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IMP NOTE: This part has some mature content towards the end, if you're not comfortable reading passionate scenes then feel free to skip it!

Part 14B: Closing The Distance 

Soon, Armaan looked towards Ridhima and decided to go to the three of them. He was yearning to ask Ridhima for a dance from the very beginning but he was afraid that she would say no like always. This time he couldn't even force her in front of everyone. Yet, now that he felt more confident after the drink, well at least he thought he did, he paced towards her and said in a small husky voice with his hand outstretched:

"Shall we?"

Ridhima's eyes were fixed on to his outstretched hand. She wasn't in the mood to dance, she already felt nauseated as she was not used to attending the Clubs and the fact that Vicky and Vivek had been gawking at her since she'd entered the Club just added to her uneasiness and made her feel uncomfortable. There was no way she could explain the situation to Armaan, would he even ponder over what she says about his friends? Would he believe her in the first place? Surely he wouldn't! Who is Ridhima to him anyway? A stranger he met a month back, whilst he had been with Vicky and Vivek since years. Of course he'd believe them over her.

"Ridhima...Shall we?" Armaan repeated himself loudly, assuming that she hadn't heard him amidst the resounding music that played in the background. In the process of repeating himself, he'd jerked Ridhima out of her thoughts.

She looked at Rahul and Muskaan who were staring at her expectantly, smiling amongst themselves. They could easily tell that there was something cooking between the two of them, Armaan was acting indifferent since the time they'd met him. He was much more relaxed and cheerful ' something he wasn't before. They'd been friends for a really long time and had discovered his traits.

She looked at Vicky and Vivek who stood afar on the dance floor, dancing with a few s**tty girls, looking at her with a sly smile playing on their lips. Surely they must've provoked Armaan to get her on the dance floor somehow.

"Umm...I'm not in the mood, Armaan." Ridhima heaved out a small sigh.

"Why not? Anything wrong?" He frowned at her.

"No...I'm just not in the mood, and any ways, I don't dance." She looked at him, pouting slightly.

"Cmon, it'll be fun...Your mood will lighten up too..." He said, grabbing her elbow.

"No Armaan, I don't want to..." She refuted.

"Is there any other reason??" He raised his eyebrow. Never know her, she had so many hidden 'problems' that he wasn't aware of.

"Armaaaan,.no! There isn't any other reason. I just don't feel like it.."

"Then come na...Please?"

Rahul and Muskaan's heads turned to face Armaan. Had he just said 'Please'?! THE Armaan Mallik was actually requested something?! Well, that was definitely one of the biggest change they'd witnessed in Armaan.

"No, and as it is, I feel a little suffocated here." She said, glancing around the Club.

"What?! Are you OK? Do you want to go outside for some fresh air??" He looked at her worriedly. Rahul and Muskaan exchanged smiles at his concerned face.

"Armaan! I'm fine. I just don't feel like dancing, how many times do I have to repeat myself?" She said, irritated by him constantly asking her.

"No. You're coming with me and that's that!" He replied as his anger rose. He had actually requested her for a dance and she was refusing? Usually he'd just pull any girl onto the dance floor and dance with them, without asking them politely, yet, she actually had the audacity to say no to him?? Why was she always different from the rest?!

"You can't force me Armaan."

"I can, if I want to." He looked at her furiously, grabbing her wrist tightly as she winced.

"Stop it Armaan!!" She yelled in an equally loud tone, jerking her hand out of his hold.

"Armaan...Tchh...Just let her be if she doesn't want to dance..." Muskaan interrupted as Armaan opened his mouth to retort in protest.

Armaan looked at Ridhima with a hurt expression and walked over to the bar counter and ordered a few drinks. Ridhima looked at Rahul, concerned about Armaan's behaviour. Rahul placed his hand on her shoulder assuring her before speaking:

"Don't worry Ridhima. He's always been like this...He likes to have things his way."

"Haan Ridhima, he just didn't like the fact that you said no to him, he'll be angry for a while but I'm sure his anger will subside soon." Muskaan added, feeling the need to say something to a worried Ridhima.

