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Kools commentary March 2nd on pg no.4 (Page 9)

Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
S kools Manav is over compensating what happened to ARchu beforeConfused
that he does not even see his mom depression. I think his anger has made his love bit conditional towards his mom whereas Archu is trying to bring in sense to Manav that he needs to sort it out with his mom but Mr Manav is adamant and stubborn and this is going to take him down in a bad way when he comes to know about savita sickness.Damn already i got see the guilt and sad expression at the end of epi today when Savita left without buying veggies. He is going to break when he comes to know about savita sickness.Confused

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Not_a_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Reading a bit around the forum, it seems the general census is that relationship are independent....which to a limited extend I agree with....but it is ok to accept a son but not is wife? Really is it? Also, a son should be OK with the situation that Mother does not accept the bahu but accept the son....I am not sure how health that is ....and how a man is expected to balance both relationship, keep peace between these 2 relationship and do his duty.....I am not sure if I was in a similar situation where my MIL doesn't accept me, and my husband doesn't do anything about it, rather he thinks it is my problem only and leaves it on me to sort it or not sort it out with my MIL....I am not sure how I could have reacted.....Isn't the MIL acceptance is in a way equivalent to showing respect to girl and accepting her as a bahu'.it is in a lot of way accepting a person within the family clan,'if u know what I mean'. So, to me Manav should do all in his power to get Archu accepted by her Mother.
What will be the fate of young girls if MIL/families refuse to accept them after marriage, I want to ask? It is a ritual and symbolic gesture to me'.I rest my caseShocked

Kalapi, of course girls should be accepted and welcomed as Goddess Lakshmi when they come home after marriage. And that how it is in normal cases. But this situation in not normal in any way, is it? Savita was readying to welcome Shravani as her bahu with Manav's agreement, willing or not-he did agree and in fact, insist on it. He then eloped from the mandap with the girl who has so much history with her family. The girl in question here is a very good girl, which made Savita herself change her attitude towards Archana earlier. But Archana keeps waltzing in and out of her family's lives on manav's whim. And even indirectly, in a round-about way, she was the cause of her son's death. So, do you think it is natural for a parent to immediately accept and welcome such a girl with so much baggage as her DIL? Even without any past history, I know parents will not immediately accept marriages without their knowledge/consent. Manav is equally at fault here, maybe more, but a mother cannot hate her son right? She will look for the next best thing to blame-again Im not saying she is right, but isnt it natural in this particular case?

And Manav protecting his wife from his mother's abuse is commendable and is the right thing to do. He definitely should not move back in with the Deshmukhs until his mom welcomes Archana as well. But if he wants relations with his mother in the interim, should he not try to placate her? If he doesnt want to maintain relations with his mother, that's a different thing altogether. But he's not willing to compromise an inch-his mother seems to be willing to compromise. She visited him at his home where he lived with his wife, didn't she? Why cant he visit her without his wife? Doesnt he have an identity, a responsibilty apart from Archana's husband? And thrusting Archana and her goodness in Savita's face all the time is not working, he should know enough to understand it by now. So shouldn't he try to do it independently. Like Jaishanker said, first he should repair his own relation with his mom for which his mom is definitely ready. Then he can convince her about Archana.

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar

@kalapi why cant younger one bend too.
Because of all the Testosterone and Estrogens   LOL makes for all the major wars around the world...I think it is the hot-blood that makes for it and make my life interesting:) And of course the older one gets the more experiences he/she gains Big smile
S children look up to their parents but also its children equal responsibility to ask forgiveness when they make mistake. Here Manav has made mistake may saying that "I am not ur son anyomore". What will a mom feel when a son says such a dialogue how much it would have hurt her ?.
But don't we say things that we often don't mean when we are angry...I could say the same for Manav...that this is where he snapped....
Well Whats wrong in just asking forgiveness to your mom . Didn't Savita say "I came her to correct my mistakes " when Manav went to thank her but she is hurt by Manav words. Manav is not going to go short if he asks forgiveness to his mom.
Nothing in wrong in asking for forgiveness...but for that to happen he has to accept that he has made a mistake first...which I think he did....but he also wants Archana to be accepted....I have yet to see a man who don't have a ego here, specially for the girl he loves....he will not belittle himself or his girl....and it is this ego that is working now...I think... Embarrassed  he will come around...but his ego needs to be taken care of.....and egos works against moms too...
Well when he can take all the gaalis of K's then why cant he stand his mom . His mom has the most right to scold her son.
Not sure if a son will take that in front of his need to do this with tact
Savita will fight with him but will never ever let anyone talk against him.Thats the diff between a mom and K's. I think Manav needs to understand that.
First he needs to ask forgiveness for the mess he has created with his cold behavior. Children cant expect parents to ask forgiveness by first them making mistakes.If Manav bends Savita will bend too. After all its his mom and not his enemy.She can never hate Manav and every time Manav is in trouble savita will come to the rescue thats the heart of a mom and Manav knows he is guilty.So he needs to ask forgiveness for the mistake he has made and then slowly things will start to turn.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

