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AR FF:HisPerfectObsession#2||New thread Link:Pg155 (Page 115)

TheMelody. IF-Dazzler

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OK just need to re-read it now! 10 more mins pleaseee! 

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Hye plz hurry!! im waiting...i gtg sooon ..

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..Destiny.. Newbie

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10 mins are up.. readyy??

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TheMelody. IF-Dazzler

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I wrote a part before this which I didn't send PMs for so if you haven't read it then go here:


"WOAH Chill dude. Why are you getting all hyped up?" Vicky asked him. He wasn't taken aback by Armaan's outburst much because he had known Armaan for long and knew his weak points. Since the time he'd met Ridhima, he knew there was something fishy going on between the her and Armaan but he just could not put his finger on what it was. He was extremely curious to know what was going on and to find out, he had to know what was going on and hence had his own plans. "Any way, are you coming over to the club today or not?"

"I'm coming" Armaan replied, sighing deeply as he intended to ensure that his anger subsided.  

Part 16B: Twist In The Tale 

Armaan was seated on the barstool staring out into space. It had been an hour since he'd arrived at the club and he'd engaged himself into nothing but his own world of thoughts. Despite having been forced by Vicky, Vivek and all his other 'friends' he was adamant on being left alone for some time. He needed time to compose himself and comprehend who exactly was at fault; Ridhima or himself? Had he been too harsh on her or was he right in his own way? His perspectives of looking at things were definitely different from Ridhima's which is where their opinions clashed. To Armaan, a kiss would not be that big of a deal but to Ridhima, it was certainly a big deal. He didn't understand her well enough to realise how she must be feeling regarding what you can call 'a make-out session' and as a result he had confronted her. He ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled a deep sigh. In his past experiences he never had to think about what the girl was thinking it was always about himself and his pleasures. But today, something which was a petty issue to him was a big deal for Ridhima.

Ridhima was a completely different scenario compared to his past girlfriends. Perhaps I was too harsh on her and should never have said anything to her maybe I should apologise, Armaan thought. As he pondered over the thought and made a firm decision he felt relaxed and relieved as if his heart had finally begun beating properly once again. I should say sorry to her. Just as he relaxed his shoulders, he felt a pair of feminine hands circling his neck sensuously. Confused at the suddenness of the person's presence he turned around immediately, only to find a familiar face staring down at him with a big smile plastered on their face.

"ARMAAN!" the person shrieked in happiness whilst Armaan rolled his eyes.

"Samantha?" He looked at her coldly and tried to remove her hands off him. She was dressed in a semiformal party dress which did not seem suitable for the place at all. She had displayed her cleavage openly and it reached up to her mid thighs making herself look like a quite an attraction to men.

"Since when did you start calling me Samantha Armaan? It's only Sammy for you." She asked in her honeyed voice and smiled at him sweetly.

"Whatever. Why are you here? I told you weeks back everything was over between the two of us."

"Armaan! I've been trying to catch you here since weeks but I've always been failing. What happened Armaan?? Why did you break up with me so suddenly without any reasoning?" Her monotonous voice tested his patience.

"Reasoning?" Armaan chuckled at her stupidity before continuing, "Who the hell do you think you are? Why the heck would Armaan Mallik give a 'REASONING' to you?"

"Why are you talking like this baby..please let's sort this out" She tried to envelope him in a hug and moved towards his cheek to place a kiss. Her way of sorting it out.   

"Sort WHAT out? Do you NOT get the point that everything is OVER?! How many times do I repeat myself?!!" He shouted at the top of his voice, gathering attention from a few of the people around them.

"It's just a matter of time baby...why are you behaving so differently?" She tried to calm him down and moved closer to him, this time making a move to lock his lips. Had it been a month back, Armaan would most probably have given in, but today he felt nothing but disgusted at her behaviour.

"What the f**k do you think you're doing?!" He raised his voice once again, enough to grab Vicky's attention who was on the dance floor. Armaan stared at Samantha as his anger rose and shot dirty looks at her. "JUST LEAVE!" He didn't want to make an issue out of the whole situation and just wanted her out of his sight.

