Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CrazyIncreds- toms dreams-- SBVmaan n NPM!!!

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged

hi crazies...chalo chalo reserve kar lo...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

hope to have super rocking epi tom with SBV maan talking to geet.....intense passionate moments.......Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
after NPM practices his tai chi!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
what say girls??LOLLOLLOLLOL

Hiya crazies…………HugHugHugHugHugHug

Loved the epi!!!!!!!!!!!HugHugHugHugHug

Exactly as I hoped!!! NPM then SBV maan!!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Wowwwwwwwwwwww…………what emotions…what expressions………what anger…..what tai chi!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

WHAT A MAAN!!!!!!!!!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


The scene picked up from yest…..maans anger n pain witnessed by geet…but maan diod not witness geets tears…geets heart breaking…..fear n guilt is eating her up…regret for not telling maan…that's the only thing in geets mind….she cant see maans pain…coz she knows that maans anger is his pain!!!


Dadi comes as usual..late lateef…like Mumbai police…after the do nothing except give bakwaas advice….geets biggest regret is she hid the truth from maan…n her fear that he wont trust her again….her fears are baseless…maan may be angry for a while but their unbreachable bond will never allow him to hurt geet whatsoever…

I am glad geet told dadi not to interfere,,,,she has to kno that there is no place for a third person in a marriage…no matter how well meaning….

Geet baby u make me proud!!


Maans taichi!! Wow wow wowo wo wow wowwwowoowow…

How can anyone look so hot so hot so hot!!

His exrpressions were to kill for n his hot n sweaty bod!!!

*AASH dead..cant type further!!!*Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

How can anyone look so hot!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

New fire wala danda prop used today…symbolizing his burning anger…!!!


Now this is what we call a dramatic scene…topnotch n perfect…dialogues…expressions….GC DD u were fab!!

Geet crying…maan angry..

But geet ne sabh kuch bola…about devs shart n dadis kasam…good!! She still took the blame that it was her fault..maans anger was awefreakingsome!!!

Did u see his badi badi aankhen change in an instant to pain n regret when geet said her piece!!????

I knew he wud say mar diya hota…..and geets reaction was fab…she didn't keep anything inside,,,she told her piece… difficult it was to beg that man…..but FOR HER HUSBAND….SHE WILLL GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!! NO PRIDE NO SELF RESPECT……!! IS ANYTHING IN FRONT OF HIS LIFE!!

Maan realizes his mistake………… issue is…MAAN WAS ALWAZ THIS WAY….WHICH MAAN DID GEET SEE??? THE LOVERBOY OF THE PAST FEW MONTHS WAS NOT maan singh khurrana….

His emotions are alwaz it love, anger,hate,care,protectiveness,possessiveness,jealousy,!!!

So what was geet talking about!!!

But don't be angry at geet guys…..she is hurt at the thot of maans she is lashing out…deep down she knows that for maan she is his life…and he will never leave her alone no matter what the personal pain to him….lekin uske sare emotions…jo itne din se dabae rakhe the wo umad aaye!!!


Geet talking to baby…gives her peace………..i loved the way she claimed "humara baccha"!! no hesitation…no doubt!!! Thank god for that!!


Maans regret at hurting geet was t be expected……now he will manao his mishit!! Cant wait…

He has realized that geets love means more to him than anything else…even his hatred of dev…even if it is on her behalf!!

Oh btw…was he looking hot or was he looking hot!!


I was like W*F!! Ye torture wapas kyu…lekin I kinda liked the scene…annie finally getting a 1% backbone to defy arjun!! Lets hope after learning the truth she doesn't become the spineless fool again..

She called arjun a coward n backstabber!! Annie u kno that's what he is still u persist in loving him?? But heart is unknown ways…


Wow ….maan manoing geet!


Maan has realized that he needs to curb his temper n manaofy his he asks dev to stop…to prove to geet that he is repenting his anger n hatred…he wants to show that his love for her is bigger than his hatred for dev….

