Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars

Celebs you like more after JDJ4

blyton IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Since the long journey is nearing it's end, I was just wondering if we can share our experiences of growing to like some celebrities after watching them on this show. SmileHere are mine:

Yana: When I read her name in the list of contestants, I went "ugh, why her?" After all, an item girl best known for a sleazy "Babuji" doesn't sound very impressive. But her guts, determination and intensity in performance has made me think twice. I'm not sure Yana will win this show, but she has definitely won my respect.

Mahi: I never had much of an opinion on her either way, just considered her as another over-hyped TV soap actress, but on JDJ i have found her totally endearing and a riot! Truly an "antique piece"LOL. I can't say I want her to win, but as a person there is definitely something about her.

Daya: The moment I used to see him (or anyone from CID),  I would groan. But here is a person with a heart of gold. When he said he used to feel guilty when better dancers than him got out, you could see he was speaking from the heart and not for effect. Hats off to "Daya sir".Clap

Ragini: I have liked her since RKB, but there were times when I found her hyper and immature, like in the show Meethi Choori no.1. However, her behaviour on JDJ has been modest, cheerful and sporting to the end. I am glad she did not shed tears when she got out, but left with a smile for all.Embarrassed May I also add, I love her bonding with Mona!Tongue This was something I had been waiting to see since RKB (where there was no scope for it Cry), had witnessed a little on MC#1, but on JDJ their bear-hugs warmed the cockles of my heart. I miss her.

Chang: Have liked him since Indian Idol, was not too impressed with him in Badmaash Company, but now....aaah...what do I say??Day Dreaming A down-to-earth human being with a subtle but excellent sense of humour, non-controversial, focussed....and perfect marriage material! Hmmm.....if Monali were not a sweetie herself, I would be planning to do her pataa saaf!Evil Smile

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Gauahargeous_N IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
love Mahi after watching jdj!!! ... shes really really entertaining!! LOL

i was surprised that shes so funny and endearing like u said!! Big smile her personality really shined on the show which has clearly impacted the public is a positive way... votes! Thumbs Up

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Nice post. :)

Agree with you about Daya and Chang. I never knew Daya was so humble and nice in reality. I loved the guy from whatever we got to see of him in JDJ. Such a humble, sincere and genuine person he is. Aww. :)

Also I really like Chang too. I've seen him in Indion Idol and stuff...and I just used to roll my eyes at him most of the times. LOL But he's really adorable. I love his chill personality and his sense of humour too. :)

Oh and also Mahi. I hadn't seen much of her real personality before, but she's quite adorable in her own way. Quite entertaining to watch. LOL

And I have to say Sushant as well. I had never seen much of him on tv at all...except for a little bit of Pavitra Rishta I used to watch when I was in India which was like a more than a year ago. But never seen his real personality. And I gotta say I'm a total fan of this guy after JDJ! His personality and the way he dances on stage totally won me over! From his first performance only I could see how much he stood above the other contestants. It's just his personality he brings on stage...I would've never guessed he had this side to him watching him in Pavitra Rishta as Maanav for sure! LOL I love his honesty, dedication and the creativity he puts into his performances. *fangirl muh* Day DreamingLOL

Other than that...oh Akhil as well. I had no idea who this guy was before JDJ...but he's SUCH an entertainer! Love how straight forward he is. LOL He provided so much entertainment for me! LOL

Other contestants I liked were Renuka..she was totally adorable. Huggable types! LOL

About Ragini...personality wise I always knew she was smiley, hyper and happy like that. But as a dancer, I used to think she was a really good dancer from watching her on award shows, SGP and stuff. But after JDJ I realized that she's not much of a dancer really. LOL She's good for award shows and bollywood type stuff but really not cut out for competition type stuff. Anyways, I like her positive personality though. 

And about Yaana, I don't think we've really gotten to see her personality much on this show. Most of the time, Salman overshadows her. He's always holding the mike and stuff too. Confused Even through her dance, we haven't really gotten to see much of her personality really. So I really can't judge her personality much. 

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Starktastic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
nice post dear....

well mine are similar to urs.....

first is of course yana cz she really didnt exist in my so called 'celebrity wall'. i ws really keen to see and know more abt her since she ws paired up with my fav salman. i thought and assumed she's a snob who doesn't giv a dam but i ws proved wrong. she's a sweet girl who really works hard....

second is chang. honestly i didnt like him dat much in idol series but he clearly proved me wrong with jdj. now im a big chang fan and im glad i watchd jdj cz he's undoubtedly da surprise package of da show and i'v a feelin he'l win dis....

last person is mahi. da only thing i knew abt her ws dat she's jai's fiance cz i love jai from DID days. although she never excites me as a dancer, she's a fab entertainer... well its fun watchin her jabberin at each episode and i think she & jai are rab ne banade jodi cz dis couple totally rocks!!!! da funniest couple ever... tooooo cute 

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Nice post!

