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New Beginnings(A Sajan ff) Prt-2 Pg 4

Malika IF-Sizzlerz

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New Beginnings

A Sajan FF

Character Sketch

Samrat Singhania (Played by Mohit Sehgal) - MD and owner of Singhania empire.

Dr. Gunjan Bhushan Singhania (Played by Sanaya Irani) - A senior surgeon in sanjeevani and samrat's wife.
Armaan Malik(Played by Karan Singh Grover) - Samrat and gunjan's lawyer and their childhood friend.
Dr.Riddhima Malik(Played by Jennifer Winget)- Armaan's wife and gunjan's senior at sanjeevani.She is very sympathetic towards samrat and gunjan and treats them as her own family.
Sheena Malhotra-Samrat's business partner. The only aim of her life is to somehow separate Samrat and Gunjan and marry samrat so that she can takeover the Singhania empire.

A billionaire, business tycoon and the owner of Singhania empire, Samrat Singhania, has always been a man of virtues and commitment. Currently running the most successful business firm in Mumbai, samrat took over the Directorship of the Singhania empire when his dad passed away a year ago due to cancer, while his mom is settled in Canada as she got separated from his dad when he was just 10 years old. Since them his father gave him the love of both the parents, and never let his faith in love dwindle. Samrat's father always told him that not all love stories turn into a disaster...rather some are everlasting. It was this faith only that made Samrat fell in love with Gunjan, his childhood sweetheart. During the last stage of his cancer, Samrat's dad came to know about the love that was blossoming between his son and the beloved daughter of his childhood friend...who had died years ago in a car accident. Realizing his impending death...Samrat's dad requested him and Gunjan to get married before he dies. Though deeply in love with each other, but this came as a huge shocker for both Samrat and Gunjan. At that time Samrat just wanted to concentrate on his career and same was the case with Gunjan, who had just returned from US, after completing her MD in surgery. But Samrat's dad stood firm on his resolve as he had promised Gunjan's dad that he will take care of his daughter just like his own. To add to it, the urge to see his son settled with the love of his life, became a last wish for Samrat's dad. Unable to convince Mr. Singhania in way possible, Samrat and Gunjan had to finally get married. They accepted it as a choice of someday or the other they had to get married. But...
Soon after their marriage, Samrat's dad passed away! This incident blew both of them completely, turning out to be the biggest catastrophe in their life as well s their relationship. With his father's death Samrat changed completely, He forced himself totally into his work leaving him with no time for anything...not even Gunjan. This became the biggest cause of friction between the two. Marriage began to seem as the biggest mistake of life to both of them. Small tiffs gradually transformed into huge ego clashes and misunderstandings. They cud barely stand each together in the same house for rest of the life was a far thing. It was then that the two of them decided to part their ways forever...they decided to take divorce!

"Mr. Singhania, your wife cant be seen anywhere...isn't she here??" his new business associate, Steve Gerrard's erratic question suddenly fumbled samrat out of his usual calm temperament.
"Umm..err...uhh..wohhhh" samrat stumbled with his words as his gaze moved down in embarrassment.
"uhhh...Actually steve she is too busy with her job...that's why she cudnt make it tonite. She had an important surgery scheduled for tonight, after all being a doc is not an easy job u see" samrat tried to cover up his embarrassment in front of steve when suddenly a croaky female voice from behind, interrupted their conversation.
"Waise sahi kaha tumne samrat, ek doctor ki responsibility nibhana, asaan baat nahin hai but I wish ki tumhari dear wife ko poori duniya ke saath saath agar tumhari bhi thodi fikar hoti wud have been great,u know" she croaked in her usual quirky style! It was sheena ofcourse.
"Pls sheena not now!" samrat whispered in a stiff tone as he gave sheena a look.
"Pardon me!" steve interrupted samrat and sheena's murmur "heyy Ms Malhotra what did u just say, I wasn't able to get u...can u just translate it for me.."
"Uhh not much Steve she just said that your wife looks really amazing in that white gown...n she really wish if you could match upto her a bit , but you look a li'l older...may be like her elder brother or...or her father" well it was armaan coming from behind, who once again left sheena open-mouthed with a super witty answer to her rubbish about gunjan.
Sheena shuddered one of her feet in anger and ran from the spot in embarrassment. Samrat gave armaan a look.
"Psycho woman" steve mumbled as he saw an agitated sheena walking away shaking her big fat butt. Samrat and armaan gave each other a look as if the next second they wud be seeing each other rolling on ground laughing out of their wits.

