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Mistis thoughts 1st March 2011 (Page 4)

anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
misti you are gr8 yaar superb...
you have gr8 ideas ...
love to read

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Misti, very good commentary and don't have that much more to add as you covered everything.  But I wrote some of my thoughts which sometimes are duplicate of yours.  I also liked the dynamics of Phuljari's family.  So far they are showing these various characters and paying attention to details.  Hope they keep it this way in the future.  The story would be more interesting if all characters are involved rather than them becoming silent spectators the way they did with PF in last three months.

Originally posted by misti73

I liked Nirupa Roy today.  He is worried about Phuljhari and is questioning goldfish's orders regarding Phuljhari's marriage and that he should not look for the boy. He knows that problems will be created if others get to know about all this and that Phuljhari childhood will be spoilt if she keeps on thinking about Bumbumbhole as the husband. So he is adamant that for the time being Phuljhari should forget about this marriage and just enjoy her childhood. I like this active father in Nirupa Roy who is trying within his means to make his daughter happy and he is not inclined to listen to anyone when his daughter's happiness is concerned. He s starting to get vocal about it too. Yesterday goldfish told him that Phuljhari is now married but today he wants Phuljhari to forget about this marriage for her own sake. Angie doesn't this sound familiar, I mean this forgetting part?  Also liked the father for finally standing up to the mother and for telling her off sternly that he will not let anyone play with Phuljhari life. He does not care about others and Phuljhari will go to school. The father also knows his kids quite well which the mother knows but in her blindness does not want to accept or see. 
It seems that the creatives have either heard the audience or are showing some sort of groW*H in father's character.  As long they don't regress it back, the progression is good.  Misti,  wonder if they are reading the forum.  Hopefully they are reading your thread.

I too liked father's concern.  Phuljhari thinking about marriage is similar to Radhika of CB1 except there Radhika was an adult who fell for Dev and married him later.  So that marriage was meaningful.  But phuljhari's reaction is also realistic.  She has been brainwashed by the goldfish and now has heard women talking about sindoor.  Hence her reaction.  This can be accepted.  

I like father's thinking.  He actually would like his daughter to forget about the marriage, but he is looking for the boy because he knows his daughter.  He knows that she has got it in her head that she is married.  Also, he is an uneducated person who believes things told by a pandit.  So his reaction was totally reasonable.  

I like this father over Shastriji as Shastriji was clueless about his wife and mother.  He blamed all everything on Vishaka.  Here the father knows his wife and kids pretty well.  As you said, there is no delusion..  I can accept him giving in to his wife as his wife is a querulous person who fights with everyone.  She is similar to Savita of PR that way.  Not everyone has a capacity to fight like that.  So a lot of people become quiet just for peace.  But he is speaking up at the right moments.

I still have questions about his close relationship with Radhika.  He loves Radhika more than his own kids.  His relationship is not like Shastriji of CB1 who loved Radhika because Radhika was the ideal daughter of his dreams.  It is more of a genuine father-daughter relationship.  But he shows almost no interest in his own kids.  Is it because he is compensating for mother's behavior or is there something more to it?  So far they have hinted that Radhika's father left her with them and died.  Also, Mansa promised the panchayat that he would bring up Radhika as a Brahmin girl.  They better show a logical story which shows why Mansaram took such undertaking.  It is fine if they keep it for future track but it should not be lame as it was for Radhika's birth story in CB1.  

Also liked the battle of words between Phuljhari 's parents. Both are good actors and if Aditya Lakhia is given a chance to emote he will do wonders, he showed that today. He has an able actress playing the role of the wife, who can not only match him and sometimes can even do better. The actress's eyes are enough to convey a message and good to see her using them

 The character of the mother is interesting.  She is impatient towards everyone including her own kids.  She seems to be a frustrated person who is dissatisfied with her life and blames Radhika for all her dissatisfactions.  As Misti said, there is a reverse snobbery in her behavior.  She has total disdain for Radhika's Brahmin education.  

