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Kools commentary March 2nd on pg no.4 (Page 4)

Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Dearest Kools congrats and happy anniversary on a year full of wittiest, hillarious, candid, sarcastic but genuine practical & cewlest commentaries you provide us PRians each day rain or shine...Thumbs UpClapStar 
I have appreciated your hard work each day...Your commentaries are one reason I have stuck around on this silly serial & forum...I don't read much Online but never miss your topics or posts..Big smile
You have a special talent which is god given.....Keep it coming love...
Lots of best wishes and love Hug
Thank you Shradha for opening a wonderful and well deserved topic...Clap

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simmy78 Newbie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged

I hardly post anything but always read your commentary rain or shine. I want you to know that your commentaries, your jokes, your humor and your writing style is very much admired by me, my mom and my friends. I tell your latest shayaris to my mom and she laughs so much. 

The most I admire is your commitment to doing the commentaries everyday when you dont get anything in return.. at least officially. But we love you and your work immensely. 

I am very sorry to know about your mom. Your stand on Savita although already moral makes all the more sense now. I wish you peace and comfort through this phase. I have lost a parent so I know what that feels like.


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enigma6 Senior Member

Joined: 03 September 2005
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Congrats Kool.... your thread is amazing! Kudos to you for your ability to voice your opinions unapologetically, and without getting personal with counter view points. I love reading you and admire the fact that you always counter the arguments put forward by others and never bash the presenter of that argument. Many others don't reciprocate the same way and get personal. I can understand that it hurts you. But dear, look so many more love you for what you are. This thread is the proof of all that love. God Bless you.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Savita rocks in PR
Guys as it is ANNIVERSARY of Kool's Commentary Im giving commentary here by special request .SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
                                 Cat Eyes Flees
Savita had been passing by and had seen this crowd and been listening to the speeches of CAT EYES . A dark , fat dude was now taking the co Chair with her and iNSISTING on Baba Manav being kicked out .
Cat Eyes is RIGHT , said the Dark Fat Dude . Baba Manav is fornicating around TOO shamelessly . He needs to put a Lid on it . I suggest CASTRATION .
Cat Eyes is a MOST noble woman . I vote we give HER the honor to CASTRATE Baba Manav .
Well THAT was too much for a mom to bear . Savita pushed her way thru the crowd and stood in FRONT of the Dark Fatty with hands on her hips and a fighter cock gleam in her eyes .
Ye BEWDE ! she said , for she KNEW everyone's history in the gully . Who r YOU to lecture my baby ? As if I don't know how u start getting ZONKED in the mornings and by evenings u lie on the GARBAGE HEAPS of the chawl , quite passed out !  Who r YOU to talk of SANSKAARS ?
{ Guys Damodar's drinking fyi came to some use .Savita knows the names of ALL BEWDAS who drink in the country liquor bars ]
Dark Fatty staggered . Rubbish ! he said valiantly .All Lies ! Its TEA in my steel glass every morning . I swear on my MOTHER ! It smells queer only coz my wife uses a, odd , strong detergent .
And speaking of WIVES , HOW MANY times have u mARRIED , huh ? 3 times ! And YOU are talking of the ACTIVE libido of MY SON and suggesting CASTRATION ?
Dark Fatty ran away .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL He had married thrice , true , but all his 3 wives had NOT been this CHIKNA like the females in Baba Manav's KHOLI . He had , poor thing , watched with helpless jealousy every day , lying on that garbage heap , in a haze , Baba Manav going up and coming down , flanked by two pretty dames like a character from MYTHOLOGY . He really had no idea which was the wife and which was the saali and he frankly didn't CARE . All he knew was it had been TOO MUCH for him to bear .........all that LUCK doled out to Baba Manav while all HIS wives had been FAT , SKINNY or PIMPLED .
Then Savita turned towards CAT EYES who was now nervous , coz she had realised QUICKLY that she had run into a SENIOR SEASONED member of HER FLOCK .  Its just my luck , thought CAT EYES . Darn ! 
Shal I tell others of YOUR KUNDALI u bitchy specimen who troubles my innocent son ? Asked Savita , her eyes gleaming with SUCH knowledge that Cat Eyes peed a little in her sari and hurriedly fled . Guys , Guys , CAT Eyes it seems , has a TORRID past and was doing ALL this coz Baba Manav had not even GLANCEd at her as he went up and down with his two Devis . She had felt INSULTED as a woman Winkand u know ........HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED .