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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hello crazies...Big smile

wow wow and wow..what a episode...loved the episode..
gc-dd..guys take a bow..
loved the scene and the episode..
glad that geet took control and told that msk is angry with her so she will talk to maan..
wow the fire-chi was god it was awesome...
gc was simply awesome words to describe it..
then it's geets turn when msk told that he would rather die than be taking dev's help..
maan has chosen geet over the baby and geet had understood it..similarly..geet has chosen maan over her hatred for dev...
msk is blinded by his hatred for dev and did not understand why geet went to dev for help..
but kudi..drove home the truth..
she has shown that how msk's harted for dev has changed him...
msk understood it and he realised that neither he nor geet wanted him to be this person...geet is the light of his life..
dd was awesome in that scene....
what can i say these two were bloody brilliant today..
well i ignored aa maaneet rocked...

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged

Jyothi approved the banner contest  ....... so now we can decide the date & every thing ....... as ixx wanted the contest to be post poned the contest will be conducted on next sunday .... i.e. the 13th .....

aarti ....nandita .....aditi ....... is 13 th fine for you all ..........if 13th is fine then  the dead line would be saturday afternoon .............................12 th after noon ......... so that deeps may need time to fix the thread for sunday .........
crazies any one of u all interested ........
today's analysis ......depends whther i will b able to upate or not Cry
the cable guy messed up all channels & bcoz of that i am not getting starone ......god knows how i will b able to watch geet nowCryCryCryCry tht guyAngryAngryAngryis not even answering the phone .......not sure if i can post my update ........Cry

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saanjh11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
here i go episode was too serious yaar so me also very serious :-

1.haila i am fida on geet maan humko darata hai geet ne maan ko dara dita aaj toClap
Scared emoticon Hiding behind couch

2haila no curtains,no kabooter maan ye kya hua new set all vanished seriously ice-chi was better than fire-chi we all already burning so ice wud have helped yaar.

3. annie if u had met hp wala man iam sure he seeing u wud have said aurat jaat ho na dhokha dena fitrat hai LOL why u went straight to arjun's place and not confronted him on phone when u had to give hose at ease expression haila she asking back"chup kyo ho ab bolo na" why  why  why torturing us? 

4.haila daadi ki bachchi sharam hai ki nahi ek baar bhi muh se nahi phootee that maan i am responsible  ulta blaming maan,no gosh my BP too high.

5.maan from where u bought ur tai-chi lower haila ramayana ke jamane ka hai kya too shiny don't belive me look in fb pics .

6.maan better late than never hummmmmmmm good cv we want to see angry maan and u sent him to self realisation zone to find out how to curb anger Clap,haila we all fida on u for that how u do it yaaro ?
Cool emoticon With snow

7. geet my heart went out for u and ur attitude dear haila me not only cried wid u but more than that loved u so this for u

8. maan has a golden heart and no he has not changed that anger was his love for geet i bow down for him after all he is human and deeply in love wid geet and see wid a click he admitted it but hailageet ne maan ki band baja dee aaj .
hideunderchair.gif sorry2.gif same promo not good yaar iam tired of seeing it and hearing dev ruko ,haila why not some lovey-dovey one ha bolo bolo nasmoochies.gif

10. chalo maan gear up we also wanna see what u will do now for manofying geet we eagerly waiting and haila we want more more more as we r very greedy people when it comes to maneet love

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged

hey crazies....i am a groupbie now...SmileSmileSmile
SmileThe magic is back in geet
the episode was brilliantly executed, everything from screenplay, acting, dialogues, background score just complemented each other...
i am just too exited as from past few weeks didn't get such classy episodes...finally all is well and geet right back on goes to new screenplay writers barry and mahesh

as for the episode goes:
today only things that i liked (there was nothing bad in the episode it was 10/10 for me)
1. Maans tai-chi session .. wel this time with fire...too good shows how angry he was
2. geet telling dadi that she will talk to dadi, no matter whatever the problem is she is our strong went alone to face maans anger
3. geet couldn't see maan in pain and couldn't even stand on her feet, the best and most heart touching scene today dd was fabClapClapClap
4. geet telling maan each and every thing, so no more scope for MU, thank god geet is different else we would have it stretched like for agesLOLLOL
5. Maans dialogue to geet "maar jane diya hota" i felt so bad for geet... good she gave back to maan atleast now he will understand that for maaneet love is more important than any hatred
6. maans realisation that she should not get angry to the extent that it hurts the people he loves the most and wants to protect
7. loved geets talk to the baby... baby always calms them down
8. now i am desperately waiting for maan to manofy geet...its not going to be easy as geet is very hurt and angry..hope to see some passionate maaneet moments

Last but definitely not the least superb acting by DD, GC.... one of the best episodes in recent times ...StarStarand barry wow what dialogues...StarClapClap


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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Geet pe gussa kia ab bhogto maan . Manao apna Geet ko

Episode start with yesterdays scene . maan was going and Dadima came . Geet said Dadima mujhe jo daar tha wohi hua . Maan ko saachai pata chala but kissi aur se . Dadima Dev ko othouse me jaane ko kaha . Abtau Dev asani se man gaya . Itna natak kiyu kia
Dadima said Geet Me maan se baat karti hu but Geet said Maan ka narazi mujhse hai Tau maan se baat main  karungi . Good going Geet .