Savita Loves Manav unconditionally .Unconditional Love is VERY hard to come by . Mothers survive for just so much time on the earth . This mother LOST one child already and saw horrible torture of another { vandu ] . BAS HUA . AUR SUFFER mAT KARAO . Manav shud take it upon himself to give her happiness . She loves him so much that she WILL come around and accept archana . She who was not ready to see their faces started going to their chawl room , talking to them . She started visiting Karanjkars even to pay respects in sickness . Why wont she accept Achana ? Of course she will .

Her PAST HISTORY shows that after initial gruffness she DOES come around .........She HAS accepted Archana before . So Why not now ? Just give her some TIME .........dont hold her at GUNPOINT like this .Or she may crack or die . She is an enotionally volatile person ......Manav KNOWS this .Yet he is playing GAMES with her to bring her to her knees .

When something happens to Savita the onus lies only and only on Manavs head .

Guys today My computer is used by others for some PROJECT . Cant access much . Love all who Wished me ...........Continue discussion .

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
Actually I think Manav loves his mother very very very much  he just cannot see a life where he can live without her .If he really wants to be happy it has to be in the same house where his mother lives ...But as he has seen her behaviour towards his wife , he wants her to give his wife some basic decency ... some dignity ..
It would be much easier for Manav to say ....Ok  I will live seperately and once a week will come and see my mother and we will not talk about Archana  at all....But he doesn't want that .he wants to be with his mother every single day and yes he wants that home to be  a happy home not a battle field .he loves Archana  and to see her getting abused is aweful  for him ...and as she is his wife , he too feels insulted everytime she is called names ...
He has seen the way Archana runs a home , how well she takes care of everything ....he wants his mother to enjoy all this and he wants the soothing , nurturing touch of Archana to show in every corner of  his home , around his parents , around his nephew .....
What he is asking for is for Savita's good only .He thinks that Savita is being foolish and stubborn but he is not giving up on her long time happiness......
When he sees Archana as a whole ...she has blessings and curses both in her back ground ...
For Manav , Damodar and Vandita  the blessings way outweigh the curses ..........Tha t is why Manav wants Archana at his home at any cost ...
It is killing him to be this rude to his mother but for her sake , he is ready to even do this ......
When I see Manav today his silence and in his gloomy exressions ...I see a son dersperate and ready to give his mother the joy and happiness that he feels she deserves ...Even if it means fighting her tooth and nail as she is  just not seeing  things the way he , his father and his sister are seeing ....He is that sure of Archana and how well she will run the house and take care of everyone that he wants that in his home ..... he will not give up on this so easily .If  he is fighting her  then he is fighting for her happiness ..
However I do agree that cutting off communication lines is the worst thing he is doing .......
But I do not see at all a son who is ignoring his mother ...I see a son who is desperate to be with his mother but he wants his mother to have a nice peaceful , well off and dignified old age .....he wants his home to be back into a happy home ....
You guys are seeing a son who is being bad to his mother and ignoring her and all that ...I see a son desperate to do anything to make his mother have a nice life ...
Dharmesh , that is what yo u call  a bad  son ...he is driving his lovely mother crazy with his lies and is manipulating her and her emotions ...Not once thinking about what his ugly truth will do to her when she finds it out ....

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bee5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:04pm | IP Logged
Congratulations on the Anniversary, Kools.

