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PKYEK 01/03- Rising Hemlines & Plunging Necklines

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged

PKYEK 01/03- Rising Hemlines & Plunging Necklines





1.        Siddharth – Haseena – Pancchi


As expected, Abhay's angst sent Haseena running to Siddharth. Powerful scene even though subtly played from Haseena's side. For the first time, someone like Haseena seems emotionally wrought between Abhay and Siddharth. It just shows on her face when Siddharth angrily tells her to go away because they can no longer scare him away and he doesn't care what they think. Haseena wants to remind him of the family fold and what they were once , but more than angry and sulking, Siddharth is terrified of emotions. The moment Haseena tries to turn him around by pulling his arm, he shrugs her off and goes at a safe physical distance from her, losing balance and telling her that what is wrong with her? They are a vampire family and they are not supposed to feel . But Haseena counters him and says that nothing is wrong with her – emotions have always been a part of the Raichand family even though they are vampires – its him who has changed into a picture of bitterness. Is Sid scared of feeling and rediscovering emotions? YES. The way he reacted to a small gesture of motherly affection showed that Sid may revel in the evil but the human being in him is suffocating inside him. And it all boils down to Abhay once again. He spews venom at his mother and tells her to go and tell Abhay that Abhay knows Siddharth well enough to know that Abhay cannot hide Piya for long from him. Haseena doesn't get angry or spew back. She is just agonized and disappointed at what Siddharth has become. Does Siddharth miss the vampire family apart from obsessing over Abhay? YES AGAIN.


Pancchi gave signs of being the healer that Sid needs , at least on the superficial level. She saw Haseena at Sid's office who I presume entered when either Pancchi was not around or else was sleeping. Is Pancchi going to round up Sid later about this visit from Haseena later? Maybe. And then, Pancchi's curiosity and question about that shiny rock ( which reminded me of the coveted moonstone in TVD, haha) which Sid was taking out his frustration on while fighting with Haseena. Whatever that stone is , it is important to Sid and he is possessive about it. To me, it seemed as though Sid was mitigating his emotions by rolling it in his fingers. Panchhi will start un-layering Sid if today's signs are anything to go by.



2.      Arnab – Abhay dhishoom-dhishoom.


It was a small but impactful scene between Abhay and Arnab at the hostel when Abhay came to see Piya after painting her red on the ridge road. As a father who had witnessed the man knock his daughter off , Abhay is only lucky that Arnab didn't slap him across his face and send him to jail. I liked the way Arnab warned Abhay and didn't let him see Piya. He did what any father would do. At the same time, Abhay , unlike his rebellious nature didn't misbehave or answer Arnab back. He just quietly withdrew from there and left , hoping inside that Arnab does what he has threatened – that he tells Piya that Abhay knocked her off. Abhay is quiet , suffering , agitated and not to forget the can of worms that Sid has unleashed inside him. Abhay can handle it if Piya goes away from him , because that will at least convince Sid that hurting Piya is not going to hurt Abhay. Immature and childish , right? How much can you blame Abhay? Siddharth is making him swing from one emotion to another like a ping pong ball It is a bond of blood , nobody knows Sid better than Abhay and for the first time, there is someone who can push Abhay's buttons like none else. Not even Piya could drive Abhay to the mental and emotional cliffhangers where Sid has put him.


3.      Abhay –Piya in the woods.


As Abhay talks to a sleeping Piya, you can't help but feel bad for Abhay. Today , I felt that it is easy to sermonize and scream at Abhay to stop acting insane and tell Piya the truth – let Piya meet Sid and have faith in her love for Abhay. But for once , think about it from Abhay's POV. We don't know what happened between Abhay and Siddharth years ago – we don't even know how twisted Sid can get or how he functions. Whatever Sid did or Abhay did has had a profound impact on their lives and their relationship. We saw yesterday, how deep emotions – both loving and angry run inside Abhay for Sid. Basically, Sid is the poison in Abhay's veins who can push him off the edge , drive him up the wall- and he has come back like a storm swearing revenge and devastation. Abhay is not a saint. He is a  brooding , suffering , vulnerable vampire whose past haunts and torments him and whose present is threatened by his own flesh and blood. Maybe we are expecting Abhay to act rationally too soon. Just a thought.




1.        Misha-Shaurya-Shankar .


Its . Not. Funny. Give us a break and Priya Wal her due in this show. Thank you very much.


2. Possible future arrest of Abhay for the 'jaanlewa' attacks on 'babes in the woods'. For heaven's sake! Can Abhay please see ONE DAY OF HAPPINESS in this damned life of his? I mean, seriously. He is the most suffering soul on this show. At least , Sid smiles and laughs. HUMPH.




Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug



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--sanchita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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What abhay is doing is not right. How long he can hid piya in forest. Kabhi na kabhi to use hosh ayega and then she will question him. If he behaves rudely with her she will walk away. And even sid goes from there for that time in future he will again come to see Piya. Kabhi na kabhi to wo piya ko dekh hi legi. So abhay's process will not help him to hide Piya. 

I am totally disgusted why abhay was blamed for that girl's murder and I also think soon he will end up in jail. and that time sid will surely see Piya.