Maan hua aag babula . Woh kitna gussa.  kya thi chi tha Maan Doing thi chi and remembered Dev se joori hui baat . Kya Maan Geet ko shak kia . I don't understand . Geet and Dev ka bare me kiyu socha tha . Pata nahi mujhe aisa laga sayed maan ek pal ke liye Geet ko shak kia .

Geet saw that maan doing thichi . Geet upar se dekh raha tha . Jab Maan ne aag se khelna shuru kia tab Geet was running and maan ke pass aya . Geet called Maan and said Wo photo ke peche ek kahani hai . Then Geet told the blood onate wala baat . Maan Said tumne mujhe pahele kiyu nahi bataya . Geet said Dev ne shart rakhi thi phir vhi maine batana chaha but Dadima rokh lia . Phir apka gussa dekh kar maine himmat nahi kar paya

Maan said tumne Dev se madat kiyu manga mujhe mar jane deta . Geet was shocked. Kya expressions tha Geet ka . Kuch nahi bol paya tha . Then Geet said kitna asani tha apke liye ye bolna lekin era kya hota humara baby ka kya hota . Aap tau sirf aapke baare me socha . Ek bar socha maan mainekis halat me dev se madat mangi thi Mera kaisa haal hua tha use madat mangne se . Maine kaise Dev ka samna kia . Aap tau sirf gussa kar rahi . Gussa aap ko sabse bara hua . aap meri wo maan ho nahi sakta . Mar dia Geet ne sabse bara teer . Kya bola Geet tumne I love you Geet .

Now Maan got his sense and realise Gussa kitna khaternak hai . Wo kaise Geet ke saath aisa behaviour kia . Maan rembered Geet's talk and think geet ne kitna mushkil ka samna kia . Gussa se maine hotel chora and accident hua . Dev ke liye nafrat mujhe kya bana dia .  Maan jao Geet ko manao .

Geet stand to the window and self talk baby dekha Maan kaise bola mujhe mar jane deat . Ek baar vhi humare baare me nahi socha . Maan heard Geet's self talk .

Maan soch raha tha galti ki ab kaise Geet ko manaunga then dadima Came . Maan said dadima maine gussa pe Geet ko kya kya na kaha . Today i love Dadima that Dadima said Geet ne koi bhul nahi ki . Maan said Geet ne mujhe kitna khushi di aur maine Geeet ko ukh dia . Dadima said  bhool kia tau maffi vhi mango.

Last Maan kya bola i can't understand . Maan said sirf maafi se kaam nahi chalega . Maan kya proof karna chata hai . Dev ko rokh kar ye batana chata hai ...........................

I don't understand AA so no talk about Aa

Today GC and DD was superb
Hats Off GC and DD

Maaneet rocks and Gurti rocks . I loved the episode .

Manofy  Geet mission will tomorrow

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
omg omg omg awesome episode.... back to track....

GC and DD rocked today... omg my heart was all tearing wen i saw the epi today tears were falling seeing Maan in pain and Geet crying...

We saw his tai chi after long time ans his style was new...he did fire chi this time... rod over, ice over, now dear is playing with fire... i remember how ma dad used to spin rod without

finally Geet told him the whole truth but wat i feared where the words wic came from Maan and he exactly said the same... now totally regretting his words wic he uttered... DD was mind blowing here...while she said " wat care will u have for baby and me" OMG OMG the expression on Maan changed super loved it ..

the pain he went thro, Geet went thro was awesomely portrayed...

OMG GC killer looks will die to see tat...

Geet talking to baby tat pap has changed for him his anger is big... nothing else he does not care for anything else and Maan listening wow...