Again,  the actress is awesome.  Even today the way her body language showed her bitterness towards her husband was great.  Her way of sweeping the floor, taunting Radhika or giving water to her husband was really good.  I hope she wins some award because she gets into her character.  The interaction with husband was well written and I hope these two actors good script in future episodes too.

Also liked Phuljhari that although in her innocence she went to the shop (she was hoodwinked by Champakali),  but when asked by the mother she did not protect Champakali but told the truth. So she knows how to stand up for herself.  Phuljhari and her suhagan business.......she is in full flow and now buys sindoor because she overhears some women talk. Whew! Thankfully she overheard and that gold fish did not came and tell her "you are married, so have to wear sindoor".............Didn't mind the scene..............she is a child and that's what she believes. Looks like the father is going to face an uphill task here that I will be interested to watch.

 I too liked the fact that she told her parents the truth.  Radhika's suhagan business is a copy of CB1.  The audience like it because it is for Dev.  If they had shown her getting married to some other boy, the audience would be screaming not to have a kid marriage.  But they showed realism in her believing it.  I believe you compared it with Meera's story.  I liked father's statement that he doesn't want Radhika's childhood to be spoiled.  So he will convince her to let go of things for now and live her life.  I hope they show a scene where he convinces her to enjoy her life and leave things for future.

Poor bumbumbhole he is still looking for his friend Phuljhari and amma has said that in friendship one forms a link with the others heart.  It's good that Chunnu Munnu has limited this relationship from Bumbumbholes point of view to just friendship. I especially like it when he wrinkles up his nose and says his dialogue. He also gets taught the ins and outs of RP business and chants mantra with dadaji Chintamani who tells off the panditji very sweetly for questioning Bumbumbholes presence in the pooja and not the others. Then he marches around Rawal looking for Phuljhari. He also has a telepathic conversation with Nirupa Roy on the ghat and an actual conversation with him on the streets. This chap was very busy today and I enjoyed his journey.  

 Bumbumbhole is too cute and I too like it that they are showing him thinking about Radhika as a friend.  None of his cousins care for him and he does not crave for their affection either.  I really hope they keep that characteristic intact in adulthood and don't make him desperate the way Radhika of CB1 was for her mother's approval and Amma's acceptance.  That type of characters exist but don't want to see repetition especially when that issue never got resolved in CB1.

Now Master Chenu the great..............he sides with Champakali and convinces Phuljhari to go for shopping. Looks like Phuljhari trusts Chenu more than Champakali............. but when Champakali refuses to give him the 2 rupees, one for convincing Phuljhari and the other for not telling mother the truth, he warns her that one should not play with him. So when the mother gets to know later on that Phuljhari has gone out and Champakali feigns ignorance, Chenu supports Phuljhari. Good work.............I want to call you Chachunder but that is reserved for some other person can't give it to you.

 Chenu reminded me of Chachunder and hope they have a proper story for him when he grows up.  So far he is behaving very consistently.  Phuljhari is also shrewd and she knows from experience that Chanda's capability for deception. Phuljhari doesn't trust her and she also doesn't hesitate to point out Chanda as a culprit.  I am liking this Radhika who behaves more normally and doesn't take unnecessary blame.

Now Kabutarni she marches in and starts taunting Padma regarding widowhood..........wonder what will happen if Padmas patience breaks. That should be interesting to watch, I mean whenever it happens.The silent conversation between kabutar and kabutarni was funny.........ah so the wise old owl did tell chintamani about the bribing attempt. ...........and in anger and frustration Kabutarni reacts...........she pushed chintamani down the stairs.  So works as the catalyst here who reacts to situations............a calm manipulator would have done it the other way.

I like Padma.  She is soft spoken but speaks with right firmness at the right time.  So, she doesn't fight back like Kabutarni but has a more subtle way of putting her point across.  I like her character.  It doesn't matter if she would be positive or negative or grey in future, but she would be more hidden and complex.  Kabotarni behaved as expected and her actions cause certain events but she is controlled by events rather than the other way around.  Hope they keep it that way in future too.

