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Things I Noticed - 03/01/11

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged

I maybe tried to get out of writing this TIN today.. *embarassed muh*.. But I got told that I can't get out of it.. (*cough*ksh*cough LOL) so here I am.. The episode was a good one - I mean it had it's "Hein?!" moments but it was enjoyable too so overall I'd consider it a good episode.

Anyways, without wasting any more time I should get right to the TIN. Oh and as always, read at your own risk! LOL
  • Baji and Kala have a very "equal" relationship in many ways. If Kala hates Dutta with all her will then Baji love/protects him with just as much intensity. And when these two opposite yet equal forces collide head on, sparks are sure to fly. Throughout their confrontation Baji kept taking subtle verbal taunts at Kala - calling her "Bai", asking if Dutta escaped, taunting about the guards making a run for their life and doing her final rights... Through every one of these comments there was a challenge in Baji's eyes - like he was daring her to say something, anything, to give him a reason to cut her down to size some more. Dutta was safe and he WAS coming back - it wasn't a question of IF as much as it was a question of WHEN. And by telling Kala that they'd all stick around unlike her guards, he indirectly suggested that he was sure she would loose. Because he wouldn't dare to miss her downfall by not being there. *sigh* Kya brilliance Baji! And if he was good, so was Kala. She was insulted - there's no doubt about that. And in some moments where she was thrown off entirely by his comments, you could even SEE her annoyance (like when Sudarshan failed to stop Baji or when Baji started performing her final rights). But on other moments, there was always that amused smirk on her face - as though she couldn't care less what he thought and his comments are only being entertained as an elder would entertain a child's silly logic.. Never taken seriously and just allowed to be said out of amusement. And in this instance, she was challenging HIM to try and piss her off - get her to loose her cool (which she does allow to show even he finally leaves and she kicks the broken pieces of that "matki"..). *sigh* These guys were so amazing in their loggerhead confrontation - equally fantastic.. Unless of course it's my bais for Kala talking..? ErmmLOL


  • LMAO! Kishore tells Sudarshan to COOK food.. Baji tells him to save his ammunition for the future and then Kala tells him to keep his anger in his "jaib"! LOL!!! And in the middle there somewhere he does a fake "I'll shoot you as you walk up the stairs" aim-session on Baji and Kishore too.. Lol!! Oh Sudarshan, if ONLY we could take you seriously we might actually have been scared.. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


  • Err.. Okay.. I am officially getting a little annoyed by the whole "meri ankhon sey dekho Saab" comment. Bass ho gaya! Dekh liya ankhon sey! Now answer the man's question and tell him if the place is a dump!! I mean I didn't see why that needed to be the prelude to her answer to his question.. But then again I might just be sleepy and hence impatient.. EmbarrassedLOL


  • Here's another one... "humara ghar"?! Is Nakku planning on living here?! HOW is this a "humara ghar"?! I thought this was a place to take rest and gather their wits while they plan on going back. But now she's talking about "humara ghar" and "khana paroosna"..?! Errr.. Okay.. Confused I'm not sure I can make sense of the "humara ghar" comment.. The "khana paroosna" I can deal with - it's Nakku and I can see how she'd say something like that.. But the "humara ghar" is to blatantly ignorant of their situation for me to ignore.. I don't know.. Confused


  • Awww.. Call me silly, but I totally went "Aww" and felt like hugging Dutta when he called Nakku's bluff behind trying to make the house seem "better" than what it was by appealing to it's practical use. Call it safe, call it their own, but that place is still a dump and Dutta could hear that in her voice. And I loved how he KNEW that he could "read" her voice and how that though elated him - I mean just look at his smile when he's telling Nakku that he can "read" her voice.. Day Dreaming


