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Things I Noticed - 03/01/11 (Page 2)

divya17-7 Senior Member

Joined: 06 January 2011
Posts: 707

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:44am | IP Logged
hi Fivr...

nice post dear..... detailing is also good.....

even i felt instead of the song, they could have used the old BG music for TaSha....... it wud hav suited the situation much better....... i actually expected to bump into each other while cleaning... some small gestures wud hav done, it was really monotonous to c both of them cleaning with their backs to each other...............

i agree with ur observation........ of he seeing everything through her eyes is getting repetitive......

wil wait for today's episode update.......Smile


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niki11 Senior Member

Joined: 07 February 2011
Posts: 728

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
After watching kala seema scene i am feeling much better as seema's devi type avtar was getting on my nerves i do not want dutta to feel guilty at any point of time because of seema infact this time it should be dutta who exposes seema just like in the movie' Aaina' where amrita singh dumps jackie to pursue film career but when she fails  she tries to get back jackie who is setteled with juhi she creates misunderstanding between them  juhi leaves the house as she thinks her husband stiil loves amrita but jackie is smart enough he exposes amrita and dumps her though i have doubts that dutta  will be able to see through her(as he is dutta after all)LOL but i want  this time he should not fall for kala and seemas plan he should'nt  be shown so dumb after all he is the hero of the showSmile

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shan2430 Groupbie

Joined: 18 September 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Fivr..Loved yur POV..Keep thinking of posting my comments after yur TINS,but just don't get down to it..
Totally agree with yu on that Duttas' need to touch her coz of his loss of vision..Also i think he wants to feel her close to him,coz he can't see her.Its reasuring for him..He is just so touched by all her gestures, that he just wants to shower love on her..Just comes out spontaenously for him..
And yeah..I did feel the picturisation just didn't do justice to the song..
I so cracked up when Kishore started reciting the mantras while Baji was doing the rounds..The scene was hilarious to me:)
(Alright, here's another thing that I do NOT know what to make off - Nakku's comment about Dutta seeming like a "king helping out his people".. I mean, what was that?! I know that Nakku has always placed Dutta a little higher than others and she's always been impressed/awed by the authority/respect he commands among people. But she's also his wife now and she should KNOW him better than to suggest that he was above menial work.. You know..? It's not like Dutta chooses not to do work because it's beneath him - just that he never has the need to. But whenever there is work that needs to be done, he does it BEFORE he expects anyone else too. Need to stay up to protect the house? Dutta will do it while Baji gets to sleep. Need to jump out of a moving car to save your life? Baji gets to make the jump while Dutta takes the bullet. So to suggest that he was some how "above" all this, was just.. weird. Confused I mean I know she can think it and part of Dutta's charm is the respect he demands and the humility he possesses inspite of it. But hearing Nakku SAY that just made me a bit uncomfortable.. I get why she said it though - I just wish she hadn't.. EmbarrassedLOL But that's just me.. LOL)
Totally agree with yu..I felt the same..

I don't think Naku stopped him because he was blind..She would've done it even otherwise..Thats just her.....I realise she respects/admires him but to deify him?.She thinks of his larger than life bhau persona and touches his feet again which i felt was a bit overboard. She forgot that the man sitting in front of her may be a king to masses but is also her husband- a husband who has shown his vulnerable,emotional,loving,dependent side to her. This is an inherent problem in Naku i feel..She is perfect as a wife as long as she is a doer and giver..But the moment she has to accept something she goes into the "maid-mode"...Its like she carries the baggage of coming from a chawl and of having worked as a maid..I still maintain that DN relationship  is just perfect-natural,spontaneous,soulful,divine etc etc....But certain scenes like todays' makes me feel that N still needs to cross a  thin line and look at D as her life-partner..D seems to have broken his barrier with her but N needs to cross that line mentally..She can still retain her essence, her shyness, her softness but she should consider him a husband who is worshipped by masses and not as someone who is worshipped but happens to her husband....
This is what i felt..Maybe i am reading too much..don't know:)

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mussy.jamshed IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 August 2010
Posts: 2952

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Awesome Fivr !
I am so happy you are back with TINs. and what an analysis !
I loved yday episode alot.

Bajji / Kishore were mocking Kala and Suds and it gave me utmost pleasure to see their face. Kala o' Kala she never gives up and that's what make her best vamp in the television industry. She has her class and pride that makes her class apart. I loved the scene where she pushed that broken pot with anger and disgust. LOL

Loved the scene where Kishore asked sudharshan to make Puran poli. Imagine suds with long chef's cap and preparing feast for Dutta's come backLOL ...

Coming to DN scenes, they were so cute and I loved their hug and kiss. I didnt like that tera ghar yeh mera ghar song somehow but it was cool. dutta was hiding the stuff under the bed .,.LOL I was laughing when naku said raja can't work like praja...I mean is she out of her mind or whatLOL nevertheless Dutta rightly said that he can do this. Why did they play spooky music when they got inside the house...?LOL
Kala convo with Seema. Somehow I also feel seema will fall for it . the way her expressions changed. I also think CVs will establish difference b/w Seema and Nakusha's Love here. Seema is not selfless human being at all. If you guys remember when dutta was practicing for his fight with enemies, he throw knife and she says " agar mujhe kuch hojata tu" so she does love dutta but her love seems more like an obsession to me. In Love, you always want other person to be happy come what may but here she is crying as if she has not accepted the reality that dutta can' t be hers anymore. She is still selfish
Let's see how it goes . I hate to see her extended stay. LOL

I so much loved the precap. Dutta cannot stop showing tantrums..the way he said " I wont bow down to pray in front of these stones'' it made me laugh like hell....nakusha here was seriously praying that her husband shud get his sight back even if it takes her life" and here dutta bhau saying " mein inkay samnay nahi jhukonga"LOLLOLLOL