Ridhima nodded at them and asked, "But Rahul, he's drinking so much. Won't you stop him?" She pointed towards him.

"No point Ridhima. If me saying anything worked, then Armaan wouldn't be here at this moment. He doesn't listen to anyone, and to add to that, he's really angry so it's not the best time to stop him." Rahul sighed, staring at his friend who sat alone, ordering one drink after another.    

"I made it worse didn't I??" She looked at Rahul anxiously, biting her lower lip. If she had agreed to the dance, maybe his behaviour would have been different?

"No, don't think that! He would have been drunk even if you weren't here. It's just his habit, and I guess since the past two or three years we've gotten used to it."

"Ohhh...But how did he start drinking so much?"

"Take a wild guess!"

"Vicky and Vivek?" She asked on an impulse. They were the first two names that came rushing to her mind.

"Yeah. It was them who got Armaan into all these habits..."

"Why didn't you stop them?" She asked curiously.

"I was out of town during those days, and by the time I came back it was too late. He was obsessed over drinking, partying, girls and whatnot!" Rahul answered factually.   

Ridhima turned around and looked at Armaan again; he was steadying himself on the long stool as he lost his balance due to excessive drinking, his eyes had turned red and he was speaking to the bar man. In a good few seconds or so, he got up and glanced at Ridhima with a conniving smile plastered on his face. She stared at him confused by the change in his behaviour and saw him slowly make his way to the dance floor, joining Vicky and the rest. He still had his eyes fixed on Ridhima's eyes, not breaking the eye contact and pulled a girl into his arms. That's when Ridhima understood his intentions. He was dancing with someone else purposely to pay back. She hadn't meant to upset him, and she didn't think it would make a difference to him whether she danced with him or not. Why would it make a difference anyway? Or SHOULD it even bother him?

He pulled the girl closer to his body and swayed to the music swiftly, flinging her in and out of his arms. His eyes hadn't left Ridhima. The eye contact still remained there. In a corner of her heart, she felt bad watching him dance with the girl in such proximity but she denied of such feelings as they entered her mind. Had he realised that she would feel bad if he danced with someone else? Had he really hit the nail on a weak nerve of hers? It stung her to see him flirt with the girl openly and that too purposely. She felt like running away from there, she didn't want to witness the scene but his eyes just wouldn't waver off her, making it harder for her to look elsewhere but him.


He saw the look on her face as he took the girl in his arms. It was intentional, he knew he'd hit the right nerve. Who the hell was she to say No to him for the dance?? No girl and absolutely NO GIRL had ever said No to Armaan Mallik; not that he had ever asked any girl for a dance, they'd usually just throw themselves on him. However, in Ridhima's case it was different. HE was the one who'd asked her politely and in a gentleman way, just the way she liked it, but he'd received a flat No without any satisfying reason. He placed his hand on the girl's waist and pulled her closer to himself, so that her back was facing his chest. He stumbled as his head felt heavy but held onto the girl for support. Gaining back a little bit of consciousness of what he was doing, he smiled victoriously as he saw her trying to avert her gaze elsewhere - he knew she was feeling bad. He really did have the charm, he thought.        


"Ridhima?" Muskaan nudged her, pulling her out of her thoughts. "Yeh Armaan bhi na. Woh pehle se hi aisa hai. Just let him do whatever he wants, hmmm?"

"No, I know that...I've been living with him since the past month and I've seen his behaviour."

"Hmmm, he has always been this way."

"Yeah, even at home when the servants make mistakes and don't do things his way he gets angry..." Ridhima said, somewhat absentmindedly.

Rahul and Muskaan nodded at her in unison. Ridhima gazed back at Armaan, he was quite tipsy now, losing his balance every now and then but getting hold of the girl on time he balanced himself. It went on for quite a well, Ridhima was worried for him but he seemed to care less. Half an hour passed and he had pulled himself a few more girls around him and stole quick, drowsy glances at Ridhima. She noticed him and somewhere down the line, she felt guilty of refusing to him. It was just a dance, yet, a whole big issue had been created because of it.