  • So here's what I think - Dutta's compensated for his lost vision by an increase in the need for his sense of touch. At any given time he always wants to touch Nakku - her hand, her arm, her face.. He can't see her and he can't express himself as he normally would through his eyes.. So instead he touches her face and her hands to feel her around and communicates to her through gestures like caressing her face or kissing her forehead.. *sigh* At leats that's what it felt like to me.. And I also felt that Dutta had been missing talking to Nakku for so long that now everything they do reminds him of how he missed out on time before. Because even before he got in the accident, he'd placed restraints on himself and refused to talk to her. So his separation from her was actually longer than the "accident after effects" alone. And that is why most things now remind him of that lost time - how the fact that Nakku got food for them last night reminded him of the previous times they got lost in the jungle OR how her hesitation at calling him "Dutta" reminded him of why he liked being called Saab so much OR how now having a "home" to themselves (an idea I still find weird.. LOL) reminds him of his refusal to stay with her and the subsequent loneliness he suffered. And I loved how Nakku entertained his comments anyways - by apologizing to him for her "ghalti" and saying she won't do it again. They both know who was really at fault but hearing Nakku entertain his "anger" just made him adore her that much more. At least that's what that big grin implied to me.. EmbarrassedLOL


  • Umm.. I might be the only one here but I didn't think that they needed the "Yeh tera ghar ye mera ghar" song.. I mean they could have played one of the instrumentals while Nakku and Dutta cleaned but a song with lyrics seemed sort of misplaced. It didn't look bad.. just poorly used. I mean usually in a song with lyrics, I expect some sort of silent communication to occur between the people involved - glances, gestures, touches or expressions.. But I expect SOMETHING. And in this case they were both working individually with their backs to each other and I just didn't see the need for that song - it didn't hurt the sequence, but it didn't help the sequence either. It was just.. there.. ConfusedLOL


  • Alright, here's another thing that I do NOT know what to make off - Nakku's comment about Dutta seeming like a "king helping out his people".. I mean, what was that?! I know that Nakku has always placed Dutta a little higher than others and she's always been impressed/awed by the authority/respect he commands among people. But she's also his wife now and she should KNOW him better than to suggest that he was above menial work.. You know..? It's not like Dutta chooses not to do work because it's beneath him - just that he never has the need to. But whenever there is work that needs to be done, he does it BEFORE he expects anyone else too. Need to stay up to protect the house? Dutta will do it while Baji gets to sleep. Need to jump out of a moving car to save your life? Baji gets to make the jump while Dutta takes the bullet. So to suggest that he was some how "above" all this, was just.. weird. Confused I mean I know she can think it and part of Dutta's charm is the respect he demands and the humility he possesses inspite of it. But hearing Nakku SAY that just made me a bit uncomfortable.. I get why she said it though - I just wish she hadn't.. EmbarrassedLOL But that's just me.. LOL


  • WHY is Seema STILL crying?! I don't get it - I don't! The intial shock is gone, she's had time to come to terms with Dutta's words and the sight of him happy. And if we go by her claim of wanting what's best for Dutta and being his well-wisher who just needs his forgiveness then she should actually be HAPPY for him. But yahan toh roona dhona macha hua hai. And it just annoys the heck out of me! Which is why I LOVED it when Kala manipulated her - "ankhon mein namak jhonk kar kisi aur k saath bhag gaya" and "ashiq ko koi aur le gaya apney pallu mein bandh kar"! Lol!! Loved it! Oh and the final blow I think was the "Dutta ne tujhe istemal kiya" - for someone who's in the business of flesh trade, being "used" is one of their worst phobias I guess.. And to provoke that fear and doubt (and the subsequent "anger" as a result of it) was brilliantly played! Now the balls in Seema's court - and something tells me she'll fall for it.. If she doesn't, I'll regain some faith in her.. But her preceding tears and sob-fest has some how finalized my annoyance of her selfishness for now.. Stern Smile


Lol, there.. Not sure how this is - but here it is! And if it's not good, all I have to say is "I told you so!".. LOL I told you it wouldn't be good but you didn't listen!! *stubborn muh* ROFL

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Lovely post, great observations....

'Pair choona' I guess is another thing thats slightly getting repetitive...
But when it comes to TaSha - I guess sau guna maaf..........