The people whom I started liking after Jhalak are::::

1.) Daya::: He totally WON my heart. SUCH  a good human being. His elimination was the most gracious ever and I was going all Awww.. over his sweetness and genuine nature. Also I felt terrible when I saw him trying hard everytime but somehow not getting it right. I'm a bad dancer myself, so I always felt bad for him and wished that he would do well. But the point when I felt very very very bad for him was when he was apologizing to everyone for not performing. He apologized so many times that I felt like saying to him, "ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! YOU ARE IN PAIN AND SICK! PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE!!!!"

2.) Krushna: I liked this guy for the fact that he was always funny on stage and whatever grouse he may have had with the channel, he never vented it on the judges. Also I liked him for two more points---1.) Not saying that it was unfair when he got an elder partner to perform in Teen ka tadka 2.) Not demanding a change in the choreographer cos she couldn't understand hindi or hindi songs, since he knew it would ruin her shot of gaining professionally in the show and making ti big. Although this decision cost him and was also impractical in my opinion, but still it was very sweet of him to be so considerate.

3.) Ragini::: She's such a sport. She always tried to diffuse even serious and depressing moments (like getting less points or coming in the first face off) with some humour. I totally loved her on the show.

4.) Renuka and Jai::: For being such good sports. Renuka said we know we don't have any chance in the WC but we will still give it our best shot, and Jai said that I'm very thankful to Renuka Ma'am for giving it her best even though she knew that in all probability we won't be chosen

5.) Yana::: For working SO HARD in the competition and giving it her best.

6.) Chang:::: People are gonna write loads and loads about him so I don't think I need to write much. But I liked him a lot at two points which were told by Minakshi (scarlethara)--- when Ankita's AV was displayed he was worried/shocked as if something wrong about Ankita was being portrayed or if people were getting wrong ideas about her or just simply worried as to what the hell was she blurting out. Then when Madhuri said we shouldn't take Ankita's AV seriously- he was nodding his head. For me it showed sensitivity, maturity and loyalty and understanding towards a friend-- there was no question of making diplomatic or hi-fi statements here. It touched me. Also I liked it that he gave credit to Sushant even though Sushant is a tough competitor. Very good attitude!

More coming up!!!

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Starktastic IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 08 April 2010
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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
ooops i totally forgot to add daya and he tops my list. i'v never seen such a down to earth, nice, humble celebrity ever in my life. i had no clue abt CID but he's gem of a person and it ws a pleasure seeing him on dis show

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Okay then there are some celebs whom I knew earlier:::

1.) Ankita::: Many people saw only her arrogance on the show, but I saw some other aspects too which  I liked. She was a good sport-- she cheered for whatever points she got, she praised Yana in the WC round, she did not mind Mahi's mimicry, did not mind when Mona called her bossy, she came across as very REAL on the show, she admitted she is blunt, and she agreed with Remo when her choreographer tried to make excuses. She was very sensitive towards Sushant, the way she ran towards him when he cried out on stage. 

She maintained till the end (as she said in an interview) that the best part of JDJ was that she had a lot of FUN with Nishant in doing all the different dance forms. Even though he perked up at the end and gave mediocre choreography in the beginning, she was always very supportive. She even used to teach Nishant at times-- She taught Nishant the Rajasthani dance.

2.) Madhuri:::::::::::Words ARE NOT enough for her. She is SO SWEET and SO GRACIOUS and charming and she never seemed to be frustrated with all the people who cmae on sets and gushed over her. She handled Anki's AV matter so well, and also when Akhil got frustrated with his less marks, she explained so peacefully to him about where he was going wrong, inspite of the fact that his tone was slightly accusatory.. also loved the way she spoke sternly to Sushant when he wanted to leave, she CUT WHATEVER HE WANTED TO SAY ABOUT LEAVING... 