                                     AAAAAAAAA Music
A new background music has been invented guys . Its the AAAAAAA music or THE MOTHER MUSIC . Its generally given when Sad mothers totter home after sons disown them in front of wives and sasural . After BHAGOFYING everyone and protecting her baby Savita tottered home like an aged wounded T REX  returns after protecting her baby with this music in the background . AAAA ............AAAAAAAAA went the background .  AAAAAA........[ gap guys]   AAAAAAAA .
Baba Manav gulped and said THANKS to his mom like a stranger .
Savita Told him she did it to prove it to him she had NOT stopped loving him .
She then added she wud have done this any ways . And that she wud try NOT to love him as HE WISHED .
She LATER met Baba Manav again in the market and he showed faaltoo ego and didnt talk to her to give her THE PACKAGE DEAL message . He feels she NEEDS to learn about the PACKAGE deal ......that he and Archana are a PACKAGE .
But Savita too ignored him and PAID the Bhaji wallah today and did NOT buy vegetables on son's CREDIT as SON HAd told her he is no BETA .ApproveClapClapClapClapClapClap
My comment : What a slap to Manav . I am SO happy she did not buy veggies on HIS credit . Go Manav and spend on the Karanjkars . Hope Savita doesn't see his THOBDA again . Im FED up of Manav walking away scenes .........I want to see Savita giving him ZERO importance . He needs to learn a lesson , the PACKAGE DEALER .AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
                                    Baba Manav and PACKAGE THEORY
Baba Manav today clearly voiced his strategy . Maybe I did GALAT that day he conceded upstairs when the ruckus DIED down . Maybe I was TOO HARSH . { Guys ........WE WERE READ .Thumbs Up }  But the MESSAGE has to be sent .........WE R A PACKAGE . Me and AAI Archoo . Today if I go to her and ask her to forgive me she will feel i BENT before her and she will continue abusing AAI ARCHOO . No . I MUST imprint on her mind WE R A PACKAGE . If she forgives me she gotta forgive and accept AAI ARCHOO TOO .
Then he turned and asked his WIFE and SAALI WHAT SHUD HE DO .
Behen Vaishoo told him HE WAS RIGHT .
AAi Archoo kept silent . She did not really agree but was too respectful to contradict him . She had told him frankly that she did NOT mind his mom's feelings towards her . She kinda UNDERSTOOD them .
My comments : Someone shud tell Baba Manav that
1] U cannot FORCE a person to like or accept
2] U gotta give them time and just let things be and continue doing ur duties
3] Breaking off to give messages is NOT the answer .If Ur mother DIES during that break off phase U won't be able to handle the GUILT ever in ur life
4] Why were no BLOODY MESSAGES given to the Karanjkars ever
5] And boss u DON"T ask SASURAL for opinions on how to maintain relations with ur mOM .Its DEMEANING ur mom .AngryAngryAngryAngry
6] My respect for Archana iNCREASED . She has her OWN mind . Goofy one , but her OWN .
                            THE GOAT SNAPS
Vandu the Goat SNAPPED today .ClapClapClapClap Rasika went on and on after reaching home about how BAD Baba Manav's character was . Unable to take it Vandu talked back today and told Rassi that HER SOCH was ghatiya NOT her brother .Big smileClapClapClapClapClap That she was AN ANNOYING woman who cud NOT bear to see ANYONE happy just for the HECK of it .
It led to such a verbal fight that unable to handle it Wise Ajit SLAPPED Vandu and walked off .
My comments :
1] The slap was the slap of a SANDWICHED man between mom and wife .........not Ajit's earlier slaps ........he REALLY loves her now .It was the slap that Satish had given Varsha .
2] I object to it . I object to ALL the husbands slapping their wives in this serial . Its shown as THE INDIAN WAY . Damodar , Satish , Vinod and now Ajit .
3]  This scenario is being manufactured to compare ARMAN's marraige and MIL problems .
4]   Savita has not , after she improved , demeaned Karanjkars unecessarily EVER . She fought when they ATTACKed , YES . But Rasika harasses Manav for NO REASON . Her son shud take a strong stand with her . Its so unfortunate that the WRONG mom is being given the HARSHER dose . Neither has Rasika EVER been apologetic nor realised she is wrong . Neither is she eMOTIONAL like Savita .She is a Bad , COLD MONSTER who wrecks human lives . She character assasinates Manav who fed them for a WHOLE YEAR from his salary .
Vandu shud NOT speak to Ajit . I will support her . I mostly am always on the side of men , but here I wish RASIKA is punished .ITS HI TIME . It was the way she PREENED .
But Vandu shud forgive him too . He has come a LONG way and this slap was NOT egoistic .SmileSmileSmile So forgive him after ONE day Vandu . After a night of TORRID MAKE UP LOVE .WinkWink
Oh yea . Guys Behen Vaishoo has told Behen VARSHOO of Batat's BIGAMY .
Varsha darling REDEEM urself by flinging urself at Batat like a female vampire and digging ur teeth in his jugular . The Elder TAI has SAVED his butt , we r DYING for action .GO CHAMUNDA GO !
    Kools signing off for the day . Enjoy Darlings Anniversary Special .