Mahadev and Sundari are now coming as new cameos , hope they entertain us the way Jagtap did..after all its JMM 2LOL

Thanks alot for posting this Fivr
Lov u lots
Keep writing TINs

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Chinu2004 Senior Member

Joined: 16 October 2008
Posts: 574

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged

I so much loved the precap. Dutta cannot stop showing tantrums..the way he said " I wont bow down to pray in front of these stones'' it made me laugh like hell....nakusha here was seriously praying that her husband shud get his sight back even if it takes her life" and here dutta bhau saying " mein inkay samnay nahi jhukonga"LOLLOLLOL

Why didnt Dutta object to Naku's 'take my life' dialogue? I mean I would have definately said something to my loved one if they had uttered something like that!!!!ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

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mussy.jamshed IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 August 2010
Posts: 2952

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chinu2004

I so much loved the precap. Dutta cannot stop showing tantrums..the way he said " I wont bow down to pray in front of these stones'' it made me laugh like hell....nakusha here was seriously praying that her husband shud get his sight back even if it takes her life" and here dutta bhau saying " mein inkay samnay nahi jhukonga"LOLLOLLOL

Why didnt Dutta object to Naku's 'take my life' dialogue? I mean I would have definately said something to my loved one if they had uttered something like that!!!!Confused

Chinu ! He is Dutta yaar...we have not seen the whole epi yet......its just a precap...lets see how it goes...dont think too much...Dutta loves Nakusha tooooooooooooooooooooooo much..He does not believe in God much...and he is taking time....he has faith in Naku's faith ...he still have to discover his relationship with God.

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 January 2008
Posts: 5197

Posted: 02 March 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Great TIN as always Fivr! Thumbs Up

Agree with you on everything. About the raja/praja part though...I think that was just Naku teasing Dutta. Imagine a king trying to do normal people chores like cleaning and stuff. My mom also says stuff like this to my dad when he tries to help out with some things. You know like "apke bas ki baat nahin hai" types! LOL Except with Naku, it was said in a much more respectable way. LOL I also liked how Dutta reacted to that...a little irritated as he goes, "Main bhi teri madat kar sakta hoon"...LOL Aww I think it was a cute teasing husband wife type of a moment. 

And Dutta is just SO adorable trying to help out in any way he can. So strategically trying to find a spot for those stools to ghussa under the bed. LOL He just can't sit still and not help out. He needs to not feel useless and dependent. 

I'm quite tired of seeing Naku touch Dutta's feet all the time too. She totally doesn't get the hint does she? LOL How many times does Dutta need to emphasize that they are equals! LOL He's been trying to get that point across for so long now! LOL

And maybe it was just me...but I was totally cracking up with that flashback Naku has of Dutta's. You know the whole farmer dude complaining to Dutta about his fasal and all. LOL Man Dutta's SUCH a king! LOL No wonder Naku made that praja/raja comment! LOL 

 The sweetest thing for me was that part where Dutta makes Naku promise to never leave him again! Day Dreaming And that hug and forehead kiss was totally DN type of sweet and simple. Nothing too extravagant...or OTT ways of showing affection. Just a genuine, impulsive, wanting to show affection kind of a moment. I love it when Dutta has these moments. I read someone's post in the EDT who said that in LTL every touch or hug is meaningful because these guys don't just add in these types of moments for the heck of it. It's shown as a sweet gesture of affection, which is what it should be also. It's even sweeter because of Dutta's characterization and how he's never been one to show affection/gestures or words even so openly. 

Things that annoyed me slightly were Naku's "aajse yeh humara ghar hai" or something along those lines...Ermm...and of course Seema's crying! I still don't get why she's getting so much footage! Esp. with the flashbacks and all. It was annoying me when Dutta also was having those early flashbacks of Seema and him in Monday's episode. And that whole conversation Naku and Dutta had about her too! I really don't want her character to be given that much importance. I was rooting for her to be out soon. Anyways, I hope Kala manages to get something interesting out of Seema, otherwise FF button zindabaad. TongueLOL

Of course the best part about the episode was the beginning scene at PN! SO awesome to watch! Doing that kriya karam was like the biggest thapad on Kala's face! It was like mocking her know that scene where she brings in that kalash and taunts all the family members? This was like Baaji mocking that and taking it one step further! Like Kala's own tricks thrown back at her only! LOL And Kala's expressions while he was doing all that...totally worth watching! LOL 

That scene was also giving me chills slightly! I think it was foreshadowing Kala's end too. Since doing a kriya karam while the person is alive is like THE biggest apshagun/bad omen ever! And the way Baaji tells Kala that he has performed the death rituals but Dutta will be the one to free her soul or something. So I think it foreshadows something about Dutta giving an end to Kala. How he does that is of course yet to be seen. Also, the dialogue by Kala, "Matam manane ki jagah agar dhol bajaoge toh log paagal samajh kar pathar maar kar paagal khaane bhej denge"...SUCH a haunting creepy dialogue man!! LOL Also ironic that Kala is calling Baaji paagal and all, when she is clearly the epitome of crazy and demented! LOL Really cool dialogues in this scene though! Totally the best scene of the episode! Thumbs Up

Sorry if this post was totally random and incoherent Fivr. I'm pulling an all-nighter right now trying to finish this paper I have due tomorrow...hence the scattered and incoherent thoughts. I want sleep. :(

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 June 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Hey Fivr Great post, great analise dear it is nice to c u doing regular TIN it was awesome epi with tasha on screen what more can we ask. i feel the FB of naku's D as king is perhaps telling us bcoz D has always Done good towards poor ppl,somehow he will get his good deeds back with this new entries! & finally we can c tasha smile as per article & get all the help they need!Smile

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