 "uhh..Well steve pls don't mind her...actually she is going through a personal trauma these days...may be that's why she is too upset" samrat tried to handle the situation struggling hard to control his laughter.
"yeahh! I understand Mr. Singhania" Steve nodded to samrat and went away taking his leave. He had barely went a few metres away when he heard a big blast like voice behind him! As he saw back to reconfirm if everything was fine...he saw two guys, he was just talking to, a few seconds ago ,falling onto each other laughing like maniacs.
A:"Personal problem???Ohh yaaahh personal problem of being a pedayishi attention seeker"armaan was now literally on floor.
S:Ohh...Youuu...Youuu....(samrat turned totally breathless coz of the crazy giggles the two of them were having)
A:abe pehle saans lele...pata chale ki kahin woh gunjan ka emergency surgery wala patient tu hi na ban jaye...(Armaan broke into another fit of laughter)

S:Ohhh ohhh goddd...huhhhhhhhhh...shitttt...youuu..shut up you moron...!! you r such a loser armaan...kya bigaada tha us bechare firangi ne tera jo use apni hi biwi ka bhai bana diya...aur uske saath jo kiya so kiya mere saath aisa kyun kiya!! Pata hai ab kitne ghante lagenge Miss. G ko manane ke liye.
A:Miss G??Mr. Singhania ab aap apni business partner ko aise bulayenge!!(Armaan said with a sarcastic twinkle in his eyes..he knew what was coming up...n where he wud be a few minutes from wonders again on the floor!!)

S:hayeee...dekho to sahi Mr malik ki innocence ko...jaise kitne bhole bhale hon.

A:abe mujhe sahi mein nahin yaad aa raha what did miss G stand for??Kisne rakha tha ye naam iska???ridzi...ermmm..i think haina??(armaan acted)

S:No stupid...tujhe yaad nahin...teri aur bhabhi ki first anniversary last to last year...jis din maine gunjan ko propose kiya tha...and hum charon bahar gaye the...for a party!!

A:ohhh haan yaad aaya...usi din Ridzi ne rakha tha na ye naam...
S:abe bhabhi ne nahin...chahsmish ne rakha tha(samrat said hitting armaan on his head)
A:achcha!! tujhe badi yaad hai gunjan ki saari baatein...kal mujhse kaun kah raha tha ki divorce ke baad gunjan ki yaad to mujhe tab aayegi jab main uski kisi baat ko yaad rakhoonga.Do saal pehle ki baton ko to bhula nahin paya...aur gunjan ko bhulne ki baat karta hai.
Hearing armaan's words samrat suddenly shuddered out of discomfort.
"What did armaan mean??am I still not over gunjan?? Its our first hearing for divorce 2morrow and YET m I still not sure if I want a divorce or not. am I still hung to her memories??and "chahsmish"...after so many days how come I called gunjan by that name???Does this mean...that I haven't forgotton her yet...!!Am I still in love with gunjan" samrat felt his head spinning as the questions overflowed beyond what he could comprehend.
"Pls armaan lets not start this again...tujhe nahin lagta is bare mein already bahut baat ho chuki hai."samrat said trying not to look into armaan's eyes.

A: Lekin mujhe aaj tak ye samajh nahin aaya ki tu aur gunjan ek dusre se divorce lena hi kyun chahte ho.

S:simple...kyunki hum ek doosre ki shakl bhi bardasht nahin kar sakte.
A:Ohhh really!
S:haan! aaj ka hi example le le na...agar use mujhse thodi bhi attachment hoti ...meri thodi bhi parwah woh aaj yahan hoti. Woh janti thi ki aaj ka ye function Singhania industries ke liye kitna important hai...phir bhi she didn't even bother to come for some time.Is se tu kya conclusion nikaal sakta hai.

A:yehi ki woh tujhse badla le rahi hai.