Although all were good but it was Phuljharis family and their dynamics that was interesting today. Its good that almost all the characters are been given a chance to show themselves. I think some have been deliberately kept away or not shown that much to build up the audience intrigue.....

They are keeping three characters hidden.  They have shown Rohan as it was necessary for the story but have kept his real character a secret from audience.  The other two characters mentioned but not shown are of Mohini and her father who is also a chief mahant.  Just hope the chief mahant won't be shown like he was shown in CB1.  But it would be interesting to see what they do in context of RP title.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

Originally posted by neerjashingla

 Liked today,s episode..till now its going well...Eldest D I L is quick action reaction kind...Does not have the story will take some twist because of accident...lets see what happens to will as was written somewhere that RP will be physically and mentally have done good job with your comments...I agree with Kinara even i am amazed at your creativity....What not First i got to know you through your poetry ,then comic strips, then cartoons ,your knowledge about lit. religion and then Misti the critic....Angie is also  quite good with her analysis....

Todays episode was interesting.....the eldest DIL's reaction was an expected one.........she always reacts to others actions. She has done that before and today she reacted to the fact that her FIL is not making her son the RP because if the son does not get it then she will loose out on the life of luxury. I don't think that the son's feelings or aspirations matter here........its what she wants. She did throw a tantrum and destry her sons toy car. She also smiled when the FIL was talking about distributing the gold coins....because she knew that it is no use protesting..........she tried to reason..that failed.............then argued........that failed and then in frustration lashed out.  So good progression of reactions from a hot headed character. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for the appreciation. Well in my real life I do review others that helps here.Wink..Angie has to be good..she is Jai to my Veeru.Big smile
Neerja, thanks.  Embarrassed  This emoticon is for you.

Misti, I am always happy to be Jai as long as you are Veeru.  Your commentary was very comprehensive and I didn't have much to add as it echoed my thoughts.  Like Ansa, I too found the precap a little bit too much just because I don't know if a child would act this way.  But then I thought of your Meera comment and it sort of made sense as Radhika heard these two women talking about their beliefs.  She considers Bumbumbhole as a true friend and now consider herself to be married to him thanks to the brainwashing by Goldfish.  I would prefer her to not think about the marriage and think about it only when she falls for Dev and realizes that he is the boy to whom she got married.  But for the sake of the story they won't show it like this.  She would be convinced that she got married to Rohan and would move to Mathura with Dev who is there to look at her as a prospective bride for his cousin.   Again would have preferred it to be played in a different way.  But except for Goldfish convincing Radhika about being married,  they did show it in a more logical way.

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Nice commentary and beautifully summarised the episode.
There were a few things of interest towards the build up of the story.
1)  Chenu is becoming increasingly interesting, hope chuchundar gets to do this role as he will be tailor-made for this.  Let us see how he plays his game and whether Radhika will be able to use him as a potential ally in future.
2)  Mansaram has become more determined in Radhika's matters and is also expressing himself to this effect which means there is a progress in his characterisation.
3)  Just wondering whether Amba will have a peek in the blue file, possibly hide it and will be privy to some info(just my thoughts).
4)  This hot headed BB pushing the old man was terrible but from the point of view of the story it paves way for the much expected leap.  So we may get to see that BB is currently in charge of the PB activities.Somehow I did not quite like the idea of the announcement of the next RP right now especially because it was going to be one of the kids and the children may be quite different from what they are in their childhood.  So who turns out to be responsible, sincere and honest and can do justice to the RP responsibilities only time could have determined. In this context the indefinite postponing of this announcement is logical for me. 
5)  By the precap we understand Radhika is applying the sindoor.  As she is a child she may not understand the significance of the sindoor.  But after overhearing the ladies she thinks she has to apply the sindoor for the safety of her suhaag lest some danger may befall her Krishna Kanhaiyya.  Had the current RP announced Dev as his successor, it would not have taken very long for the BB to get Dev out of the equation for good as he is after all a child.  So by Radhika applying the sindoor, the old man's fall and the inability to announce the next RP and hence Dev saved may be interlinked to show how she saves her suhaag. 
Should I be ready for the chappals or tomatoes?Wink 