"Rahul, I want to go home now." Ridhima finally said, averting her gaze from Armaan to Rahul. "It has been two hours since we're here."  

"Huh? Ridhima are you sure?"

"Yes." she replied firmly.

"I mean, Armaan won't agree to this. He usually stays for hours here..." Rahul said, quite perplexed.

"But Rahul, look at his state. He's barely able to stand." Ridhima explained, in a pleading tone.

"But he won't agree Ridhima. Do you really want to create a scene here?"

"He will agree. Can we at least try please?"

"Nahi Ridhima. Armaan nahin manega. Do you really think we haven't tried this before?" Muskaan interrupted and looked at Ridhima helplessly.

"Guys, can I not try even once?" Ridhima looked at them and frowned.

Rahul sighed, said a small "fine" and the three of the proceeded towards the dance floor. Ridhima bit her lip and patted Armaan on the shoulder to gain his attention. "Armaan", she said in a meek voice. He turned around to face her, looked at her puzzled and shook his head questioningly.

"What?!" He said, frowning, and trying to balance himself.

"Armaan, you're drunk. Let's go home." Ridhima quipped.

"Me? Drunk? Pshh! I'm NOT drunk OK?" He said, trying to keep his eyes wide open and pointing his finger towards her.

"Armaan-" Rahul tried to interfere, only to be stopped by Armaan.

"Stay out of it Rahul. This is mines and Ridhima's business." He put his hand in front of Rahul.

This small scene was enough to gather the attention of Armaan's friends, including Vicky and Vivek who stopped dancing and came to the sight of the scene.

"What's going on Rahul??" Vicky asked in his cunning tone of voice.

"THEY think I'm 'drunk'!" Armaan answered, almost as if he was mumbling to himself.

"He's not drunk Ridhima.." Vicky walked towards her and stood next to her. "This is how he is every day, there's nothing serious!" he placed his hand on her bare shoulder.

"I wasn't talking to you!" Ridhima glared at him angrily, moving away from him and looking towards Armaan again helplessly, "Please Armaan, let's go home."

"NO!! I'm not going anywhere! I'm having fun here!!" He looked at her annoyed and then smirked, looking at the girls that stood next to him.

"But you're not even able to stand Armaan! We're going and that's final!"

"Wait wait wait Ridhima. Who are YOU to tell Armaan what to do?" Vivek posed. Of course he wasn't aware of Ridhima and Armaan's relationship, hence, the question was bound to come up. Yet, it had completely slipped out of her mind that she would be asked this question. She stared at them all blankly as they looked at her expectantly awaiting an answer.

"I..." She began not knowing what to say, trying to fabricate a story there and then. She looked at Armaan whose expression had changed; it was a much more firm look now, as if he'd stiffened up. "I'm saying it as his friend!" She finally retorted.

"Uhhh..I'm not going anywhere...Ridhima!" Armaan interfered.

"We're going home!" She glared at him angrily.

"No we are NOT!" He glared back at her.


Rahul and Muskaan looked at each other helplessly. They both knew there was no way Armaan was going to listen to anyone; he was too stubborn for that. As for Vivek and Vicky, they looked at each other confused, why was Ridhima forcing Armaan to go home? If she wanted to, she could go home by herself. What's the need to drag Armaan along with her too? What is she to him that he'd agree to it anyway?

"Please Armaan. As it is, I feel really nauseated here." She looked at him dejectedly.

It stung him. It wasn't the first time she'd said that to him. Even when he'd asked her for a dance she'd said something really similar. Maybe it was a mistake bringing her here in the first place? He should've understood her character by now, she was an introvert, not used to all these things. They were different people, belonging to different places, had he forced her into something she didn't want to do? Armaan's mind was a pool of unanswered questions. There was a side of him which felt responsible for bringing her there and making her feel so suffocated in the place.

