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Written update(2.3.11)

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Salaam Namaste my dear SGPians.......Hope u guyz had a lovely week....Firstly all those young minds who have their board exams now. All the best to u dearies  from SGP forum.......Thumbs Up.

Secondly with SGP completing a year..... Let me start by congratulating the entire team for all the efforts, the lovely values they attempt to show thru the beautiful unique characters..... and also address the  lovely aspects such as parenting in panna's case, motherhood in deepak's and Suhana'scase, unemployment in raunak's case, MIL tantrums in Panna's MIL case, marital separation in BM's case, loneliness in KK's case and concern in maasi's case.StarStarStar

 Today's summary

    Addressing loneliness thru a neighbour's case and Deepak's isolation   Panna-MIL tantrums
  • Sushaan's beautiful momentsdancing emoticon

Cam zooms to verandah , Kashyap house---BM room scene- Inder, BM, Suhana

Inder massaging BM's forehead.

Inder: headache, will things change if u think like this? I will see for sometime and bring Panna here.

Suhana: Yes Inder bhaiya.

Inder: Let me see, how she will not listen to me.

BM expressing as if not correct.removes his hand from her forehead and holds it and says

BM: don't do any majboori with Panna., that Panna will be forced to opt between  2 routes(doraha).

Inder: but ma....

BM:please no......u massage now.

Suhana  starts massaging BM's legs and BM tells her it is ok.

Suhana: No badima, I had done before also na now I have become perfect.Approve

BM just smiles.TongueEnters Dadaji seeing both of them  doing massage for BM and says,

Dadaji: Arrey wah, Badi, u have started taking massage service from bahu?

BM: Dekhiye na babuji.....

Inder smiling: She wants to show that her massage is perfect.

Dadaji  sits  and  all smile for what inder had said.

Dadaji to inder: Arrey inder, kindly show that trivedi to one good doctor. He is ill. Cry

BM: from so many days he is not keeping well na babuji.

Suhana: then why is his family not taking care of him dadaji?regular check ups need to be made na.

 Inder: it can be done only if someone is there na, he stays alone only hereCry

Suhana: Means?Rajni didi had told me that he has 3 sons.Confused

Dadaji: all r bekar. One has gone to Canada. ConfusedThe other one is in Chandigarh . the next is here only Angrybut does not ask any thing to his dad. Canada one also does not bother to even call up to enquire.Angry

BM: how difficult it wud be na for him to live all alone?Cry

Cam zooms to Suhana's gloomy look. She seems to ponder over  the loneliness.

Inder: when aunty was there she used to take care of him so much na?

Dadaji:  in this old age.d'oh.... . a singledom  life is worse than a death.CryCryCry

BM :Inder today evening take him to a doc. He is our neighbour. It is our duty too na to help him out in such circumstances?

Suhana still quiet.Dadaji notices this and asks why is she sad all of a sudden?

Suhana: After sanju's marriage even dad will be alone na?CryCry

Cam shows BM and Dadaji's still look.

Bajpai house: Maasi,Sanju, Gopi kaka, Dolly didi

Maasi impatient looking for someoneOuch

Sanju: dadiji waiting for someone?

Maasi: prateeksha kar rahi hoon.

Sanju: oh if u wud have waited then the one who has to come wud have come then itself.

Maasi: Are u making a joke of me?

Gopi kaka: Waise Maasiji whose pareeksha r u doing?

Maasi: Prateeksha, not pareeksha. Any prob? In this house whomever u see is going on doing pattar pattar.

Dolly didi:What is this pattar pattar?

Maasi: U do your work go, Rahiman iss sansar mein,

KK enters completing it,

KK: bhanti bhanti ke log.Maasi hugs him and says

Maasi: Oh, mera kamal kishore, u have come?

Gopi kaka: so u were doing his pareeksha? ShockedArrey even I wud have left u at the station.(passes a hint that if she wanted to leave the house he wud have defn, done with pleasure)

Maasi: all in this house think I shud leave this house.

KK: please don't listen to gopi's talks. U can stay  for how much ever u can.

Maasi: I am thinking I can give the responsibilities to whomsoever concerned and then go for a tirth yatra.ConfusedOuch

Sanju: matlab?Shocked

Maasi: KK, today one girl is coming. U wear a nice kurta-pyjama.

KK: if girl is coming why shud I wear kurta pyjama if a girl is coming?

Maasi: if she likes u then I will get u off married to her.

Sanju: Shaadi?d'ohWacko

Maasi: I have spoken to a girl. Bus ristha will get done today then i will look for a good date.

KK:Sanju, please do something.

Sanju: daadi u please take the phone and tell them not to come. Else I will call Suhana didi here.