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
I dont know from where chappels and tomatoes should come in expressing ur frank opinion as long as  anyone is not bashing anyone or violating the forum codesWink
Radha u have a interesting viewpoint about sindoor some such thought also crept my mind it may save him from BB clutches another thing regarding casting of Chenu the CVs and PH has lined up a good cast lets see who comes there.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sun_singh


Very nice thoughts as usual, i am liking this show alot....

Actually i wasnt expecting it to start so well but i am pleasantly surprised.

The CAST to me is EXCELLENT and POWERFUL.......CB2 has arguably the most talented cast at least from the episodes thus far, everyone from Radhika's mother to the BB, RP and the kids r great performers.

I applaud DJ creative Unit and ZeeTV for compiling these powerhouse actors, Avina have not entered and i am liking it so much.

As everyone know i am waiting to see the grown up Bumbumbhole...WinkTongue but in the meantime the great performances by the starcast is keeping me nicely entertained...

I am loving the Scenic beauty also and that background music...

Thanks Sunshine.

The cast of CB2 is good and till now they have been utilising them well.....but CB1 also had a brilliant cast whom they completely misused and wasted. So I hope that this time they will not waste another set of talented cast members. As for characterisation and screenplay, again till now they have been good but I don't trust the PH and channel (based on how CB1 was treated), so they have to do a lot more to convince me. So on the whole so far so good but they better pay attention to the script and characterisation the the future too. Maheshwar is a good choice for the shooting and I like the majestic temples as the background, the shloks that are giving an authentic feel to the show. 

Yeh I know that you are waiting for the adult bumbumbhole.Wink 

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laxmis Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:09am | IP Logged
Misti, loved reading your thoughts. Was confused why you aere calling the pandit Gold fish instead of Chennu  but now I am clear.Smile  I just watched todays episode and really loved BubbumBhole's expressions. 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chalhov

Misti very interesting Misti stlye thoughts

the episode today was good be it acting in both the households Mansa's or RPs by all and the way the story is moving u have to pardon CMs they do get into their circles then very frequent in Cb but sometimes in CB2 kya kare adat se majboor then mother and amma now father wants Phuljari to forget . Bum Bum bhole is so lovable and cuddly kid and with cute mannerisms

Kabutarni I wonder what will happen how could she do that in a houseful of servants relatives and kids maybe someone will see this will they be quiet or blackmail her lets see what CMs dish out today. I forgot to mention one howler yesterday one minute Pandit was giving bum bum bhole a laddu as prasad next minute he was giving something like rice which Bhole was eating.LOL

Chenu for one rupee he can make or break relationships by telling and not telling but he loves or likes her behana Radhika  thats another point to be seen later.
Another point the trps of 1st week r that of day one the 15th as the curiousity factor will be high so how about other days we get to see them thursday or friday.

Here I do accept the father and mothers point of view in forgetting the marriage.........the mother is scared that it s going to effect her birth daughters life and the father is afraid that it is going to effect Radhikas growing up years. So from their POVs, it is ok. As for repetition, from the first episode onwards I have realised that the channel and PH are basically repeating CB1......I mean the basic concept is the same but the treatment is different. One can say old wine in a new bottle. They have shown some other circles too. 

The aftermath of Kabutarnis action should be interesting to watch. Wonder who will reach the blue file first and read it........amma or Kabutarni. Thanks for pointing out the howler.Wink ...I am definitely interested in Chenu..........if he joins Radhika later on then Radhika will have an interesting friend who can drive Kabutarni up the wall. 

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