...She ends her tirade by saying that...she doesn't recognise this man...he is not the one she fell in love with....A man consumed by anger and bitterness is not her Maan....Thus saying she leaves....Leaving behind a shamed man.

The echoing of her words makes Maan realise his folly and he runs to Geet to apologise.

This scene overshadowed even the Aag-Chi scene for me...Although GC was looking super hot!!!

Geet's talk with the baby overheard by Maan made him realise the depth of the hurt that he had caused Geet and started him on a path of his penance

Maan's self-flagellation for causing so much pain to Geet with his unbridled anger was excellently emoted by GC....

Daadima wisely advising Maan to quit moping and start acting was very apt....This is what elders do...they show you the right path when you are confused and lost....See Daadi cannot be evil...She is just a typical Daadi looking out for the well-being of her grandchildren....although she does go overboard in this sometime...but which grandma doesn't in her indulgence of her grandkids....

Maan's knows that mere words are not going to get him a forgiveness from Geet, he will have to show her in action that he is repentant and is willing to change his ways......Him stopping Dev in the final precap was a step in that direction

The first precap showed Maan telling Geet to lash back at him and not give him the silent treatment....This basically goes to show that this time Geet is not willing to forgive and forget easily like she has done so many times in the past,....This time Maan has hurt her very soul and he will have to work really hard to heal it....He will have to keep on trying to till she relents

GC and DD were incomparable....they were so good that I don't think anyone can match them in their emoting skills

The camerawork, the direction, the screenplay, the editing, the BG music have been exceptional the past couple of episodes and I hope it stays that ways.

At the risk of being repetitive or even plagiaristic...coz I know many would have written the same thing....I really felt that I was again watching the GHSP of yore...and was extremely happy....So, the whole team of GHSP take a bow and keep doling out such outstanding episodes and we will keep loving you....Smile

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
I.My take on yesterday's episode

've mostly been absent in the den not only because I was busy with my fic but also because I couldn't predict where this track was going.So decided to wait and watch.  But today am I glad that I am still watching this show which had lost a lot of lustre in recent period. 

For the first time they got the high point in the show right. I had resigned myself to seeing them mess this one up as they did with all the other high points in the show but they pleasantly surprised me.  I thought they would tread the beaten path of jealousy, suspicion and accusation of betrayal but instead they made this to be about Maan and his hatred for his brother overpowering all his other feelings.  A deep and well thought out track. I'm loving it.

Geet and Maan were totally in character today. Geet proved that she is different from so many soap heroines. She did not want a third person speak for her. She decided to tackle her problems herself. She took the bull by the horns both figuratively and literally and knocked at Maan's conscience.  She had set aside her hatred for the man who wronged her for the sake of the man who saved her and loved her and whom she, inturn, loves deeply.  Maan momentarily forgot his love for her and their baby and let his hatred for his brother take over him. Ironically he is angry with his brother for what he did to his wife but did not think how much he was hurting that very wife by asking her why she did not let him die than let him survive with his brother's blood.

With Maan realising his mistake, they have set the stage for Dev's presence in Khurana House. A very plausible and believable entry indeed.   Maan would now want to subdue his anger and hatred against Dev and would go out of the way to do so. This may embolden Dev into taking greater chances.  His goody goody image may just pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Hope Geet does not get fooled by it and remains always vigilant. 

The dialogues, the acting, the execution, everything was simply superb.  

II.My random thoughts on the changing phases of Maan's character - a character that has been irrationally consistent.

Prior to meeting Geet, Maan was a bundle of complex emotions which he kept well hidden from the rest of the world.  All he let Geet and the rest of world see of him was his indifference and arrogance.  Geet changed it all.  She basically turned an anti-social, highly egoistic, arrogant and grumpy man who had a very low level of tolerance for inefficiency, lies or betrayal into a humane, loving, caring, selfless and tolerant man who re-learnt to smile. Thanks to Geet, he learnt to live and not merely exist as he did before her entry in to his life. She did not have to go on a mission to change him but did so by just being herself. If one recalls, after he returns from HP, he settles all Dev's past debts and was prepared to welcome him back to Khurana House, willing to forgive and forget whatever it was that irked him about his wayward and gambling behavior.  So Geet's magic started to work even before he even liked her, let alone, love her.


We have seen innumerable grand instances of Maan saving Geet's life. Geet's influence on Maan's life has been more subtle and continuous. He did not realize when he was changing but he did and the change was gradual. This is not to say he was completely transformed. The change brought with it its own share of side effects. It heightened the buried insecurities stemming from his mysterious past, turning him into an irrational and possessive man every time he was under threat of losing her. So whenever he thought he was losing Geet, he reverted to his original self.  We saw that happen when Geet revealed her pregnancy and later her painful past. We saw that happen when she left him thinking that he was playing with her feeling sand supporting his brother. Every time this happened, he first turned his anger into himself, hurting and punishing himself before lashing out on the woman he loved. 