Maasi at the name of suhana takes the phone and dials the phone.

Maasi: hello, hello,

KK: today I am feeling proud that I am Suhana's dad.dancing emoticon

Maasi: hello, hello,Rahiman iss sansar ke banthi banthi ke log.

All r laughing.

Chawri bazaar lane, Cam on the living room- Suhana, Elesh, rajni, disha

Disha: before saying ILU, Ishaan used to show up early. Now he is coming late.

Rajni : haan,this suhana  has kept Ishaan too much over her head. I had told u earlier remember na, all mard r the same.LOL

Elesh: Leaving me haan. I never wanted to leave my disho alone and go for work. I swearbig grin.

Suhana: U guyz better  stop pulling me with Ishaan ok.Embarrassed

Enter the hero. Ishaan from office but with holding an extra shopping bag.

Rajni:  Ishaan is come, arrey what is this?

Ishaan : will show that later.Embarrassed

Rajni: accha, now u have started hiding things from us also?ShockedLOL

Elesh , Suhana  smileEmbarrassed. Ishaan is embrassedEmbarrassed

Both Rajni and Disha try to snatch it from him . in the process, Deepak comes from back and all pause.

Deepak smiles and says: sorry.

Ishaan: arrey why sorry? Come , sit

Ishaan makes him feel comfy, and holds his hand and makes him sit near him.

Suhana: sit Deepak, today we r in a mood of gossip.

Rajni: ok tell us, how do u manage in the hostel?

Elesh: tell us who was your room partner?

Ishaan: oh now many questions will start pouring in, start answering.

Deepak:in hostel I never thot that life can be so beautiful. Staying with family, khana-peena, utna baitna, hasna-rona, CryCryCry

Suhana: u used to miss family?

Deepak: no I never had a family.,Cry

All get sad.

Deepak: whenever I used to go to college form here I used to feel isolated.

Ishaan: now u r not alone,  we all r with u.

Raji: haan, now u all wash hands I will serve food

Elesh: btw where is inder bhaiya?Confused

Disha: waise di, u have given too much liberties to him. See he is not here till now.

Enters inder .Wink.... They ask where he was and he says he had been to take trivedi uncle to doctor.

Dish : now how is he?

Inder: the doct told him to get admitted. But he refusedCry

Rajni: how can he be alone in the house like this alone,  god forbid  but if anything happens to him, no one will even know.CryCry

 Raunak parivaar

 MIL: have u seen the list?

Panna:Oh these r all pooja items. So many items for pooja?

MIL: haan, in Mrs. Dubey's house whenever there is a prob, she does a havan and many  bade people come for it.

Panna: but why this list for us?

MIL: what why for us? U will need to take an off for 2 days as unfortunately the wife needs to do it. The sadhu baba will tell the past and future. After yagya he will be able to tell where is my raunak.Ouch

Panna: please mummyji, u believe in all this. Who told u that if u do all this raunak will be back? It is all fake....!

MIL: shut up panna, why r u talking like a naastik? Don't u trust god?Confused

Panna: I  trust god but not sadhus. Please listen to me we don't need to do such things

MIL:I have already told my friends and u take holiday

Panna: Isorry mummyji, I can't  take holiday...... as exams r going on...!

MIL: what u can't take holiday?Now I understood. U r taking too much liberties now since raunak is not there. U come at odd hours and leave at odd hours. Never loved my raunak always loved only his wealth.......Angry

She snatches the list tears it and throws it onPanna's face.AngryAngryAngry Panna is standing still thinking.OuchCryCry

 Sushaan bedroom

 Suhana thinking about trivedi uncle. Enters ishaan closes the door. Seeing him, suhana adjusts the pillow and goes to sleep seeing the other side as sad.

Ishaan: arrey, today sleeping early?

Suhana: Deepak must be feeling so lonely in hostel naCry

Ishaan: yes hostel life is very painful, tanhai, ghar ki yaad, family ko miss karna, I can't stay in a hostel.

Suhana: for how long is trivedi uncle staying alone?

Ishaan: for a long time. Bechaare, anyways leave it , in everyone's life there is tradegy and also a bit of comedy.

Ishaan removes his specsGeek , then remembers something and puts it again.

Ishaan: Suhana, get up, close your eyes.

Suhana: why?

Ishaan: First close your eyes.

Suhana: arrey first u r telling, close your eyes then u r telling u want to show me something.

Ishaan: please na......surprise is also a thing na.

He shows her a photoframe and tells her to open her eyes. Seeing that a beautiful smile lits up on suhana's face. She seems to be damn happy.  It is her childhood snap ...where her mom is holding her with love.