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Akidhi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 May 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Thanks di Hug. Its an honour to have ur commentary on my dedicated thread Smile
Gr8 commentary as usual. Omg savita n tat trio scene was funnyLOL. Savita rocked as u said
I was doubting ajit's slap Angryas he was rite or not bt as afrustrated man yes rite. Hope he apologizes soon n give her a kissy Embarrassed

ok di me nighte
Tc ,Have a nice day di & folks. Enjoy a healthy discussion.Big smile
Thanks again for a wonderful year of commentary Big smile

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pallai Senior Member

Joined: 25 November 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
another sixer on ur anniversary.. i agree with u on ajit-vandhu part..even i felt he hit her ...just cos he got tired of the whole situation... just a way to vent out.. like how archu slapped manav to make him stop fighting with gundas.. am sure ajit will feel terrible for what he did.. i hope vandu shines by forgiving him for it.... though i am dead against husband hitting wives. i think this slap shldnt change things between vanjit.. cos they are a special couple and i want them to grow together and be happy.

i hope CVs give some punishment to rasika.. like have her paralyzed or something.. cos even getting broke has not redeemed her.. she really needs a big blow.....

and yes u r right on the comparison part.. cos i felt it too.. they showed armaan dealing the problem and imme shld ajit-rasika-vandu... cvs have no other work.....dumbing down the sidekicks to make the leads look good.

i  thought varsha did good today .. cos it is really insulting of vaishu to keep her 2nd elder sister out of loop.. now thats he know am expecting some dhamaka.. nad hope armaan dnt restrain her with their stupid silly theories....

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ShradsBLfan

Thanks di Hug. Its an honour to have ur commentary on my dedicated thread Smile
Gr8 commentary as usual. Omg savita n tat trio scene was funnyLOL. Savita rocked as u said
I was doubting ajit's slap Angryas he was rite or not bt as afrustrated man yes rite. Hope he apologizes soon n give her a kissy Embarrassed

ok di me nighte
Tc ,Have a nice day di & folks. Enjoy a healthy discussion.Big smile
Thanks again for a wonderful year of commentary Big smile
Thanks to U darling for honoring me so much , for waiting up late till my Commentary was posted . Hug

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harpkaur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 February 2007
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
thank you kool di.....luv it...sorry i havnt been able 2 comment frm few dayz..i wz bz with sm family function at d Guruduara (sikh temple)...cngrtz 4 completin 1 yr & thank u 4 sch wndrful postz & rply 2 evry single post...u rock
i wz wndrin abt  yesterday dat manav had 2 bagz in hiz hand & vaishu fed him parsad..well dey wre right outside dre house...y cudnt dey come in & manav put d bagz down & then get d parsad???Confused
loved savita 2dai....she rockz man
& finally vaishu decided 2 tell smtng 2 varsha...& i hope varsha tellz satish now..seriously i feel sorry 4 d dude 4 runnin aftr all deze ppl 2 find out d truth
ps: i want savita as my momLOLLOL 

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