His extreme love for the woman sometimes brought with it queer logic. When she says that she wants to quit her job, he equated it to her wanting to quit his life.  If she kept things back from him, he presumed that it was because she was wrong although she may have done it to spare him pain.  Surprisingly he did not apply this twisted logic on himself. He has kept several things from her but then if he keeps secrets, it is for her own good and not because he was guilty.  Come to think of it, the whole misunderstanding track would not have happened had he confided in her about his intention to bail out Dev for a few hours for his Dadi's sake but then he did not see it that way.  At the end of that track we saw Geet literally groveling to let him take her back. More recently, when he decided to postpone consummating his marriage till Geet was declared physically fit by her doctor, he decided to keep it from her for her 'own good'.  Later when Geet came to know the truth, she was the one groveling again to be forgiven for misunderstanding him.  Yes, he apologized for hiding the truth, but it came from his lips and not from his heart.


The tables were turned this time. Geet had to save Maan's life by seeking help from the one person she detested the most, his brother Dev.  She had to plead with the man who wronged her, to donate blood to a brother who hated him.  She did it for her man but could not work up the courage to reveal it to him although she never stopped feeling guilty for not being able to do so. As she feared, when he came to know the partial truth, he turned his anger into himself. So she had to tell him everything and she did say it all as she had done in the past.  His immediate reaction was as irrational as it was in the past. He equated her secrecy with guilt and wrong doing. Here lies the disparity in his thinking. When he keeps things from it is for her own good but then when she does the same thing he cannot believe it could be for his own good and not because she was hiding her faults.


The irony of it all was that he thought his hatred and anger for his brother was because of what that brother did to the woman he loved but he ended up letting the fire of hatred and anger grow so such proportions that it scorched the woman for whom he let it burn.  

Looking at this differently, when Geet's life was in danger after the sauna incident, Maan chose her life over that of her baby, knowing how much she loved that baby.  Similarly when Maan's life was in danger, she chose his life over her hatred for the man who was to save him, knowing how much he hated him. Both these incidents showed just how much both Maan and Geet valued the other's life but Maan had momentarily failed to see this when he lashed out at her.


The difference between his fury yesterday and those of earlier occasions was that in earlier cases his anger stemmed from his fear of losing her. In other words, his love for Geet made him an irrational man. Yesterday, though, his anger stemmed from his hatred for his brother.  Unfortunately his hatred for Dev overrode his love for Geet. That is why Maan felt miserable when Geet made him see himself. His love for Geet had changed him for the better but he realized that his hatred for Dev has changed him for the worse.

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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Ooh aah..errrrrrrrrr Hooo Haaa.... Blushing

before i start my  drooling officially.. let me praise DD for her marvelous performance.. it wasn't the first time when she made me cry... she is really a phenomenal actor... and she is improving her skill with every  passing episode...GC too was too good with his expressions and everything but it was DD's day...Thumbs Up

after a long time we got to see you know what i mean???Blushing... so i have the biggest reason to be happy tonight... LOL

Again i think its dev only behind all this maan gonna allow dev to stay at KM as a redemption for his mistake... which will lead more problems btw them.. so the only beneficiary of this situation is still the DSK... and if am not over thinking  then new promo will defo give out  some hint for his villainous intentions..cause hiding his true color for a long time can make the
audiences Sleepy.... so they need to reveal it soon..

ok if we keep the fire-chi aside then i have a very little issue with the maaneet-confrontation and that is its intensity... maan was intense with his dialogue delivery as well as expressions so was geet... but all the anger was poured into the fire-chi...i mean during those intense dialogues there could have been some typical maaneet push and pulls?? i mean he could have pushed her away in anger.or she   could have shaken him when him when he said "mar jane diya hot mujha" thing... so i have a little problem with the body language....even the fight should have been more intense as we already know that..this time its maan-God's turn to go on his knees in front of geet-Godess... so thoda aur drama toh banta tha boss..Embarrassed

NE was a that silly gal updates everything to arjun by either warning him or accusing himROFL
ROFLROFLROFLand that loser??phir bhi kuch nhi kerta.....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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IM not good at reading hindi, but does the last word say aag babula

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Today's epi was so awesome it deserves a take!

Brilliant episode!!!

So I didn't reserve today because I would not have time...after seeing the epi I decided it deserved it any way. Though I still don't have here's something short.

After such a long time we have an outstanding episode.

1. I loved that Geet choose to talk to Maan on her own. The misunderstanding between them did not last long. She told him the truth and there was nothing else hidden between them.
2. Even though Maan was angry with her, she bluntly told him that he cared only about himself and his anger. She questioned, how could he say that she should have let him die. He did not think of her and what she had to go through. She choose Maan because she could not live without him, but he failed to see her love.
3. Even after Geet gives an explanation to him, Maan refuses to understand. He is overshadowed by his anger and hatred...that he has been for a long time. More then anything else he lets his anger and hatred control him enough to let it take over his rational thinking.
4. If anything Maan and Geet will come out of this stronger. Due to Geet, Maan sees that he is filled with hatred. He realized his flaw and is willing to change. There should be better understanding between them. He will make up to Geet. His first step is to allow Dev to stay in the house to prove to Geet that he has over looked his hatred for him. Both Maan and Geet learn from each other, this is why they compliment each others qualities.
5. DD and GC were brilliant! They enacted the scene superbly.  Clap
6. In all honesty, I 'd have to say even Arjun and Awesha's scene was bearable today. It's probably one of their better scenes. Though I'm not so fond of Arjun's clean shaven face. ROFL

7. Dialogues were great!

Overall an A+

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