He rubbed his red eyes to open them wide again and felt his knees weaken. That's when he actually realised he'd drunk too much in one go. She had noticed his pale, weak, drowsy face yet he himself hadn't noticed it. Shaking his head a little to try and get himself back to his senses, he nodded at her which was completely unexpected by the others, especially Vicky and Vivek who looked at each other confused by his behaviour. The silence that had prevailed for a few seconds as Armaan's thoughts took over his mind, was soon interrupted.

"Armaan?" Vicky looked at him confused. He couldn't be serious, could he? Was he really going to leave because of Ridhima?

"Yeah..I'm going now. My head's blasting anyway. Think I drank too much." Armaan answered, and proceeded towards the main doors, as Rahul held him to support him.


As they reached the car park, Ridhima looked around to find their car and noticed  Ramu kaka waiting next to the car loyally.

"Ramu Kaka, humein ghar jaana hai.." Ridhima said.

"Theek hai beta." He replied, and as if it was out of habit, he gave a shoulder to Armaan and made him sit down in the car. Armaan was rather quite, which was unlike him. 

Soon, Ridhima bid goodbye to Rahul and Muskaan after thanking them for all the help and they sped off, back to where she felt she belonged...their home, her home.


Armaan and Ridhima entered their room, with Armaan's hand around Ridhima's shoulder for support and she sighed as soon as they reached, in relief.

"Ramu...Since when did your hair grow so long?" Armaan looked at Ridhima confusedly, he was getting double vision of the person who was next to him. He was used to Ramu Kaka dropping him off every night to his room, whereas today it was a different case; he'd mistaken Ridhima to be Ramu Kaka.

"Armaan...It's me, Ridhima." She smiled at him, but felt his body stiffen as the memory of her refusing to him for the dance came flooding back.

"YOU...You didn't dance with me!" He looked at her in mock anger, cutely. His anger seemed to have subsided after the drinks..

"I told you Armaan, I wasn't feeling comfortable up there."

"Well, are you comfortable here??" He looked at her, his eyes sparkling in excitement as an idea hit him.

"I...Well..." She uttered, not knowing what to say.

"You are!! Now you have to danshhh with me" He said, pulling her into the 'bar room' inside his room, as she struggled in his tight hold.

"Armaan...what are you doing?? Leave me Armaaaaan!!" She winced.

Armaan wasn't having any of it; he led her to the dance floor and pulled her to himself. Ridhima gasped as her petite figure crashed into his and struggled to get out of his hold.

"Armaan please" she whispered, as he tightened his hold around her waist, gently brushing his fingers against it, making it tickle. Armaan ignored her and they swayed to the music of silence.  "You're so f**king hot, did you know that?" He finally whispered back, nuzzling his head in between her bare neck and hair. Ridhima felt the butterflies in her stomach take over her. His mere gentle touch was creating havoc in her body, she stopped trying to move away from him and shut her eyes slowly, as she felt him place wet kisses on her nape pulling her closer to him and removing the space in between the two of them. She found it difficult to breathe in his hold and could feel both their hearts pounding against each other loudly. Armaan's lips lingered on her neck and he sensually moved his lips to her face, placing soft gentle kisses. He pecked her forehead, and then moved on to her reddened cheeks until finally staring at her glossy pink lips, his intention to capture them. Seeing her eyes shut tightly, his face formed a mischievous smile and he proceeded towards her lips. Ridhima's hands were now snaked around Armaan's neck unknowingly and she felt at ease holding on to him. Feeling his breath touch her face smoothly, her eyes jerked open and saw him staring at her lips sensually, his intentions then entered her mind. She pushed him away and moved away from him, her cheeks had turned into a deep crimson now; she wore a shy smile on her face and flushed, averting her gaze from his face to the floor. Armaan smiled instantly at her cute gesture, it was all new to her, hence her shyness.  