GC portrayed so many emotions today...bestest of all tai chi epi...must say..

precap Maan on his knees...patoaying Geet.... loved it...waiting for tmrw's epi...

and the old wala precap of Dev leaving and Maan stopping...

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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aash jo tune kaha woh sach ho jaaye!.............sapne bhi sach hote haiWinkWinkWink
Edited after epi-

Hi sweethearts,

Episode was awesome mindblowing rocking!!!..........MAANEET scenes were perfect!

DD and GC were superb, mindblowing, fantastic!.............Kudos to themClapClapClap..........

MAANEET-har dard, naraazgi, ghusse, nafrat, bebasi mein bhi hamesha pyaar aur fikar chupi hoti hai................

Maan goes away from the place bcuz he cannot let his Geet read his eyes windows to his soul eyes filled with immense pain, anger, hatred, helplessness.............seeing her Maan walk away Geet in tears she knows Maan values trust and truth more than anything else for him love means bharosa and yakeen...............wat Geet feared the most had happened her Maan came to know the truth bitter truth from a third person....................Dadima trying to calm and console Geet that she wud go and speak to Maan that it was bcuz of her that Geet kept quiet and the circumstances............but Geet know her Maan is angry at her is hurt bcuz of her.............Geet wanted to shield her Maan from the pain of bitter truth but in the process unknowingly she hurt her Maan so goes to speak to her Maan..............when she has gone looking for Maan she sees Maan doing tai-chai a medium thru which Maan always expresses his feelings be it anger or hatred or pain or helplessless..............Geet's heart ached seeing her Maan like this she cud not bear the dreadful sight so she goes to her Maan but when she reaches him seeing how the intensity of his anger, hatred and pain is increasing second by second her pain, fear, guilt r increasingly simultaneously.............she breaks down her bleeding heart filled her eyes with tears...............

Geet tells Maan the whole truth to how she had to go take dev's help as a last resort and that bcuz of dadima and Maan's health condition she had to hide the truth from him..............also Geet was hiding truth from her Maan seeing his immense anger and hatred for dev...................also it was so touchy to see how she tells him that it was not dev's shart of not telling Maan that he donated blood but it was her immense concern and love for her Maan and his health that stopped her from telling him the truth..................Maan's anger and hatred towards dev and Maan's hatred and anger towards himself, Maan's immense guilt and his helpless situation and also Maan's immense pain which pierced like a million thorns in his heart all together made him say those heartbreaking words............tum muje mar jaane deti yeh toh meri iss zindagi se acha hota.............for Geet these words of her Maan shook her existence, broke her heart, for her hearing these words from her Maan hurt her more than all the pain, tears, cruelties, difficulties, nightmares she had gone thru in her can she hear her Maan her eternal saviour talking about his cud Geet bear it............Their baby's and Maan ki Geet' life, happiness, dreams, colours, safety everything is Maan-Maan the best and perfect papa in the world and Geet's eternal saviour, caretaker, parent, teacher, friend, lover, husband and soulmate who wud fulfil all their wishes and dreams...............Maan's life now is their baby's and Geet's Maan's dreadful and painful words hurt her tore her heart into zillion pieces and now this immense pain comes out as her anger............just like how Maan was letting out his pain thru his anger Geet also lets out her pain in the form of anger......................Geets breaks down........she cries her heart out she lets out all the pain, fear, guilt, inner turmoil, her majboori bebasi and helplessness which she had kept within herself and which she had suppressed within herself which was killing her every second in front of her Maan.............meine kya ghalat kiya meine joh bhi kiya mere pati ko bachane ke liye kiya..................Geet's soul her heart her mind all telling her Maan's heart, soul and his mind............wat is wrong if she took the help of the person who ruined her life dev to save the person who gave her a new life her Maan.............wat is wrong if she begged the man who took away her innocence, her happiness, dreams, made her sabse parayi even after having a family for the man her Maan who gave back her self-respect, her dignity, a new life, filled her life with so much happiness, sweet dreams , colours which she had not even dreamt of, made her sabse apna.................Geet ke liye apne Maan se badkar kuch nahi hai.................