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:19pm | IP Logged

Hehhehe..thanks Fivr for this back to ur comments..dunno if i can make any sense here but let me try

As far as Naku calling it "hamara ghar" cud be coz they r not jst here for rest and to move on..neither Seema had those plans (her resons only she knwsStern Smile) nor do Naku now. The reason is Dutta's eyesight. Till he doesnt get back his sight they cant go anywhere...Dutta cant fight with Kala. So this "Hamara Ghar" cud be coz they have to stay here till he gets his sight back and he cumes up with a plan to get back his empire and finish Kala's.

Secondly Naku calling Dutta king...she said this way maybe coz there was a time when he had nuthing less..he was like a king..helping his people...staying like a king but today he is nowhere with nuthing...running around for shelter but for Naku he is still a king and she his "praja" and so she cud have meant tat as he helped his praha by helping them with money. clothes etc is he trying to help her now with this small chores of cleaning house? and then she meant he doesnt have to ad so she touches his feet with respect for her king

Hope so I made sum senseLOL

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desigrl414 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
i agree! The scene with Kala and Seema, where Kala told her that Dutta just used her. I got a feeling that Seema will believe this line from Kala, and think Dutta used her just like everyone else did as well. I wonder what she'll think especially if she believes it.

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shish15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Great TIN Fivr.Clap

Baaji was outstanding yesterday. They way he mocked Kala ands Suds was really enjoying. Even Kishore, the laugh he gives to Suds when Suds calls for the gurads was sooooooo good. He had so much mocking in it. Like "now I know you don't believe me, but they are actually gone, your pillars of strength have taken off" And when he ridicules Suds for not having any work so he should cook...seedha jaake ego pe laga hai Suds ke.

Me too felt, the song was inappropriate, I was like is'nt someone else's house. Who just might arrive any time, how can it be a ghar" It was a shelter. But loved the wasy Dutta helped Naku in cleaning up the place. 

Their talk, hug and kiss was sooooo Awwwwwww. They are taking baby steps towards a firm relationship. So cutely she handles Dutta saying she did not come when he called, instead of complaining that he never did call or even spoke with her. Dutta smiling understanding this was sooo sweeeet.

Uhhhh...the Seema less spoken the better it is...But I feels Seema will not relent so soon....maybe later she might break...let's see..

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the TIN, Fivr!
You've described the psychological battle between Baaji and Kala so, so well that the only thing I could do while reading that point was smile and nod! I loved the daring look in Baaji's eyes at every point in the scene, and how Kala was reacting with a mixture of annoyance and amusement - that release of anger at the end when she kicked the broken pot made me grin, too...Baaji and Kishore really hit a nerve!
Kishore and the puran poli comment! LOL! I was randomly reminded of that time when Kishore pulled out that cookbook and started suggesting foods that Kala could make! ROFL Kishore-Kala...Never thought I'd grow to like them as much as I do now!
("Arrey, kya naam hai tera? Sudarshan! Sudarshan!" And Baaji "playing" the tape player again as he walks off while looking back at Suds/Kala, hahah!)
I felt the same way about Dutta's need to touch Naku's hands, arms, and face...You said everything so beautifully, especially the point about Dutta trying to live each moment that he has with Naku now to the fullest...I don't know whether you were trying to say that he's now "making up for lost time", but he is definitely aware of the effects of this long separation on both of them, I think. That's why I found it so touching that he doesn't protest to Naku leading him around (it makes sense to me; an unfamiliar terrain and all - she doesn't want him to get hurt) and he always reaches out to touch her...He finds so much solace in her presence and touch, just as she does, and I love that about them!

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Chinu2004 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Great post Fivr! I loved the kiss and hug part of it...and I like a complete 'besharam' want much more! lol! You know this 'ghar' concept is actually quite appealing...this couple has never had the real husband wife relationship so as to speak...they were both either fighting or too shy or just they have finally managed to get back to that friends footing and it feels like that they are on their way to become lovers, house looks like a respite and oppoortunity to strengthen their bonds and get back their strength before they go in for the final battle!
I hope I am not rambling!

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Agree with you on everything, Fivr! From the 'hamara ghar' comment (oh, Nakku!? *headdesk*) to the 'alrightness' of the song sequence to off-feeling dialogues from Nakku and even to Seema still crying *sobs* LOL So yeah, me and you word to word on the same page Approve

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