Suhana: It's amazing.  Big smileHugs him. From where did u get it I had forgotten about it.Confused

Ishaan: the attic where all old things were dumped na it was there. Sanju gave me this. Do one thing. U can keep it there in the table.

Suhana: see in my childhood days I used to look so cute.

Ishaan looks at her admiringly , holds her cheeks, moves his hand over her hair and her cheeks and says

Ishaan: u look very  cute even now. EmbarrassedBoth smile at each other.Day Dreaming

 Suhana is gazing at the photo where asDancing ishaan miyan is slowly taking her hand ,touches her nails, remembers the moment he had put nailpaint for her , now he kisses her hand.

Suhana smiling: What happened?

Ishaan:  u remember suhana one day I had put nail paint for u

Suhana : Yeah. U had applied very well. I was quiet impressed.Approve

Ishaan: that day  u had become so closer to me, u were looking so good. Felt like just hugging u, loving u, to touch u, Day Dreaming

Suhana smiling: what?

Ishaan: not only that day. Many   days , many moments I have felt like hugging u , loving u, but u were always lost in your world without understanding my emotions. I feared u shud not go away from me.Cry

Suhana teasingly says: Poor Ishaan.LOL

Ishaan pulls her by her hand...Day Dreaming.... and her head is resting on him

Ishaan: poor ishaan haan. Now  i will take badla of all that.LOL  how much ever u were far from me, I will keep getting u closer to me.(hugs her  and rests her on his arms...)Day Dreaming
Suhana: but was I ever far from u?  after shaadi I never even went o my dad's house too
Ishaan: u never went far, but the dhoori was there na Suhana, after marriage too we were never husband wife.

Suhana: when I was far? Now I am here and we r close too and no dhoori.

Ishaan: yes now we r close and no dhoori and now u r fully mine.(  hugs  and holds her)But suhana in childhood days u were a bit nakchadi.LOL

Suhana: what?Shocked how mean r u?Go there. LOLLOLLOL(she pushes him)

She keeps the pillow as a border in the bed LOLLOLand says:

Suhana: from today this is my area and that is your area. this is the boundary.LOL

Ishaan: your area, my area?

 saying so she lies side ways. He still gets  closer to her tries to hug her twice and third time she gives in smilingly.......  hugs her and says Suhana,Day Dreaming

Suhana smiles : i don't want to talk to u.Silly
Ishaan smiles and hugs her and says mujhe karni hai  and both hug each other smiling.Day Dreaming
Suhana: i have decided to search for a girl.
Ishaan: girl  for what?
Suhana: Why do people search fo ra girl? for shaadi
Ishaan: Shaadi? whose marraige?

 Beautiful episode guys.... after a long time got to see some sushaan moments.....loved the togetherness......loved to see how Ishaan diverted her mind by gifting her her priceless gift ever..... also loved the take on old age suffering due to singledom status... very well narrated specifying Trivedi's case.... most of the aged people face this prob of isolation and loneliness due to the selfish, hard-hearted children of theirs... they tend to forget that this old age will soon take over them too one day and their kids will also treat them the same way. Loneliness addressed very well taking the case of again trivedi, deepak and also linking them to KK..... need to say this again as i always do??? hats off to SGP team for the beautiful transition in today's episode.....

Shukran SGPians.... thanks for being here..dancing emoticon.. my net is slow.... and hence the delay..... phir milenge...chalthe chalthe....... 

 My video for the day dedicated to the old age.....Please WATCH IT....Cry

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nice update ..... Good to have back.... Thanks Laxmi  Big smile

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Thanks for an update, loved today's episode.

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jai...........jai...jai.hoSmile..............laxmi...............mata...........Big smile.loved...ur....update.and
..........sushaans.Day Dreamingbedroom.....scene................wa...wa...subhanalla.Thumbs Up...

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beautiful update laxmi di...
wonderful episode too.....loved all the scenes....

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thansk for the update

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wats meant by nakchadi?
and can anyone also tell me the meaning of shanti massi's dialog which she uses often...(bhanti bhanti ki log)

sorry guys i dont know i still watch sgp....Smile

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Originally posted by curiouscat

wats meant by nakchadi?
and can anyone also tell me the meaning of shanti massi's dialog which she uses often...(bhanti bhanti ki log)

sorry guys i dont know i still watch sgp....Smile
nakchadi means a person who holds her  nose in high airs.... we use this term for proudy or self-obsessed or people who have high airs.... hope u got it.... i din get a proper word so used that hindi word itself there.....LOL
Maasi's dialog states: in this world.....people from different places...of different types.
Pareeksha means exams
Prateeksha means to wait for someone.... it was an intentional swapping of words used by gopi kaka for some gagsLOL
hope u got my other stuffs in update dear.....Smile

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