You wrote up the new MOTHER-BACKGROUND-MUSIC .. Hilarious! I was ROFL.

I haven't watched the episode yet, so will not say anything on the opinions. Especially on Archana.

About the slap - When Satish slapped Varsha, Varsha and Bhavna did have several spats. Comparitively Vandu and Rasika did not have that many that Ajit felt grinded between the two. Ajit's slap came too soon. oh! yeah, even I don't like those slaps to silence people or to show their frustration or whatever. Too bad.

BTW, yday I watched the episode late at night so couldn't come back to write.
Did you notice Rasika used the word "Spicy" in her dialogue. I am sure you didn't miss it. I was LOL.

BTW, we asked for the CVs to spice up the story, but didn't mean to do it on Manav. Manav is like a God, if one spices up his story then it will not have much EFFECT. Manav, Archu are all holy souls; wrongful spicing up will backfire on them only.

It is Varsha's life that needs to be spiced-up!

I agree Kools, they take so much from your commentary, but they don't develop it well. Too bad. The other day, Savita said, she wants to eat "Batatawada", I was in splits.

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--Hope-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:09pm | IP Logged

Mogga Congrats and this thread is well deserved for your perserverance and dedication in keeping all entertained even when the CVs are dishing out drivel. 

Shradda ni tujha saati hya thread kela mala khup bara vatla.  thread pan chan ahe anni mulgi pan chan aha (manjhe shraddaBig smile)

Shradda thanks from all of us who are as avid readers of Kools commentary and also friends of the author.  Good job and god bless.

Comments on today's show in brief:

Moments of joy
  • was thrilled to see a mother defend her cub in such a fieresome and vigorous manner. a treat in itself. I tried to ignore the fact that the son was undeserving of the love and loyalty in the present circumstance. Also the joy of his innocence was overshadowed by the frustration at his loyal stupidity. loved how she
  • she called the guy a sabse badha gutter. ROFL  OMG it has been a long time since I have seen a proper street fight mumbai style. Go  Savita Go. you have our blessings.  We are all hoping that CVs give Rasika and Damodhar the senility they planned for you.
  • her disowning Manav and pretty much ignoring him and regaining her fragile control as she walked away.  I was almost tempted to give this lady a standing ovation for all the above and even nominate her star of the day.
  • she is a very irrational and overbearing MIL but a very protective and tough love mother.Clap.  
  • total absence of dimwit damo in the entire episode
  • total absence of  sahara type comments. I was going to choke with all the free love between these two.
Moments of satisfaction
  • vandu standing up to rasika on any issue in a very firm manner. 
  • varsha telling her sister how to maintain blood relationships in good faith. Man to bad the CVs did not have her say that to Manav.  Maybe Vandita can say it to him tomorrow now that she grew a pair.
Moments of surprise

  • The slap.  I understand why Ajit did what he did but he was still wrong he should have walked away - afraid that the next scene will be him visting a gambling den or a booze shop to relieve his frustration. Seems like the brave Vandu will be returnign to maayka shortly. I think if Ajit deteriorates I will support her decision. If he is genuinely apologetic then she should not let this one pass. Make him repent with subtle cold shoulder treatment. 
  • Archana's surprise that the OTHER OLDER tai felt upset becasue the the littlest tai hid the truth from all and sundry on oldest tai's advice.  Archana's expression looked like OMG I didn't think you would care to know? hmmmmm  Archu is the wisest CVs we can see this so clearly.   I do a humble pranam to you for creating such an inspirational figure.LOLLOLLOL

Moments of sadness
  • A mother telling her son she stood in the crowd not knowing if she had his permission to meddle in his life, to defend him.  She did not know if his life was her business anymore.  Hmm.  Are these really middle class close knit family values that the CVs are giving a traditional middle class man like Manav?  Hmm the CVs are not middleclass it seems or they would have known that this permission vermission business is not typical in the setting that Manav is in.
Hope that:

  • she continues to give Manav AND DAMODHAR the silent treatment while in her full senses

Did I miss anything?

HopeBig smileHug

Edited by --Hope-- - 02 March 2011 at 6:12pm

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pakhara IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
Congratulations!Clap Liked reading those hilarious commentaries!

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