He saw her run away from him and trying to make her way out but he caught hold of her seductively and picked her up in his arms to place her on the marble bar counter. She lay there, in her red dress shying away from his gaze as he jumped on the bar counter himself and nuzzled deep into her neck, his favourite spot for tonight, and placed wet kisses there once again. Ridhima moaned as she felt him arousing her purposely, she knew she was losing herself to him. "Armaan please" she said in a low voice, but he ignored her, brushed his finger all the way from her face to her bare thighs and smiled. "Please Armaan.." She moaned, as she felt herself losing to him. "This is-" she tried to continue, but before she could, she felt him smack his lips on hers and kissing her fervently; it was his way of interrupting her. Kissing her passionately, he pulled her closer to himself, leaving no space in between them. Unconsciously, she moved her hands on to his hair, pulling onto them which did nothing but drive him to the edge. She didn't reciprocate the kiss at first, but felt herself giving in to him, providing him the much needed space and kissed him back. It was her first ever kiss. She'd never kissed anyone in her life and this was a completely new feeling that had taken over her; it felt so real, so beautiful. Armaan who was not in his senses at all, had absolutely forgotten how new Ridhima was to all of this and continued kissing her hard, biting her lip in between and fighting for dominance with his tongue. Ridhima groaned at his hard touch and tried to pull out of the kiss but he held her face firmly on spot and continued to kiss her. Her lips tasted so delicious to him, he'd never kissed anyone so hard, so passionately, and so fervently. She couldn't take it anymore, she needed to breathe if she was to live to see the next second and so she pushed him with all her strength until he lost his balance and had no option but to let go. She could feel the blood running through her cheeks as her mind registered again what just happened between the two. He smiled against her lips and pecked them again gently as they were just so tempting. Not being able to breathe in his presence, she got off the bar counter and ran inside their room, smiling to herself.

Armaan rushed behind her, pulled her with her wrist and pressed her against the wall. Ridhima could feel her heart racing, skipping some beats consecutively and her body shuddered under his hold. He gazed at her intently enjoying the havoc he created within her. It was always a sight to see her scared or nervous about something for him, he loved that about her. She always looked like a small kid with her face adorned with a small frown, her cheeks the shade of light pink and her eyes sparkling as she looked around innocently. Even now, she didn't look into his eyes instead she had lowered her face and stared at the floor, biting on her lower lip. He just could not get enough of the sight in front of him. Snaking his arms around her waist again, he hit his forehead against hers and smiled at her, he could feel her settle down into his arms slowly and relax herself though her gaze was everywhere but him. Her fragrance was arousing him all the more, pulling him towards her, he grazed his nose with hers and made his way to her cleavage, leaving kisses there and then finally he bit her on her neck hungrily leaving behind a big love bite. Ridhima groaned at his rough action and shut her eyes tightly which aroused him, driving him to the edge. He kissed her everywhere and held her by her waist with one hand whilst the other got busy unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it in a corner of the room. Then, his fingers passionately made their way towards the zip of her dress, slowly beginning to slide it down. Ridhima's eyes jerked open as his words came rushing back into her mind: "just make sure you don't get into bed with me."   


"ARMAAN!" She gasped.


Hope that was worth the wait! :) Notice how Armaan said she looked "nice" before but in his drunk state he said she looked "hot", tchhh, idiot hides his feelings. ;)

Anywho, Please leave your comments behind and hit the like button if you liked it! :D


IMP - Don't forget to edit your post or else I will be very gussa -_- LOL. If you edit it, then let me know the pg number <3

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hey Mel
good to now u r fine now
yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyParty we will get update today.......................


awesome part dearStarClapClap.........
loved it so much
armaan all frnd was confused when he ready to go home
OMG kiss was passionate
waiting nxt part
thanks for pm
plz update soonBig smile

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hey....Smile part was aamazing
loved it so much.....
want vicky and vivek out fo AR'S life...
they are spoiling our ARMAAN alot...Angry
ARMAAN was so cute in this part...
and he was listining to riddhi was awesome....
and their bedroom wala hot part was  just mindblowing....
 tooo hot to handleEmbarrassed
wonder what will happen now.....
update soon....

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Romance n Jealous...that's all i can say!!!LOL
Hotttnnneeess personified...I hope last mei kuch aur Romance..

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Hey !

Glad you're better now :)

Waiting eagerly for the update, thank you to have taken time to write it.

You're an amazing writter, sincerely !

Will comment on the part once I read it. ^^

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Updated!  <3

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