A:matlab simple...last week tu bhi to sanjeevani ke new Cancer department ki opening ceremony mein nahin gaya tha na.She so wanted u to be there...usne us department ka naam specially request karke uncle ke naam pe rakhwaya a new start in his name.Woh chahti thi ki us dept ki inaugaration tu kare.But u too didnt even bother to goe for a few mins.Use bhi shayad itna hi bura laga hoga jitna tujhe aaj lag raha hai.
S:Ohh please...u know main wahan kyun nahin gaya was a cancer dept's opening ceremony...and you know ye shabd sunte hi mujhe kya hone lagta hai.Dad se judi woh saari baatein...woh pain jis se dad guzre...I just cant tolerate it armaan!! Aur waise bhi jo dad ke saath hua...since then I have lost my faith on every doctor.They cant do anything...unhein sirf apne patients ko dard dena aata hai...aur itni taqleef ke baad bhi woh mere dad ko nahin bachcha paye. Then why the hell should have I gone there??Ye dekhne ke liye ki kitne bachcha mere tarah kuch hi dinon mein apne dad ya apni mom ya kisi aise ko khone wale hain jin se woh bahut pyaar karte hain!!!Ye dekhne ke liye jata ki kitne log mere dad ki tarah ek haari hui kang lad rahe hain!!Bullshittt!!
Now armaan could easily see samrat becoming too vulnerable. His eyes had already turned moist.
"Samrat I can understand your condition.Par yr why dont u sab sab tu feel karta hai...lekin gunjan is bare mein kuch nahin janti. Ye jo tere dil mein itna darr...itni kadwahat bhar gayi hai...ek baar to use gunjan ke saath share karke dekh. I m sure woh tujhe zaroor samjhegi.You need her help.Kyunki wohi hai jo tere pain ko sabse zyaada samajhti hai.Uncle uske liye bhi uske dad hi the...she too has lost someone very close.Why donnt u guys just try to open up with each other.Even court bhi tumhein pehle yehi salah try n live togeter!! Yaar both of you make such a great couple...tum dono ko phir se iss bare mein sochna chahiye...aur kisi aur ke liye naa sahi to uncle ke liye hi sahi.Woh bhi to sirf yehi chahte the na ki tum dono hamesha saath khush raho...aur tum ho ki...You guys r planning to part forever.Plssss yr just rethink about it" Armaan said to samrat in a very caring tone just like if he was his elder brother.
Armaan's words left samrat into a deep thought."Was it really possible to go back now??But before that, the question was...was he and gunjan really wishing to go back!!Were they still in love...???And if not why each other's presence or absence in their life's important moments affect them so much...??Samrat had no answer

Hey guys pls do post your feedback abt the first part.And if u want me to drop in a pm whenever i update pls press the like button.

luv all malika Heart


CS+Intro+prt-1   Pg1

prt-2  Pg4
















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1gunjan7 IF-Dazzler

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Hey Dear Malika Wow!! Awesome n interesting Story line Thumbs Up......Character Sketch is very good.........and The introduction of your story was impressive and Fantastic..ClapClap.Clap....1st part of the FF--New beginnings is just Excellent and Amazing and really very well written.................Loved reading your FF a lot........Each scene n Dialogue from Start to finish was Superb......and Presentation is also Amazing........ClapClapClapClap......I loved reading n Imagining each scene Day Dreaming.........

Sheena is so evil Angry..But really liked the the way u showed Armaan handling sheena..U wrote it well and What u wrote at the time when Sheena walked away and Steve saw her walking away--This Scene had me in splits .
sheena walking away shaking her big fat butt--Sheena 's BIG Fat Butt-LOLLOLROFL-- I couldnt control my laughter when I read this scene  of Sheena walking awayWinkLOLLOL..........

 Samrat n Armaans they r so naughty ...when I was imagining them laughing and the whole scene the way armaan handled Sheena and steve .. Armaan n samrats laughter this particular scene had me laughing alsoLOL and Both of them called sheena MISS G .....And What Does MISS G means??.....I think Miss G means Gamandii Wink Right Malika?.................But I loved Samrat and Armaan's bonding .. the way Armaan was trying 2 make samrat realise that he still loves gunjan and they both should not take divorce and should give each others relationship another chance .. this Scene n Dialogues were Really sweet and Amazing ...............very well written .....this scene showed that Armaan is a true friend of Sajan .......

Sajan are taking divorceCry..
and their 1st hearing is next dayCry..But I am sure this Divorce will never happen....As after armaans words 2 him Samrat  has started realising he may still love His Chashmish..... I am sure Sajan will realise they still love Each other and then will uniteSmile.........RIGHT Malika??.WinkSmile.............

Really Fantastic story line and I will Love to read Your Updates ......................SO DO Update Soon Smile.............................

Thanks 4 Pm dearHug and Whenever U Update DO Pm Me also Plsss.........Smile...

Love GunjanSmileSmile....................

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Very Interesting n Different Concept YAASHIClap Superb 1st Part.Clap Very promising Story Line.ClapI loved your casting (Jenny is best 4 Rids Character).Do continue soon.

-S O H A M.

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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wowow nice CS ,intro and part 1 plzzzzzz add me to your pm list

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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awesome cont soon....

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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oww malu it was an outstanding concept of this FF kudos to u for coming up with this wonderful conceptClapClapand first part was seriously amazing , just love this first update ClapClapClap u did wonderful job with this update specially loved samrat and arman's bonding the way u said just like younger and elder brother's jodi , this concept is seriously very promising the way u described one young couple 's phase of life , understanding ,faith , love which is hidden behind their ego , and clash of thoughts , gosh it was be most wonderful how will they again discover their love again , in any relationship everytime u discover ur partner more and more spending time with each other sharing everything here they fell in love ,got married still they haven't discovered their soul yet now can't wait for next update i am excited to read next part do continue soon and once again hats off to u for wonderful concept ClapClap btw sheena 's scene and on that samrat and arman's take on it was hilarious i wish i could rolling on my floor ROFLROFL

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