3.) Remo:::: He was strict but rather nice I felt. I have no idea how he was on DID, but I liked him here. He never seemed to get frustrated with whatever happened in between the dances-- he was cheering and smiling his BIG SMILE during sushant's proposal, he was whistling at Sushant Madhuri dance, and he understood the problems of the contestants many times-- like when Nishant made excuses about Break dance, he told him off, but he realised that Ankita had got nervous due to the remark made by her choreo and so he said a few nice and sweet words to Ankita for her dance. Even Ragini got very disappointed cos of judges comments and it showed somehow when she said, "Pichle hafte se kuch bbhi improvement nahi hua??" then Remo immediately started saying, nahi nahi, hua na improvement and started pointing out her good points. How understanding was that!!! Embarrassed

4.) Shampa--- Right from the beginning, this girl swept me with her choreography, but what I liked the most was her modesty inspite of having a choreographer father who is so famous. I never felt she spoke much or threw her weight... the only time she asked for the mike was when she wanted to praise Sushant in the aerial act. Also, I always felt she understood that she had to showcase her talent THROUGH SUSHANT- if he was appreciated, she was the winner, and so in ALL THE DANCES they did, I felt she usually gave him the more impressive part and made sure that he would shine. She took in Sushant's inputs so well for all the dance forms and gave it her best.
I really liked her a lot the day Sushant put forward his desire to quit. She was not overtly disappointed, she looked calm as if she knew the decision was right and in the best interest of Sushant. She instead focussed on making him comfortable by putting a chair for him and a cushion for his back.. how cute is that!!!

One last post left!!! :-D

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Finally---- SUSHANT !!!!

I'm SO glad that he came on this show and made me proud!!!

His dancing ability, his dedication, his expressions, his soul stirring performances toh everyone knows. I will write about some different aspects of the personality that came through..

1.) He was probably the ONLY contestant in the competition who was more interested in dancing and executing well than simply getting high scores and winning. He was more in the competition FROM THE ART POINT OF VIEW, rather than FOR THE WIN. He himself said in an interview that he wanted Ankita to win, and had himself participated ONLY for Mads and to showcase his skills as a dancer, which he couldn't do in ZNKD, since he was injured half of the time.

But that wasn't it. Each time, mind you, EACH TIME, he and Shampa tried to bring forth something NEW AND INNOVATIVE in their dances-- that too when he was easily the best and would have got high scores even with plain dancing-- there wasn't really any need for him to do so much when he could have got better scores anyway. But he still did it--- I always felt it was that artist wala passion, that satisfaction that you get when you feel that you did something with a lot of heart and showed something to the audience that you wanted to show.  He used the stage as a medium to convey his ideas at times- just like a painter uses his paintings to convey his thoughts--- his thoughts related to patriotism (he has expressed them before from time to time and we know he is quite socially aware), his fascination for Mads just like other millions of people, his feelings for his mother and so on. I felt he bared a part fo himself on stage-- and that was a treat for us fans.

His dances were the one I appreciated most cos I actually felt I could understand them, at least a part of them, due to the concept/storytelling/fun aspect, whereas in many dances I couldn't get the difference between, say a locking and popping and a break dance or a robotic locking and popping and so couldn't comment on them many a times.

2.) He was so adorable and real on the show. He didn't try to pretend. He was candid about his feelings for Anki, but never expressed them until pushed/encouraged by the hosts/audience/judges/Ankita herself, as in proposal day episode, when she commented teasingly that she didn't know about Sushant's feelings cos he never said them. 

He was very forthright about his crush on Madhuri too, but never crossed limits. I liked how Bonne described it in one of her posts--- love between an angel and a human... aww....

3.) His chilled out attitude on the show. Whenever hosts asked controversial questions he chose to laugh it off or diffuse it-- like when asked about Mahi's comment on him, he laughed it off, when Mahi was actually feeling quite awkward at that moment.

4.) His personality on the show:::: I can never forget the way he was SO SAD about Ankita's elimination and the way he came RUNNING to hug Daya after Daya performed his last dance in the show-- robotic dance. He was cheering loudly for him and smiling the whole time and genuinely seemed so happy to finally see Daya getting a 'This is it' that I had a big smile on his face. He felt for everybody, it seemed.

5.) Finally, the decision to quit the show when he was sick, knowing that other contestants would not like it. And he was proved right in a way, everyone started saying sushant didn't deserve to be in final 3 cos he couldn't perform one week.

6.) Extending best wishes to Salman Yana before the face off act.

7.) Requesting fans for votes saying, "If you liked my performance then please vote for me..." he was always SO modest!!!

8.) When asked who is best-- he didn't take his own name. Even in an interview in headlines today, when he was asked who deserves to win, he said that all have their own strengths and all are deserving.

9.) Modest about his accomplishments on the show and still trying to do his best every week.

10.) His sense of humour- I loved his one-liners!!!

11.) His camarederie with other folks- dancing on Munni Badnaam with Chang, teasing with Rashmi, fooling around with Salman after WC round and many more.

Will add more to the post. This is all I could recollect as of now.

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