"Hey..what's going on???" Vicky asked, confused at the sight in front of him. On one hand, Armaan was flaring in anger whilst Samantha looked at him with a scared expression on her face. Without a word, Samantha wiped the invisible tears from her face and left the club while Armaan rolled his eyes; it was her usual way of trying to emotionally blackmail people with her fake tears. He sighed at how he'd been with so many other girls just like her and never realised how much they sweet talked him into things. Funny how he never realised any of this all these years, maybe because he'd never given so much thought into it or perhaps because he'd never wondered who the 'perfect girl' was for him?

"Armaan..." Vicky nudged him, pulling him out of his thoughts.  "What just happened?"

"Umm..Nothing, listen I've got to go and see Ridhima...I'll talk to you later" Armaan said, as he started rushing through the doors leaving a stunned Vicky behind. What's wrong with Armaan? He's changed so much in a month's time only because of this Ridhima chick?! It took me years to win over his trust and make him the man he his today Ridhima, I'm not gonna let my hard work go to waste this easily.  Vicky thought, with a smirk on his face.


"Ridhima!" Armaan shouted across the big hall of his house. "Ridhima!" He called out again as he didn't receive any response.

"Kya hua Armaan?" Ananya asked perplexed. It was quite odd seeing Armaan look around for Ridhima so hastily especially after her conversation with Ridhima where she'd tried to ensure that everything was fine between her and Armaan.

Armaan replied a small "Nothing" coldly and rushed up the stairs to their room where he hoped Ridhima would be.

"Ridhima..." He called out in a lower tone than earlier.

"Armaan?" He heard her say his name reluctantly. Turning around, he found her at the dressing table with her wet hair let loose on one side of her shoulder, leaving the other side exposed. He stood there rooted to the ground for a few seconds as her natural beauty stunned him, zoning him out. She was so beautiful, why had he never noticed it? He'd always been running after girls like Samantha but never realised what he had always missed out on. Not just her outer beauty, but even her inner beauty surpassed all the girls he'd ever met or been with. Shaking his head slightly at the weird thoughts he was getting he finally began:

"Ummm..Actually Ridhima, I wanted morning..ahhh..I.." He struggled to put into words while Ridhima stared at him shocked. Was he going to apologise about the morning's incident? THE Armaan Mallik was actually going to take the initiative to improve things? She could feel her heart doing quick back flips in joy and a small smile played on her lips.

Armaan stared at her confused as he could see a smile form on her face very slowly. Why was she smiling?

 It wasn't very often that he'd say sorry to people so it sure was surprising that he'd taken the step. Armaan paced towards her and looked her in the eyes before saying, "I'm sorry Ridhima for whatever happened today morning. You know how I am right? I just..get angry at everything. So..I'm sorry." He sighed, searching for his reply on her face.

His cute apology made Ridhima's heart throb loudly, she couldn't help but blush at his cuteness.

"Armaan.." She smiled lightly. "It's okay, mujhe pata hai ke tumhe ghussa bohat jaldi aa jaata hai. Isiliye toh mujhe tumhari baat ka bura nahin laga." Ridhima looked at him with a convincing look and his face broke into a smile finally feeling relieved as if a huge burden had been removed off his heart.

"And..yesterday night..." Armaan began but was cut in between by Ridhima.

"It's okay Armaan...I wasn't angry about that at all"

"So you didn't mind it?" Armaan asked in a husky tone and then giggled leaving Ridhima confused for a few seconds.

Did I really not mind it? Ridhima's mind wondered. She opened her mouth in protest but Armaan interfered before she could say anything.

"OK I was kidding about that ..peace!" He laughed and did the peace sign with his fingers before composing himself again, " So what were you angry about?" Armaan took her into an eye lock.

His deep blue eyes attracted her, almost hypnotising her, making her answer the truth. But how was she supposed to tell him that she was actually angry at herself for getting carried away despite the fact that she was in her senses? It would most probably give her feelings away to him and she didn't want that...or did she? Would he ever accept her if she told him she loves him? How would he react to it? Will he even reciprocate the same sort of feelings for her? Or will they both drift away from each other even more? No! It would be too big of a risk to lose him...She wouldn't be able to bare that whether he loved her back or not.

"I wasn't angry about anything Armaan. It was just that everything happened so quickly I was a bit...I don't know, just disturbed I guess." She assured him.

"Sure?" He probed her again, he felt as if there was something in her mind which she was not opening up to.