Geet kya aap jaanthe hai muje kitni takleef hue hogi dev se madad maangne mein............she swallowed all her pain and tears and faced her worst most painful and dreadful past worst than any nightmare just for her most blissful beautiful colourful happy and lovely dream and reality her present and future her Maan..............Geet wanted to share her pain wat all she went thru when her life her everything her Maan was fighting between life and death and she had no other option but to take dev's was so cruel unfair and unjust on Geet........usually people try to move away and forget and erase all the painful memories from their life from their heart which remind them of terrible past but Geet had to face all that once again in her life.................Geet wanted to cry on her Maan's shoulders.........his arms being the happiest and safest place for her...............her Maan's baahon ki darmiya which gives her utmost peace, relief from all her pain, tension, worries, concerns but now seeing her Maan in so much anger and after listening to heartbreaking words from her Maan that she shud have left him die...............Geet's ears cud not believe wat she had heard......her aching heart makes her say aap badal gaye hai Maan aap pehle jaise Maan nahi hai jise mein jaanthi thi..............Geet never meant these words now she is hurt so her bleeding heart her pain led to eruption of such words but Geet knows her Maan will always be her Maan forever.........she knows that her Maan cares and lover her and their baby more than himself...........Geet  trusts her Maan more than herself and kismat...............

Maan's tears when his Geet goes from there (Geet might have gone from the place physically.........there might be physical distance but MAANEET r always together they r connected thru their hearts, souls, minds)..........................he hates himself and is angry at himself to such a level when he realizes that the hatred and anger in him had reached such a level that for a while unknowingly it overshadowed the unconditional, selfless, immense, true and pure love and concern MAANEET have for each other and their divine and atooth ristha based on immense mutual trust, understanding and faith..............also he hates himself and is guilty that how cud he not see his Mishti's pain and tears how difficult it wud have been for her to plead dev for help dev the person whom Geet wud not even want to see even for a second.......the person bcuz of whom Geet had to go thru so much injustice, cruelties, sorrow , loneliness, tears, unhappiness, helplessness.............Maan cursed himself that in his anger and hatred he forgot wat his Geet wud have gone thru how difficult and painful it wud be for her when she had to hide the truth from him eventhough she wanted to tell him the truth..........also Maan blames himself and his anger and hatredness that bcuz of it MAANEET left the hotel and it resulted in an unfortunate accident and bcuz of that Geet had to face her horrible past her rap*st dev once again...................and also due to this MAANEET had to go thru so much pain and helplessness................

MAANEET never meant the words which they said was just that they were going thru varied emotions of pain, anger, hatred, helplessness which were deeper than the deepest ocean and so unknowingly thru their heartbreaking words and actions both hurt each other unknowingly................also initially Geet is guilty, hating herself that she had hidden the truth from her Maan and in the process hurt him immensely and later Maan is feeling guilty, hating himself that he has hurt his MAANEET's life whenever any negative or bad or tragic incident has happened the unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances  have always in the past and also now have made them blame themselves, curse themselves, hate themselves, torture themselves, they have made them angry at themselves for no fault of theirs'............

Geet talking to their baby near window how touchy Maan sees this to how he has hurt his Misthi so much he cannot face her now so he goes out...........he is self-reflecting on his past actions and behaviour..................there is silence but still his mind is doing maximum talking when he is silent and when there is silence in the surroundings.............that is when dadima comes and breaks the silence.............she tells him he has hurt his Geet immensely...........dadi can understand Maan's anger and hatred towards dev but fails to understand Maan's anger towards Geet and how unknowingly he has hurt his Mishti.............for a while his anger and hatred might have made him behave and say those words which have hurt his Geet the most but this anger of his is short-lived bcuz his immense love and care for his Geet his angel and sunshine who gave him a new life happiness, taught him how to live, smile, love, enjoy rain, appreciate beauty of flowers his love for his Geet is always above his anger...............

Anni thinks Arjun told Maan the truth and i was so proud of her when she told that arjun that arjun is such a coward and he can only do peeche se war........well said anni!............


Ad break se pehle-Maan tum mujese ghussa karo chillao par mu mudke mat jaao................can't wait for 2mrw..............

Maan stopping dev............i hope he is stopping dev to talk about the debtor and not for any other reason............

Today once again MAANEET made me smile thru tears and today once again i'm so proud that i'm a viewer of GHSP and that i have MAANEET who have touched my heart to such an extent that now they have become an integral part in my life can't imagine even a single day without them...............and bcuz of GHSP and MAANEET now i have lovely and sweet CRAZIES in my GHSP, MAANEET and CRAZIES soooooooooo muchHeartHug....................


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