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Pocu mocu! You said it and that too beautifully. Nothing more to add.
And just like you said the thing that touched me the most was Sid and him being afriad. The fear was visible in his body language and the way he nervously started playing with that ring or stone. That just shows he is not all evil. Which im really happy about. I guess Abhay is the not only one suffering. I hope one day the human in Sid wins over the monster. Sigh till then im luuurving this Sid! hehe. Ok will stop otherwise i will go on and on. LOL 
And and i love his BG music too! :P
Haseena is always a pleasure to watch. Looking forward to more of this mother-son bonding.
Oh yeah the Miya scene was a big disappointment! :|
Is se better tha ke they show Shaw-T love story!! Anything but then this...track! Stern Smile

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Sapphire_238 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
nice post... today's epi was so so! arnab abhay scene was gud i likd tht abhay kept his mouh shut in front of arnab. nd tht forest scene was hot bt abhay dear if u r going to keep taking piya to the forest thn atleast build a lil cottage there! LOL  lukng forward to 2mrw's epi!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
I am still mad at Abhay for the hit and run but well, I do realise where he's coming from. Yesterday for the first time, Abhay's agonised and anguished screams didn't melt my heart. Today, they did. Maybe we aren't realising the extent of destruction Siddharth can cause and Abhay, not only realises that but it's something he is dreading and that's driving him to the point of insanity. He is trying all possible tactics, be it ridiculous, unacceptable, stupid, absurd, whatever, to keep Pia away from Sid's hawk eyes.
I actually liked Haseena today. Looks like Abhay is not the only exception in the vampire clan. However, unlike Abhay, Haseena is not otherwise driven by emotions, but she has her weakness: her sons, I would like to believe it's both of them. 
As far as Sid is concerned, I'm still in the process of figuring out his actual thoughts on Abhay and what place Abhay occupies in his life. His bitterness need not be a translation of his hatred. But one thing is for sure, even he has a human trait: curiousity.  The longer Pia is being hidden from him, the more restless he's getting as to what she is all about and how she can have this kind of an effect on Abhay. His own buttons are getting pushed in that sense. I know I'm sounding a bit confused but my thoughts regarding Sid aren't that sorted. I need to give this character more time before I can actually have a proper insight into him and understand him without your help =)


Ok, the whole Shankar-Misha-Shaurya track is getting on my nerves but I have to confess I couldn't control my giggles today: Misha eying Shaurya, Shaurya eying Shankar and Shankar eying Misha. Regardless, this track is quite a waste.
I can foresee Abhay being blamed for the mass killings and as disgusted as I am with the thought, I'm prepared for it. It's after all EK we're talking about here. The hero and the heroine have to be blamed and misunderstood. Yet again, I would want to look at the bright side and hope that Pia will stand by Abhay in this.

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MyArchangel IF-Dazzler

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I think i wait mst impaitaintly 4 u r analysis Poco..u seem 2 say stuff tats in my start with the trival i swear tat misha-shankar-shaurya triangle is NOT FUNNY..It irritates d hell out of me..and stop making misha such a love lst girl..give Priya Wal her tat Sid-Haseena scene was powerfull yet subtle..d way Sid went on and on bitterly and haseena was jst there listining 2 her bitter son was awesum..ten the Abhay-Arnab convo was good..Abhay was absolutely outstanding in d car wen he lukd up 2 d window of Piyas room..his eyes showed d deapth of his pain..ten the ABHIYA forest me i am so sad 4 Abhay tat i startd crying..the way he carried piya..the way he put her down so gently on the ground as if afraid tat even the wind can hurt her..HOW CAN I BLAME HIM??HOW CAN I SAY HE IS ILLOGICAL..HE IS SUFFERING THE MOST..the way he spoke it shows hw his soul is tearing in2 pieces with every hurt he is giving he jst wants 2 save her 4m may tel me teling truth wil help rather tan doing all what he is doing bt tat is his nature..he is so bewildered tat he is acting on instinct..he is doing watever cums 2 his mind in order 2 save Piya..and yes if Abhay gets into trouble coz of Mr.Dobriyal i wil so SNAP..GIVE HIM A BREAK..HE DESERVES SOME HAPPINESS..FOR HEAVENS SAKE..

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Angel_voice Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Excellent Post PocoClap
 Today's epi really made me love Haseena so much more ...i couldn't stop myself and made a post on her....silly me ..
Abhay was back in action today and it was a pleasure to have him back really...i mean after yesterday...
Wat is the mysery behind the stone dear  can u clarify a bit more about the TVD link i mean  what was the moostone all about?...and how can Panchi be soo naive and unsuspecting all the will be exciting to watch this relationship grow.Wink U have rightly mentioned that Panchi should start questioning Sid about his ajeebogareeb long will she wait...
Shaurya track is so yucky felt like puking.....when will this end god help us

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POCA...!! This the reason exactly why I dont write anything about the entire show I only ..blabber my excitement and droolings of ABHIYA (ViSU) write it so well that it will be a shame if I even try to write anything..
Now coming to my fav scene other than....OFCOURSE THE LAST PART WHEN ABHAY IS CARRYING PIYA..the most fav thing that ABHAY has been doing from day oen they have to carry her Awwwwwwwww..!!
Loved the way...ABHAY was all cool customer  in front of his father-in-law..but I feel ARBAN is no less culprit actually the biggest ..for treating PIYA & her mother the way he has I really dont care about what he thinks for ABHAY..but I so loved the maturity Abhay showed..and the way he is all war with loving PIYA unconditionally drives me INSANELY CRAZY for  HIM.

And seeeee as we all had predicted  HASEENA come to meet Sid..and that was one touching scene..First time Sid was vulnerable Good..but he is totally J of his little Bro..and yeah..that J is lined with deep hidden love also..but I am not liking his destroy everything his Bro lives for..I am shivering for ABHAY & PIYA..!

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