"Yeah.." She nodded. Just as she nodded her head, Armaan's eyes fell on her swollen lip once again. He felt a blush on his cheek and his face broke into a small side smile. Ridhima could swear she'd seen him blush a little as he stared at her, thinking it was just her mistake, she brushed away the thought.

He pointed at her lip and asked, "Do you realise your lip has become worse than this morning?"

"Yeah, I know.." She looked at him uncomfortably. It would, ofcourse, take a bit of time for her to get used to it whenever she remembers the night.

"Wait..let me get you some cream for it" he quickly looked around the room for a drawer where all the medicines, creams and etc was kept before Ridhima could utter a word. It took him a while as he moved the clothes which he had just dumped on it, he had actually never realised he'd be making such a big mess when he threw things around his room.

Ridhima giggled and kept her hand over her mouth in order to stop herself from making any noise as she saw Armaan making effort to remove all the clothes, shoes, wallets, magazines and God knows what else off the little drawer. It was almost as if that drawer didn't exist in the room like many of his other furniture.

Armaan panted heavily he finally managed to open the drawer and smiled at Ridhima sheepishly. He realised that Ridhima had actually made him aware of his foolishness. Boy did he really need to clean this room of his!

"Got it!" He smiled at Ridhima victoriously. That surely was a mission for him.

"Armaan...You don't have to do this. I'm fine, trust me."

"No Ridhima, it's swollen. Let me just put this on." He argued.


"Ridhimaaa.." He looked at her irately and made her sit down on the sofa. Taking some of the cream out of the tube on his finger, he moved towards her while Ridhima stared at him awkwardly. Well, this is an awkward moment, she thought. She knew she couldn't control herself when he was so close, her cheeks would automatically turn a burning crimson and she'd feel herself shaking. Armaan who hadn't anticipated it to be awkward felt strange that he'd actually offered to do this. Anywho, removing all the thoughts out of his mind he quickly put the cream on her lip, brushing his finger against it gently. At first it was to rub the cream on, but in the spur of the moment he got lost himself and didn't realise that he was being extra a corner of his heart, wanting to live this moment fully. Now, staring into Ridhima's eyes, he could feel her piercing gaze get the better of him. He could feel his heart thump, a feeling he'd never experienced and it only happened when it Ridhima with him, no other girl. Why is she the only one to make me feel this way? Armaan's mind wondered.

Suddenly, Armaan and Ridhima heard a shout which broke their eye contact immediately.

"ARMAAN!!" They heard someone call him furiously. They both looked at each other worriedly and got up from their seats, making their way to the main hall of the Mallik Residency.

"KAHAAN HAI WOH?" They heard the voice again only this time they were familiar with the voice; it was Billy.

"Wohh apne kamre mein hain..Kya hua? Aap itne ghusse mein kyun hai??" Ananya asked worriedly. She could sense something big was about to take place.

Billy shook his head and looked at the stairs where Armaan and Ridhima were making their way down to see what had happened.

"Lo! Agaya hamara maharaja!" Billy mocked, sending dirty looks to Armaan.

"What?" Armaan rolled his eyes. He knew it was yet another scene that Billy was going to create in the house. By now he was used to this kind of behaviour from Billy and especially his scolds. Did Armaan ever learn? If he had, Billy wouldn't be shouting right now.

"DON'T YOU DARE GIVE ME THAT ATTITUDE OF YOURS!" Billy yelled at the top of his voice, shocking Ridhima out of her wits. She'd never seen this side of Billy; hence, it was really surprising for her.

Armaan looked at Billy confusedly. What had he done now that Billy was so angry with him?

"Lekin hua kya hai Billy??" Ananya asked once again.

"Kya hua hai?? Isne...yahan tak ke tumne bhi mujhse jhoot bola hai!" Billy stated dejectedly.

"Jh..Jhoot? Kaise jhoot?" Ananya feared the worst.

"What does he tell us? He tells us he doesn't want to join the business before he completes his COURSE when he has lied to us all ALONG! HE HASN'T BEEN TO A SINGLE CLASS FOR THE COURSE!" Billy's anger rose even more. "And you, you LIED to me everytime I asked you about his whereabouts!"

"Billyy..." Ananya tried to justify herself even though she knew he was right.

Armaan just looked at him coldly. What difference did it make if he joined the 'family' business or not? And so what if hadn't been attending the classes? Why did Billy always make a fuss out of everything?


Ananya could feel her eyes well up, only to her surprise Ridhima came and supported her. How was Ananya meant to explain to Billy that she was a mother...and she knew Billy's temper. She just wanted to save Armaan from Billy's wrath so she'd lie about Armaan gone to the course time and time again.

All this while Ridhima stood next to Ananya trying to soothe her down, not knowing if she should say anything in between.

"So what? As if you care about me going to the course anyway? What difference does it make if I go to that shit or not?" Armaan finally spoke up grimly.


"It's true MR MALLIK. You've never had the time to care for your son, but you have the time to care for this shit?!!" He spat out. Ridhima looked at him taken aback, his way of speaking to his Dad was worse than she though initially.

"Armaan...I..." Billy and Ananya exchanged looks before he continued, "I've always cared for you and THIS is what I get in return?" A small tear trickled down Billy's cheek leaving Armaan dazed for a few seconds. Armaan had always seen Ananya crying and shedding tears but it was the first time he'd seen Billy break down in front of him. His heart thawed after years as he saw his Dad cry.

Billy quickly composed himself and made a firm a decision. "I've decided Armaan. You're joining the family business."


Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay. Hope you guys liked the part, I had to end it here to keep the suspense lol. 

Don't forget to post your views on the storyline/part I am open to criticism. :) 

Mel xx

PS: Don't forget to edit and let me know the page number too!<3

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Loved it, so so happy to read ur FF after ages, well loved the part , Armaan is so cute Blushing ...awww i hope he fall in love sooon it would be so so nice and beautiful,\

Thanku for updating , missed it alot 



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sjain IF-Addictz

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WOW...wonderful update meloo..Tongue
njoyed reading HPO after so long..TEHEE
aww..arm is changing he is not even showing interest in other girls ...YIPIII...I luved how he shouted on that girl ..but I feel his friends r planning sumthing bad ..I hope they don't create problem btw finally he has also started developing feelings for her ..this time nothing goes wrong :)))

update soonnn meloo

PS ..plsss IHA bhi update karo PLEASHHH

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Edited..check the previous page :)

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Originally posted by TheMelody.

Originally posted by sjain

Originally posted by TheMelody.

Originally posted by sjain

Originally posted by TheMelody.

OK I'm not posting it today. I tried my best, I've only done half of it and now I have to go and study for my exams so I'm gonna complete it tomorrow! <3

Stern Smile

Mahua I DID try. The past one month I have not been sitting at home doing nothing :S If I can't update I do have reasons and I can't put up my personal life here! I honestly have been trying to write since the past 3 hours or so and it's easy to read a part but harder to write it and it's unfair of you to post that reaction :S

hey choclaty melooo..chil chill
first extremely sorry for hurting u..but to b very honest..I never used that emo to hurt u in any way ...I myself never want any writer to ignore their priority to write fic here ...studies r PRIME most important thing in everyone's life and I myself will never ever force u or any other writer to ignore any thing else just for an update...NAHH..and I know much hardwork writers put in to write a part and update just to entertain we readers..and I completely RESPECT that effort :)))

that emo was just to tease u a bit ..only for fun motive for using that ..was just to have little fun as after long time u can was not intended to make u feel bad...after all I m reader ...I can have some fun too ..don't take it to heart dear...LOLLL

Mahua, I know you didn't mean it in a rude way but I will be honest with you that yesterday I didn't revise and was trying to write for 3 hours and after you did that emo it made feel like my hardwork just went in waste. For a few seconds I thought you didn't believe me. I was already in a bad mood and your comment triggered me off I guess, but I guess I should've taken it sportingly so I'm sorry if I sounded rude. :)

Anywho, let's not make a big scene of this and be all happies again :D Muah! 

I'm gonna update in 30 minutes. :D 

wait wait wait ..I seriously don't like sorry ..and even reading ur reply I cud feel ur frustration...kabhi kabhi hota hai ..koi nahi ..and even ..kabhi aagey bhi gussa aaye to bindaas mujhe par nikaal dena..NO ISSUES at all Wink..atleast being a reader I can bear that ...LOL

nothing is important then studies meloo always remember that dear ..this fic andf all r part of fun and entertainment ..m sure every reader here ..understands that..I won't ever suggest u to ignore exams or studies just to make ur update:))

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